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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Briannakin, May 10, 2014.

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    <Gasp> It's the Disney Continuity Police (DCP).:p But seriously, I'm glad they're just stating how things are early on. And I'm glad they're not using the EU as a guide. Lucas did not for the prequels (like it really shows that none of the pre-prequel EU books mention that honking big Jedi Temple and the fact that Jedi are forbidden to have family attachments) so it would not make any sense for them to do so for the future movies.

    I like Option 1 (allowing multiple tags would be a big help) and Option 2. Not so hot about Option 3 (Battle of Yavin always seemed like an odd way to date things since it's in the middle of the Saga). I don't think Option 4 would work well with this new Legends thing. Also don't like Option 5 -- Before and Beyond are too different to be lumped together. And I don't think Option 6 will work -- something has to change.

    With the tag system(especially if stories can have multiple tags), I don't think you need to split the forum, unless it would become too big with everything in it. If that is the case, the problem is how to split it

    The problem is (for either split forums or new tags) that everything has to be sorted now by source timeframe (pre- and post-Disney) AND GFFA timeframe (referenced to the Saga)

    - Saga refers to the movies and it doesn't matter if they're pre- or post-Disney. Saga is the source that even Disney bows to.

    EU Legends is pre-Disney EU - non-movie sources; books, games, comics, etc. -- [Will SW: The Clone Wars be EU Legends, too, I wonder?--- EDIT: never mind, I just reread the statement about Legends - Clone Wars is canon, too.]

    But what do we call post-Disney EU? How about just GFFA? [Will the new post-Disney cartoons be EU or Saga? -- EDIT: same here; those are canon, too]
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    I like option 3 or 4 the best, but I'm an oldtimer and remember how having the different boards for different eras made it easier to find things. Tags aren't a bad way to go, but it does make it harder to just browse, particularly when one era happens to be in vogue.
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