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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Briannakin, May 10, 2014.

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    <Gasp> It's the Disney Continuity Police (DCP).:p But seriously, I'm glad they're just stating how things are early on. And I'm glad they're not using the EU as a guide. Lucas did not for the prequels (like it really shows that none of the pre-prequel EU books mention that honking big Jedi Temple and the fact that Jedi are forbidden to have family attachments) so it would not make any sense for them to do so for the future movies.

    I like Option 1 (allowing multiple tags would be a big help) and Option 2. Not so hot about Option 3 (Battle of Yavin always seemed like an odd way to date things since it's in the middle of the Saga). I don't think Option 4 would work well with this new Legends thing. Also don't like Option 5 -- Before and Beyond are too different to be lumped together. And I don't think Option 6 will work -- something has to change.

    With the tag system(especially if stories can have multiple tags), I don't think you need to split the forum, unless it would become too big with everything in it. If that is the case, the problem is how to split it

    The problem is (for either split forums or new tags) that everything has to be sorted now by source timeframe (pre- and post-Disney) AND GFFA timeframe (referenced to the Saga)

    - Saga refers to the movies and it doesn't matter if they're pre- or post-Disney. Saga is the source that even Disney bows to.

    EU Legends is pre-Disney EU - non-movie sources; books, games, comics, etc. -- [Will SW: The Clone Wars be EU Legends, too, I wonder?--- EDIT: never mind, I just reread the statement about Legends - Clone Wars is canon, too.]

    But what do we call post-Disney EU? How about just GFFA? [Will the new post-Disney cartoons be EU or Saga? -- EDIT: same here; those are canon, too]
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    I like option 3 or 4 the best, but I'm an oldtimer and remember how having the different boards for different eras made it easier to find things. Tags aren't a bad way to go, but it does make it harder to just browse, particularly when one era happens to be in vogue.
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    Was anything ever decided on this, or was it forgotten about? Some kind of system needs to be put in place before too long, as there are a few Episode VII fics and Rebels fics out there, and the number of those will only grow as Rebels progresses and The Force Awakens gets closer.
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    It has not been forgotten, nor completely decided on, but thank you for bringing it up again so other may join the discussion if they choose to. :) We do realize a decision does need to be made sooner rather than later.
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    Okay. I read the whole thread and this is going to be one big mess of a headache. The easiest option is obviously number 6 (leave everything as is, it's up to the writers to indicate which universe they follow in the thread title) but once Disney-canon stories start pouring in, it's all going to be very chaotic.

    I think a powerful argument in favour of option 1 (i.e. keeping the existing tags and offering the option of adding a Legends tag) is simplicity. It doesn't require re-classification of the entire archive, and by archive I mean the 22,948 threads that currently exist in the "Before, Saga and Beyond" sub-forum. It would be easier for the mods to simply add the Legends tag by default to all existing stories and ask writers to remove it if it doesn't apply to theirs. Imagine having to re-classify everything with new tagging categories (which is probably not feasible anyway) and then being pestered by writers who are not happy with the re-classification of their story :_|In reality, all Before and Beyond stories would get the Legends tag anyway, and if Saga writers are not around to correct the tagging on their story, well, too bad, but that wouldn't leave too many stories out.

    The fact that Disney reserved the prerogative to re-canonize anything they want from the EU is also a strong argument for this option. If someone is writing a Saga story that involves Legends characters now, but those characters are later re-canonized by Disney, hey, leave it up to them to update their tags.

    There's one more thing though: if we decide to add a Legends tag, we'll also need to add a Canon tag so that a reader can filter the stories by era and then by canon status.

    In terms of simplicity and feasibility, creating a fanfic board for new stories and moving all existing stories to an archive board may be a good option, but I personally wouldn't like it as I really enjoy opening the list of all fics and reading things at random. Another argument against it for the mods' sake is the risk of pestering by writers who want their story moved to the new board :p and it doesn't eliminate the need for a new classification system in the new board anyway.

    That was my two drachmas :)
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    And here I thought Greece was on the Euro now... ;)
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    I'm practising for the future, just in case. Besides, 2 drachmas is just under 0.6 cents of a euro. You got my opinion on the cheap :p
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    For tags possibly do, before movie saga, movie saga, Beyond movie saga and split EU into Pre ANH and post ANH?
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