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    What is Anakin doing there??

    Man, I'd be spent too.
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    AW right - Obi-Wan feels the Force is approving of what he is finally doing! Wahoo! Love the connection with Anakin, too.

    This is one heck of a good story and I cannot wait for more! =D=
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    Thank the force for Anakin! :oops: What am I saying! Normally I don't like Anakino_O
    I like this turn of events where Anakin and Obi-Wan and Padme are on the same side.

    Looking forward to the next chapter. What will they do and what about the council.

    =D= :cool: [face_dancing]
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    This is an awesome chapter!! Loved that Obi-Wan knows he's on the right path again. Love that Anakin came to his rescue and that the Queen escaped with them.


    Like Obi-Wan, I also wonder if this was really the wishes of the council, or the deeds of a Renegade (and secret sith?) Dooku and Cyrel...I'm sure answers will be coming soon.

    Love this...

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    I've missed seeing you around the boards the past few weeks, definitely hoping for an update after the move [face_love] Hope the writing is going well!
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    Just a little something to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, the computer I had all of this on died and I was unable to get the story off the computer so if you are new to this story or need a reminder, it will have to wait until the glitches are fixed.

    He was my brother, my best friend. And I nearly destroyed him.

    “We’ve got to go to Naboo,” Xanatos said, pushing through the door to Qui-Gon’s quarters.

    The Master looked at his former apprentice with a raised eyebrow. Xanatos was pacing back and forth, his blue eyes shadowed and stormy. It brought a smile on Qui-Gon’s face. Xanatos had grown much since he’d been an apprentice, but some things never changed. He could always read Xan’s anxieties.

    “You’ve read the senate’s reports from the system,” Qui-Gon deduced. “I felt the same urge, but Obi-Wan is a capable Jedi Knight. The order can hardly afford to rush off every time one of us is in danger.”

    The younger man shook his head, his long hair waving in his vehemence. “No, Master, you don’t understand. He’s in more danger than we realize.”

    “From what?” Qui-Gon demanded. His dream floated to the surface of his mind, the darkness that wished to destroy Obi-Wan. Had Xanatos seen the same vision?

    “From himself, I think. I don’t know for sure. All I know is that if we don’t go now, we could be condemning Obi-Wan to a horrible fate.”

    The breath in Qui-Gon’s lungs froze and he coughed, cursing the medication for not working better. He folded into the couch, taking deep even breaths until he could speak. “The Council will fight us.”

    “I don’t care,” Xanatos snapped.

    “Xanatos calm yourself,” he said firmly.

    “You don’t know everything, Master.”

    “Then explain it, please?” His former apprentice was beginning to worry him. Agitated waves of fear rolled off of Xanatos in the Force. “Release it Xanatos so that you can focus.”

    Xanatos stilled, closing his eyes and tipping his head back. Another familiar gesture that Qui-Gon could catalog. When Xanatos faced him, the Force was calmer, but the fear remained. His former apprentice would always be toeing the line of the Code. His attachment to Obi-Wan had always been endearing, but it could also get him into trouble.

    Not that Qui-Gon was any better.

    “I only have supposition. I do not want to speak what I think without proof. I know you’re ill and if I thought there was another way, I’d find it. Can you just trust me? You are needed. We both are.”

    With an effort, Qui-Gon stood and crossed over to the distraught younger man. He gripped Xanatos shoulder. “Of course, I trust you. If you feel this strongly, then we will go. No matter what the Council says.”

    “Good. I’ve already procured us a ship.”

    “This is sanctioned?”

    “Not as such. We don’t have time to take it to the Council, Master. And, I’m not sure they will appreciate how vague I wish to be.” Xanatos moved out of his grasp. “How long until you are ready?”

    “Ten minutes.”

    “Meet me at the Vesper docking bay. We’ll be in Bay 2004-75.” He paused, locking his torrid gaze on Qui-Gon. “I’m sorry about this, but if I’m right you’ll thank me. If I’m wrong, we’ll both be too relieved to care.”

    Without another word, Xanatos was gone behind the sliding door.


    Darth Sidious switched off the holoprojector, cutting off his recent communication with the newest viceroy of the Trade Federation, Rune Haako. Next to him, his apprentice stood silently waiting.

    “What is the Jedi Council doing? Amidala and Gunray dead, murdered by a lightsaber. The palace in Theed is now in pieces.”

    “They grow more and more desperate to stop us, my master.”

    “Still, this can be used to our advantage. I want you to go to Naboo, find out what they Jedi are planning. They stumble around like blind B’omarr monks. It should not be too difficult. Make sure the unrest continues. I want the senate’s sympathy vote.”

    “Yes, my master.”


    Xanatos gripped one of Dex’s hands with enthusiasm. The Basilisk nearly tore his arm out of his socket, but Xanatos couldn’t be happier to see him. When he’d learned of the trouble on Naboo and Enilee’s warnings seemed to be coming to fruition, he’d been frantic to join Obi-Wan. He’d contacted Dex on a whim, a long time friend of Qui-Gon and his former apprentices. He’d been surprised the old spacer had actually been on Coruscant.

    “Hey, old buddy,” Dex rasped. “You ready to pull the kid out of the fire again?”
    Qui-Gon and Xanatos exchanged amused glances. As much as Obi-Wan had always held strictly to the mandates of the Council, he’d always been reckless. Obi-Wan rarely thought about himself and the personal ramifications of his actions.

    Which made Xanatos’s suspicions all the more ridiculous. How could his friend, one of the best men he knew, be a killer? Every Jedi could be called upon to deliver death, but they avoided it as best they could. Xanatos could only hope that he was overreacting, that his fears were built on unfounded confusion.

    But there was something there, nagging at the back of his mind. Obi-Wan had withdrawn in the last year, he was more aggressive, every line of him wary and weary. Death seemed to follow wherever he went.

    “Some things never change,” Qui-Gon agreed, patting Dex on the back. “I appreciate your help. Xanatos and I feel very strongly that our presence is needed on Naboo. But are you sure you wish to risk the Trade Federation’s army.”

    The Basilisk gave a throaty chuckle. “Those hunks of metal. Don’t worry about me, friend. I’ll get you through the barricade. Getting out, now that might be a different matter.”

    Xanatos was all but bouncing in his impatience. He needed answers and the not knowing was causing an endless pit in his stomach. Seeing Obi-Wan, talking to his friend, would help erase much of this anxiety, even if it turned out Obi-Wan had been lead down a dark path. Better to have something to do than to wait by the sidelines never knowing what was truly happening.

    Finally, they boarded Dex’s ship. As they were hurtling through the atmosphere, Qui-Gon and Xanatos settled into the lounge area. Xantos gazed out the viewport, watching as the haze of the city disappeared into light and then star-dusted darkness. He calculated the amount of time it would take to get to Naboo, futilely tried to deduce where his Jedi brother may be hiding.

    And then what? If Obi-Wan had gone to the dark side or had taken a turn that would forever damage his soul, how would he cajole his brother back?

    “Xanatos,” Qui-Gon soft, labored words broke into his racing thoughts. “Are you ever going to tell me what causes such fear?”

    He had no desire to break his Master’s heart, especially seeing him so ill. Yet, without the truth, Qui-Gon would be ineffectual. The whole point of Xanatos and Qui-Gon going to Naboo was using their connection to force some answers out of Obi-Wan. He unloaded the truth on Qui-Gon like bile spewed from his lips. He watched his Master’s face go from denial to understanding to betrayal.

    “It can’t be possible, can it, Master? This is Obi-Wan we are talking about?” He longed for Qui-Gon’s assurance - that the absolute and unwavering goodness in his brother could not have been diminished.

    “If you had no doubts, Xan, you would not have found this necessary,” Qui-Gon answered. “And yet, I hope all is not as it appears.”
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    This storyis back! [face_dancing] I hope the two can "save" Obi-Wan because Force knows he needs saving.
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    This story looks very interesting, but unfortunately the move has cut away parts of your earlier chapters, could you be persuaded to re-post them? I would really like to read them.
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    @Valairy Scot - I do too. There should be a post soon. Thank you.

    @FARK2005 - Unfortunately, the computer that I had the story on crashed and died before I could pull it off. I've been looking through my e-mails to see if I had sent it to me. I will be writing up a synopsis of what has happened so far so that people can get an idea of what has been happening until the coding is fixed.
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    The Story so Far…

    In the beginning we follow an assassin as he moves stealthily through the Chateau Fresser, eventually we learn that this is Obi-Wan Kenobi. He has been knighted for two years and one of the years, he has been working for the Jedi Council as an assassin. He completes his mission, killing the count who was threatening the stability of the Republic. It is key here to know that Obi-Wan does not kill any others, using tranquilizers and stealth to ensure his anonymity.

    When he returns to the Temple, he meets with Master Cristoff Dooku. He is aware that the man was Qui-Gon’s Master and feels a certain amount of respect for him, even though he detests the work he is doing.

    After his debriefing, he runs into Anakin Skywalker. In this AU he has been raised in the temple and has no memory of his mother. Anakin is running from another initiate who had bullied a fellow student which Anakin had stood up for. Obi-Wan knows he is powerful and has affection for the young boy. In fact, Anakin reminds him of himself at that age. Obi-Wan finds out that Qui-Gon has been filling the boy’s head with tales of Obi-Wan and knows that his old Master is trying to get him to take a Padawan. Something he will not do while being a Jedi Assassin.

    During this time, we also find that Xanatos Deastil, Qui-Gon’s apprentice before Obi-Wan, did not go to the dark side. He and Obi-Wan often think of each other as brothers. Xanatos is concerned with the changes that he sees in Obi-Wan but is unable to get his friend to open up. At one point, Xanatos goes to see Obi-Wan and surprise his Padawan brother. Obi-Wan reacts by his assassin instincts and attacks Xanatos. He is able to push Xan’s concerns temporarily aside. When Obi-Wan finds out that Xanatos is in a secret relationship with Enilee Suryan, the older Jedi is surprised that he does not get lectured by Obi-Wan.

    We also learn that Qui-Gon is ill with a lung disease. One the healers cannot find a remedy to. He is on medication, but refuses to back down from his assignments. He and Obi-Wan have not seen each other much in the last year. A greater strain has been put upon their relationship when Qui-Gon finds out that Obi-Wan has been drinking Gesibeuric, a sedative tea that is highly addictive and helps Obi-Wan sleep.

    Eventually the three, Obi-Wan, Xanatos and Qui-Gon, go on a mission to Besaturu, where Obi-Wan is forced to use his skills as an assassin and then lie to his family about it.

    When they return, Anakin seeks out Obi-Wan to show him the lightsaber handle that Anakin has crafted. Obi-Wan is briefly angry because he believe Qui-Gon is once again pushing Anakin to be his Padawan. Later one, we find out someone else, shrouded in secret is coax their union.

    Meanwhile, Enilee has noticed a disturbing trend in Obi-Wan’s missions. Difficult people end up dead and the mission is eventually successful. Enilee brings this to the attention of the Council and eventually to Xanatos, who completely denies it. He cannot believe his Padawan brother is a killer.

    Dooku then sends Obi-Wan and another Jedi assassin, Antonee Cyell, to Naboo to release the embargo the Trade Federation has over the planet Naboo. Considering, the suspicions rising against Obi-Wan, Cyell is to provide him an alibi. Obi-Wan, however, does not trust the other assassin. He takes his current assignment too lightly and seems to show none of the remorse that clouds Obi-Wan’s heart.

    On Naboo, they start their investigation, but before Obi-Wan can even begin to speak with Viceroy Gunray, he learns that both the Viceroy and the Queen have been killed from Padme, the handmaiden showing him his quarters. They have been killed by a lightsaber. Padme knows as the real queen, she is next on the Jedi assassin’s list.

    When Cyell comes to kill Padme, Obi-Wan stands between them and learns that he too is on Cyell’s mission log for those to be dealt with. He’s become a liability. He refuses to kill Padme and engages in a battle with Cyell so that Padme can escape.

    Padme runs into Anakin, who had stowed-away on Obi-Wan and Cyell’s ship. He’s in the ship bay, where Padme had hoped to escape from the castle through the waterfall. Instead, Anakin senses that Obi-Wan is in trouble and convinces Padme to come wih him on the Republic ship. As they lift out of the landing bay, the Trade Federation fleet assaults the palace.

    While the palace is falling apart around them, Obi-Wan and Cyell continue their fight. Anakin maneuvers around the debris and Obi-Wan jumps onto the ship. Anakin, having used so much power in the Force, promptly passes out.

    Which catches us up to the latest post. More soon.
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    Yay! I love this story! It is so much fun to read, and I truly don't read a lot of 'action' stories, but how I love this one. I so enjoy everything about the way you've written Xanatos. He's exactly how I would imagine him, and how I want to see him, had things not gone south and he was a big brother of sorts to Obi-Wan. I just love to see Obi-Wan have all the support and caring he deserves, especially in this intense, complicated situation. I love how Xan is handling it, bringing Qui and determined to help in any way he can and I like you brought Dex in! Really, can not wait for more. Feel free to tag, or pm, or whatever :D Hope everything is well!
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    @serendipityaey - Thanks. I'm so glad you like this story, it means a lot to me. I've been away from fanfic so long, I was a little worried to come back. But you guys are awesome. [:D] Here's the next post.

    Sometimes we must leave everything we are behind, to find what we truly need.

    Padme Amidala found herself a fugitive in her own home with two Jedi, one who had been sent here to possibly kill her. She sat quietly, as the young Anakin slept and the older Jedi guided their ship. He occasionally asked her question. Where could they hide? Did she have an allies within the system she could contact? What did she know about the embargo? How far did it stretch?

    She answered absently afraid to give him too much information for fear that he would find her no longer useful. Her suspicion was stupid, childish for a girl who hadn’t been allowed to be a child in a long time. He’d rescued her from the other Jedi, had risked his life to allow her the time to get away.

    “We will just have to be patient,” he said.

    When the Trade Federation had first blocked all trade routes, Padme had sent out fighters to do reconnaissance. Only Ric Ollie had returned. There was no way to punch through. They would have to find a way to disable there ships or be under Federation rule. Senator Palpatine had assured her he would do everything he could in the Senate.

    His efforts had resulted in the Jedi being sent and Sabe and the Viceroy dead. Theed’s palace was now destroyed and she was on the run.

    “Patience,” she scoffed. “Is that all you have to say? My people are dying, suffering and you want us to be patient.”

    “M’lady,” he started.

    “Don’t,” she demanded, cutting him off. “Talk to me as you did when I was nothing more than a handmaiden. I want the truth, not your diplomacy.”

    He glanced at the boy, tightened his grip on the yoke and then sighed. “I was a Jedi Assassin. I thought I was doing what was necessary to protect the Republic. I tried to find a better way and when I could find no other way out, I did what was required of me as a servant to the Order. I forgot that I was a servant to the Force first and foremost. “

    “The best way to protect your people is to insure your safety. Cyell was reckless, but he learned quickly that you were the true queen of Naboo. I do not know what he could have sent off to the Council before he came to deal with us, but we must trust that they know you are still alive and the only legitimate leader of Naboo. Whatever their plan, I cannot believe you wish the Republic harm. There must be something more to all of this.”

    Padme frowned, gesturing to the tow headed boy still slumped in the pilots chair. “Which explains your young friend.”

    “Believe me, your highness, Anakin will get an earful when he recovers. He’s completely ruined his career as a Jedi.” His voice grew sad toward the end.

    “Would that be such a bad thing?”

    She watched for the pain she knew had to be beneath the Jedi façade. After all the Jedi wanted him dead, too. She saw no heartache, just a strange resignation. “Anakin is very talented. To go without training could be very dangerous for him. You saw what happened when he overextended himself. He needs guidance and there are better Jedi than I in the Order. Those who do not follow so blindly.”

    “Yet, you defy the Order now?”

    “I follow the Force,” he said vaguely. “For the time being they are at cross-purposes.”

    Now she could read him a little better. The way he hid behind his words, his inability to openly contradict the Order. It spoke volumes to her and told her that he was indeed hurting. Obi-Wan Kenobi was also loyal and honorable. It would have taken much to break his allegiance. “So what do we do now?”

    “We’ll need a place to discover that? Out of the way, preferably isolated? “

    “You will want to go south, to the Lianorm Swamp. There are several areas there you can lose a starship. We will have to be careful. The Gungans usually occupy the swamplands and the underwater passageways.”

    The Jedi arched a ruddy brown eyebrow. “Gungans? They weren’t in my mission report.”

    “Native inhabitants of Naboo, they’re amphibious and find the plains, mountains and cities too dry for their liking. It was a great while before the Naboo even knew of their existence. We live autonomously, but there is a certain amount of prejudice between our people.”

    Kenobi looked back through the forward viewport, his eyes growing distant. He adhered to her instruction, recalibrating the ship to head south. He kept the ship low, not as daring as Anakin’s piloting, but much closer to the land than she was accustomed too.

    Padme relaxed against the cushion of her chair and watched as the terrain shifted beneath the ship and eventually grew more marshy and wet. Abruptly, proximity indicators flared and Kenobi dipped the ship even lower. Anakin rocketed awake and took it all in with glassy crystal blue eyes.

    “What’s going on?” he slurred.

    “It’s the Trade Federation. I had hoped they hadn’t come to such a sparsely populated area, but they have troop carriers in the area. “

    “Have they spotted us?” Anakin fisted at his eyes as he asked this, making Padme smile at the ridiculousness of their situation.

    “Not yet, but it’s only a matter of time,” Kenobi answered. “We’ve got to land. And don’t you dare touch that yoke, Anakin Skywalker. We have much to discuss and I can’t have you passing out from exhaustion again.”

    The boy looked as though he wanted to argue, but thought better of it. Still, he watched Kenobi with avid attention, giving hints to the Jedi. “No, Obi-Wan, you’ve got to let it guide you. The ship is designed to go through hyperspace, but it also feels the gravity.”

    Kenobi didn’t seem offended, only arching his brow in amusement when the boy grew more effusive. The Jedi agreed to land the ship close to a bog that was surrounded by a coup of trees. It was a tight fit and Kenobi allowed Anakin to pilot long enough for the both of them to squeeze the ship under the tree line and undercover.

    The engines cycled down and silence fell in the cockpit. Anakin eyed Kenobi, gnawing on his lower lip. It wasn’t that he feared the older Jedi, Padme had seen enough to know the two were fond of each other. Something else was holding back Anakin from explaining himself.

    “Anakin,” Obi-Wan said gently, possibly sensing the boy’s reticence. “Why did you come here? Why have you risked your entire future?”

    “I have a message for you. But even if I hadn’t been ordered to follow you, I would have anyway,” the boy said with a defiant tilt of his chin.

    Kenobi rested is head in his hand and rubbed at his temples. “Who sent the message?”

    “Master Yoda,” Anakin answered. From inside his Jedi tunic, he pulled out a flat disk. “He knows what you’ve been going through, Obi-Wan. He has a mission for you.”

    Kenobi’s head jerked up, his face actually going white. She was surprised at the show of emotion, he had not been so reactionary when his fellow Jedi had come to kill him. He took a deep breath and released it slowly, the color returning promptly to his handsome features. He held out his hand for the holoprojector which Anakin deposited into his palm.

    Turning it over in his hands, he studied it for a moment as though the simple piece of technology would reveal more in the metals crevices and groves then by switching it on. “I suppose we’re in this together?”

    “You were meant to be my master, Obi-Wan. We’ve just been afraid to admit it.”

    Kenobi nodded and gave the boy a crooked smile. “Then I supposed we should see what Master Yoda wishes of us, Padawan.”

    Obi-Wan felt another thing fall into place when he accepted Anakin. The Force was telling him he was finally on the right path, but still he was hesitant to view Master Yoda’s message. As the Grandmaster of the Jedi, Yoda had been privy to all of his mission logs, both those in the open and those deemed to classified for public viewing. He’d known about Desargi, Besaturu and all the others that had come before them.

    He was reluctant to look in those green orbs and see some sort of disappointment in them. He stilled himself and switched on the projector, holding the tiny image into his hands.

    Yoda peered up at him from his hand, clutching his gimmerstick in two clawed hands. “Used, you have been, young Obi-Wan. By myself, used the worst. Needed a Jedi I did. One incorruptible, no matter how dark his deeds may seem. You becoming a Jedi Assassin, my decision it was. Convince the Council I did that necessary your talent was.”

    A shaky breath and he absorbed with the Grandmaster was saying and accepted it.

    “Loyal you are. Know the seeds of defiance Qui-Gon had planted in you. Need both if the Jedi are to survive. Crumbling under corruption the Order and the Republic they are. Twelve years ago, learned a frightening truth the Council did. Survived the Sith have. Approached my old Padawan on did. Away Dooku returned them, but on the dark path this revelation sent the council. At war we are. With the Sith.”

    “With ourselves,” Obi-Wan whispered.

    Master Yoda continued, “Suffer an illness your Master does. Subterfuge it is. Keep his eyes elsewhere than his old Padawan, the Council needed. Knew I did that time it was to send you away. To Naboo you have gone. Healed he should soon be, now gone you are. Young Skywalker I have sent to you. Chosen One he is. Yours to train.”

    He heard Anakin gasp and guessed that he was not the only one that Master Yoda had been keeping secrets from. “Work in secret you must, Obi-Wan. Protect the tenants of the Force, up to you it is. Fight this war with the Sith we will and destroy ourselves in the process. Circumvent us both you must, Jedi and Sith. In the shadows you will remain, but not alone. Train him well, balance depends on you.”

    The message sputtered and then the light disappeared.

    “He siphoned some of the Council’s funds,” Anakin spoke into the ensuing silence. “I have the account number. It’s been set to your biorhythm. Only the two of us can open it. We’ll be disavowed now.“

    Obi-Wan nodded absently. He had hoped that there had been some misunderstanding, that Dooku had been working alone or even against the Jedi. Instead, he found that Master Yoda had been setting him up from the beginning to leave his roots and become something else entirely. Now he was supposed to train the prophesied Chosen One. Alone, cloaked in shadow, without the ability to contact Qui-Gon for advice or threaten Xanatos for corrupting his Padawan.

    So many things began to make sense now. Why Jedi teams had been sent out to the Outer Rim territories for potential initiates. Going so far as to breach those areas ruled by the Hutts. It was how Anakin had been found, born to a slave on Tatooine. Why those he had never thought would advance to knighthood had cut their braid without incident. The Jedi were willing to make exceptions, to break through precarious treaties, to keep their numbers strong.

    And he would have to fight both the Sith and the Jedi, to keep them from trampling all over the galaxy in their secret war.

    His destiny had coalesced into this moment. One man and a young boy the only thing to keep the Jedi and the Code afloat as the Order slowly tore itself apart. Fate, it appeared, really hated him. He laughed for fear of tears.

    “Master,” Anakin said. He leaped out of his chair and walked over to Obi-Wan to put a hand on his shoulder.

    “I’m all right, Anakin.”

    “I’m sorry for your pain. It was the only thing Master Yoda could do. The Council…”

    Obi-Wan stopped him, gripping him at his biceps. “Do you have your lightsaber pummel, Anakin?”

    “Yes,” the boy frowned.

    “Strip what you can from the ship. We need to finish it. Padme you will have your blaster?” The girl held up the silver pistol. “Good. We’ve got work to do.”/>
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    Oh, wow! Even darker than I had feared - this was not something going on under Yoda and the Council's nose. And yet Yoda is throwing a float to Obi-Wan in the hopes that he saves the Order that Yoda sees is on the path to self destruction. What a concept - epic and sweeping and - lonely for Obi-Wan and Anakin.

    Favored by the Force, in reality - favored enough to be given the really hard job, because the Force trusts in him, yet what a harsh burden for a man.
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    Terrible that he's being used, and thank the Force that Obi-Wan is incorruptable.^:)^

    Thanks for the synopsis of the story so far it has been a long time for all of us and hard to remember every story we've been reading, but yes I like this one and I like the fact it has Xanatos in it as well. Thanks, PMs would be appreciated.
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    Oooo, this made me shiver. I am looking forward to reading more :)
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    Wow. I just... Love this. I was not expecting this twist, but it's so so good. I love that him and Anakin are to go out on their own, they make a fantastic team, I can't wait to see what happens! It's mysterious and so intriguing. Loved Padme's thoughts on Obi, they were right on. And I love that Obi is following the Force now. Great story! Obi-Wan is so clearly the epitome of a Jedi but in a different way here :D
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    Sorry for the long delay. I was on vacation and now I'm stuck. But I hope the muse will strike soon.
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    Glad your back. I'm looking forward to more. I would like to reread the past chapters but the first couple of chapters are cut off.
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    I'm with jacen200015, it would be so nice to reread the last chapters.

    A good chapter, I'm just sorry that I missed it for so long. :_|
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    I too wish I had the previous version of this story. I've tried looking through my e-mail, but I didn't send it before my old computer died.

    Naboo changed everything. It was the first planet to be successfully controlled by the Trade Federation. An invisible line was drawn. The Sith and the Jedi making their plans against each other had subsequently divided the galaxy. A division of loyalist and separatists. Those I cared for the most were constantly in the middle of their fighting.

    Qui-Gon kept his hands raised and in plain sight of the battle droids that had encompassed them the minute Dex had brought them down on the planet. The old Besalisk looked at the droid’s with a smile spreading his wide mouth. Dex was perpetually optimistic. He could be standing in a Rancor mouth and find something amusing about it.

    “Should we fight our way out?” Xanatos whispered.

    “No,” Qui-Gon mused. “We might just get more information if we allow ourselves to be captured.”

    “This is an invasion force,” Xanatos continued. “The Trade Federation was planning this long before a Jedi team was sent. They can’t possibly believe the Senate will approve of this. What is going on here?”

    “I’m not sure but you were right to bring us here, Xan.”

    “Jedi you are under arrest, please hand over your weapons,” a metallic voice interrupted their conversation.

    Reluctantly, Qui-Gon and Xanatos pulled their lightsabers and handed them over to the thin fingered battle droids. They were quickly stowed in compartments. Not unreachable by Jedi standards. Qui-Gon was not worried.

    “As a condition of our surrender, we will need to speak with your current leader.”

    There was a pause, the elongated-nozzle head cocked to one side. A conversation was occurring that they could not hear, but Qui-Gon could guess at the exchange. Eventually, the battle droid’s head straightened and it answered, “Viceroy Rune Haako will see you now.”

    They were lead to one of the troop carriers, where a small speeder stood at the base. Qui-Gon, Xanatos and Dex crawled in. It wasn’t long before they were in the capital city of Theed. Qui-Gon knew that the palace had been destroyed but seeing the debris, the rubble, the bodies that were slowly being piled on the cobbled stone.

    He reached out for his former Padawan then, desperate to know that Obi-Wan was safe and alive. He felt a brief flicker, a heartbeat of panic and worry. Xanatos felt it too and they exchanged a concerned look. Obi-Wan had blocked them out quickly. He didn’t want his location uncovered.

    It was difficult to reconcile the destruction of Theed with anything to do with Obi-Wan. Yes his former apprentice could be reckless, sometimes even thoughtless, with his own life. But he was also dutiful, loyal, dependable. A fine Jedi. How had things turned so sharply? He’d always counted on Obi-Wan sitting on the Council one day, a beacon of guidance and light. To even doubt him like this felt like a betrayal.

    Why hide, my Padawan? Qui-Gon asked. Silence was his only response. Obi-Wan didn’t want to be found. And that mere fact made Qui-Gon fear more than he had since Xanatos had shared his disturbing suspicion. The truth was, Obi-Wan hadn’t wanted to be found for a long time. He had become very adept at eluding him and Xanatos even when standing right beside them.

    “What kind of trouble has the kid got himself into this time?” Dex asked. His great wide eyes bounced between Qui-Gon and Xan.

    Qui-Gon had hoped that Dex would fly down to Naboo and return to Coruscant. Now the Besalisk was stuck in this cataclysm with them. He deserved answers, but Qui-Gon couldn’t give them a voice. To say them out loud, to condemn Obi-Wan before he’d heard his Padawan’s side, would be a betrayal.

    “We don’t know, Dex,” Xan answered. “That’s why we’re here.”

    “Sithspit,” Anakin cursed, feeling Obi-Wan go straight next to him. No doubt his new Master had just felt what he had. Master Jinn and Knight Deastil, the two people who would make this the hardest on Master.

    Despite the heartache in his eyes, Obi-Wan shot him a wry smile. “That’s hardly appropriate language, Anakin.”

    “What are they doing here?”

    “Possibly looking for me or Knight Cyell,” the renegade Jedi sighed. “It’s even possible they’re here to collect you. By now the Temple must know you’re missing.”

    Obi-Wan hadn’t said it, but they both knew what he was thinking. If Yoda had called him the Chosen One, how many others on the Council had figured it out and would be desperate to ensure Anakin was returned to the Jedi.

    Anakin felt a stab of fear and did his best to release it to the Force. He’d always known he was different from most of his fellow initiates, knew that he struggled with being too emotional. In fact, it was because of that, he was sure that Obi-Wan would never accept him. But he’d never thought to have the prophecy on him and certainly didn’t want it. He looked up and found Obi-Wan watching him with concern.

    He looked over the pile of crystals and actuators they’d pulled from the ship. He tightened his grip on the lightsaber he’d just finished under Obi-Wan’s direction. Since Master Yoda had told him the truth, had explained that one day he would have to leave the Temple with Obi-Wan and save the Jedi, he’d given up on having the normal Jedi experience.

    “I can’t go back with them, Master,” he whispered.

    Obi-Wan squeezed his shoulder. “You won’t. I promise.”

    “But they’re your friends, your mentor,” Anakin argued.

    “Anakin, I’d rather die than let you return to the Temple as it is now. Our lives will no doubt be more difficult than we can imagine, but it is safer for you to remain with me. I don’t believe Qui-Gon or Xan would take you by force. Hopefully, we’ll be able to avoid a confrontation all together. To do that, we must get you, me and Padme to safety.”

    “Then what?” Anakin asked. His eyes flicked over to the older girl who was currently flipping through transmission channels, learning all she could about the invasion.

    “We’ll decide that once we get off of Naboo. But not Couscant. I’m afraid, for now, there is nothing we can do for Naboo. Even if we took Her Highness to the Senate, we’d be risking her life needlessly. For the time being the Federation will take control.”

    Anakin shook his head. “This feels all wrong. Something’s coming. Something dark.”

    “I feel it, too. The Sith.” Obi-Wan’s brown lined, furrowing with concern.

    “You’re worried about Master Qui-Gon and Knight Deastil, aren’t you?”

    “They can take care of themselves. Still, the sooner we’re off this planet, the better it will be for us all.”

    Padme held the tears at bay, watching Governor Sio Bibble’s address to her people, instructing them to remain calm during the crisis. He spoke of their representative in the senate, that Palpatine would present their case. In the mind of her Governor it was only a matter of time before Republic justice saved them all.

    “In the meantime, a candlelight vigil will be held for Her Highness Queen Amidala at sunset.” Poor Sabe, never to be marked in her death as he talents were hidden in life. Padme felt sorry that the older girl would possibly never be memorialized as herself.

    “I’m sorry,” Anakin said, suddenly at her elbow. “It must be strange to hear of your own funeral.”

    “I care less about myself as I do my people,” she said. “I overheard you talking to Kenobi. He has already given up.”
    Anakin shook his head. “It isn’t like that. This is killing him, I know it. But he is doing what is requested of us. No matter how difficult it is. That is why Master Yoda has trusted Obi-Wan with the truth. It could be why the Force has sent us here now, to ensure you live.”

    Padme cocked an eyebrow, intrigued. “And why would the Force do such a thing?”

    Anakin smiled and gave a laugh. “If things were that easy, I’d be running the Council right now.” He sobered. “Come on. Obi-Wan wants to move away from the ship. Cyell might have survived the destruction of the palace and we can’t risk being identified.”

    “Where will we go?”

    “Eventually to the city, steal a ship, and make it past the blockade,” the boy said with mock cheer.

    Padme founder herself smiling despite the tumult around her. “And then?”

    “Regroup so that we can come back to fight another day.”/>/>
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    I am enjoying this team of Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme, but I do feel sorry that Obi-Wan has to push his master and Xanatos away, if only they could join them and fight together.
    He has to trust that his master would defend his actions no matter what. Qui-Gon knows that Obi-Wan is good. He has to back him, not the crumbling Jedi.
    Wonderful Post.
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    Thank you so much. There should be more soon.
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    Things seem to be pretty bad and what not but there is a ray of hope.
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    Really enjoying, I like Obi's able to stay calm, even with his feelings - the true measure of his strength, I think. Looking forward to more :)
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