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  1. HandofSkywalker86 Jedi Master

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    Welcome Friends to my newest RP adventure. It is my sincere hope that you shall join this game and, if you decide to join up that it will be an enjoyable experience.

    Clone Wars: A shift in time is an open ended RPG focusing on player freedom. The player can choose any character ranging from cantina dancer to Jedi Hero to slicer to bounty hunter, anything else that you can think of.

    Available Canon characters:
    Luke Skywalker
    Leia Solo
    Han Solo
    Jacen Solo
    Jaina Solo
    Mara Skywalker
    Kyp Durron
    Corran Horn
    Saba Sebatyne
    (Any others that you might be able to think of including those alive during the the battle of geonosis)

    The scene starts out as the Clone Wars ignite on the desert planet of Geonosis. Two Jedi and a senator are struggling desperately to survive against ferocious creatures amid the jeering of thousands of Geonosians.

    Suddenly a blinding light filled the arena, its intensity akin to a sun. Every force sensitive feels the power eminating from the breach in the force. The current of the force is changed forever, destinies revised, plans altered. This isn't your father's clone wars.

    As the glare from the shaft of light recedes several figures are now visible. To the average observer they appear to be average denizens of the galaxy. To a force user they are an enigma. Soon these newcomers shall have their metal tested.

    Rules and Requirements


    1) NO OOC arguing or chatter; PM's are quite useful in this area.
    2) No godmodding.
    3) No swearing.
    4) Obey the GM and SubGMs (when I get one or two)
    5) Obey the TOS
    6) All players must PM me their Character Sheet for approval before posting it in the thread
    7)Format:The proper way to post

    IC as Darth Mortis

    Council Room, Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    Darth Mortis dodged back as his opponent struck low and hard. Barely dodging the blow due to his force enhanced abilities, he once more surveyed his opponent.

    Tall and lithe, the human before him carried a green saber. His mastery of Makashi was unmatched, the timing of each of the blows were honed to a thoughts breath. He was extremely agile but wielded an uncommon amount of strength behind each of his blows.

    The smell of ozone wafted through the air as they circled one another. One a powerful Jedi Master who seemed to radiate light with every breath. Mortis ,on the other hand, was a blackhole in the force terrible in its complexity and awesome in its power.

    With that thought in mind Mortis spoke. "You are the last of your breed Jedi. All of your brethren fell to my blade... what makes you think you'll fare any better?" Mortis taunted as a hidden glee sprouted from his chest.

    TAG: Whomever your fighting

    8) Most importantly have fun

    Combat: All combat will be held in turn style playing. Please wait for the others involved in the scenario to respond to a post before continuing. Also, please refrain from posting damage to another persons character, it is up to the player to decide what amount of damage is reasonable, the GM will interject if needed.

    Realism: I expect realism to be used in RPing. Please remember that Force users are not invincible , nor are they all-seeing or all-knowing. If I see a situation that is over the top I will ask you to repost the scenario, except toned down a bit.

    Requirments to Join

    -Those who wish to join this game must be readily active within the RPF
    -Those who wish to join this RPG must have considerable Role Playing skills. References to former games that you have been involved with are appreciated.

    Character Sheet format

    I'm looking for creative and expressive characters. Please put alot of thought into your character. A useful tip is making characters with flaws that you can identify with. Uber-characters get old r/>/>/>
  2. Master_Burhead Jedi Padawan

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    GM Approved

    Name: General Grievous
    Alias: (If applicable)
    Class: Droid General
    --Rank: General
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Kaleesh
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Kalee
    Force Sensitive: No

    --Height: 2.16
    --Weight: Unknown
    --Build: Heavy
    --Hair: None
    --Eyes: Yellow
    --Skin: none
    --Markings: A logo on the back of his cloak

    Clothing: Green cloak

    Weapon(s): 4 lightsabers and a blaster

    Personal Ship: Belbullab-22 starfighter and the Invisible Hand

    Lightsaber Description: (If applicable)
    --Hilt: General
    --Blade Color: Blue and Green
    --Lightsaber Fighting Form: unorthodox

    Biography: [link=http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/generalgrievous/index.html] General Grievous Bio[/link]
  3. Unnlimahted_POWUUH Jedi Youngling

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    Name: Lerioth Culu
    Alias: N/A
    Class: Jedi Guardian
    --Rank: Jedi Knight
    Age: 18
    Species: Miraluka
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Alpheridies
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    --Height: 5' 11 ½?
    --Weight: 147 lbs
    --Build: Lean muscular
    --Hair: Long black hair tied into a ponytail with two long strands that hang in his face
    --Eyes: None (Lerioth?s species does not have eyes)
    --Skin: Light Tan
    --Markings: None

    Clothing: Baran Do Sage Robe / Black Boots / Black Fingerless Gloves / Black eye cloth

    Weapon(s): Lightsaber

    Personal Ship: The Heart of Katarr, a modified Jedi Starfighter

    Lightsaber Description: (If applicable)
    --Hilt: [link=http://randomsabers.com/raw_images/bhu.jpg]Bhu[/link] w/ Bantha hair braid at the bottom
    --Blade Color: Viridian
    --Lightsaber Fighting Form: V

    Biography: Taken into the Jedi Order from birth, Lerioth was unaware of how difficult his training would be. Facing a life serving on Bandomeer with the AgriCorps, Lerioth?s thirteenth birthday was quickly approaching, and yet no Jedi Master would take him as a Padawan. It was only until he had finished packing his bags when the diminutive Jedi, Yaddle, approached him. She offered him training, training which he quickly accepted. Lerioth accompanied Yaddle on such missions that included a diplomat?s touch, where he quickly grew to develop his personality traits over the years. At age fifteen, Yaddle was called away and Lerioth was placed into the capable hands of Master Plo Koon.

    Plo Koon trained the boy in styles of combat and Force Forms. Though Plo Koon was training the young Padawan, Bultar Swan at the time, Lerioth and Swan became close. Perhaps too close for the Jedi Council?s liking, but the Council allowed Plo Koon to continue training him. In time, shortly after his seventeenth birthday, he managed to save both Plo Koon and Bultar Swan during a cave-in on Subterrel. Plo Koon promised Lerioth that he would ask the Council to make him a Jedi Knight. Though never truly feeling as if he had done enough for the lad, he gave him an old Kel Dor robe as a birthday present.

    Now, having completed his test into knighthood, Lerioth is a Jedi Knight who serves the Council without question.
  4. Charlemagne19 Chosen One

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    OOC: If it's possible, I'd love to just throw in politics and the occasion "Holonet News" and soldier bit if it's applicable.

    Dooku and Palpatine and rut ;-)
  5. Winged_Jedi Jedi Master

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    Anyway, here's my sheet.

    Name: Krashima
    Alias: The Mad Master
    Class: Jedi
    --Rank: Jedi Master
    Age: 45
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Cinnagar
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    --Height: 6?0
    --Weight: 128 lbs
    --Build: Very thin and frail looking
    --Hair: Grey-black, wild and messy
    --Eyes: Greenish-yellow
    --Skin: Pale
    --Markings: None

    Clothing: Plain Jedi robes, brown boots, black gloves

    Weapon(s): One lightsaber

    Personal Ship: None

    Lightsaber Description: (If applicable)
    --Hilt: White, curved hilt
    --Blade Color: Golden
    --Lightsaber Fighting Form: II

    Taken into the Jedi Temple at birth, Krashima was a model pupil, quiet and diligent in his studies, able to keep his emotions in check and skilled in all aspects of the Jedi arts. By the time he was twenty three, he had reached the rank of Jedi Knight, and was expected to continue on in the same way he always had. Some even predicted a future seat on the Council for the conscientious young Jedi.

    But Krashima was changing. Over the years he became absorbed in ancient texts and the theories of the Force, and is now convinced that he can actually communicate with the Light Side as if it were a living being. He is often found sitting alone, apparently conversing with himself, and has refused to take on a padawan. The Order, while being aware of his strange ways, cannot fault him, as he has completed all missions they have given to him, and is clearly devoted to the Jedi ideals. Instead his behaviour has merely earned him the nickname of the Mad Master.
  6. DarthIntegral VIP

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    Character Sheet:
    Zakarisz Ghent
    Alias: Ghent
    Class: Slicer/Cryptologist
    --Rank: Head of Cryptology
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Baroli
    Force Sensitive: no

    --Height: 1.6 meters
    --Weight: ~73 Kilos (180 lbs)
    --Build: Slim/Skinny
    --Hair: Long Blue hair
    --Eyes: Brown
    --Skin: White
    --Markings: none (I think)

    Clothing: Casual wear, street clothes.

    Weapon(s): A Single Blaster, only for protection

    Personal Ship: None.

    Lightsaber Description: N/A
    --Blade Color:
    --Lightsaber Fighting Form:

    Biography: Ghent was a vital part of Smuggler Talon Karde's smuggling empire when it was the top of the heap, after taking over from Jabba the Hutt. His skills with computers and slicing codes helped his boss not only decrypt almost any message being sent out by competitors and enemies, but also send out codes that couldn't be cracked by those same people.

    Later, Ghent's skill would help the New Republic gain vital information about Grand Admiral Thrawn, including the location of his "Delta Source" spy. This prompted Ghent to be retained from Karde to the Republic, where his slicing skills made him the Chief of Cryptology, where he could serve the Republic in much the same way he had served Karde.

    Now, Ghent is able, willing, and ready to serve the greater good by using his encription and slicing skills to gain a millitary advantage in the upcoming war he seems to be getting dragged into ...
  7. revious_havoc Jedi Youngling

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    Name:mentros aldune
    Alias:revious havoc
    Class:cybernetic lord of battle
    Species:human...now cyborg
    Home world:unknown
    Force Sensitive:yes

    Appearance:a large hulking 8 foot killing mechine.. looks alot like grevious yet alot thickly armoured and black metals... his body has asorted plates that conceal random weapon assortments and he has 3 arm ports on each side of his body
    --Height:8 foot
    --Weight:1 tonne..(of mechinary)
    --Build:metalic robot
    --Hair:none, covered by face mask
    --Eyes:blooded red with a taint of orange and constantly bleed down the face of his mask
    --Markings:underneath his chest torso reconstruct a black pentagram burned onto his heart

    Clothing:as a robot he does not need covering up but still has a cloak thats black on the outside and red on the in

    Weapon(s):gauntlets on all arms(6 arms maxed)the guantlets have 2 blasters fitted and a flame thrower with 2 nozzles and a buzz saw.. vibro claw and rocket system..fuase panels near shoulders and a palm bacta ray also has a tesla whip and 6 different red sabers. on his torso he has twin mfrl systems and 2 grenade launchers. his legs have asorted spikes located on his knees and back of legs, there is also blasters built in on each leg.

    Personal Ship:"havox" a sith fighter with 4 turrets stead of 2 and more manuverable

    Lightsaber Description:there lightsabers?
    --Hilt:a black handle
    --Blade Color:red
    --Lightsaber Fighting Form: own personal (hates to copy)

    Biography:unknown to all..but was once fully human and betrayal led him to the foul mutation of revious havoc.
  8. revious_havoc Jedi Youngling

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    is this ever going to blooming start?
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