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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ToonMan, Feb 19, 2006.

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    To date, this is my complete Star Wars Work. I will add more as I finish them.

    Force Open~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Robed Jedi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Alien Jedi, I made up~~~~~~~~~~~

    Decapitating a Clone ~~~~~~~~~~

    Clone Trooper Commander on the attack ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jedi who was forced to kill a fellow Jedi who was his friend ==Sorrow==

    A Klagosian Jedi. Alien I made up~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Still Fighting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Clones Unmasked ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jedi leading Clones into battle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Republic Commando ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Protecting Clone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Clone Officer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Clones on Geonosis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jedi on Geonosis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jedi Attacking a Droid ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Clone Insertion ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Clone & Bones" ToonMan's Tattoo~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s_clone_tatoo.jpg
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    Not really sure why you started a new thread. I believe most of these are over in your other thread.

    Anyway, only one thread per artist. If you'd like to add more art, just update the thread title to reflect that. Another option is to just edit this post into the first post of your other thread. :)
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Thread Status:
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