Clone Wars style remake of the Original Trilogy

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    The now, presumably permanently, on hold live-action show, as well as the also on hold 1313 video game, would have dealt with the Dark Times period. In addition, it has been mentioned that the Clone Wars, if we see any more episodes post Season 5, would have gone up to and into the events of Episode III. Given the success of the Clone Wars series I wouldn't have been surprised, given it's popularity, to see a spin off into this era, or at least an adaptation of the live action show into this kind of an animated format given the estimated cost of doing the live-action show as, well, live action. All of this, of course, was fair game prior to the Disney announcement. Where such projects are, or may be in the future, at currently is anyone's guess outside of those directly involved with Lucasfilm and Disney.
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    No. Just no.
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    Don't you think the OT has been raped enough? No use kicking a dead horse.

    I love the OT but not enough to let them do THAT.
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    Like the comic versions of the OT, the radio drama or the novels? I don't see what the big deal is. Obviously an animation remake would be ranked below the originals in canon.
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    I don't get why some people are so precious over the OT. They're just movies! lol
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    No. There would be no point. I don't care how many more effects you can squeeze into a scene. Or the dazzling effects they have today. Sometimes too much is a bad thing (look at the prequels in some scenes...too much going on all over!).

    I will take ANH's battle of Yavin over the battle of "watch the little kid blow up the command ship battle so we can disable the droids who are comical and are fighting the equally comical and annoying Gungans so we can have a nice political feud end."

    How are they going to improve Han being frozen in carbonite as Leia looks on in horror? More smoke effects? More Ughnauts? An added scene of Boba Fett shooting at Chewbacca and Vader deflecting it? Sigh. Let's hope not.

    The pleas from Obi and Yoda to Luke to not leave the planet and abandon his training was perfect. What new effect or visuals can they add that would enhance that scene? Nothing.

    The reveal of the Emperor's powers as he slowly tortures Luke. More lightning?

    Sometimes more is not always better. Sometimes the old effects are far superior and impressive to the new ones. Sometimes the actors back in the day can do better than the new ones. And to suggest an improvement of Irvin's masterful direction and the emotional drama of Empire can be enhanced with some bad computer animation, subpar voices and more effects is insulting to what makes Star Wars great.
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    Well, you did a good job of mentioning scenes that wouldn't benefit from better effects...but there are still plenty that could. And it's not just about "oooh shiny space ships" but about adding more to the story and making the continuity fall more in line with the prequels too. You know, if they made this, you could just ignore it. It wouldn't replace the movies. It's just animation. No different than the movie novels, manga, comic books, audio dramas, etc. It's only another medium to enjoy the story. And seeing new OT stuff would be refreshing what with the onslaught of Clone Wars crap we've been getting the last 10 years.
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    I'd like to see that as long as they did it for all 6 films. Would make them look like they were all filmed at the same time. I would at least be interested.

    But any time there is a thread like this I always say yes I'd liek to see it beause the worst case is I don't like it and I don't watch it again. Best case it is really cool!