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Closure of the Dark Lord Thread

Discussion in 'Communications' started by jedi-mind-trick, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. jedi-mind-trick

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    Jul 6, 2001
    Locked to match the one in the JCC at the request of JCC moderators.

    The Dark Lords' of the JCC thread has been closed, and it has been done at the request of it's members. Earlier today, I sent a letter to several members of the administration, explaining our position and requsting the closure.

    I publish this letter here so that the heart of the matter may be made public. It is the Dark Lords' hope that this grain of truth might do some good in combating the mud-slinging in which certain indivduals have engaged for so long. We only ask the JC Administration to allow our position to be heard this once, as we have kept our silence through months of attacks and harrassment. We thank you for your understanding and consideration, and would fully understand were this thread locked to avoid futher drama.
    To the JC Administration,
    It has come to our attention that there has been quite a stink over the JCC Dark Lord thread. We understand that the current debate of that thread's existence is based upon information provided by DarthAttorney, who happens to be the former leader of the Dark Lords.

    The bad blood between DarthAttorney et al. and the Dark Lords is an off-site issue. Unfortunately, DarthAttorney and his associates have chosen to bring this off-site vendetta to the JCC and use your forum - specifically the Dark Lord thread - as their battleground. Once more, they have even gone so far as to personally involve the JC Administration in what is, at its core, a personal and off-site dispute.

    We find this unfortunate. The Dark Lords have always been a group of people that have stood to support this administration, in large and small ways. It is no small wonder that we cut our ties with DarthAttorney, considering his past conduct here. Regardless, the idea that our quiet, drama-free thread is being used as a battleground for their off-site vendetta saddens us. The idea that the JC Administration is now burdened with the 'middle-man' position in this dispute saddens us even more. As stated, we have always had nothing but the best intentions for the JC Mod Squad and TFn as a whole.

    Therefore, in the interest of removing this off-site drama that has landed on the JC Admins' over-filled plate, in the interest of removing the battleground that this select group of individuals have freely exploited, we respectfully request that you close the Dark Lord thread in the JCC.

    Make no mistake - the Dark Lords will continue to uphold their good intentions towards this administration and will continue to be a presence here. However, in light of the dirty politics employed by certain individuals, requesting the closure of their sounding board/battleground will eliminate their ability to cause more problems for you and for us. Once more, closing the thread seems to be the least we can do to support you, as it will remove you from the middle of this off-site dispute.

    We thank you for your time and consideration.

    Sincerely yours,
    Members of the Dark Lord Order
    That is all we have to say. Thanks for listening.
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