OKC, OK Club Meeting Minutes - 04/10/2003

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    JediOKC Club Meeting Minutes
    Mazzio's, N.W. 70th & May

    Upcoming Events
    • Martha Gragg Toy Show: April 26th @ OKC Fairgrounds, Kitchens of America building, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    • April Saturday Club Meeting: April 26th @ Mazzio's, N.W. 70th & May, 5:30 p.m.-ish

    • Jedi Nights Trading Card Game Tournament: April 27th @ Wizard's Asylum (Norman), 1 p.m.

    • X-Men 2 Viewing: May 2nd @ Crossroads Regal 16 around 7 p.m. (exact time TBD)

    • May Thursday Club Meeting: May 8th @ Mazzio's, N.W. 70th & May

    • June will be our 2nd anniversary! Expect something special!

    • Watched the 3rd season Friends episode where Rachel (Jenifer Aniston) dressed as Slave Leia at Ross' (David Schwimmer) behest.

    New figures found
    • Padmé (Droid Factory Chase), Anakin (Secret Wedding), Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon), Library Droids, Rebel Trooper, Imperial Officer, Tusken Raider (Tatooine Camp Ambush), etc., etc., etc.

    Upcoming toys n' such
    • "Movie Realistic" TIE Fighter

    • Hoth Battle 4-pack

    • 12" Gamorrean Guard

    Upcoming Movies for possible club-going
    • LotR: Return of the King, Hulk, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions and others

    • Evan - Custom "vintage carded" Ep. 2 Anakin Skywalker

    • Karla - Star Wars Fisher Ink Pen

    • Jeremy - Custom 12" "Jeremy in Snowtrooper Disguise"

    • Rick W. - Death Star Trooper helmet

    • Danny, Evan and Brian won items from the Box o' Doom.

    • Feel free to contribute to the Box o' Doom, if you wish!

    Guess the Carbonite Figure
    • R3-T7!

    Future extended meeting fun!
    • Bring Star Wars themed games and small groups of us can play once the meeting ends!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.