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NSWRPF Archive Cold War: Hammer and Sickle

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Burning_Hatred, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Burning_Hatred

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    Sep 30, 2005
    In the year 1945, the end of WWII had come to pass, and with it a new age. The two now-great superpowers of the world, the United States and the USSR, or Union of Soviet Socialists Republics, are bearing down for what may be yet another conflict. A so-called ?Iron Curtain? has befallen Europe, symbolically, ideologically, and physically dividing the East and West.

    It is 1951. It is a time of espionage and scandal. In a twist of fate, Joseph Stalin is assassinated during the International Worker?s Day (aka May Day) parade held in Moscow by covert KGB forces. Both the KGB and the Kremlin, who was also in on the assassination, have planned to use the assassination as a spur for Anti-American feelings, and place the blame on the US. Anti-American and Anti-Capitalist rallies soon take to the streets. The people are ready for war.

    Both the KGB and the Kremlin know that a full-out assault on the US would be disastrous. The idea of deterrence, the thought of sending the Earth into a Nuclear Holocaust, and fear of retribution from the other nations of NATO keep them in check. The KGB decides to secretly dispatch underground resistance fighters into America, shipping them to American cities secretly owned by the USSR. Chicago, which was, behind closed doors, owned by the Soviets, becomes one of the major concentration points of the Soviet forces. The Soviet soldiers have but one mission: to secretly take over the US through the use of so-called ?back-alley fighting?; that is, secret battles kept hidden from prying eyes.

    Knowing that the US government would catch on to what was happening sooner-or-later, the Kremlin sends the President of the United States a message: if another country in NATO or the UN is notified or notices what is taking place, or the US does anything to ?give the other capitalist countries a hint?, then USSR will launch all of its tactical warheads at the US. It then goes on to tell the President that the KGB has been secretly inserting sleeper cells into the highest levels of government in all the other countries since the end of WWI, and that if anyone finds out, the USSR will know. Basically, it commands the US to keep its tongue-in-cheek about it being internally destroyed, or risk Nuclear Armageddon.

    So the US is left with one choice: to secretly fight the Soviet threat in its own cities and towns, all while keeping the conflict away from the public eye. It clandestinely takes control over the media, secretly passes the DORA (Defense of the Realm Act), creating a secret police force to subtly enforce censorship of free speech, and stealthily places un-uniformed US soldiers on the streets of the American towns and cities. Although, for the masses, it seems that everything is normal, it is far from it.

    In the busy city of Chicago, trouble is brewing. Reports of fighting in the back alleys has reached the ears of the people. The US government is trying to keep the whole thing under wraps, denying that anything is happening. It seems the time is at hand. The Kremlin has spoken. It's time to pick up your rifles, men!



    Birthdate/Age: Relative to 1951
    Side: Soviet or American (NOTE: Your name should reflect which side you're on, but it doesn't have to)
    Physical Appearance:
    - Hair: (color, length)
    - Eyes:
    - Skin:
    - Clothing:
    - Other: tattoos, scars, glasses, etc.
    - Firearm: ANY rifle/machinegun from before 1951
    - Sidearm: ANY pistol/handgun from before 1951 (no Glocks or Uzis)
    - Other: knife, crossbow, javelin, you get the picture
    - Personal History: anything, but please try to spare us from the generic "someone killed my parents and I'm out for revenge" nonsense. Try to be more creative. Since "ordinary citizens" don't know what's going on, tell us about how you're in this conflict, whether it be because you're a high-ranking officer, the Pres. brother, whatever. This RP is also about secrecy and
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