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Vancouver Collect SW stuff.............?

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by finster_the_hutt, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. finster_the_hutt

    finster_the_hutt Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 3, 2003
    So who in out chapter collects SW stuff?
    As those who know me are well aware, I'm probably one of the biggest SW toy buffs this side of Mos Eisley [face_dancing]
  2. TheDave

    TheDave Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2004
    I'm an addict to hasbro's 3 3/4th inch toy line. I can't WAIT for the new #55 obi-wan pilot to come out!

    I'm also a customiser, so almost everything I buy to collect gets wrecked and then made new into something nice and non-produced. I recently bought new paints to paint my customs; they're nice and don't peel like the cheap ones. Maybe it's the paint sniffing I'm addicted to, though...
  3. Voice_Implodes

    Voice_Implodes Jedi Youngling

    Feb 6, 2005
    i live in the surrey area. does anyone know what stores are actualyl getting restocks? all i want is PILOt obi-wan, but every store i have gone too for weeks doesnt have ANY new stuff. ive been to 3 TRU's, 3 Wal-Marts (1 almost daily), and 3 Zellers stores. all frequently. all i see are the peg warmers mostly. zellers has some selection, but nothing i really want. any advice? and btw, ebay is not an option for me.
Thread Status:
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