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    This is a time long, long, ago. Where a argument was decided by the man with the fastest draw. Where railroads and expansion of settlers were crossing and taking over Native American soil. This is the time of the old west. 1875 to be precise, in the Colorado Frontier.

    This story is centrally based in the town of Dillon Springs. However, there is more going on then the common life in this small town. Many people pass through it. Between, U.S Marshals, Outlaws, Indian Gangs, bounty hunters, whore houses, saloons, and common folk, there is a lot of activity in the town of Dillon. And there is still the danger of the local Apache and Kiowa (Kai a way) tribes who have recently become more hostile towards settlers and wagon trains because of the expansion of the new San Luis Valley railroad that is trying to build rails right through the middle of there lands. The only curious thing is this, lately the Kiowa Indian attacks have not been as frequent as usual, and even worse, no bodies have been found in the last attack on the railroad construction site. NO BLOOD, NO BODIES, and as expected, the local town's folk of Dillon Springs are starting to spread rumors and get frantic about the whole thing.

    Many outlaws have plagued the town of Dillon Springs however, and just as many Indian Gangs have burnt, pillaged, and scalped the settlers of this town for months. So since the local sheriff was killed in s recent Indian attack on the town, the responsibility of the towns peace and protection also falls on Roy Carmines and his team of U.S Marshals.

    So between keeping the peace, trying to clear off the rabid Kiowa and Apache attacks, protecting the town from outlaws, and down time in saloons, the life on the Colorado frontier is never boring.

    The story starts with Roy Carmines and his group of U.S Marshals tracking a local bandit across the Colorado plains, who has just gotten away with robbing the town central bank, and is trying to head north towards the Rockies. Governor Filch of Dillon Springs sent Roy and his Marshals to deal with the situation.

    Ok people here is what we got, mid 1870's western. I have been involved in a few Western RPG'S and have always wanted to GM my own. Now I have put great thought into how and where this story is going. I hope for a good turnout because I believe we could take this story a LONG WAY!!

    So this is what's offered.

    1.You can be whatever you want as long as it pertains to the parameters I given you. Outlaw, Bounty Hunter,U.S Marshal, Indian Warrior, Indian Thug/Gang Leader, personal body guard to Governor Filch, I don't care. Be creative, think outside the box with your names. Make it reasonable though. Indian Names are tough, but at least try.

    2. NO YOU CANNOT BE JESSE JAMES, OR WILD BILL, OR DOC HOLIDAY!!! Every person I've created so far never existed, lets keep it that way.

    3.Also, for the ladies who wish to get involved, I am not limiting you to saloon girls, Girl outlaws are perfectly acceptable. FYI:I may need a Apache Princess farther in the story. And if ya'll have any better ideas, PM me and let me know.

    4.I know outlaws swear a lot, but keep regular TOS, you might get away with hell, but that's it. We get the point, your tough, so you cuss a lot. Big whoop!!

    5.Have fun!!!

    6.Get into your character, put thought into it.

    7.Be specific with your guns, horse, equipment, etc.

    8.I know I mention whore houses earlier, but lets try and keep it pg-13 alright, there is only so much we can get away with here!! Make out scenes are acceptable, but any farther and it will probably reach that unacceptable stage. (Hint:Morning after scenes usually get the point across without getting kick out of the game)

    9.Remember the language of the time, THEY HAD HORRIBLE GRAMMAR, a lot of "Ain't done did's" and "Never did none's" should be a norm. Not many people back in that day was educated, so make an effort to talk dumb. Especially you outlaws!!

    That sho
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    Sorry I might also add a few things that I kinda forgot the other night when I was typing this up.

    I think its pretty much standard here, but no killing characters without the players permission, and no god moding. Like I said, any other questions, just pm me!
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    The Marshal approved this character.

    Name: Tikowake (Wind In Hair) - nicknamed 'Tiko'.
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'9
    Hair Color and Length: black and shoulder length
    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Native American tracker for the U.S. Marshals.
    Appearance: Dark, tanned skin of a Cherokee Indian. Wears a faded Union army uniform, soft-leather handstitched shoes, and a beaded, multicoloured headband
    Guns: a Henry Rifle holstered in his saddle, and two traditional knives
    Horse: Black gelding
    Personality: Quiet and stoic, in brief sketch. Capable of explosive violence. His outlet is the spirituality of his people.
    Likes: The open trail, archery, hunting, reading, tracking
    Dislikes: Alcohol, extended stays in towns.
    Biography: Tikowake was taken into the home of an old Cherokee elder after being left in the woods to die at birth by an unknown mother. There was something about him that was considered cursed, and even now other Indians avoid and dislike him. He learned the traditional arts from the medicine man, up to the age of 15 when the medicine man passed away. The same sickness was consuming Tikowake until he was found by a young US Marshal ... Roy Carmines. The two formed a bond thanks to Carmines' half-Apache background, and Tikowake joined the US Marshals as a tracker and scout, chasing outlaws across the wilds of the West. Tiko knows a little of reading and tries to increase his knowledge, though he fears the loss of his people's ways.

    And here he is:

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    Name: Invincible Ian Dermott
    Age: 22
    Hair Color and Length: Brown Nose Length
    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Criminal
    Appearance: Dark Brown Indian Hunting Clothing, Black Boots with Iron Spurs, Brown Cowboy Hat, Two Gun Holsters on Waist, Quiver and Bow Tube, Rifle Holster on Back, Double Sided Axe across Back, Necklace of White Fang?s Teeth
    Guns: Two .45 Caliber Colt Peacemakers, Kentucky Flintlock Rifle
    Horse: Mustang Quarter Horse - Brown with Black Mane and Tail - Named Greenpeace
    Personality: Razor-tongued Wit, Never Hesitates, Border-line Psychotic
    Likes: Shooting and Greenpeace
    Dislikes: Those damned Riffs(Sheriffs and other Officials), Assassins

    Invincible Ian was born in Salt Lake City to Sarah Dermott and John Dermott. His mother died in child birth and his father abandoned him so he could be the City Marshall. He was picked up by an Indian tribe and grew up hunting wolves and deer on the plains. When he was 16 he was almost killed by a legendary wolf named White Fang. The wolf tackled him off of a cliff and when his tribe went to collect the body he was still alive by the stabbed body of the wolf.

    When Ian turned 18 he captured a renegade army horse. The horse was believed to have killed a general and was petitioned to be shot. The horse broke from it?s captors and Ian found it with a bullet in it?s leg. He nursed it back to health and now he is the only one who can ride it. Ian eventually found out about his father leaving him and gained his hatred for Authorities.

    To date, Ian has been shot 16 times and has broken from jail more than 30 times. He gained the title Invincible when he stormed a Fort alone and left none alive. While there he gained his pistols and rifle and 5 gun wounds. He won his axe off of a rival tribe when his tribe?s warriors razed the opposing tribe?s village. He personally killed the tribe?s chief and their greatest fighter at the same simultaneously. He shot the warrior and stole the axe then threw it into the back of the chief when he tried to run.
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    Name:Standing Wolf
    Hair Color and Length:black, shoulder length
    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Apache Warrior
    Appearance: dark tanned skin, serious hazel eyes, traditional Apache clothing (white pants and loin cloth, light brown boots, dark green shirt, brown vest, dark blue bandana around head).
    Weapons: 1 Navy colt revolver 1862, winchester repeater rifle, tomahawk and long bladed hunting knife.
    Horse: brown and white spotted indian pony
    Personality: can be hot tempered, loyal to his people and family, enjoys joking with his friends, like to think any course of action through before he commits to it. He has little to no trust for any white men.
    Likes: Apache's, Honour, riding, hunting
    Dislikes: white men, outlaws, Indian outlaws.
    Biography: Standing Wolf is the son of a prominant Apache chief and has followed in his footseps. He is a a fierce defender of his people and their rights and has no problem killing for them or his honour. His only real concern is his tribe and the white peoples continued encroachment onto their ancestral lands. Standing Wolf has come to great prominance after leading many sucessful raids against the whites and outlaws. He is consumed with his honour and loathes the indian outlaws who have given up the ways of their people. However he will deal with anyone who proves to be honourable and has been known to help white settlers and lawmen who have come under attack from outlaws. Though he has also gone on to lead raids against the same people when they have gone against his peoples well being. This had led to him gaining no small notoriety amoung the whites as a dangerous quantity who they never know if he will attack them, aid them or indeed bother. He is widely considered one of the greatest Apache warriors and more and more warriors are draw to him as these dark days proceed.
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    So as it stands, we have 1 Apache Warrior, 2 U.S Marshal's, and 1 outlaw, and I have already gotten a message that we will be getting another outlaw character. A few more people and we should at least be ready to start. please be patient everyone, and see if you can't get others to join!!
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    Name:Shane Allen
    Hair Color and Length:dark brown, medium, basic cut
    Marital Status:Single
    Wears, a top hat but, he is no means fashionable or rich. The rest is your basic outlaw clothes.
    Guns:1 winchestor lever action rife, 1 pistol, and 3 or 4 various knives
    Horse:brown, nothing exciting. aka sara
    Personality:he's a rambler, he's a gambler a long way from his home. the people don't him. nothing is sure at this point.
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    The above post has NOT BEEN APPROVED AND WAS NOT SENT TO ME FOR APPROVAL!! Rogue Leader might want to pm me that CS!!!
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    Come on people!! If we don't get any more characters soon, we may just start with all 5 characters we got!!!
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    Name: Henry 'Bullseye' Bowmont
    Age: 24
    Hair Color and Length: Brownish Blonde short
    Marital Status: Never Married
    Occupation: Trick shooter
    Appearance: Black pants, Brown Chaps, Grey Shirt with a Brown Waistcoat, Brown Trenchcoat and Red Bandana round neck, Brown Cowboy hat
    Guns:Dual Peacemaker Revolvers with a wooden grip, Winchester Rifle w/
    Horse: Grey Stallion
    Personality: Happy Go Lucky guy,
    Likes: The thrill of a duel.
    Dislikes: Being Shot and missing a shot
    Biography: Henry Grew up in a small Village outside the main City of Colorado, he only knew his father as his mother deserted the family somtime after birth, he grew up with his pa, learning the tricks of the family which was carnival trick shooting....eventually Henry grew into a respectable young man and surpassed his father, unfortunately he was away with the carnival when his town was attacked but a group of outlaws, on his return he swore revenge on them and went into the city to seek answers.
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