Amph Comic Book Character you'd like to see in a movie?

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  1. Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan

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    There's lots of characters I'd like to see in movies:

    - Nightwing.
    Come on, he's really cool. Besides, how many former sidekicks get their own movie? And you've got a real range of choices for love interest: Huntress(They snog in the No Man's Land series), Starfire or former Batgirl Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle.

    - Green Arrow
    We need somebody besides Legolas ruling over the archery coolness.

    - Batgirl
    In one of the new Batman films of course. And of course it would be the REAL, PROPER Batgirl Barbara Gordon, not that silly one from the Batman and Robin movie.

    - The Flash
    Me and my dad watched some tv movie of The Flash a while back and I found myself liking it a lot. So much more could be done with the story.

    - Death
    We gotta have Death, and even the rest of the Sandman crew, making a movie. It would be total Gothic coolness.

    - John Constantine
    Not the Keanu Reeves one, the REAL John Constantine. British, a total jerk and magic user who kicks major demonical butt.

    - Supergirl
    A think a re-do is in order for Kara. I once read this Supergirl comic where Supergirl accidently blended herself with a dying girl. She ended up being able to blend between herself and the girl. A whole bunch of freaky stuff happens, including a weid super intelligent Gorialla takes over the planet. It then turns out that the girl Supergirl blended with was a member of a cult who were trying to bring a demon into the world. Cue redemption and stopping of said demons. Maybe a bit overly complicated but could work.

    I must say that I don't know much about Green Lantern, never read it. But he does seem to be a popular movie choice.

  2. GavinStrife Jedi Youngling

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    AGREED! Brainiac would work, or even Doomsday... bring in some other JL-ers in on the action...
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