San Diego, CA Comic Con 2007 - July 26-29 (Preview night the 25th)

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    Apr 30, 2002
    Comic Book Resources has published its [link=]annual post-convention interview[/link] with Comic-Con's Director of Marketing David Glanzer.

    They discuss attendance figures, the power-mad fire marshall, the lines, expanding the use of Petco Park and the unopened Hilton Hotel, a footbridge across Harbor Drive, and coverage of comics vs. Hollywood-driven panels.

    Here's a key section for those of you who don't feel like reading the entire interview:

    CBR: So, to put those rumors to rest, remind us again how long you're contracted with the San Diego Convention Center.

    Glanzer: We've contracted through 2012.

    Unmentioned is ELITE's use of Comic-Con as a rookie hazing ritual, in which new employees are forced to engage in bizarre, unnecessary crowd control measures, like roping off miniscule parts of the lobby and forcing people to walk through "exits" and "entries" that are less than a meter apart. (This did nothing to improve the flow of traffic. Instead it slowed it down because many people stopped in puzzlement.) There were also lines in which no one was allowed to sit down. Many Cons ago an ELITE employee stood in a hallway full of benches telling people not to sit on the benches. Then there was the time when a stairway was closed for use, even though the elevator right next to it was available. Next year they'll add corridors where you're allowed only to skip or walk backwards.

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    Were those really hazing type things?
    We ran into some odd crowd control this year that just had us stumped. But then again every year we've run into odd things you can and can not do.
    I have to give kudos though..if your a mother with a little baby looking for somewhere to sit and nurse your baby and not get stepped on they're really nice and you have run of things LOL
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    That's a safety code thing. In the event of a fire or emergency, people on the ground are a hazard to others and hazard to themselves for they stand a greater chance of being trampled.

    *Things you learn in 4 hours lines talking to security*. :p
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