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MidSouth Comic & Sci-Fi Convention This Weekend!!!

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by ScreaminChicken, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. ScreaminChicken

    ScreaminChicken Jedi Youngling

    Jun 28, 2007
    Comic & Sci-Fi Convention This Weekend!!!

    This weekend my favorite convention guys (Ben and Mark of the Dallas Comic Con) are hosting an amazing convention this weekend (June 30th-July 1st) at the Richardson Civic Center. If you've never heard of SciFiExpo or DallasComicCon you've missed out. These guys are SO much better than Creation or anyone else. You get a lot of bang-for-your-buck here, so if you're interested, I highly recommend checking them out this weekend. There's nothing else better to do this rainy weekend!

    It's the [link=]Dallas Comic Con 9[/link]

    It's only $5 general admission! (More money for the dealer room :) )

    They have a huge selection of toys, comics, autographs, and everything else you'd expect. I always see a good assortment in the dealer room and they like to bargain :)

    Here's the guest list:

    Media Guests:
    Kristy Swanson - The Original Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Robert Beltran - Chakotay In Star Trek Voyager
    Billy West - Futurama & Ren & Stimpy Voices
    Mary Oyaya - Luminara Unduli In Star Wars
    James Hampton - Harold Howard In Teen Wolf

    Comic Guests:
    Herb Trimpe - Marvel Legend!
    Bill Willingham - Writer Of The Fables
    Billy Tan - Artist Of X-23, Uncanny X-Men
    Matthew Sturges - Co-Writer Of Jack Of Fables
    James O'Barr - The Crow
    Plus Too Many More Too Mention!

    In addition to general admission they also have speedpasses for $20 which gets you in for both days, gets you priority seating at the Q&A's, and gets you in line in front of general admission for most media and comic guests, so if you want to commission a sketch or get autographs fast, a speedpass is a great way to guarantee you'll get one :)

    It looks like all comic guests sign your stuff free and media guests charge about $20-$25 to sign stuff. The media guests usually have a good assortment of photos to choose from if you don't have something to bring them.

    Check out their [link=]website[/link] for all the info, but here are more details I scrounged up:

    June 30th - July 1st, 2007
    Sat. 11am-6pm
    Sun. 12pm-4pm

    Richardson Civic Center
    411 W Arapaho Rd
    Richardson, TX 75080
    (This is at Arapaho and 75 - behind the library)

    General: $5.00
    Speedpass: $20.00 (Priority Access To Most Guests)
    Kids 12 & Under: Free!

    Parking: Free Parking

    Media: Approx. $20-$25 each
    Comic: FREE

    More Info: [link=]Dallas Comic Con 9[/link]

    Hope to see everyone there!
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