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Communications Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Communications' started by DarthSapient, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. DarthSapient

    DarthSapient Jedi Youngling star 10

    Jun 26, 2001
    Mission statement: The Communications Forum exists for the purpose of facilitating interaction between users and the administration in discussing board policies.

    We all want the boards to be the best that they can be. However, many of us have different ideas for how to accomplish that. All ideas for improving the boards are welcome here. However, we do not need the antagonism and fighting that has been common in Comms lately. Please try not to let your behavior interfere with your message. Each board is unique in its tone, because each serves a different purpose. Comms should be the most professional of forums, as this is where we discuss and adjust policy, as opposed to a lighthearted or intellectual forum.

    As such, we would like to implement these new guidelines for both users and moderators. The hope is that they can help us bring Comms to the next level as a tool for improving the JC.

    Guidelines for users:

    - Comms is not here to discuss individual issues (such as bannings). If you have an issue with a specific moderator's actions, contact an administrator via PM.
    - Spamming is not allowed. Spam includes posts that do not further the discussion in the thread, and threads that lack a topic or policy to discuss.
    - Users in Comms are expected to be on their best behavior. Flaming of other users, even in jest, is prohibited. We're here to discuss policy, not other users.
    - Comms is not a social forum, and should not be treated as such. Sometimes, a little light-heartedness will be tolerated (such as mod promotion threads, or threads complaining about holiday banners), but as a rule posts should remain confined to the topic at hand. If you want to socialize, feel free to visit the [link=]JCC[/link], [link=]SWC[/link], or [link=]EUC[/link].
    - When starting a topic, please try to make it clear what the purpose of the thread is in the title. If it applies to a specific forum, state the name of the forum in the title. Ambiguous titles may be renamed for clarity at a moderator's discretion.
    - At times, a discussion will be deemed over by the administration. This can happen when a question is answered, a policy is decided, or when behavior is deemed unacceptable. When that happens, do not restart a thread on that topic, nor carry that discussion to another thread without moderator approval.

    Guidelines for moderators:

    - Moderators are expected to abide by all of the guidelines for users.
    - Take the time to consider the viewpoints expressed in Comms. Remember that we are here to improve the JC, not to impose our will. Try to see things from all sides.
    - Keep in mind that no policy can succeed without the cooperation of the users. As such, remember that this is a team effort. You are the leader(s) of your forum, but a good leader listens to those that he leads. Good leaders also take active part in all aspects of the decision-making process. This includes being active in Comms.
    - In the end, final decisions on issues and administrative action fall to the moderators. In any team situation, there needs to be a person or position that has the final decision making authority.
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