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Saga Compassion (post ESB, pre RotJ)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by cleveland1000, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. cleveland1000

    cleveland1000 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 15, 2004
    well heres something i just wrote for the hell of it. hope you guys like it and thank you for reading.

    Luke flew the X-wing being followed by a Cargo Ship holding the team accompanying him. He let the force wash through his body, this was it. He is not my father. He told himself. He?s a liar. He told himself as he landed the X-wing on the canyon like moon. When he got out of the cockpit he looked out at the gigantic castle.

    ?Commander Skywalker? one of the soldiers asked ?where to??

    Luke reached out with the force touching the castle feeling the presence of all of the guards. ?The south entrance has only a hundred guards around that section? he reached out farther and almost fell backwards.

    ?What is it??

    ?Vader?s here?? He said grimly.

    ?Should we??

    ?No I will face him. I will entered from the front gates and lure the stormtroopers over to me? before anyone could object he added in ?He won?t hurt me he wants me alive?

    The soldiers walked away going towards the South gates. Luke stepped in front of the gates and was met by several storm troopers. Luke grabbed his lightsaber darted forward and before they could open fire he sliced off the barrels of their blasters and threw them into the castle with the force. Taking a deep breathe he entered the castle and walked down the corridors.

    He could feel the dark presence of Vader growing stronger as he entered the castle. Luke took a step backwards as he started to hear the breathing of Darth Vader the man who claimed to be his father. Moments later he looked upon the towering figure of Darth Vader. ?Come with me? he said softly

    ?Never? Luke said as he instantly grabbed his newly constructed lightsaber.

    ?Luke...? Vader began but he cut himself off as Luke started stepping forward. But Vader didn?t grab his lightsaber. ?Join me son?? he stopped again as he felt hate blaring off of his son. Vader sighed as he realized how futile it was to talk some sense into his son. Slowly Vader?s hand grabbed the black cylinder on his belt and ignited it. Luke swung his yellow green blade at the rubbery red blade. Sparks flew as he slammed the blades together. Quickly Luke swung again at Vader meeting the Sith Lord?s lightsaber. The blades crackled and sparks flew teeth grinding as the two tried their best to push the other over. Slowly Vader took control of the fight and pushed Luke over. On the way down Luke was struck in the head by a peice of durosteel, droppping his lightsaber along the way.

    Vader looked at Luke?s unconscious form. He thought about handing him over to the emperor but he couldn?t. Vader lifted up his son and carried him to his X-wing and placed him inside. A stormtrooper came by soon after. ?We took care of the rebels? he said

    ?Good? Vader said through his mask ?put them back on their ship and set it on auto pilot.?

    Luke awoke in his X-wing and looked out into space. He reached out with the force and felt of his companions alive and well. ?Guys what happened? Luke asked through the comm.

    ?We were attacked by the imperials? He paused a moment later trying to get his strength back ?they shot us with stun bolts so other than head pounding headaches and sore muscles we?re fine?

    ?That?s good? Luke said as he switched off the comm. Then something hit him harder than that piece of durosteel had. Vader had let them live. Vader had Luke in his grasps and couldn?t kill him, couldn?t bring him to the emperor.

    There was still good in Vader he could feel it. ?I?ll come back for you father? he said softly to himself.

    ?Lord Vader? The Emperor hissed as he raised his hands. ?You have failed me again.? He said as he threw the blue white lightning at Vader. Vader slowly collapsed to his knees as he paid the price for his compassion. The emperor threw another volley of lightning making Vader yell out in pain. After several moments of agonizing pain Vader collapsed to the floor.

    Luke arrived on the rebel capital ship. He jumped out of the ship and wa
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