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MN Con of the North - Feb 15-17 2008! St Paul, MN

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by mirax80, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. mirax80

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    Aug 20, 2003
    [link=]Con of the North[/link] is the Twin Cities' longest running games convention, run by an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing you the best in gaming every year! And this year they are celebrating 15 years!! w00t!
    Con of the North 2008 is February 15-17 at the [link=]Holiday Inn St. Paul East[/link] in St. Paul, Minnesota!

    Games games and more games!!!!

    Roll playing: AD&D and 3.5, Cthulhu, Big eyes small mouth, Serenity, home-brew games with puppets! CCG games: Magic, Pirates! War games, historical dice and card games, board games (Redneck Life!), miniature games, LARPS, hero clix, LotR, computer games, Midimaze, clay olympics, or just grab a bunch of random people from the hallway and start up any kind of game! And many many more games to choose from!!!

    Check out all the games online here: [link=]Events08.php[/link]
    Otherwise head to [link=]The Source Comics & Games[/link] in person and ask for a Con of the North booklet - they'll be happy to help you find one!

    And don't forget the vendors with their wares to sell!

    And (cross your fingers this year [last year the GM had to cancel due to a last minute family emergency])the first ever at this con - IN THE POOL RPG!
    Yes, that's right! you will actually be in the pool - roll playing! So sign up early -spots are limited!! And remember to pack your swimsuit!!
    (game name is: Prawn - The Swimming Pool LARP -event number 1199)

    [link=]Pre-registration[/link] ends Jan 5th, 2008!!!

    $25 for the entire weekend!
    $37 at the door for the entire weekend!

    $22 for Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday
    $27 Saturday only
    $22 Friday or Sunday only

    Con of the North
    Feb 15-17, 2008 in St Paul!

    Hope to see you there!!!

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