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ConCarolinas, I need your help!

Discussion in 'Greensboro, NC' started by motf-jan, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. motf-jan

    motf-jan Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 25, 2001
    Janet from the Dagobah Swamp Foxes here. In addition to being a City Rep, I'm also on the board for ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC on June 4-6 2004. One of my many hats is Director of Fandom Programming. I know this seems way in advance, but believe it or not, it takes a year to plan a good convention.

    Heres a few things I need help on:
    1. Panel participants: We have a couple of Star Wars panels: Anakin: Evil Seed or Tragic Hero, StormTrooper Minuteman, and Star Wars vs Star Trek Who's Line.

    As far as the Anakin goes, we have someone who has some expertise in this, but if your an English major or have some great interest in the subject, let me know.

    StormTrooper Minuteman is a race between two troopers to see who can dress in their armor the fastest. Obviously, this is geared more toward 501st members.

    Who's line? -I need senerio ideas that will combine the two genres.

    There will also be panels on Buffy, Harry Potter/Artemis Foul/Series of Unfortunate Events, LOR, X files,Xena, Andromedia, Stargate, Farscape. Anyone interested in these subjects also contact me.

    2. ConSuite Themed contest-Each group will have an hour to put on a themed party based on their genre. Star Wars, SCA, Trek, etc. There will be some kind of prize for the best party. I need to know if their is an interest for the Southern FanForce groups in doing an hour. The local 501st is making noises like they might want to do one on their own, but we can either have a combo or two different groups.

    3. Fan Force Table-Do we want one? There are very limited amount available so I need to snag us one early, but again, I need to know it there is an interest.

    We will have 3 additional programming tracks, 1 is writers workshops, etc, 1 is costuming, SCA, Armor type tutorial panels, and 1 is the larger autograph, auction, costume contest, Rocky Horror, Klingon Karioke, etc. We also have several rooms of Gaming, Dealer's room, Art Show, Video Room.

    Guests are still in the works, but our current listing is up at

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