Ark ConNooga February 22-24, 2008

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    Announcing a Closer Con!!! :)

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    Keep checking for all the latest info.

  2. If you're a gamer, you're going to LOVE ConNooga. Tournaments and open gaming galore in our 6800 sq. ft. gaming area! If you've ever walked into a gaming store and wondered about some of these games, we'll have Game Designers and reps teaching people how to play them. Video gaming... BIG news coming soon!

  3. 15,000 Square Feet of Exhibitors, Artists, Celebrities and Fan Groups!

  4. Like horror? We're bringing in industry pro Leonard Pickel (co-creater of Haunted Attraction magazine and founder of HAuNTcon) to run all of our horror related programming.

  5. For those that like Anime, we will have an entire area devoted to all things Japanese--including a Dance Party, Cosplay Panels, & Manga artists--PLUS our first annual Anime Music Video contest!

  6. With a 500 seat theater at our disposal, it seems only fitting that we have a FanFilm contest as well! In addition to that, we will be premiering (at least) two new feature films (more on this later).

  7. Workshops, panels, contests, kids programming, and much, much more....

  8. Special Guests include:
    Actress / Journalist - Suzi Lorraine
    Actress / Producer - April Monique Burril (aka Chainsaw Sally)
    Comic Book Sensation - Thong Girl
    Actress/Model - Niki Notarile
    Blinky Productions - Chris Notarile
    Actor, Stuntman, Musician, Magician, Director, Writer, Consultant Jim O'Rear
    Actor, Producer, Martial Artist Ted Alderman
    Cast, Crew, Special Effects and Bands from the Film FOREVER DEAD!
    Fantasy - Local Wrestling Sensation as well as other local Wrestling Superstars!
    FELIX SILLA(new addition!!)You know him, although you may not know his face. Remember Twiki from Buck Rogers? How about Cousin Itt from the Addams Family? For the Star Wars fans (which is why you're here, right?) he played the "flying Ewok" in Return of the Jedi. Felix's website

    Special ARTIST and AUTHOR guests include:
    Artist and Founder of Dark Angels - William 'Nick' Johns
    Artist Steve Stanley
    Artist of Bushi Tales Comic - Lin Workman
    Artist Billy Tackett
    Author - Georgiana Kotarski
    Artist and Author - Ed Crandell

    Musical performers
    Crank Sanatra
    Leticia Wolf
    KIFF - Knowledge is for Fools

    As we're a convention for the fans, by the fans, we encourage all types of Fan Groups to be a part of ConNooga. If your fan group would like a table to help promote your group, send your request to At this time, the following fan groups have signed on:
    The MidSouth Garrison of the 501st
    The Corellian Base of the Rebel Legion
    The Jedi Assembly
    The SouthEastern Browncoats
    The Dark Alliance
    SEPS - SouthEastern Paranormal Society
    The Dark Empire
    Chattooine - Chattanooga's Sci-Fi group
    The 1337girls

    If there is something that you would like to see or feel others would like, let us know! We want to put together a multi-fandom convention made up of things that the fans
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