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Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by chitwood, May 16, 2002.

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  1. chitwood

    chitwood TheForce.Net co-owner star 4 VIP

    May 12, 1999
    Hey everyone -

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    Make sure you give the movie a rating out of a scale of 10, and it must be at least two paragraphs in length. If you thought the movie was good or bad it won't affect your entry in the contest! If you've already posted a review, just cut and paste it in here for entry!

    We've been swamped with so many email reviews from fans we can't possibly post them all, and here's your chance to voice your opinion of the film all in one place.

    Good luck and may TheForce.Net be with you!

  2. Gandalf the Grey

    Gandalf the Grey Jedi Knight star 6

    May 14, 2000
    I might as well... :p

    I think that my initial impressions are a lot different than most peoples. Then again, I loved and still love the Phantom Menace.

    The acting varied. I liked Padmé and Obi-Wan throughout the entire film, and Hayden played the role well. I think that Anakin Skywalker is a lot like Anakin Solo, and so I wasn?t too keen on him, though I did like him more than his namesake. I didn?t like many of the minor characters, and I?m afraid I laughed when Shmi died. The way her head just flopped back was priceless. Palpatine was great, but I didn?t think much of Dooku. I thought that Lee overdid the part.

    And then you get to the special effects. One word sums the up: ?damn.? Fellowship of the Ring looks pretty cheesy in comparison. There were only two or three scenes that I didn?t like the effects for, mostly involving Clonetroopers drilling.

    On the other hand, the music was terrible. I wanted the music to be an integral part of the film. There were so many scenes done without music that when the music started up it sounded out-of-place. Also, I didn?t like the music itself. The love theme was nice, and so were the returns of the Vader and Emperor themes, but on the whole it was pretty bad.

    I?m definitely in the minority in saying that the Yoda lightsaber battle was one of the worst scenes in the film. I think that a Jar Jar vs. Dooku battle would have looked better. The Obi-Wan and Anakin vs. Dooku fights were nice, but not nearly long enough. The rain battle was nice, but I wish that Obi had his saber throughout more of the fight. I liked the arena battles, but the death of Jango Fett was rather anti-climactic. The other action was fantastic. Not so much that it got in the way of the plot, not so little that things got boring. I loved the battle at the end; it was nice seeing the men in white on the good-guys side.

    While I didn?t like some of the dialog, I loved the love story. I found it very sweet, and though it sometimes felt rushed, I put that down the length of the film. I prefer the love story in AOTC to the love story in Spider-Man, by a large margin. With Spider-Man, I felt more embarrassed for both characters than anything else. In AOTC, I got a sense of desperation and duty and obsession that I loved, and the sweet scenes were great. My favorite moments of the love plot were the scene where Anakin falls off the pig and pretends to be dead and when Padmé finally admits she loves him. The pig scene was great, wonderfully playful, as the two allowed themselves to forget whom they were and just have fun. Her declaration of love was sweet, and one of the highlights of the film for me.

    So, I liked the love story, the special effects, the action, and the acting of the three leads. I disliked the supporting actors, the music, and couldn?t stand Yoda.

    Anyhow, I give the movie 9/10.
  3. sith_darkhak

    sith_darkhak Jedi Youngling

    May 11, 2002
    Awesome Film. Will go see it again and again, just because it's Star Wars. I truely believe Hayden saved this film. They cast him very well. He delievered. He is, the future Darth Vader. Now.. Padme? Natalie. George, why. "We live in a real world.." Huh? I thought this was in a galaxy far far away. What's up with that. I think AOTC is like a bad chart. It has it's highs and lows. High. Cinematagrohpy. Effects. Jedi. Anakin. Obi-Won. Mr. Cat creature with a rats tail (yay!) Lows. Ackward edits and timelapses. Padme. Love scenes. The old man with cruket lightsaber and his digital face stunt double.

    I sat and watched this film in a huge DLP theater with five of my friends (hook-up) and I noticed all and smelled all. Then I watched it with a room with kicking and screaming fans at midnight.. it smelled just right.. but watch the film as if you weren't a fan..

    The film is filled with ackward moments. Bad cuts and awful edits... at least TPM was pieced better.. AOTC was to cut way to much.. things didn't flow nicely.. it felt sloppy, but thing seems to even out again with the big dramatic scene with Anakin and his mother, his rage against the Tuskins, his monologue with Padme as we can see the hate in his eyes as tears make their way down his face, his confession, made this film for me.. and that was it. I squirmed and cheered by myself in the empty theater when I saw that one scene.. it's sad that the Yoda battle did not. I watched the film as a directer would the first time.. I watched the film as a fan the second time.

    As a fan I loved it. This being my career.. I felt Lucas lost it, and sold out.. he's changed.. and you can tell he has when he pans up instead of down in the opening tile crawl. Trying to catch up with the times. The green is getting to his head. From 1-10. I give the film a 9. Technically, an 8. Directing... 2. I applaud ILM. And Hayden. I'll watch again. But I won't swallow.
  4. danimalicious

    danimalicious Jedi Youngling

    May 4, 2002
    I'm frustrated, more than anything else, with regards to Attack of the Clones. I think Lucas did a lot of things right in this one. But, when you put all these good parts together, do you get a good movie? I still don't know.

    I loved how Lucas has set up the downfall of the Republic - because of Jar Jar. No, seriously, as in how Palpatine has been playing both sides against the middle, and in the resulting confusion he will arise and become the Emperor. Baring, of course, a clone or some other such plot device.

    I liked Anakin. I thought Lucas, and Hayden, presented to us very nicely how he is slowly but surely slipping into the Dark Side's allure. While there are some things that I wish he had not said, the same must be said of any character in any movie. And the degree of frustration and anger that Hayden brings to the movie make up for it.

    Likewise, I thought that Natalie was able to expand the role of Padme to great new levels. Not only is she more beautiful, but she is also so much more vulnerable and interesting.

    However, what I feel is most lacking from this film is a sense of heart or passion. Despire generally good performances, I nonetheless get a feeling of apathy from a lot of the actors. They don't seem excited to be on screen. And if they are not excited, then I certainly won't be.

    I feel, though, that the score of the film detracted from the action and story more than it added to it. I often wondered why there was no music when there should have been - the dogfight in the asteroid field, for example, between Jango and Obi Wan was visually impressive, but there was a lack of tension - neither ship seemed in danger of falling apart, and neither pilot seemed worried. Williams could have taken this tension vaccum and put in an amazing number. The asteroid sequence from Empire stands as one of the best in all of cinema, due in no small part to it's fantastic score. On the other hand, there were many times when Williams' random horn noodling or string plucking sounded out of place and distracting. This only served to disrupt any degree of tension that the actors on screen were desperately trying to create. As Anakin and Padme are leaving Tatooine, for example, it becomes almost difficult to listen to them argue.

    I do not know, though, if a better score could have helped the problem of tension in the film. More often than not, whenever an important fight would take place, it would end before it could even begin. In particular, I am thinking of the final lightsaber fight. Both Obi Wan and Anakin are taken out of action long before they are able to justify their amazing mastery of the force. While I loved the lighting effect during the Anakin/Dooku duel, it was too short. I was not able to develop any concern for Anakin since before I knew it, he was on the ground, about to die.

    But then Yoda walks in. Make no mistake, I got a real kick out of seeing him in action. But again, too short. Just as it's warming up, Dooku cuts it off and forces Yoda to save the fallen Jedi rather than finish Dooku off. And meanwhile, while Yoda is saving Obi Wan and Anakin, Dooku just walks on his ship and takes off. Insert sarcasm: phew, that was close, i never thought he was going to make it. Which of course I didn't. Lucas failed to establish Dooku as a serious threat, which I would assume him to be. Yoda is facing off against his old student, and yet there's a lack of chemistry between the two. While Lee is a brilliant actor, I suppose he can only so much against a computer generated opponent.

    And I think this lack of tension speaks to the general lack of heart and passion in this film. When the viewer is not able to care about the character, what's the point of tension? Why should I sit on the edge of my seat, chomping on my finger nails when I don't care about these characters?

    And yet... and yet, I do want to see it again. This is a very grim tale, and in a lot of ways, very profound. I want to watch Obi Wan and Anakin bicker, and Sen. Palpatine console Anakin - j
  5. Tedakin

    Tedakin Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 15, 2002
    Let me just start by saying I enjoyed The Phantom Menace, though like most I felt it had major problems. I had to see it twice before I liked it and even then my feelings felt a bit forced, but over the last few years it has grown on me. I remember that after TPM came out I would get offended when people tore it down or pointed out faults in it. Really because I agreed with those faults and it irked me that the film wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

    Jump ahead to one hour ago. There I am walking out of the theater with the biggest smile I've ever had coming out of a movie. This movie took my expectations and slapped them silly. Attack of the Clones is my absolute favorite Star Wars film ever! I loved it beyond reason. I loved everything about it. If there were any faults in it they were so tiny that they just flew past with no more than a whimper. I've heard people say Hayden wasn't good. Who the hell are these people? He was unbelievable. The scene where he loses it is the greatest acting in a SW film ever. The love story worked way better than I thought and added that much needed heart people have been talking about. I don't want to go on too long, but this movie just succeeded on every level for me. SPOILER! From the second those little centipedes climbed into Padme's bed till I left the theater a grin was just embedded on my face. I watched it like a drooling idiot. I feel some fight scenes could have been extended a bit, but oh well, you can't be given a thousand dollar bill then want an extra nickel to go with it. (if you understand me). BEST STAR WARS EVER!

  6. Derrinson

    Derrinson Jedi Youngling

    Jan 5, 2002
    Hey, it can't hurt, right?

    First off, let me say that this movie was incredible. For two and a quarter hours, I was back in that galaxy far, far away. True, there were some flaws, but it's Star Wars. There always have been flaws, but that's not what the saga is about. It doesn't have to be the perfect movie. Just good, clean fun. The chance to forget about any problems of the real world. Anyway, on with the review:

    The action scenes made this movie. These are things I've dreamed about seeing since I first became interested in Star Wars. Everyone got a chance to play, and it was AWESOME. The crowd in the theatre I was in went absolutely crazy when Yoda showed up, and for good reason. The little guy owned the movie. A lot of the shots were superficial and just there to pack that Star Wars punch, but hey, I'm not complaining. I've never wanted to own a lightsaber more :) (or a clonetrooper gunship for that matter). The lightsaber battle was excellent, albeit short. Extremely creative. Exponentially better than that of TPM(which is saying a lot as I loved that battle). Enjoyed seeing a tense "saber lock"(for those of you who have played JK2) as well as using two sabers, etc. Good stuff. The individual fights were a tad abbreviated, however.

    Moving on, in the interest of not making a novel out of this review: The score was a triumph. I had goosebumps whenever the Love Theme played. The use of the Force theme and Yoda's theme from the OT were excellent. Duel of the Fates was cool too :D

    Now, on to the acting: Well-rounded performances. Sam Jackson was still very rigid, but it comes with the territory I suppose. Natalie(extremely beautiful. Worth the price of admission ;)) seemed to have a better handle on the character this time around with showing her less-professional side(she retreated into the uptight-diplomat role when needed very well). Hayden was excellent. Period. Some of the lines he had to work with were corny and he came off as kind of stalker-ish a couple times(or was that just major pimpage? Hey, he got the girl) but the love scenes worked, regardless. Anakin and Padme were at their best with all the playful flirting. Anakin's interaction with Obi-Wan seemed a little derogatory at times, and I got the impressions that either they were not really good friends or they were comfortable enough with one another that they could trade such remarks. Anakin's brushes with the dark side were excellent. Gave me chills. The Tusken scene was all I had dreamed it would be as the peripeteia of Anakin's turn. The speech at the grave site nearly brought me to tears. I felt a great deal of pity for him as well when they showed his mechanical hand.

    One of the main detractions for me was the quick pace with which scene changes were conducted. There were other minor qualms I had with the pacing at first, but then the movie really kicked into gear and I didn't want it to end. I could go into MUCH more detail in this review, but I think I've said all I really need to. I give this film three and a half stars out of four and look forward to seeing it numerous times :D
  7. RebelDream24

    RebelDream24 Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002
    yoda...what else is there to say except the fact that i will be sleeping better than anakin tonight thanks to natalie
  8. TD 88

    TD 88 Jedi Youngling

    Jul 11, 1998
    "Episode II--Lucas Strikes Back"
    By Teddy Durgin

    I am going to start my review of "Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones" by writing about what I am NOT going to do. I?m not going to waste the first three paragraphs going over what I liked and didn?t like about "Episode I--The Phantom Menace." I?m not going to waste two or three more paragraphs relating to you the major impact the original trilogy had on my life. And I?m certainly not gonna burn off another paragraph listing all of the ways that Jar Jar Binks can be put to a slow death.

    I?m also not going to use bad puns throughout my review like "send in the clones" or "attack of the groans." I?m not going to endlessly compare "Episode II" to "Lord of the Rings" or "The Matrix." And I?m definitely not going to snivel about how Lucas? innovation of the digital video camera is an affront to celluloid lovers.
    I?ll let other reviewers do that.

    And, lastly ? hmm, what was that other thing I swore I wouldn?t do?

    Oh, yeah!

    I?m not gonna give "Episode II" a bad review! "Star Wars" is back, everyone! This movie absolutely, positively, 100-percent ROCKS! This is the one that will have audiences leaving the theaters whistling John Williams? great theme music again!

    "Episode II" takes place 10 years after the events of "Episode I." Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) is now a teenage Jedi-in-training and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) is his stern mentor. The film opens with the galaxy in great turmoil. Planets and star systems are starting to leave the Republic in droves as part of a separatist movement led by Count Dooku (Christopher Lee), a former Jedi Knight turned rebellion leader. His chief adversary in the Galactic Senate is Senator Padme Amidala (Natalie Portman), the former Queen of Naboo who we (and, more importantly, the hormonally challenged Anakin) met in the previous film.

    Lucas takes several risks with this latest installment, and the one that pays off the biggest is structuring much of the first two-thirds of his film as a classic mystery. We think we know all of the answers because we have seen the last three episodes of his six-part space saga. But we only know the end results. Half the fun of "Episode II" is figuring out who is who, what their relationship to each other is, what their motives are, and what part will each play in bringing about the downfall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. Is Count Dooku one of the early leaders of the Rebel Alliance we came to know and love in "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back," and "Return of the Jedi?" Or, is he in cahoots with the shadowy Darth Sidious (Ian McDiarmid) in trying to seize ultimate power and instigate an all-out galactic war?

    It?s up to Anakin, Obi-Wan, Jedi Master Yoda (Frank Oz), and Jedi Master Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson, in a much larger role this time out) to sift through the smoke and haze. While Obi-Wan is dispatched to a distant water planet to get to the bottom of things, Anakin is assigned to protect Senator Amidala even as his own impetuous Dark Side starts to rear its ugly head. The film?s climax brings all of these characters together beautifully in a gigantic, eye-popping battle royale on the remote, Mars-like planet of Geonosis.

    Lucas has come much closer to hitting the bullseye with this one. While he still hasn?t mastered the whole snappy repartee thing yet, he has made up for it by giving us a more grown-up and intense "Star Wars" film that will please purists and newbies alike.

    And for those who feel the dialogue in these prequels is more stilted than in the originals, I think it?s intentional. Think about who the main characters in "Episode I" and "II" are--Jedi knights, royalty, politicians. In the original trilogy, farmboys, pirates, fighter pilots, and soldiers drove the action. In "Episode II," we do see the galaxy becoming a grittier place. In addition to the more formal characters, we now get bounty hunters, rogue Jedi, and even an alien diner owner thrown into the mix. More action takes place on the
  9. Chameleon

    Chameleon Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002
    Absolutely loved it! The movie is a legendary addition to the Star Wars saga, I give Attack of the Clones a 10/10.

    So many people pick at the details of the Star Wars movies while I tend to mostly enjoy them for what they are. The actors that were picked were absolutely fine and they did a darn good job. Personally I thought Hayden did a nice job slowly turning towards hate. You could really tell he was having a brawl in his mind and emotions were being thrown all over the place. He portrayed the confused Anakin role very well.

    Padme, at times I thought could have done just a slightly better job, but overall I didn't really notice any flaws. I liked the way she interacted with Anakin and they looked as if they belonged together. Of course there has to be time taken to compliment her beauty. Her outfits were simple yet attracting. Did it seem as if some scenes were a lot more down to earth than in EP1? I believe it is because of the romance that developed on Naboo which was a nice touch to the movie.

    Everything fit nicely and although many things were revealed and clarified in AOTC, I can't wait to actually see the entire connecting with Palpatine and the dark side; there has to be some crazy secrets that have not yet been revealed.

    Excellent movie and the fights scenes were just marvelous; I applaud ILM for such a magnificent job. Just absolutely amazing. There was so much applause during Yoda's fight scene; that scene will forever be remember because we always see the apprentices fight and the masters are saved for last. Well worth the wait, that scene was so awesome!!!

    Excellent movie overall and the reason I don't pick at every little detail is because I try to pay attention to the story that Lucas is trying to portray instead of the way the film was made. Star Wars is definitely not just a movie. I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say it has changed my life in many ways. Everytime I was the movie I am profoundly inspired and I honestly can't imagine not ever being a part of this wonderful experience of Star Wars. Doesn't it feel weird that you seem to have so many things in common with the people sitting next to you in the theatre? Star Wars is a magnificent experience and should not be down graded just for the fact of the legend that it is. Star Wars will forever be a part of many people's lives and I truely wonder if we will ever have another man on this planet come up with such a unique idea that inspires peoples' lives in so many ways.

    Attack of the Clones was a very well told story and a magnificent movie for our time (awesome CGI). Another incredible addition to the Star Wars legend...
  10. Nastard

    Nastard Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 11, 2001
    Unless you've been living with your head detached and several yards away from your body, you no doubt know of the impending release of Star Wars: Episode II: Attack: of: the: Clones. While reviews thus far have been overwhelmingly positive, there are those that are banking on the fans' hatred of Episode I, and spewing forth with the most nasty, venomous bile they can. These premature bandwagon jumpers all have one thing in common.

    They're dead wrong.

    The movie starts with a bang. Literally. After Padme's ship touches down on a Coruscant landing platform, the ship is rocked by an explosion. Being a big fan of decoys, Senator Amidala was flying escort and managed to evade the attack. Corde wasn't so lucky. Being the busy gal that Padme is, she's rushed by Captain Typho from her friend's impromptu death bed to the senate.

    Someone is trying to kill Natalie Portman, and really, can you blame them? Lucky for her, Obi-Wan and Anakin are recruited to stand guard and ensure her safety. Good thing, too, since a bounty hunter sends an assassin droid to Padme's apartment while she sleeps. Obi-Wan winds up jumping out of a window, Anakin loses his lightsaber, and one of the coolest chase scenes ever takes place. The Jedi finally catch up with the bounty hunter at a seedy Coruscant club just in time to watch her die at the hands (or dart, as it were) of a shadowy figure.

    Obi-Wan embarks on a quest to track down the aforementioned shadowy figure, and Anakin is sent along with Padme to Naboo, where they hope to keep her safe, and...

    I'm ruining it for you, aren't I?

    Without getting into too much detail, here's my breakdown:

    If you've seen last year's "Life as a House", you know what Christensen is capable of. He plays dark extremely well, and isn't too shabby with the lighter moments, either. It's easy to sympathize with Anakin as the movie progresses, even through his arrogance. He starts to show his darker colors already, though in each situation he's presented with, it's hard to say that I would have reacted any different. Some of his lines sound slightly off, but having paid close attention to the guy over the past year or so, that's pretty much just the way he talks. Maybe it's a Canadian thing.

    McGregor does what he always does: rock the house with subtlety. As proven in the first installment of the Star Wars series, this guy can give life to even the flattest character. Lucky for us, he's given a lot more range to work with in this episode. Sadly, he was never given an opportunity to break into song.

    Natalie Portman continues to display her phenomenal acting prowess, ranging everywhere from stoic to smiling. Wow, what a range on that girl. To her credit, though, she handled the action very well, and her speech to Anakin before entering the arena wasn't nearly as flat as I expected it to be.

    Samuel L. Jackson. Enough said.

    Then again, who watches Star Wars for the acting? What you care about is action, and you'll get plenty of it. While the movie is paced very well, the best action is delivered in the second half. You'll have to see the movie to understand what I'm talking about, but I'll say this. There's clones. Lots of them. And they attack.

    What you'll love:
    Anakin trying to get some 'tang.
    Obi-Wan's "stop it or I'll spank you" attitude.
    Mace Windu.
    Yoda. Lightsaber. Damn.
    Jango Fett. Why? He has a cool costume.
    The fighting. This movie makes Episode I look like Episode I.
    The CGI. ILM did a fantastic job.
    A rainbow of lightsabers. It's very subtle, but the color variations really helped brighten the screen.
    Artoo Detoo. Flying. With rocket boosters. Seriously.
    The humor. It's back and better than ever. This is probably the funniest Star Wars movie yet, and in a good way.
    Count Dooku. He's no Darth Maul, but he's just so damned classy.

    What you'll hate:
    Some of the love story dialogue. It's not that bad until the "ex-boyfriend" scene. Gah.
    Jar Jar. Why? Because all your friends are doing it, and you don't want to seem uncool. In all honesty, Jar Jar makes perfe
  11. TD 88

    TD 88 Jedi Youngling

    Jul 11, 1998
    Oh, and my rating. 9.5 out of 10. Solid grade of A. Thumbs up. All that good stuff.
  12. The_Wampa

    The_Wampa Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 29, 2001
    The_Wampa's Review

    Attack of the Clones is a great addition to the Star Wars series. Today and 4:00, my friend and I experienced it for the first time. There are great stuff going on in this movie, but there are some small defects. I will start with the bad first:

    I hate going with the critics on this, but I wanted the dialogue to be a little bit better than what it already was. There is always a quote from the Star Wars movies that clearly defines the movie, like off Star Wars: "May the force by with you" or off Empire: "Luke, I am your father". This movie doesn't have the appealing dialogue that the original trilogy has, but this is only a minor complaint.

    Also, I thought the movie kind of ended at a bad time, because when the movie ended, I had a great crazing that I needed more, and that the movie wasn't complete. I feel that Count Dooku played a major part in this movie, but there wasn't enough about him. This seemed like it happened with TPM. Everybody loved Darth Maul, and it was sad to see that there wasn't any more footage of him to at least describe himself or so you can fully understand the character, so he won't become flat.

    Now onto the good stuff:

    I thought the action sequences were great. There are many different styles of action in this movie, that it makes it feel more like the original trilogy. The chase through Corouscant is great, and reminds me somewhat of like the pod race, in a crazy sort of way. We have a spaceship battle between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. One thing I must say about Jango Fett is that he might help spark some more people to come to this movie, because he resembles Boba Fett so much, and many older fans want some of the classic characters to come back to the prequel movies, like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. However, this cannot happen, but many fans love Boba Fett, so this movie may help bring some older fans back. Anyway... there are some other fight scenes that are great, such as the clone war battle, and the lightsaber fight. By the way, Yoda just steals the show with his lightsaber debut. When this occurred during the movie, everybody was cheering on the Jedi master.

    Another reason that makes this movie great is its originality. This movie has a great love story attached to it and has some great surprises. I thought when I first walked in to see the movie that I knew the whole plot, but boy was I wrong. This movie is seemed to feel more like Empire, but I feel like it has a place of it's own.

    The special effects leave you in awe during the whole movie. I downloaded movie trailers and promotion things, and I thought it looked great on my computer screen. Well, nothing compares until you watch it on the big screen. The sound is great and immense, making you trapped inside the movie.

    All in all, I think this movie is a great addition to the Star Wars trilogy. It has great action, and original storyline, and special effects that dazzle you.

    Rating: 9.0/10.0
  13. primetime24

    primetime24 Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002
    Let me tell you why I not only believe this is better than TPM, but why I believe it should be considered "THE GREATEST STAR WARS MOVIE EVER". Just hear me out.

    First, I'll attempt to suppress your prejudices against the success of this movie. It is in my opinion that older Star Wars fans have a preconceived notion that the original trilogy is untouchable. That, no matter what you see in the prequel trilogy, it cannot compare to Ep4-6. It?s subliminal. You don?t even realize it?s happening. You, who are the most excited to see it. Those of you who called in sick to work to go see Episode I, (and hated it). The same people who, three years later, called the same boss to give the same fake illness so you could see Episode II. You cannot be satisfied. I ask you to do this one simple thing. Forget why you originally fell in love with Star Wars. Appreciate the original trilogy, you may, but do not dismiss the quality of the prequel trilogy.

    Next, allow me to defend the reason people do not like the ?love story? aspect of AOTC. Sure, I?d rather see Samuel L. Jackson, whose character?s name should be Shaft Windu, whooping somebody?s punk ass but it?s a key plot line. People, you wanted to see Luke and Leia?s mother. You wanted to know how they came to be. Do you think Anakin just knocked up some serving winch from Mos Eisley? The love that fostered Luke and Leia is strong, it has to be. It?s the reason why the greatest Jedi ever turns evil. That has to be expressed in the movie. I enjoy seeing their relationship blossom because I know what WILL HAPPEN, (in a general sense).

    That?s why prequels are made. You want to know how and why things happen in the original movie. Foreshadowing is a key ingredient in a prequel. Without it, the prequel is useless. It would fail to give the audience what they are due. The prequel trilogy has succeeded very well in that way. I love the lines like Obi Wan looking at Anakin and saying, ?Why do I feel you will be the death of me??

    Next, there have been some scenes that I have really looked forward to. I?ve been excited to see them every since I learned the prequels would be made. The movie delivered a TON of them but I?ll mention three, in sequential order. The first is Anakin seeking vengeance against the Tuskans for the murder of his mother. He stepped out of the tent and in one stroke of his lightsaber, beheaded two of them. With anger in his eyes, he pounced on the others, trying to escape. People, this was the first true scene where we see Darth Vader coming out of Anakin.

    The next is, with Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme facing certain doom, Mace steps to Jango and Dooku and says ?This Party?s Over.? Enter what must have been 40 JEDI, all in attack mode. What?s cooler than seeing a Jedi whooping some ass? FORTY JEDI?S WHOOPING ASS! It was, and I say this with extreme confidence, the coolest fight scene out of any of the Star Wars movies.

    Until, Yoda steps to Dooku and unleashes some awesome fury. We FINALLY see Yoda?s fight scene. Yoda, the most beloved character in the series, finally steps up and puts his light saber to use. How cool was it to see Yoda, with Obi-Wan and Anakin lying in a heap at the feet of Dooku, hobble into the hangar and step to Dooku like the ultimate bad-ass we?ve known him to be. That had to have been the closest I have ever come to having an orgasmic moment while watching a movie.

    So there, AOTC bests it?s prequel trilogy predecessor, and takes the appropriate measures to satisfy the lofty demands that have been put on its shoulder by the original trilogy. I?ll give the movie nine out of ten stars. I?ve never thought a movie was prefect but this comes close. The only way I felt let down was due to my desire to see Anakin turn in this movie, but I realize that the idea of Anakin turning this early is to soon. That?ll be the money shot. That will be the reason everyone believes once again that George Lucas is the genius we believed him to be before TPM premiered.
  14. Redscab

    Redscab Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002

    I was very nervous when I woke up today. I still remember the pain I felt three years ago after watching TPM. That film didn't feel like a Star Wars film and it took me numerious viewing and three years for me to come to peace with TPM. So I had held back my excitment today, lowered my expectations. And I prayed that Lucas could make me feel like I felt like when I was a kid and when I saw the orginal films. If I could get just a taste of the wonder and excitment that I felt in my youth then all would be forgiven. My prayers were answered!!!! I remember being a kid in the back of the school bus debating with other kids about the orgins of Darth Vader, Luke and Leia, the Empire and how Anakin was turned and what the clone war was. This film is the foundation on which the orginal series sits this film is PURE STAR WARS. Yes it does start a bit slow but then it kicks into high gear. This film is for the fans, Jedi battles, clone armies, Anakins journey to the dark side beginning, JANGO FETT!!!! And the ultimate jedi kicking some serious ass!!!! I loved this film, yes its not perfect but it is a STAR WARS film. It had laughs, as well as touching moments between Anakin and Padmae. I could go on and on. I left the theater today feeling very giddy kinda like a child. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs "STAR WARS IS BACK!!!". Hobbbits and wallcrawlers beware.
  15. Redscab

    Redscab Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002
    I was very nervous when I woke up today. I still remember the pain I felt three years ago after watching TPM. That film didn't feel like a Star Wars film and it took me numerious viewing and three years for me to come to peace with TPM. So I had held back my excitment today, lowered my expectations. And I prayed that Lucas could make me feel like I felt like when I was a kid and when I saw the orginal films. If I could get just a taste of the wonder and excitment that I felt in my youth then all would be forgiven. My prayers were answered!!!! I remember being a kid in the back of the school bus debating with other kids about the orgins of Darth Vader, Luke and Leia, the Empire and how Anakin was turned and what the clone war was. This film is the foundation on which the orginal series sits this film is PURE STAR WARS. Yes it does start a bit slow but then it kicks into high gear. This film is for the fans, Jedi battles, clone armies, Anakins journey to the dark side beginning, JANGO FETT!!!! And the ultimate jedi kicking some serious ass!!!! I loved this film, yes its not perfect but it is a STAR WARS film. It had laughs, as well as touching moments between Anakin and Padmae. I could go on and on. I left the theater today feeling very giddy kinda like a child. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs "STAR WARS IS BACK!!!". Hobbbits and wallcrawlers beware.
  16. kie-jam-rae

    kie-jam-rae Jedi Youngling

    May 16, 2002
    i am not a film student,nor am i a movie critic.I AM A STARWARS FAN.i have been into starwars ever since my father first took me to see starwars back in 1977.and 1978,79 and 80.then he took me to see my most favorite film of ALL TIME.i was born and bred on the starwars saga,but no movie ever captured my interest as much as THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK did.{an english major-i am not}-UNTIL NOW!
    "clones" is my new Empire.i dont know how it happened-but it did.make no mistake,i did read spoilers.i did pretty much know what was to happen.but to see it all unfold in front of my "clones virgin"eyes was breathtaking.the movie to me was a 10,the soundtrack was a 7,though-this was my only gripe!
  17. Aderagon

    Aderagon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 4, 2001

    Well, here be my thoughts on AOTC after two viewings.

    First of all, better than Phantom Menace. Easily. I didn't think TPM was that bad, but AOTC was an improvement. Anyway, on to the movie...

    Always good to see the opening crawl on the big screen. I'm not a big fan on the "pan up", and the scene of Amidala arriving in Coruscant wasn't as good to me as was hyped. Afterwards, when the Loyalists are talking with Palpatine, I think that they needed to really lay out everything that was going on with the Separtists. I don't believe a casual fan would fully understand everything after the crawl and the meeting.

    Anakin and Obi-Wan's introduction is handled very well, with both of their distinct personalities coming through. Anakin's initial meeting with Padme goes well, and the "grown more beautiful" line seems OK by me. The chase through Coruscant is very nice and the events following up to Obi-Wan and Anakin going to Kamino and Naboo are solid.

    Obi-Wan's scenes in Kamino are done very well. Ewan McGregor has a solid character for Obi-Wan, and he playes it nicely. The Kaminoans are done very well, as is Kamino itself. Jango and Boba Fett are surprisingly good. Obi-Wan and Jango's fight is pretty cool, and a nice refresher after all the politics (Which I don't mind). The battle in the Geonisis ring is pretty cool, and there's some awesome sound work with the Slave I's seismic charges. Good stuff.

    Anakin and Padme's scenes on Naboo aren't too bad, but the visit to Padme's family should have been left in. There was a definite need for it, and it would've allowed Anakin and Padme to slowly become closer. The love story seems rushed, but it's still pretty cute, and I (a sucker for love stories) liked it. Just a few complaints - when Anakin and Padme first kiss and it ends, the music stops in kind of a playful way. That totally ruined the scene for me, it made it seem like a joke. I also believe the Meadow Picnic should have been extended, it had potential to be even sweeter then it already is. Anakin's dialogue in the Fireplace scene seems somewhat forced. Otherwise, good work on the love scenes.

    Tatooine was nice. Good to see Watto again, albeit more out of shape. He had some great dialogue with Anakin, and showed a more serious side of himself. The Lars' were great, and I thought Owen and Beru (especially Beru) should have played a bigger part. Shmi's death and the scenes afterwards are nice and dark. The scene with Anakin describing his attack on the Tusken Raiders is simply stunning...Wow. Best scene of the movie, in my opinion.

    Geonosis and the scenes with Dooku are pretty good. Anakin and Padme on the conveyor belt is not as long as I thought it would be, which is good. The "Love Pledge" is another great scene - Natalie really nails it, and it's a nice prelude to the...

    ARENA BATTLE! Wow. All I can really say. Jedi en masse, combat, action - wonderful. Padme's quick kiss to Anakin is very cute and appropriate. Mace Windu is awesome. However, I think Jango's death came too quickly. I would have liked to see him fight a little more. Otherwise, awesome scene.

    The interlude with Dooku is interesting, and Yoda saving the day with the clones is a nice touch. More action follows, all very good.

    The Battle of Geonosis was nice, but at times it was difficult to tell what side certain vehicles were allied with, but it was an all-around awesome scene. The cut to Dooku talking with the Geonosians was good, though it seems Dooku is somewhat surprised that Sidious allowed the Republic to come into play so soon. Seeing the Death Star plans adds a nice quality to it.

    More fighting ensues. When Padme falls out of the ship, the dialogue between Anakin and Obi-Wan is very good. Full of passion, anger...good stuff. The eventual encounter with Dooku is decent until Yoda's arrival. After that - simply amazing.

    The ending needed a little work, I think. More was needed between Tyranus (coolest "Darth" name ever) and Sidious. Not enough sense of evil between them, but the following
  18. Synkora

    Synkora Jedi Youngling

    Apr 4, 2002
    So what has it been ? Three years, and about twenty and a half hours that I have waited for this film to hit a theater near me. Upon viewing TPM, it had left a sour taste in my mouth. Sure, the first time I saw it, I loved it deeply. But, then there was the second, third and fourth viewings. And each then the positive vibes I had going with the film wore off. Yet I was still yearning for Episode 2, naturally.
    So, lets fast foward a bit now. Ive just gotten home from watching " Clones " and have seen the story on the review contest. I was going to give my review in anyway, so why not flesh it out, and give a more elaborate one for a prize ? Ok, did I love Ep. 2 ? You bet. Could it had been much, much better than we have all thought it was going to be ? Definately. Boy, when I read about the running time of the film, I was estatic. I was thrilled that I would be watching a two and twenty minute SW movie. I couldn't wait.
    But, whilst watching, I had to agree with some of the things the critics have said about it. The film truely does suffer from the bad acting and corny lines. Yeah, whatever...its a SW movie !! So what ? Well, some of it was TOO corny. The scenes between Anakin and Padme` to be exact. I was also convinced that after the credits began to roll that George could have cut most of the middle out of the film. It was a bit too long for my tastes, with only flashes of violence in between. Now, being an avid SW fan, I didnt really mind. It was telling a story, and I was pleased on how the story has matured since " Menace ".
    But then I tried to take it from the angle of a casual SW movie goer. Those were the two friends who had accompanied me. They also found that most of the middle dragged on a bit. And lets face it, it will be the casual viewer that is going to push this movie in the B.O. While I will be seeing this movie again, they most likely wont. The critics were right when they said that the movie doesnt capture the same heart and magic that originals did. It was merely a " ok, look at this, now look at this " kind of film, just a flexing of CG muscle.
    Ive finally shaken the bad part of the movie off, now on to the good, nae, the great. The good parts weren't good, they were great. The beginning terrorist attack. That sent shivers down my spine, as well as my friends. The chase through Corusant. Brilliant. I feel that perhaps, the final 40 minutes of the movie is what is going to keep people coming in. It was spectacular. But maybe, there was too much going on. The Obi Wan / Jango battle should have been extended a bit, as well as the two final duels of the film ( By the way, Yoda rules ). After saying all these negative things, I am beginning to change my stance as I type. It was necessary was that middle. It was telling a story and preparing us for the final chapter. Another nice touch, never seeing Sidious until the final act. Keeping all the fans, especially me going, " Hey, where's Sidious at ? " But regardless of what I think the filmwill be successful and it has my blessings. The best since Empire for sure and # two right behind it. " Clones " has left an, albeit, bittersweet taste in my mouth as I am already craving seconds and anxiously waiting the main course, Star Wars : Episode III : ( insert title here )

    " Clones " earns a rating of 8 out of 10
  19. Bresson

    Bresson Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 16, 2002
    Well, it finally came and went. But it never really leaves, does it? Now ATTACK OF THE CLONES is firmly imbedded in our collective imaginations as part of the STAR WARS universe. Indeed, it is the fundamental building block to all that comes after it. I mean this in the most complimentary sense. The movie dazzles on many, many levels. Levels which leaves a single viewing insufficient. Watching CLONES, one begins with a sense of dread: will the mistakes from the PHANTOM MENACE be repeated. At times, it seems they will be. Lucas is not a good writer in the sense that his dialogue is smooth and believable. In fact, it's arch and repetitive. It relies on characters explaining their emotions and plot points as opposed to us seeing and experiencing them. This is doubly frustrating because the elements--scenes, tensions, actors--are there for everything to fly, but his inability to write competent dialogue constantly grounds his imagination. I can hope, obviously in vain, that he will bring a good, competent screenwriter aboard for the crucial Episode 3. The ripple effect of the stilted dialogue can be seen most in the love scenes. When Hayden Christansen, a rising star, and Natalie Portman, a ravisishing and enchanting actress, are left alone to struggle with Lucas' pedestrian words, they come across as stiff. One's ultimate enjoyment of this movie may result in how one feels about these scenes. They are short, but they do not do justice to a relationship that, as we all know, will change the course of this imagined civilization.

    Dialogue aside, this is a movie that will re-energize the franchise. I make no apologies for liking much of PHANTOM MENACE, but I also make no excuses for its terrible shortcomings. Other than the dialogue, CLONES doesn't repeat any of them. The movie moves, not in a travelogue, "let's go here, do this, then go here" manner that MENACE did, but in an urgent, life or death sense. Everything is in motion and Lucas's gift is in creating a world--a new, unreal world--that is entirely credible and believable. The political machinations work so much better this time because it leads to war, not treat signatures. The Jedi no longer are Wax Museum figures sitting in council. They see wrong, and they take action. And the level of pure, epic action, CLONES may set a standard that may be impossible to one up; at least, until Episode 3. The final 45 minutes feel that epic, that perfect in its sense of action filmmaking. It is breathless and exhilerating.

    Finally, Episode 2 does what Episode 1 didn't do: Leave you breathlesss for the next one. The final images in CLONES, with the army of Clone Troopers boarding Imperial Cruisers, with the possibility of the Death Star looming over the horizon, and with a final kiss that will send shudders through this galaxy...well, to say three years is a long time from now, and in a galaxy seemingly too far away, is not an understatement. 8 out of 10
  20. Septer

    Septer Jedi Youngling

    Mar 25, 2002
    OK, First and formost, did anyone else have a problem with the digital camera Lucas used? I really, really think that it does NOT compare to film. Yeah, there are advantages to having used the digital cameras. BUT, it's the end result he needs to be looking at. The faces of the actors, especially in close up, were soft, almost with a diffused look. 24 FPS Digital Cameras as of right now DO NOT measure up to film. I would love it if they did...Digital tech. has soooo many advantages, which is one of the reasons Lucas chose to shoot Ep 2 & 3 with them. PERFORMANCES: Decent all around. Although,the ARtoo and C-3PO banter was awful, just plain bad. They were funny and C-3PO was sarcastic in the OT. This time, the humor wasn't there. The dialogue was flat and a bit better than Ep 1, but not by too much. EFFECTS: Awesome. Corasaunt (sp?) looked amazing. ILM are the real stars here, let's face it. BAD GUYS: Jango was definatly cool. I would have like to see more of Darth Sidious, not just at the end. Dooku bringing back the Death Star plans was a very cool idea. I think we really needed to see Count Dooko/Tyrannus in the beginning, not 60 minuets into the film. He seemed like an after thought, a reason to have a light saber duel at the end. (Which we all know who the star of that was (Yoda.) When Anikan's arm gets chopped off, there just didn't seem to be as dramatic as it should have been. he just falls onto ol' Obi. Truth be told, It would have been interesting to have seen the new trilogy been directed by others, with George of course driving the script and Production. But, I do give George credit. EP 2 was a good step up from EP 1, and I personally cannont wait unti Ep 3. That will make or break this new trilogy. I give the film 7.5 stars (out of 10)
  21. Colonel_Reck

    Colonel_Reck Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 2, 2002
    I must say, that two hours after seeing the movie, my mind is still swirling. The one image that keeps coming to mind is Yoda flying through the air at Darth Tyranus.

    Initially, I felt the movie was slow. Each early scene was mostly talk, and all of it seemed a little forced and wooden. But the visuals more than made up for that. However, the movie did a great job of building and building to what has to be the best finale in a Star Wars movie yet. Remember the CloneTroopers standing in that huge dust cloud and just blasting away? Incredible. And Yoda's duel was simply amazing.

    Since I'm no actor by any stretch of the imagination, I feel I can't really judge the performances on quality. But I can judge them against the original trilogy. There is a reserved quality to Sam Jackson's acting that I have never seen before. Christopher Lee was great, but I don't think he had much to do. Here's hoping his role in Episode III will be more central as far as screen time.

    The love story works, in as much as the two characters allow. The Han/Leia romance was built out of intense situations that brought them close together. Anakin and Padme had a more relaxed type of togetherness. I mean, Han and Leia didn't exactly have a picnic in the space slug's stomach. Hayden Christensen's performance was great when balanced against the original trilogy. He seemed to have mastered a basic James Earl Jones speech pattern. What I mean is, his line delivery was just so...Vaderish. He and Ewan are just about the best actors in the saga, next to Harrison Ford. Natalie Portman was great, and she comes across as conflicted, then finally resolved in her love for Anakin. Ewan has also slam dunked the role of Obi-Wan. When he and Anakin are outside the club, he sounds and looks like a young Alec Guiness. Amazing!!

    Some, and I say again, some, of the CGI looked a little off. Look at Anakin on the Reek, getting dragged, etc. But, on the whole, the visuals were awesome.

    My main problem was the music. This has to be my least favorite of all the films as far as music goes. The best part was the Imperial March, and even that was watered down. The love theme was good, but most of the music just didn't seem to fit. I miss the rousing score of the original trilogy.

    Overall, I rate it a 9 out of 10. And yes I will be seeing it again.

    And again.

    And again.

    And then comes the DVD in November...
  22. Kman

    Kman Jedi Youngling

    Mar 24, 2002
    Ok, I'll toss in my two cents. :)

    I sat down in the theater not knowing what to expect. I had only heard / read a few spoilers / rumors.

    As the intro music blew through the theater, the room went wild.. I have to admit even I cheered and clapped for it.

    From start to end this movie blew me away.

    Visual Effects: The effects were amazing, I'm going to have to go see it a few more times just to see everything. The *only* problems were when Anikian tried to ride on the animal on Naboo. It looked kind of fakey. When the rode the creatures in the arena the same problem was there, but not so noticable.

    Acting: Superb, except in a few scenes.. When Anikian finds Shimi, it is a very sad scene, and well acted by both actors.. except for when she dies. The slump is a little to exagerated, and looks fake.

    The 'You've grown to, grown more beautiful that is.' line also is a nails on the chalkboard moment, but qickly passes.
    Otherwise it was all very will done, Hayden does a very good job of protraying Anikian as.. well, a teenager. He goes through lust, hate, and the terrible pain of his mother dying. When he says the: "I slaughtered them all!" line, it is very convincing, and shows the start of his fall towards becoming Vader.

    Story: Excellent!! A good, deep plot with some great twists and turns thrown in. Some people say that a good deal of the show is spent stanign around and talking.. I disagree alot about that statment. Sure, they all talk at times, but it is needed. You can't have a 100% action movie and no story. But Episode II mixes the two aspects very well, any talking that is done moves the story along and fits in perfectly.

    And of course, I have to talk about it.. the ending battle and yoda fight.

    The ending battle, was simply jaw dropping. When the Jedi started to light there sabers around the arena, I felt a chill run through me. We even saw Luminari in the arena! Then, when the clones come to the rescue, and Yoda's "Around the survivors, premiter make!" I was like 'Yesss!' The CGI here was very well done, and the battle was well put together. Watching Yoda command the clones was very cool, and when they got out into the big battle it was even beter.

    The end saber fight, was lacking slightly. Dule of the Fates was better laid out, and lasted alot longer. But then Dooku was way more skilled than Obi and Ani, so i can see why it ending quickly. The look on Dookus face when he hears footsteps, and sees it is Yoda.. is priceless.

    The Yoda fight makes up for ANY other minor problems in the movie, and there were few. The CGI Yoda was very well done, and was amazing in the fight. I need to see it again becuase he moves so fast. Yoda shoves back force lighting, refelects it, and then seemingly asorbs some of it. And when it comes time to lay the smack down, he delivers. Then, he simply force pulls his cane back and starts hobbling again after it's all over.

    To end my review, Episode II was a great movie and I'm very pleased. I now can't pick a favorite Episode.. Attack Of The Clones is right up there with ESB. Maybe III will be the deciding Episode.

    Rating: 10 / 10

  23. jason_at_uofa

    jason_at_uofa Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 13, 2001
    Posting a Star Wars Review in a "Jedi Council Forum" would be like bad mouthing bush at a GOP fundraiser. Yet I will attempt an unbiased and honest review of the movie from the point of view of a life long star wars fan.

    Is the Star Wars Episode 4 still the greatest thing since slice bread?? Yes. Is Attack of the Clones?? No. But it is better than The Phantom Menace. Sadly thats all I can say.

    First and formost this is in all honesty a movie for kids. Sure I got it and if you read in this forum you got it. But Johnny 10 years old sure as hell doesnt know about term limitations and special senate committiees to grant the chancellor carte blanche powers.

    The main problem was the romantic element. Regardless of what fans and Lucas say I feel he is trying to play catch up to James Cameron in Titanic... he obviously fails here. Along with his failed Gladiator scene at the end. What should have been done is to space out the action evenly through the movie. After about 5 minutes in the arena scene everyone is like "okay i get it cgi has no limits".

    There was a serious lack of action in this movie except for the end scene which was a let down. I dont wanna stare at a 20 minute action scene i want it spread out so the entire movie is on a high!!

    A few more facts and questions to be answered

    JANGO FETT vs OBI WAN boring. And you know it!

    WHY DID DOOKU have a curled lightsabre??? Hell if I know.

    Yoda walks with a cane then becomes a frigging pinball??

    The end lighsabre scene SUCKED!! Darth Maul was way way better with his 2 on 1.

    Hayden is going to make Mark Hamill look like Tom Cruise after Ep 3. But then again i blame Lucas for resisting any help. I guess living alone in an mansion with no spouse cut off from social contacts -- except the people concious that work star wars 24-7 gives him great ideas of realistic dialog.

    Please hire a GOOD screenwriter. Not your buddy next time. Dear god salvage this movie!

    Now I see why Natalie wants out.

    1 out of 4.
  24. BYOB_Kenobi

    BYOB_Kenobi Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 7, 2000
    All you need is three words: Faster, more intense.
  25. w_sasso_mdtv

    w_sasso_mdtv Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 10, 2002
    Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones

    Review by Thomas Medford

    Grade: A-


    George Lucas tells a beautifully crafted story rich with fine acting, witty dialogue, and amazing special effects.

    Despite what critics have said, "Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones" is a wonderful, fun filled adventure in a galaxy far, far away. There are a few problems with the script, the pacing, and the acting is a little stiff in places, but George Lucas has, for the most part, succeeded with creating a visually compelling, dramatically focused, and very emotional film. Much like "The Empire Strikes Back", Lucas has dwelled into darker territory with "Clones", as we begin to see Anakin Skywalker's inevitable descent to the Dark Side. We also get to see the beginning of the end for the Galactic Republic, and its transformation into the Empire.

    First of all, the movie is way too short. Sure, it has the longest running time of all of the SW films, but, even at 142 minutes, it isn't nearly enough to completely tell the story to its full capacity. The film moves as a ferocious pace, and not enough time was given to a lot of scenes. The love story, for example, feels extremely rushed. Likewise with the scenes on Tatooine. Not enough screen time was given to Owen Lars, and Beru Whitesun. Owen has maybe 2 lines of dialogue, while Beru had none. I felt that the scenes with them had the potential to be something great, but they did little more than stand around, and their exsistence was rather pointless. This was a big disappointment for me. Another thing that let me down was the fact that Jar Jar's role was little more than a cameo. I enjoyed him in EPISODE I, and I was hoping he would have a bigger part in this movie, but he didn't. As subtle as it is, though, his actions that set the rise of the Empire in motion are priceless. People might laugh at the fact that he was partly responsible for the fall of the Republic, but, it really made me feel sorry for him. He was doing what he thought was in the best interest of the galaxy, and it makes his character a tragic one. As small as they are, those are the only complaints I had about the movie. Everything else was great. I found the acting to be very enjoyable. Ewan MgGregor does a fine job as Obi Wan Kenobi, and he offers some pretty good laughs during the movie. My favorite line: "...You're going to be the death of me." Hayden Christensen is terrific as Anakin Skywalker. He brings a lot of intensity and emotion to the role, and, at times, you can't help but feel sorry for him. Natalie Portman also does a good job as Senator Amidala. Some of her lines fall flat, but, for the most part, she's pulls the role off nicely. Her and Hayden had pretty good chemisty, and you really felt as those these 2 were in love. The rest of the cast is excellent, expecially Ian McDirmid, Samuel L. Jackson, and, of course, Christopher Lee.

    What can I say about the special effects? Incredible, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping. Those are just a few select words that only begin to describe the visuals in "Attack of the Clones". Everything, from the mesmerizing metropolis of Courascant, to the breathtaking final battle on Geonosis, is a wonder. The action scenes are spectacular, especially the high octane chase through Courascant. The sound effects are just as awesome. My favorite would have to the sonic chargers in the asteroid field. You'll have to hear it to believe it.

    The score, by John Williams, is great, as always. Like the movie itself, the music is dark, with some haunting themes, and adrenaline pumping action pieces. The love theme is remarkably beautiful, and is arguably the best theme from all of the SW movies. The use of The Imperial March in "Clones" is excellent. The scene after the Tuskin slaughter where Anakin breaks down is one of the most dramatic scenes in the entire movie, and when The Imperial March begins to play, I felt chills all over.

    Even with all of these great aspects, the one that truly hits home is th
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