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Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by chitwood, May 16, 2002.

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  1. Mazzy Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    Well, I've saw the AOTC just ad midnight of Wednesday, actually 6 hours before the East Coast debut, in Italy. ;-)
    I've enjoyed AOTC over TPM in big way but I feel it still a subpar production.

    At the end I'm disappointed again.
    I expect the best, the movie isn't bad at all.

    I think how about AOTC could be good with better Acting, Cuts and Music.

    yes the Music Sucks big time this time.
    but is there music after the opening titles ??
    I can't ear it most of time.

    maybe have my theather some audio problems ?

    The Trademarks of original saga are the depth of the story, great acting, excellent cuts & edits, superb music.

    TPM & AOTC fail to match they.

    TPM (except Jar-Jar) and even more AOTC fail in big way on the cast, S.L. Jackson is ridiculos into the role of a Jedi Master, The 3 main actors (Portman, Christiansen, McGregow) offer mediocre performance.
    in TPM Portman can be ok, but on AOTC she's not lived up to the part.
    Anakin is the focal point of the movie and Christiansen is too raw.
    Lucas has failed Big time on the cast selection.

    Instead to wastle millions on special effect spend more to sign better actors!!

    Why all the Politcs Talks at the start ?
    The movie really kick-ass only near the end, the first hour is a wastle of time, confuse and caotics.
    The dialog are uninspiring, plain, weak.
    The final duel is too short, cut 10 min on the start if necessary.
    It's time to make movie lenght 2 hours and half at least, TLOR is 3 hours long and still I feel that it's short.

    My grade : D- or 6 out of 10.
  2. Gonk Jedi Knight

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    Jul 8, 1998
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    Attack of the Clones is certainly an experience. One wonders what things might have been like if TPM were closer to this film in calibre.

    Several things stand out for me. First of all, the music. Some people say they didn't like it: I thought it was absolutely wonderful. The chase scene through coruscant is great, and several times I felt myself on the verge of tapping my feet in tune. The one spot where it comes up as something of a belmish is the asteroid field encounter, which is meant to be mostly silent as its a nod to those submarine films like Das Boot.

    The second is the supreme villian of this film. Dooku? No-- Palpatine? No-- Tuskens? No again: it is the entire schema behind the clones and the droids. Palpatine and Dooku can't hold a candle to some of the chilliness of the assembly-line horror that goes on in Attack of the Clones. The supreme chill when we first see the clones in formation-- the dark grit of Lama Su's pride when he tells Obi-Wan of thier capacity as an army. Then later in the droid factory, when we see Anakin being pinned and trapped, helpless by technology. When we see C3P0, is 'avatar', beheaded and sent marching in with the other robot bodies and having his head replaced, becoming another brick in the wall, Anakin falling into line with all the other slaves.

    The Love Story I thought was great. Some thought it was corny, but I've actually been through something not unlike it, or at least the fireplace scene. The words themselves were perhaps overly verbose, but Hayden delivered them exactly as they should have been, making eye contact and looking away at all the right moments.

    I was surprised by how well Sam Jackson did in this movie. I had begun to think he only did angry roles well. I was wrong: he is one of the stronger actors in the film. Great performance. One of my favorites was his little line: "It is done, then."

    Palpatine I didn't quite like so much this time around. Whereas before he was completely ambiguous, the audience here was laughing at many of his lines. The first scenes before the council are VERY good, as he has this sort of menace that's obviously right in front of everyone, but later on in front of the other Senators, when he and Mas Amedda are saying "SIGH, if ONLY Senator PAdme were here..." everyone broke out into laughter. Then when he said he loved democracy... Lucas made him look like he was doing a stand-up comedy act.

    This was far more comical than Shmi's 'flop'. Nobody in the theatre laughed there, and neither did I. I had a brief urge to, but that quikckly disappated when I realized the way he was holding her. It came on just sudden enough to work. And then when Anakin gets to the slaughter, he he swipes at them, and the Tuskens flop back like rag dolls... dark, indeed. I wonder, though, if it could have been cut better by using the methods of ANH.

    I noticed that Lucas has cut the movie very specifically. I think he was getting problems with people beliving Obi-Wan and Anakin actually liked on another. That's very apparent now: the opening scene with them in the elevator to see PAdme at the beginning goes leaps and bounds to establish thier love for one another, something he then reminds us of when Anakin speaks of Obi-Wan as a father to him, and when he saves him from Dooku's sabre. Obi-Wan himself is done extremely well, forming the backbone of the entire film. The scene before entering the nightclub is practically vintage Alec Guiness. The Death Sticks line becomes worth its weight in gold: some said the lines sounded too rushed there, but in fact they come right on the mark, as everything has now slowed down with all those interior shots in the nightclub. And Sleaze Baganno's face is priceless, as if he can't believe what he's saying.

    Chistopher Lee was great. I was worried by the time we arrived at the Arena scene that things were going too fast. I realized Lucas had cut the entire portion where Dooku offers membership to Padme in the CIS, and I thought despite his scene with Obi-Wan, Dooku wasn't being fleshed out enough. Little did
  3. XR73627794 Jedi Master

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    Jan 12, 2002
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    First, sorry for the shoddy review, it is kinda rushed, and it is about 5:30 AM for me right now.Where do I begin really? This movie had so much going on, and I have seen it only once so far.
    This movie was simply amazing. One of the most beautiful looking and sounding films that I have ever seen.
    I was a little bit worried about Hayden, but I was provenwrong this time. His acting was one of the best performances in the film, next to Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee and as always Ian McDiarmid. The look he gives everyone when he returns to the Lars homestead with his mothers body is just chilling.
    The CGI was all very good, though a few scenes were kinda iffy, such as the Shaak(sp?) riding scene nd the Reek riding scene, but I didn't let that ruin the entire movie for me.
    Overall it was a truly wonderful film, even if it seemed to be the saddest of all of the Star Wars films.
    I give it 10 out of 10.

    One more thing, the sound of the seismic charges caused my jaw to drop to the floor, roll down the steps, and smack right into the screen. :p
  4. Opiate Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002 many of you actually saw this film? Be honest...did you actually go see it or just imagine it was this good from all the spoilers you've read and second-hand tales of the poor saps who DID go see it?

    Hayden's acting is atrocious. Natalie Portman delivers a sub-standard performance, and Ewan McGregor showed us he really wasn't a better actor than Moulin Rouge. This movie is more bloated hype and rose-colored fan glasses than real substance.

    Ach! I give's true...the greater masses have no taste!
  5. SLAVE2 Jedi Knight

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    Why to people sign on just to bash the film [face_plain]
  6. Opiate Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    Well...the thread is kinda responsible for that (coming here to bash). My review has merely come in a reaction to all the gushing going on. I'm seriously having a hard time believing the outcry from Episode I followed by the easy acceptance of this movie. This one is WORSE!

    I just don't understand how fans can accept this movie!

    On the official site the fans aren't getting half the stuff in the film. They're stating scenes were cut that were DISTINCTLY in the film. So I wonder if no one else really watches the movie. Maybe I saw a really weird cut that slipped through Lucasfilm editing. But I won't pay again to see if there's a different film showing elsewhere. This one was a bomb.
  7. jojosan28 Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    Hey people!!
    Let me begin by saying that I've watched every trailer, commercial, read all the critic reviews and read every spoiler that you could possibly read about this movie, and it still floored me, knocked me on my a$$ even. But at first I had my doubts, as any Star Wars fan could tell you. I went in the theatre expecting the bad acting , stiff dialouge, and a cheesy romance subplot. Could all the critics and naysayers actually have a point? I kept asking myself that question as I walked in and sat down. Well, this movie proved one thing to me, that the FORCE IS BACK my friends!!

    The first thing you'll notice is how crisp and beautiful this movie looks. The quality is amazing, also the special effects are the best ones the industry has ever seen, thanks in no small part to the geniuses at ILM who don't rest on their laurels. Enough with the superficial, the most important thing this movie delivers is emotion. You will feel Anakins' pain, you will feel the hatred growing within him, as well as his love/obsession for Padme. One of the big things I was afraid of was that the acting would be wooden, but Lucas has managed to get one the best unkown actors to shine on the big screen. Hayden is awesome from beginning to end, Portman delivers as does Mcgregor's Obi-wan.

    The action scenes in AOTC are the best ones in the series period, a speeder chase through Coruscant at night, bounty hunter vs jedi, slave 1 chasing Obi-wans' starfighter through an asteroid field, and the amazing arena and land battles at the end, not to mention the awesome Dooku/Yoda fight, give you that rush from the end of ROTJ that you sorely missed all these years, what more could you truly ask for. Yes folks, the force is back,and this is by all means, the best Star Wars ever.

  8. admiral jimmy Jedi Master

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    Okay...people know I´m kinda gusher (as I often attack bashers).

    My initial reactions after viewing AOTC:

    The best thing about the movie.....the Matrix trailer
    Next thread I´ll start at the JC......bashers´ sanctuary
    Clones fighting............................everything was in the trailer! careful dubbing guys that you don´t cross my way!

    As a movie AOTC is a complete failure, as a SW movie - the best one ever !
  9. Crimson-Larko Jedi Padawan

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    Mar 14, 2001
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    Crimson Larko?s Big AOTC Review

    Once upon a time towards the end of century a great wizard that had brought much love to the world announced that he would bring his joyful creations back to life in three installments. All through the land thee excitement grew, and at the night of the creation?s premiere, the kingdom was filled with high hopes. The kingdom was let down, disillusioned by the creation. ?Blasphemer!? the crowd shouted at the Wizard, ?You raped my childhood!? But the Wizard was not affect by the crowd?s chants for blood. He got right back to work on his next creation, promising the Kingdom?s people it would be better then the last. And he did not disappoint.

    Star Wars: Attack of the Clones is one of those movies you have doubts about. Will it be any good? Or will it be The Phantom Menace all over again? George Lucas silenced most fans (well, there will always be dudewalker?s in Star Wars fandom), with this masterpiece of a movie that truly reflects what Empire did to the original trilogy.

    The Galactic Republic is in turmoil once again. A Jedi, tired of the corruption and deceit within the theatre of the Senate, has left the order to begin a Separatist movement against the Republic. The threat posed by this hostile force is a concern to all within the Republic, and a vote is called to decide if it is necessary for the Galactic Republic to have an army for its protection against any attacks that could be made this Confederacy.

    The movie opens with some eye-popping visuals as Senator Padme Amidala?s descends into a misty Coruscant. From this point on we can all see that Episode Two will be filled with Eye-candy for our delight. The opening scenes in which we are re-introduced to all the old characters are very well scripted, even Jar-Jar, which I considered to be quite well done. This time around, he is a more mature character, but not at the expense of totally betraying the personality we see in Episode 1. In fact, his ignorance and naïve tendencies play out will later in the story, as he is manipulated into making a decision that is critical to the outcome of the Prequel Trilogy.

    Right from the moment Obi-Wan dives through that window we can tell that this movie will be a different experience all together. The chase through Coruscant is one of those things that really makes the Star Wars universe, particularly Coruscant, more real, which is a refreshing change from the pristine cityscape we are treated to in TPM. The shouts from the drivers as they pass by, the more derelict, industrial area?s (which was a wonderful, possibly intentional salute to Blade Runner), and of course, the nightclub. After this sequence of events, you are left screaming for more.

    From here on the plot thickens, and our hero?s get split up. Obi-Wan is sent to Kamino thanks to a very clumsy Bounty Hunter (well, he wasn?t thinking at least), and young Anakin is charged with protecting Padme. Enter the romance.

    Some of the lines that are attached to this budding romance are quite cheesy to say the least, but it is quite amusing to think of it in context with Anakin?s bumbling with the compliment to Padme earlier on in the movie. The conversation in Padme?s quarters, while starting off sounding a little forced, ends up being quite revealing of both Anakin and Padme?s attraction, and their characters as well.
    Obi-Wan?s trip to Kamino is quite interesting, and reveals a major plot point that starts to make one think about what?s going on. We meet the mighty Clone Army as well, and are introduced to a young Boba and a very arrogant but none the less dangerous Jango Fett. The battle between these two on the Landing platform is quite well done and very well choreographed. Obi-Wan?s ?Not good?? line is a classic. The chase through the rings of Geonosis was beautiful too. The way the Seismic Charges didn?t make a sound until one second after they exploded is quite effective and makes the weapon seem seriously dangerous.

    Shortly after this point we get to meet some of the
  10. Gonk Jedi Knight

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    Opiate: When friends of mine who are not SW fans say they thought the film was more enjoyable than Spider Man, and well worth the weight, it is more than enough incentive to believe that you are here for some alterior purpose besides the films.

    ATOC was great. ROTJ was shoddy by comparison. How someone can watch the clones in action, knowing they are the key to the doom of everyone, working alongside the heros and wonder how the fans can accept this is beyond me. I'm on my way to being published, so I'm not one of the 'greater masses', if there is such a thing, either. Check thy agenda at the door.
  11. SidiousDragon Jedi Master

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    Feb 13, 2001
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    Well, I've seen it twice now, and it gets better upon second viewing. However, I find its a very difficult film to review.

    Strangely, it both feels more and less like a classic starwars than Phantom Menace. What I mean is that, in temrs of the design of the characters and vehicles as well as some of the dialogue, it looks like Star Wars. However, a lot of the dialogue is far too cheesy and stilted, particularly the love scenes, which although not quite as bad as they could have been, mainly because they were short, were constantly laughed at by the audiences I've been with.

    There no way AOTC is even close to the script of ESB, the banter betwen Leia and Han felt totally natural, whereas all the scenes between Anakin and Padme felt like they were in the middle of a rehearsal of some kind of surprisingly bad Shakespearian play.

    Structure is also a thing I find difficult to judge. To a certain extent, the fast pacing of this film is both a good and a bad thing. Its good, because unlike TPM, we get straight to the point, every dialogue scene is quickly followed by some action and it doesn't give you the time to be bored. however, it also means that the film ends up being more of a collage of sequences rather than a story flowing gradually from beginning to end. Surprisingly, I thought TPM felt more like a film, with more dialogue (albeit bad), than AOTC which occasionally felt like a theme park ride.

    Now to the good stuff, before I get back to more defined critcisms.

    Obi-Wan: Unlike TPM, Ewan McGregor is clearly having a whale of a time. Hes perfected his Alec Guiness impression to the stage where one totally believes his and guiness' Obi-Wan are one and the same. he gets all the best lines and is by far the most interesting character.

    Anakin: this is a mic of both good an bad, but generally I like it. Hayden Christensen surprised me by his ability ot portray anger realistically. Unfortuanately, hes not quite so smooth when it comes to romance.

    Palpatine: he rocks, simple as that.

    Dooku: he rocks too, and is clearly the proto-Vader.

    C-3PO and R2: they're back! Some have called 3PO's misadventures too detracting, but personally I thought it was one of the highlights of the film. Genuinely funny.

    Yoda! Ok, so the CGI isn't always perfect, but most of the time, ILM did an outstanding job mimicking the puppet. And what a finale!

    Dexter, Watto, Jar Jar, the Kaminoans, in fact all the creatures. ILM have surpassed themselves! I didn't think they could do better than TPM, but in AOTC, the CG characters look even more real. Thanks to digital film, the integration of actors to backgrounds and CG characters is almost perfect. However, this does have certain side-effects. More on this later.

    Jango and Boba: great but not enough.

    The final 45 minutes: nice!

    The special effects in general: from the speeder chase, to the asteroid chase, to Kamino, to the final battle: ILM, I salute you!

    Some of the music: the love theme is another brilliant composition by JW, and the gradual integration of Vader's theme was great.

    Now, not so good:

    Natalie Portman: really bad at times.

    the script: quite simply, it really has some awful faults. The love story, although I understand how it is restricted by time, is somewhat ridiculous. lets sum it up:

    Anakin: I've dreamt about you for ten years.
    Padme: shut up you pervert, you're just a little kid!
    Anakin: I love you
    Padme: I don't (I think)
    Anakin: lets try some smooth talking...
    Padme: I'll kiss him just to see....
    Padme: urgh
    Anakin: damm.
    Padme: right, I'm tired of all this, I don't love you.
    Anakin: ok.
    Padme: I love you.
    Anakin: really?
    Padme: yeah, lets get married.

    Then, of course, you get the frankly incomprehensible sections which fail not only because of the script but also the directing. Case in point: after Anakin gets hit by Dooku's lightning and starts to groan, we see Padme also groaning, supposedly indicating a connection between the two via the force. However, this is done so quickly and acted so badly, that it just b
  12. Opiate Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    Posted by Gonk:

    "Opiate: When friends of mine who are not SW fans say they thought the film was more enjoyable than Spider Man, and well worth the weight, it is more than enough incentive to believe that you are here for some alterior purpose besides the films."


    Riiiight...I'm here to take over the world by submiting a critical review of the latest Lucas film. I'll dominate the universe next using my army of Tom Cruise clones and Stephen Spielberg as my mighty general! Hahahaha! All quake before my...

    Get a life.

    When you're published, try to write something much better than this movie. I, too, am on the way to being published. Hell I know people who are just started writing poetry that are on their way to being published. Your comment lends no weight to your argument.

    I have no agenda. The film was pathetic.

    The clone army fighting with the heroes, knowing they're going to become Stormtroopers, is no big deal. It's a classic plot that Lucas plugged in paint-by-numbers style. Ever see The Princess Bride? In that film there's an evil man who wants to become a dictator and start a war to make him favorable/keep him in power. The Princess Bride actually had a good plot to go along with the basic framework (and better fighting overall).

    <yawn> Is there anything else you wanted to know? Tom Cruise and I have a universe to overthrow now.
  13. falkor Jedi Youngling

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    May 16, 2002
    I loved Episode 2! 9 out of 10... the dialogue just wasen't there.. It's the FIRST stars wars film I've seen in the theatres, 'cos hey, I'm born in the same year as Natalie & Hayden, so ANH & ESB were screened even befor I was around.

    AOTC started kind of shaky, my first reaction was really bad lines, especially at the initial reunion with Obi-wan, Anakin & Padme. The scene felt forced, the actors felt raw, and lacked that magical chemistry that the original threesome, Luke, Leia and Han had.

    But once the action sequences started rolling, the speeder chase was awesome!!! light saber duels heart-stopping!!! The actors, especially Hayden soon loosened up, and Star Wars was back!!!

    AOTC made me laugh(Obi-wan's humour, C3P0's comic relief), it made me almost cry(Anakin's spech at Shmi's grave... "I miss you..."), it transported me to an alternate universe, into the future, yet it felt as if I was witnessing a historic, ancient duel between good and evil. I love the way it sets the stage for the original trilogy we all know so well and love.

    The love story between Anakin and Padme was beautiful! Once the initial awkwardness was over, Hayden & Natalie were amazing! throughout the turmoil and changes, their love remains steadfast and strong. It gave me a warm feeling inside, knowing that Luke and Leia had parents filled with passion and love for each other.

    Hayden pulled off Anakin magnificently! My fav scene was Anakin on the speederbike over the desert... awesome! It was heart-wrenching to see his mother snatched away just as he found her. AOTC gives us the chance to see Darth Vadar, before he crossed to the dark side, all you want to say is "No!! Anakin No!!!" The intensity of his character was an eerie thrill to watch. Wow! way to go Hayden!

    There's sooo much more I love about AOTC & Star wars, it's facinating, set in teh future, it brings us back into the past, where knights fight and protect royalty. When the credits rolled, all I wished for was to rewind the film and watch it all over again... just to escape into that world... the world of Star Wars, where heros triumph and win the hand of the fair maiden!

    Thanks George!!!
  14. JediMaster_Chronos Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    Writing: 8/10
    Acting: 9/10
    Visual Effects (CGI): 10/10
    Sound Effects: 10/10
    Directing: 9/10
    Fight Choreography: 8/10
    Overall: 9/10

    I was watching Bait, starring Jamie Foxx, when my cell phone began ringing at approximately 8:45 PM this past Wednesday night, a mere few hours before the midnight premiere of AOTC here in Las Vegas. It was my cousin. He was calling to inform me that a horde of people had arrived and began rapidly filling in the theater's stanchioned queue. Feeling as though I was missing out on all the fun, I decided to get my lazy butt over to the theater pronto.

    A few hours later...I was treated to what is arguably the best Star Wars episode to date. And about twelve hours after getting home from the midnight premiere, I took my girlfriend to see the DLP version of the film (wow, what a difference digital makes).

    The movie itself was fantastic. George had a ton of story to tell, and yet the pacing seemed perfect...not rushed as one would expect with a film overflowing with details and information. The character development, while leaps and bounds better than what was found in TPM, was not as involved as I would have liked it to be. But that's not to say that it wasn't well done, because it was if fact done very well. The fight sequences were spectacular, especially the Yoda/Dooku bit. Marvelous! Simply Marvelous! My favorite parts of the film, however, involve the performances of Hayden, Ewan, and Natalie. They rocked! I really felt the darkside taking control of Anakin, slowly but surely so. Hayden exuded torment and angst. Ewan is Kenobi, arguably more so than the legendary Mr. Guiness. And, powerful thespian skills, and sexy.

    I could write tons more about this film, but it's 5:12 AM, and I have yet to get any sleep, so I apologize if this review seems disjointed and unfocused.
  15. Haisu_Sacai Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    First, allow me to say that I have been searching for a reason to post my review for my fellow Star Wars fans around the world since the day I watched AOTC...which was yesterday by the way. There for, thank you for this opportunity for me to do so.

    Only one sentence scrolled up in my head after the lights came on in the theater at the end of this movie..."The punk pulled it off!!" Now, this is referring to George Lucas. Yes ladies and gentlemen, George Lucas has lived up to our expectations. For 4 days before watching AOTC, I was having nightmares of running out of the cinema in the middle of the AOTC screening, while screaming and pulling out my hair because it was so disappointing. That was the way I felt when I watched Episode 1, but people, Episode 2 is Star Wars!

    Nothing in this movie made me feel like I was wasting my time and money watching it. It had everything! Good Plot (which I cant understand why people got confused while trying to understand it) Good Action ( 100 or so Jedi's fighting, the Force being used and shown clearly to viewers, Yoda, Anikan, and Obi-One in exhilarating action, and a battle scene that would make a retired army man scream for more!), and a love scene that was indeed a bit uncomfortable through out the movie, but understood and appreciated at the end when we find out that Amidala was trying to be the Adult, by controlling her feelings and trying to protect Anikan from getting in trouble.

    What I figured out after reviewing the negative things that people had to say about AOTC is this: People, the classic Trilogy is just that, Classic! True it had a good, calming sense to it, but this was all in the past. The mistake that people are making is comparing this new trilogy to its old predecessor trilogy. We have to understand that the plot in the final Episodes has to be calm and quiet, since its a rebellion trying to attract the least attention to them selves. But now, at this time of the Plot, everything is out to the open, everything is on an offense-attack track. Also, being able to see the new wide-open shots of different planets and areas, such as the streets of Courascant, gives us a sense of a true Star Wars galaxy that can never be found on any of the Star Wars movies.

    At the end, I wish to give an advice to everyone that had negative opinions on this movie: People, give this movie a chance by viewing the good traits, and admiring what an achievement that George Lucas has done with it. This Trilogy will never be the classic ones, but it is such a beautiful modern type of Star Wars, that will surely be remembered in the future.

    Haitham Al-Subaihi, from the United Arab Emirates, signing out.

    Rate: 9/10
  16. forestlaw Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    Wow. Now that was Star Wars! AOTC was the movie that I had hoped Phantom Menace would be. I loved all the suprise tie-ins to the original trilogy. The love scenes were cheezy but the rest of the movie more than made up for it. This was highly entertaining for SW fans. Lucas, if this is your apology for Episode I, I forgive you.
  17. darthsidious_8 Jedi Youngling

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    Apr 29, 2002
    "C-3P0's head" by Andres Baca
    STAR WARS: EPISODE II ATTACK OF THE CLONES * * * * out of * * * *
    Near the beginning of the film, I sensed that its pace was incredibly slow, but then I thought about it while watching the film and realized that this pacing is a service to the film. Its more contemplative than the last one (and that's a good thing. This film feels like an innovative hybrid between a drama and an action film)
    I was worried that the acting and the love scenes were going to be as horrible as some people have said they are. They are not. Now, I liked The Phantom Menace, but in that film I could see where some people were complaining about wobbly acting. The only thing that's wobbly in this movie is C-3PO's head:
    Anybody that tells you that Attack of the Clones short changes people on human relationships is wrong. In fact judging from Hayden Christensen's performance in this film (which is quite dynamic for a Star Wars film) he is set to be a mega celebrity like Harrison Ford.
    I was worried that the film might be devoid of any wit in the writing. It isn't. Here's a sampler:
    Nute Gunray, the Trade Viceroy has learned his lesson from The Phantom Menace as regards the slipperiness of Amidala, a senator in this film, "I will not sign the treaty until you bring me her head on a platter"
    And during her strong fighting in the arena:
    VICEROY:"Will somebody just shoot her"
    While R2D2 is carrying C-3P0's head throught the sand:
    "What a drag!"
    C-3PO's head next to his body:
    "I'm beside myself!"
    I was worried that there would be no quotable dialogue in the film. There is, and forgive me if I don't get the quotes right, cause I just came from seeing the film. Yoda to Obi-Wan
    "You see, sometimes youth can offer incredible insight" (and this to an audience who, probably as a whole, underestimates children)
    And this exchange between said green Jedi and Obi-Wan:
    OBI WAN: "He is arrogant, impulsive" (referring to Anakin)
    "Yes nowadays, padawans are much less patient, but this is also visible in older and more experienced Jedi"
    And the whole bit with C-3PO's head on a battle droid's body and a battle droid's head on C-3PO's body was just wonderful. Many people mention that Yoda is the surprise, C-3P0 shooting a blaster rifle is also great.
    The movie is directed well.... there is a nice Kurosawan use of shadows and there is an impressionistic blue (good) versus red (bad) lightsaber battle in the dark
    There are some questions though that I wish will be answered in the next installment and a lot of loose ends , some of which we know how they turn out but want to find out how.:
    I want to learn more about Boba and Jango's past.
    I want to learn more about Dooku and finally I want Darth Sidious to officially reveal himself.
    I want to see the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin (which would be the most emotionally charged battle since Luke vs. Vader in Return of the Jedi)
    There is little or no justice that can be done to Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones by my feeble writing skills.
    This movie argues itself, and does it fantastically.
    Next: Star Wars: Episode III: * Revenge of the Sith

    This title will be a good foil for Return of the Jedi
  18. Jabbadabbado Manager Emeritus

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    It's a tribute to how far The Phantom Menace lowered the expectations of fans for Star Wars movies that Attack of the Clones now seems like a good movie to so many of us.

    Attack of the Clones is one of the most spotty, hit and miss, up and down films I have ever seen. Before I saw the movie, I was surprised at how scattershot much of the criticism of the film was. Some reviewers blasted Hayden's acting. Some scoffed at Natalie's acting. Some disliked the dialogue, while some complained about all three.

    Well, it's not that simple. All the actors were effective in some of their scenes. And sometimes the dialogue really worked. But sadly, none of it all worked together at the same time. When Hayden seemed to hit his stride, Natalie is often stilted. When Natalie begins to intone her words with convincing dramatic effect, then Hayden loses his stride and seems wooden. These mistakes suggest directorial inattention. Lucas had the acting talent in place, but he didn't take the extra time to get it right. In the beautiful and romantic-looking scene between Padme and Anakin in front of the fireplace, not even the memerizing power of Natalie's heaving cleavage can save this moment from the most stilted, amateurish dialogue of the entire film.

    The dialogue slowly drained away my interest in the movie, so that, by the time the much anticipated Geonosis battle finally arrived I began to wish the entire film had been condensed into a single 25 minute "Attack of the Clones" short.

    Despite these complaints, the film is uniformly visually stunning. A few effects here and there don't quite work, as when Obi-wan swings and vaults himself back onto the platform after being thrown overboard by Jango on Kamino. But almost everything has twice the grandeur and sweeping beauty of every other Star Wars fim to date.

    All in all, I enjoyed the movie halfheartedly. I expected so little that I was not disappointed. It was, indeed, a visual treat. But visual treats don't need to last 2 1/2 hours to be effective.
  19. SLAVE2 Jedi Knight

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    It's a tribute to how far The Phantom Menace lowered the expectations of fans for Star Wars movies that Attack of the Clones now seems like a good movie to so many of us.

    Nice way to insult peoples intellegence, it cant be that they just really loved the film it has to be because TPM sucked [rolls eyes]. Some of you people act so superior its sick.
  20. ArtificialStupidity Jedi Youngling

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    I hadn't reserved tickets. I hadn't been very enthusiastic towards the late evening of May 15th; and my expectations were sweeping the floor of the Theater only moments before the Movie began. I was hoping for an experience beyond Phantom Menace - and I have to say that the Future was indeed clouded; for the Clones Attacked the Menace with a blast.

    The Theater was only half-packed with people; a set-up which provided me and few friends of mine with good seats. Our local Theater ( due to the small size of our town, there is only one Cinema ) is not equipped with the largest screen or best surrounding-system; yet it is good enough to give a great experience - assuming that the movie is good. And yes, Episode II was Good; creating an experience long awaited within the Star Wars -fandom.

    One may question how good the film actually is. As an individual installment; to a Star Wars new-comer; it might only reveal great CGI-effects and exciting battle-scenes, but to passionate Fans it is the new Beginning - the Movie which finally starts to set up the Prequel Trilogy, creating an Atmosphere worthy of the beloved Star Wars -title. I have to disagree with the critics about the performances from the Actors. Hayden Christensen might have been a bit choppy in the beginning; but clearly gained self-confidence and a tighter grip of his role when nearing the middle of the movie. When we get the first out-burst of agony; the first real indicator that the Dark Side is tempting Anakin, Hayden delivers the message perfectly. I actually felt the darkness; I visualized the on-coming storm just by watching the facial expressions made by Christensen - being contrasted menacingly well by John Williams's Soundtrack. Ewan McGregor was hauntingly good as Obi-Wan - reminding me of Alec Guinnes; the past / forth-coming Kenobi. He was truly relaxed in his role, delivering the lines given to him more fluently than anyone else. Natalie Portman wasn't bad either; and she was beautiful, really beautiful. Samuel L. Jackson was convincingly 'cool' as Mace Windu; yet he doesn't have much screen-time to play around with. Christopher Lee did an amazing job as Count Dooku; almost rivaling his previous baddie-performance as Saruman the White.

    Attack of the Clones had no real beginning; nor real ending. It was a sequential scenery of a tell-tale located in a Galaxy Far Far Away - and can only live up to its true greatness when being the link between Episodes I and III. As I said, it is perhaps not the greatest individual Sci/Fi movie of all time, but if you own any knowledge of the Saga - if you have seen all the Episodes - it is a Movie which will leave you amazed, satisfied and enthusiastic. The Prequel Trilogy 'thus far reminds me of a crescendo - and I believe that the Grande Finale; the darkest episode of the whole Saga; will be a killer. Come May of 2005!

    On the AS's Meter this movie scores


    ( 8.5 / 10 )
  21. CMR Jedi Padawan

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    I am still coming down from one fo the biggest adrenaline rushes of my life. Episode 2 was the best Star Wars film released. It now tops Empire Strikes Back as my all time favorite movie. It was incredible. It was jaw dropping, and most of all it was 2 and half hours of pure, unadulterated fun. I have never been more satisfied with a movie....ever.

    This movie was every thing I imagined and more.

    The acting was top of the line quality, and excelled by light years over TPM, ANH, ROTJ, and is only slightly behind ESB in sheer quality of preformance.

    The dialogue was strong, and heart felt. it had th eperfect combination of humor, heart, intrigue, and action. Sorry if that isn't the best descrition ever, I am still in sensory overload.

    The scenery...... whoa. That's all I can say. There are so many beautiful and diverse places in this movie, it literally draws you in and places you in the Galaxy Far Far Away.

    The story. I will spare you the spoilers, and tell you that the story was beautifully complex, and yet easy to follow. It flowed just as good as and better than the Original Trilogy, and surpassed my the wildest machinations of my imagination. I must see this movie many many times.

    I can not express how much I loved this movie. It was very very high quality in every aspect. Go see it as soon as you possibly can.

    CMR's Rating: 10/10

    My rankings:

  22. Darth Downunder Chosen One

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    I've seen the film twice & I really love it. I'd give it 9/10. Sure a few lines are absurd but actually I thought the performances & script were a strength, for the most part. I'm giving credit where it's due to Lucas/Hales, & I think alot of people have missed the point in terms of the dialogue & the character of Anakin. I think Anakin's cliche' over-the-top pick-up lines were spot on. Think about it. Firstly he's young & has no experience with girls. He comes across as a dork, & so he should - he has no idea of what he's doing! Combine this awkward adolescence & inexperience with his natural confidence & arrogance & what have you got? A cocky but clueless boy trying to express his feelings to someone he's absolutely infatuated with. I thought Portman acknowledged this well. She gave him a look at times like she couldn't believe some of the stuff that was coming out of his mouth, but she was also flattered & touched because although corny, she knew he was completely sincere.
    To me, I totally can't believe how perfectly they developed Anakin in this film. We learned more about this character in AOTC than the rest of the saga combined. As some reviewers have noted, the biggest, & I think coolest revelation from this film is that Anakin doesn't "turn" into Darth Vader - he is Vader, & in a way always was from that fateful moment when the kid chose to walk off with Qui-Gonn rather than stay with mom.
    We can now see so clearly why the Jedi code forbids the training of any child who is old enough to have already formed emotional attachments. The core of Anakin's problems & his feelings toward Padme' is the affection & love that he misses. To have had that bond & love with his mother, & then to have it taken away & be surrounded by stiff unemotional Jedi for ten years has messed the kid up. Oh & guess who is the person he last formed a real emotional connection with? Padme' of course.
    Is it just me or do some of you also think it's completey logical for him to have been thinking about her for the last ten years, as well as his mother? I just think this film has added so much depth to the character of Anakin/Vader, & it's incredibly sad when you think about it. He says he loves Obi-Wan like a father, but Obi-Wan doesn't return quite that same level of affection because he's a Jedi. So when he's reunited with Padme' he's desperate, almost obsessive about reaching out to her & having her return his feelings.
    The ironic thing is that his "weakness" in being far more "human" emotionally than the other more disciplined Jedi leads to him becomming a half-machine stone-cold mass-murderer.

    Sorry to dwell on all of that for so long but I just think it's so brilliant & moving. About the rest of the film: awesome! I thought Ewan was absolutely perfect & really was a HUGE part of it being so damn good. The only vaguely negative thing I would say is that the droid factory, arena battle before Windu arrives, & the first part of the lightsaber battle were all slightly underwhelming. & unlike some I thought it was perfect how much of a mismatch Windu vs Jango turned out to be. You can't have a non Force-user holding his own against a Jedi Master...C'mon! Tem Morrison was a perfect bounty hunter & even the kid made an impression I thought. I loved the poker-face exchange in Jango's apartment.

    Have to go but once again this movie FAR exceeded my expectations & I can't wait to see it again.
  23. ludacast007 Jedi Youngling

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    May 17, 2002
    After three long and critcal years George Lucas has finally graced us with yet another installment of his space opera, Star Wars. Titled Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, this title would have to be the first thing that brought criticism. Attack of the Clones sounded like some old sci-fi movie from the 1950s. But the title left little to be critical about after it was released. This installment in the Star Wars saga is, yes, a vast improvement to its predecessor The Phantom Menance. It's two and a half hours of races through Courasant, battles with Tusken Raiders, and of course the much talked about love story. Although this movie maybe far from perfect with hammy dialogue and thin plot, but Episode II is still a highly entertaining movie.
    This main thing you have to remember about the prequels is that this isn't 1977 or even 1983 anymore. There will always be those hardcore Star Wars, like myself, that will like the movie no matter what. But the curse of The Phantom Menance returns, George Lucas, creator of the saga, is still trying to cater to the younger crowd. I can't blame him though, the younger crowd is highly marketable. They're the main ones that will be out buying all the action figures and lightsabers. For hardcore fans though there really hasn't been a real Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back.
    Let's face it also that Lucas isn't the best a writing dialogue. There are one liners that fall short and some of the lines just make you want to hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer. Ewan McGreggor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Natalie Portman (Padme Amidala), and Hayden Christennsen (Anakin Skywalker) all do what they can with their lines but at times, especially Christennsen, lines feel pushed out almost in a forced manner.
    To not damper a Star Wars fans hopes, there is a light side of The Force. It will be funny when Episode III comes out and hopefully their all released on DVD and you look at the prequels and then the original series. Visual Effects have come so far. Some of the battle scenes in Clones are just about awe-inspiring. You think why do we need actors in these films when we can just use computer imagery. The final battle between the clones and the Federation droids is completly incredible. This, among several other scenes, will be highlights throughout the movie.
    Then of course you have to mention the love story. As compared to Menace, people knew this installment would be more adult oriented. The chemistry between Portman and Christennsen was done well enough, with only the dialogue bogging them down. The performances were convincing and you sensed that these two really cared about one another.
    In case some people forget this is the summer movie season, and I stress the word movie, these are not films. You mat get about one or two films, but movies are the ones that don't call on you to think as much as films do. Some of the more respected actors in Hollywood get to have a lot of fun in Clones, including Samuel L. Jackson who reprises his role as Jedi Master Mace Windu and Christopher Lee who plays Count Dooku, leader of the seperatist movement, the antagonists in the movie. Jackson seems to have a good time speaking in Jedi tounges and welding his purple lightsaber, while Lee does what he does best and plays the evil villian.
    All in all, you always have high expectations for these types of movies, especially if you have waited in line since the beginning of January (you know who you are). I will have to give this movie and 8 out of 10 stars. It's a fun popcorn movie that will entertain you, surpise you, and hopefully give you that Star Wars fix that will last three long years.
  24. Darth_Saruman Jedi Youngling

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    My thoughts on attack of the clones?

    Firstly the summary?

    ten stars out of five? (20 out of ten!)

    And the reason for posting it, contest aside - well I?m tired of seeing and reading all these dumb, stereotypical reviews devoid of intelligence in either why they liked the movie and what they didn't...

    Now the good?

    1. Hayden Christenson? Hayden Christenson, Hayden Christenson? Incredible! He blew me away. He owned the role from the first second he appeared on the screen and totally stole the movie. All eyes were on him and many had no idea what he was going to do next. He brought so much emotion, so much passion, so much conflict into his character and portrayed it all extremely convincingly. In the phantom menace - we looked at and saw Jake Lloyd - a kid acting and having top fun doing so?

    In this one we saw Anakin Skywalker? Hayden himself was nowhere to be found.

    2. The romance? Wow! Lucas portrayed it the only way he remotely could in my view to even stand a chance of getting his immature fans to accept it grudgingly. Such die hards want action and blood. Not gooeey romance. Yet the key to these prequels - the key to the heart and the tragedy in them, is the romance? So despite an unwillingness on most people?s faces I saw to accept the romance, preferring to dismiss it as corny and cliched and to groan at each passionate declaration of undying devotion by Anakin, it was in fact I think the best thing about the film. To have Anakin struggling with his own conflicts and desires - to be both a great Jedi and to have the woman he had LUSTED (key allegorical point in lucas? ultimate six film message of the war between good and evil) after for the last ten years warring within him. As was Padme?s clear reluctance to fall prey to his attentions. (To have her not struggle to fall for someone so willing to give himself to her, would be to make the romance look cliched and a mere storytelling device - but he didn?t do that! Thankfully!) Right from the pivotal moment when they were left free of chaperones to their own devices Anakin pursued her relentlessly, showing both his immaturity, his passion and his drive to fulfill all his own needs. Padme will make him complete - or so he thinks - so he wants her? (I wonder what will happen in the next film - when once married - he realises that she doesn?t in fact complete him - will he go searching for other areas looking for that fulfillment? For such are the dangers of lust and when you fall in love for the wrong reasons - not what you can give to her but what you think you can get from her?) What many call cliched romance, I call romance of character - Lucas not buying into the general skepticism but showing love for what it is in a way - when two people bare one another?s souls to each other - and make themselves vulnerable (but needing acceptance unconditionally, faults and all in return - and if you get that - then wonderful!) - squirming for the audience of course - for many of us refuse to do such things in our own relationships - we?d rather be strong - and not show signs of weakness? Hence those hard hearted, cynical audience critics who label the romance as cliched. When really the romance in most other films these days is in fact what has become cliched. Lucas has a different story to tell with this romance as opposed to most of those? A story where it appears (And for greatest emotional impact in 3 - it must APPEAR this way in 2) headed in the same path - but with many subtle differences in character which will show the tragedy of what has gone wrong. In between the phantom menace and Attack of the clones, I myself went through a divorce. The truth behind such subtleties when you do open your heart - really drives the points home about what is important in life and what isn?t. As such even the action sequences take on less importance - those very same sequences that the majority of fans say is the best thing about AOTC. Do we even see the end of the battle? No we do not - that is the level of importance they have co
  25. Raynar Jedi Youngling

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    Acting - Not bad, believeable for me.

    Special Effects - The best there are of course.

    Humour - Obi-wan and C3P0 had some great lines to go into this category.

    Pace - Great during all the action scenes. Maybe a little more of the jedi in the arena though. The love scenes get kinda dragged out nearing the end, but I do believe they are necessary.

    Favorite scene(s) - Every part Zam wessel is in and when the lightsabers are first ignited in the arena.

    Least Favorite - Anakin riding the shaak (sp?). That scene should really be on the cutting room floor AND NOT added on the DVD. I just found that scene absolutely horrid.

    Overal - 10. Even with some areas I did not like, others made up for it.
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