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    As the [link=]Unification Wars[/link] near an end, over a dozen systems have sent delegates to Coruscant with the intent restoring peace to the galaxy through the formation of single government: the [link=]Galactic Republic[/link]. First, however, it is necessary for a [link=]constitution [/link]to be drafted to which the member systems would be willing to voluntarily surrender their sovereignty. For that reason, those delegates regarded most highly by their peers were selected to serve on the Galactic Constitution Committee.

    After coming to an agreement as to by what manner business shall be conducted within the committee, the Chairman shall lead them through the process of drafting a proposed constitution, one which the other delegates will surely accept.


    The game has six players: One Chairman (the Game Master), voting delegates from [link=]Alderaan[/link], [link=]Corellia[/link], [link=]Coruscant[/link], and [link=]Duro[/link], and a non-voting adviser from the newly discovered [link=]Ossus [/link](myself). Players are free to make any proposals they that believe will result in the most ideal government. The only necessary inclusions are the name ?Galactic Republic? an article allowing for amendments. This is meant to give players the most freedom possible, as known entities and positions such as the [link=]Senate [/link]and the [link=]Chancellor [/link]can be said to be later additions not originally included in the Constitution.

    Inspiration for this game comes from having served on the Constitution Committee for the Student Government at my college several years ago. We conducted our meetings using [link=]Robert?s Rules of Order Newly Revised[/link], and I suggest that that the players operate according to a parliamentary procedure as similar to such as an internet message board allows. While that may seem a bit intimidating at first (I know it was for me), I assure you that it is quite easy to get the hang of rather quickly.



    1) Obey the Terms of Service and the general rules of the Jedi Council and Role Playing Forum (which includes no god-moding).
    2) Only four players at a time, and only one delegate per planet.
    3) Post within a timely manner with respect to the time taken by other players.
    4) Private message your character sheets to me for approval (or a GM once one has been selected).


    Character Sheets*

    Species: [link=]Human[/link]
    Describe in detail his underlying political philosophy and ideology:
    Describe in detail specific policy issues which concern him and his personal position on such topics:

    Home Planet
    Describe in detail its current constitution and the relationship between its various branches of government:
    Describe in detail on which matters your character agrees and disagrees with his home planet?s current constitution:

    *The Game Master will simply be known as ?The Chairman? and does not need to fill out a Character Sheet; I will submit my sheet once a Game Master has been selected.

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