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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BLemelisk, May 4, 2009.

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  1. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    Coruscant Guard: After Endor



    Excerpt from the personal account of Jak Uln, Coruscant Guardsman, 6.5 Years ABY

    [blockquote]If there was ever a group of soldiers more privileged than us, I would certainly have liked to have met them - and shook their hand and said ?kindly get the hell out of my fantasy.?

    Over the years we had quite a run here. Encountered absolutely everything ? from taking down mob kings to babysitting Moff Ardeska?s teenage brats. It was non-stop from the moment I first put my armor on all those years ago. Sure, it wasn?t always gung-ho but when the job needed done and done right, they called us.

    Seeing the planet from orbit with a one-way ticket out makes me wonder a lot of things. Where did the Empire go wrong? Were all our sweat and tears shed for nothing? Will some New Republic punk be able to do half the job I did?

    Yeah right, I?d delete that last part if this wasn?t an audio recording.

    Honestly, I?d like to see the Rebels? version of our outfit deal with something like the riots after Endor.

    Considering the way things are now; that was a sweet gig, haha.[/blockquote]


    Welcome to Coruscant Guard: After Endor, a crime drama roleplay with a bit of lighthearted flavor by yours truly, BLemelisk. It is a game that will view the events of post-Endor Coruscant through the eyes of the soldiers themselves as they tackle assignments taking them from the spires of the Glitannai Esplanade to the bowels of The Works. As you may have gathered, players will be members of the Coruscant Guard - elite forces who protected Imperial Center throughout the reign of the Empire. Their ranks were composed of mostly male and female humans and were normally either recruited directly or were exceptional members of regular stormtrooper units who were chosen to be members of the Guard.

    All PC?s will be a part of one of the most prestigious of the Guard units: the 118th Regiment. Enjoying full reign of power over keeping Imperial City?s occupants in line, their strength and abilities will be tested to their fullest extent. Considering the fear of Sith reprisal no longer looms over the would-be freedom fighter, all hell can and will break lose. Not to mention the power vacuum amongst the upper echelons which threatens to tear the Empire apart from within.

    So feel the tension, suspect the treachery, and grab a blaster rifle ? because you?ll need it.


    Character Template:

    Gender: Humans only, please. We all know how the Empire can be.
    Description of Appearance: When character is not in armor, i.e. undercover, or something along those lines.
    --Other Physical Characteristics:
    Brief Biography: Include any previous military experience and why your character is in the Guard, be it a recruit, a transferred combat veteran, an old police investigator...whatever you like.



    I'll keep these simple, because I have faith in everyone.

    I. Obey the TOS at all times.
    II. No force sensitive/user characters.
    III. Don't God-mode.
    IV. No controlling others' characters without their express permission.
    V. One character per player.
    VI. PM ALL character sheets to me for approval.
    VII. There is a game PC limit of 10 initially, should I be so fortunate as to get as many. Characters that do not make the cut will be notified and kept on hold until game events warrant the addition of new players, i.e., the arrival of reinforcement units to Coruscant, etc.
    VIII. The GM reserves the right to PWN you should he see fit. (Mostly because you would be causing problems and preventing the game from going along in a smooth fashion.)
    IX. Please PM me with any questions you may have.
    X. Enjoy the setting.



    If you wish to read up on these great warriors at any point, feel free to visit [link=]this site o
  2. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    GM Approved!!!

    Name: Kay Koda
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 6?0
    Weight: 170
    Description of Appearance: Kay usually wears tan cargo pants, combat boots and long sleeved t-shirts when he is out of uniform or undercover.
    --Hair: Dark Brown, cut short like most military personnel
    --Eyes: Green
    --Skin: Caucasian, but tan
    --Other Physical Characteristics: Kay is fairly tall and also fairly muscular but not bulky. His face still has a look of youth to it but has seen many battles throughout his life, as can been seen in his green eyes. He also carries scars from his military career, including two from blasters and one from a vibro blade.
    Brief Biography: Kay?s life wasn?t like most of the children on Coruscant who lived and played as children do, instead he lived in a family who was rooted deep in military tradition. Kay?s father, a Captain and a living legend in the Coruscant Guard as well as a veteran of the Clone Wars was a strict military man, loyal to whomever he served. Kay?s mother had died when he was 12, from there onward Kay was raised less by his father and more by his aunt, who also lived on Coruscant. Though he and his father saw each other on a regular basis, his father?s time was mostly taken up by the guard, something that Kay resented. Kay?s father took little interest in his life, rather finding his interest on the streets arresting those disloyal to the Empire.

    By the time Kay was 18, he hated his father but did whatever he could to vie for his attention, even falling in and out of street gangs, even being arrested by his father a few times. But it wasn?t long until Kay was reluctantly enrolled in the Imperial Military Academy on Carida. Despite his hate for the Imperial Military, and his promise that he would never join the military, Kay reluctantly went to the academy and trained hard, pushing himself to his physical limits. He graduated in the top of his class and was soon assigned to the 41st Legion, where he served his first four years out on the fringes of space, to the deep core, all in his duty to the Empire. Kay served with courage and selflessness with his time in the 41st, earning medals and the respect of the men he led. However Kay soon transferred out of the 41st and into the Imperial Marines, where he served on capitals ships, defending the ship as well as boarding Rebel Alliance ships.

    After eight years of serving in the Imperial military, the action and loss of friends began to take its toll on Kay. And it wasn?t long before Kay begun hesitating and freezing up in the midst of combat. Kay?s commanding officer soon ordered his to undergo a physical and mental diagnostic. Where it was discovered that Kay had a bit of fatigue and shell shock from the long period that he was exposed to combat. Kay?s commanding officer filled a report for Kay to be transfer to Coruscant where he would serve in the infamous Coruscant Guard, it was a chance for Kay to take a break and recover from his time on the front lines. Kay reluctantly accepted, not expecting to see a lot of action on Coruscant anyways. So here he was, going back to his home planet and serving in the same unit that his father had loved so much, he loved the guard more than Kay in fact. But there wasn?t much he could do now but soldier on and do his duty

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