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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Hero_Of_The_Force, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    [link=]~Coruscant Nights~[/link]
    -=~ Jedi Twilight ~=-

    -=~ Storyline ~=-

    "I will do whatever you ask? Just help me save Padmé's life. I can't live without her."
    "First, I want you to go to the Jedi Temple. We will catch them off balance? Do what must be done, Lord Vader. Do not hesitate; show no mercy."

    "Yes... My Master"

    Darth Vader the Dark lord of the Sith was born and brought the Great Jedi Purge upon the galaxy. Under the order of Darth Sidious. Darth Vader slaughtered countless Jedi with his new army of Stormtroopers. All Jedi have thought to have been killed. Most Jedi that did survive left Coruscant and fled to planets away from the empire. Some stayed and helped others get to safety.

    The first rebellion against the Empire was constructed in the depths of Coruscant itself. Whiplash a rebellion made up of freedom fighters, haters of the empire, and rogue Republic officers. The Jedi that stayed soon joined whiplash and began their strike against the empire. While an infinite army of Stormtroopers hunted down and killed all Jedi and the rebels they could find.

    The galaxy is left in peril. Will you join Whiplash and help defeat the empire. Or will you join the Empire and hunt down the resistance.

    The galaxy is held in your hands.

    -=~ Game Play ~=-

    Welcome to the first addition of Coruscant Nights, Jedi Twilight. In this RPG you have the choice of helping or corrupting the galaxy.

    I?m looking for a range of four to five Jedi. One Dark Jedi. Many Imperial Officers, Stormtrooper Commanders, ect. Also many Whiplash Rebels. Also I'll allow Independant, but at some point you have to take ally with some side, or join that side.

    I?ll be taking on the role of the main NPCs: Vader, Sidious, ect.

    There will also be a Credit System in my RPG. Basically for Purchasing equipment, vehicles, and other things need to fight the empire, or crush the rebels.

    There will be many sandbox points. Where the plot will still be in play, but if you character wants to gain information on an Imperial Factory. Then that might be the Whiplash?s next mission.

    -=~ Rules ~=-

    Follow them or Perish, I?m not kidding.

    ~ No F-Bombs, or graphic material. Keep it PG-13.
    ~ Follow the ToS and rules of the RPG forum.
    ~ My. Word. Is Law. Period. Final.
    ~ Realistic, no exceptions. No Death Stars in your pockets.
    ~ I'll allow you only to have TWO characters
    ~ Have fun and Enjoy the RPG.

    -=~ Character Form ~=-

    Name: Your name
    Alias: Have a Nickname, another identity?
    Name of Preference: What would like to be called?
    Race: Wookiee? Ewok? Some little alien with a tiny blaster? Make your choice.
    Age: Itty Bitty? Average Adult? Old Giezer? How old are you.
    Gender: Male or Female, that is the Question.
    Force Sensitive: Up to you.
    Faction: Jedi, Rebels, Empire, Independant, or Sith
    Rank: Not a Galactic Ruler, or a Force Millionare.

    Apparel: Remember if you?re a Jedi you can?t be walking round with big flowing Jedi Robes unless you want to be turned into scrap in the garbage bin over there.
    Weapons: Once again, no Death Stars in your back Pocket. What do you carry to survive, or kill?

    Facial Appearance: Rustic proud features:? Feminine smooth features? Pale evil, look of death? What?s your look?
    Quirks: What ticks your meter? What do you do when your frustrated, waiting, or getting ready to bash in a Stormtroopers head?
    Personality: Kind, caring; Evil, ruthless? It?s up to you!
    History: Were you at Geonosis fighting a long side the Jedi, or are you with Vader commanding the construction of the Death Star? Wher
  2. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Name: Koth Hudorra
    Alias: Kai
    Name of Preference: Kai, Koth. Master Hudorra
    Race: Bothan
    Age: 43
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Faction: Jedi Order
    Rank: Jedi Master

    Apparel: Koth wears traditional clothing of his home-world, Bothawui, which is composed of a red, gold, and brown armor. Along with a Jedi Belt that holds many things. Over that he wears a Hooded Robe which has many hidden compartments. He holds his Lightsabers, and other things needed for survival.
    Weapons: Two Lightsaber that can Connect, and disconnect, from Dual Blade to Double Bladed. He also carries a Specialized Walking stick, which with a press of a button turns into an Electro Staff. He has a Jedi Belt that holds his Specially Designed Datapad, and Comnlink. Also equipped on his belt is a few thermal-detonators, and a tracking device.

    Facial Appearance: Koth has strong distinct features of a canine and feline. Long Rich dark Brown hair and ember colored eyes.
    Quirks: Koth paces when he is in deep thought, he often gets lost in his meditation. He taps his fingers while reading.
    Personality: Many Bothans follow The Way, which is ?Think before you think of Others?, ?Think of your Clan before Other Clans?, and ?Help yourself before your Companions?. Koth never thought that way, and he cared for everyone. He was caring, compassionate, and willing to help all. These are traits of a Jedi.
    History: For a long while no one noticed how Koth was different from the other Bothans, he cared for others like other Bothans did not. A lone Jedi Master came to Bothawui and felt a powerful urge of power within the force. As you can guess it was coming from Koth, he got this because him mother was a Jedi who was murdered by a Bounty Hunter shortly after the birth of Koth. That left Koth and his Father, and Koth?s father didn?t want to be parted with his son. The Jedi persuaded to take Koth back to the Jedi Temple at a very young age. Koth was under the care of that Jedi Master who picked him up.

    When Koth turned ten he was picked up by a Master and started his training. His master was an Aleenian, named Zazden. As Koth grew older he had to carry Zazden, who was quite heavy for his size. Over time Koth grew stronger and stronger in the Force, and more powerful. At his Knightship Zazden was there to congratulate and partake in the Knightship. Shortly after he had became a Knight of the Republic the Galaxy went into a war with the Sith. No One knew it would result in what it did.
    He went through hard missions, and though situation that put him near death. Then he was put into a Lightsaber duel with a Dark Jedi. During their battle Koth?s opponent hit a powerful blow on Koth?s ankle, crippling him without the aid of the force. Koth defeated the Dark Jedi by taking away his force energy, then using the force to have a starship land on top of the Dark Sider. This led him having to get a cane to walk. After a few years the great Jedi Purge was now about to begin when Koth was ranked Jedi Master. The Bothan?s greatest achievement was interrupted by the Great Jedi Purge. At the time Koth had a squad made of twenty regular republic freedom fighters, and ten clones. Koth and ten of his troops survived Order 66. Then Koth and his troops made their separate ways.

  3. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    -=~ Dramatis Personae ~=-

    [li]Koth Hudorra; Jedi Master (Bothan Male)[/li]
  4. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Name: Kaldrim Dremos
    Alias: Shade
    Name of Preference: Kaldrim or Kal
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Definitely
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Knight as of the last days of the Order.

    Apparel: Usually a black sleevless shirt, loosefiting black denim pants, and a black leather trenchcoat, which deftly conceal his lightsabers. Also wears visor-like sunglasses black leather shoes and a single crystal on a chain around his neck.
    Weapons: Two hand made lightsabers.

    Facial Appearance: Kaldrim has a scruffy beard and stache, he has one scar that traces down the side of his face when he escaped the Temple(barely). He has shoulder length hair that he ties into a short pony-tail. His eyes are a soft silver-gray and his skin a light tan.
    Quirks: Kaldrim is easily angered by any who serve the dark side of the Force. Whenever he sees an Imperial agent he fights the urge to slice it in half.
    Personality: Kaldrim is a very protective and caring individual, but with no love for the Empire or those who knowingly serve it.
    History: Kaldrim was accepted into the order at the exceptionally young age of, well, birth. He was born to a very poor woman in the gutters of Coruscant and was discovered by a group of Jedi who were on a mission on the lower levels, investigating a possible crime ring. Kaldrim was soon brought to the Temple where he began training in some of the most powerful Jedi abilities, being taught by masters such as Yoda, Windu, Poof, Tiin, and in fact most of the High Council.
    By the break of the Clone Wars Kaldrim was a very skilled Jedi, though still a Padawan he led several small scale missions finally returning to Coruscant shortly before the execution of Order 66, by then a fully fledged Jedi Knight. During the attack on the Jedi Temple he used the Force to set off a massive Force Illusion that allowed him and several other Jedi to escape. Before he himself got away he was cornered by the now Lord Vader, barely escaping, and only by the actions of a few security turrets, was he able to narrowly streak by and get into his personal fighter, a proto-type that he had devised that was both unregistered, and, completely ignored as he shot off to the Unknown Regions to go into hiding.
    To this day Kaldrim vows vengeance on the Empire for the destruction of the Temple, and the loss of so many Jedi lives. He also keeps in contact with various rebel groups and his fellow fugitive Jedi, ready at any moment to consolidate a force powerful enough to take on the Empire, and grind it int the dust.
  5. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008
    -=~ Dramatis Personae ~=-

    [li]Koth Hudorra; Jedi Master (Bothan Male)[/li]
    [li]Kaldrim Dremos; Jedi Knight (Human Male)[/li]
  6. RuneEisahn

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    Jul 10, 2008
    GM Approved!!!!!!!!!!!

    Character Form

    Name: Rune Eisahn
    Alias: Shinning Pheonix
    Name of Preference: Rune
    Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Faction: Jedi,
    Rank:Jedi Master, Old Gaurd

    Apparel: A black cloak, with dark brown boots and a forest green tunic.
    Weapons:An Sapphire Lightsaber (Hidden in Pocket), and a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol in a holster on his leg.

    Facial Appearance: very lean and smooth face.
    Quirks:Stupid Questions and stuck up punks. Also people with smart mouths.
    Personality: Kind and caring
    History: Jedi Master Rune was an esteemed Jedi Master from Tatooine. Very skilled with a blade, Rune was one of the 200 Jedi that went to Geonosis. Over the course of the Clone Wars, he was known as the Shinning Pehonix. A member of the old gaurd, Rune was in the Great Hall at the moment of Order 66. Barely escaping with his life, he has lived in the Under Levels of Coruscant. A member of Whiplash, he waits for his next mission.
  7. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    -=~ Dramatis Personae ~=-

    [li]Koth Hudorra; Jedi Master (Bothan Male)[/li]
    [li]Kaldrim Dremos; Jedi Knight (Human Male)[/li]
    [li]Rune Eisahn; Jedi Master (Human Male)[/li]

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    GM Approved!

    Name: Risuu Thaelar (Ree-su Thay-lar)
    Alias: Shift
    Name of Preference: Shift, Risuu to her friends.
    Race: Shi'ido
    Chronological Age: 64 (Appearance: 21)
    Gender: Female
    Force Sensitive: Unknown
    Faction: Independant
    Rank: Thief, Pirate, Smuggler - Risuu has been called them all. She prefers to call herself a... 'Professional Opportunist'.

    Apparel: Black jacket, white top and blue trousers.
    Weapons: Twin vibroblades, small blaster strapped to the inside of her right leg.

    Facial Appearance: Very feminine in terms of her features, yet a bit of a tom-boy in appearance. Risuu has cobalt-blue eyes and long, black hair tied in a ponytail. Her skin is lightly tanned and she has an odd, black tattoo in the shape of three, small, stacked diamonds on her forehead.

    Quirks: Risuu has the rather inconvenient habit of rapidly flicking through her various shape shifting forms when she is embarassed or indignant. It was during an arguement with one of her fellow smugglers that this first occurred, and where she earned her nickname, 'Shift'.

    Personality: Risuu is quick witted and street-wise. She hates authority and tends to be a bit sure of herself, but she's very loyal and protective of her friends. Direct, to the point, Risuu can be a bit boorish and rash in certain situations - she's certainly not a stranger to pushing her luck.

    History: Raised as a fosterling on her homeworld of Lao-mon, Risuu has no knowledge of her parents. Rumours were whispered that they had been assassins, killed when her father 'got sloppy'. Of course, Risuu didn't discourage this - after all, she didn't know the truth herself - but it gave her a phychological edge over the other kids. And that was the way she was - always looking for an advantage.

    Risuu hated being a fosterling, resenting the authority that was imposed on her, and thus decided to run away. When she reached the main spaceport of Lao-mon, she encountered a smuggling crew. Only being but a child in the eyes of her people (at the age of 40), Risuu could not fully comprehend that these were 'bad' men - a law unto themselves. They promised her riches and adventure, and she agreed to leave with them on their next voyage.

    They took her all over the galaxy, affording her the opportunity to expand her 'repertoir' of shape shifting abilities much earlier than others of her species. Risuu learned to use her shape shifting and telepathic abilities to avoid detection, proving herself to be a born criminal. She has remained with her crew - the only family she has ever known - to this very day, earming herself a healthy stash of ill-gotten gains.

    As for the Jedi and Sith - Risuu knew little of these things. They did not concern her, for the life of a Jedi was a mythical concept for a common thief - a life that she could never attain. Order 66 and the Jedi Purge changed that however... Risuu was on a mission in the Rim worlds when the Order came. She felt the echo of the deaths, despite having no knowledge of what was happening in the Core worlds. The pain was so intense that she returned to Coruscant, which she percieved to be the centre of the pain she felt. There she learned of the Purge, and vowed to seek out an answer to what was happening to her.
  9. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008

    -=~ Dramatis Personae ~=-

    [li]Koth Hudorra; Jedi Master (Bothan Male); Jedi Rogue[/li]
    [li]Kaldrim Dremos; Jedi Knight (Human Male); Jedi Rogue[/li]
    [li]Rune Eisahn; Jedi Master (Human Male); Jedi Rogue[/li]
    [li]Risuu Thaelar; 'Professional Opportunist' (Shi'ido Female); Independant[/li]
    [li]Ilvan Fyr; Former Republic Commander (Human Male); Whiplash[/li]

    GM COMMENT: I like what I'm seeing. So far we have the Jedi Faction Pilling up, 2 spots for a Jedi are open. Spots that have no limit are Imperial, Rebel, or Independant. One Dark Jedi spot is open.

    When we are closer to the game starting I will give more Information.

    When the game starts you will all be alone.

    Jedi Rogue-

    When you start out you will all meet up with one another. Besides me, I'm already in Whiplash. Two pairs of Jedi will meet with either me OR a Whiplash member. From there the Jedi will be in Whiplash.

    Whiplash Rebels-

    This is depending if there are enough. Then you will be interacting with NPCs.

    You will all be on a Mission, attacking an Imperial Target.

    Empire Soldiers-
    This is depending if there are enough. Then you will be interacting with NPCs.

    You will be at the Mission the Whiplash Rebels are out, fighting one another.

    Imperial Commanders-
    This is depending if there are enough. Then you will be interacting with NPCs.

    You will either be with Vader and/or Sidious. Or you will be commanding a Squad of NPCs/Members at the Battle between Whiplash and Empire.


    I will place you somewhere and its up to you for what you want to do. I may place you in a bar and a drunk flirting with you, who knows.


    You will either be with Vader/Sidious and/or you will be ordered/at the battle.

  10. InsaneIsta

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    May 4, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Ilvan Fyr
    Alias: Firelance
    Name of Preference: Ilvan
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: no
    Faction: Rebels
    Rank: Former Commander in the Old Republic

    Apparel: He usually wears a red and black flightsuit
    Weapons: BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol

    Facial Appearance: Ilvan has brown hair and green eyes. He has a scar on his forehead
    Quirks: Ilvan gets really ticked when people risk themselves needlessly. Before battle he will clean his blaster.
    Personality: Ilvan is very kind but he is also very stubborn.
    History: Ilvan joined the Republic Navy shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. He rose quickly through the ranks, fighting in major battles such as the Battle of Coruscant. He was on the Senate floor when Papaltine made the announcement that the Republic was now an Empire. He thought that the idea of an Empire was worse then anarchy. That is when he joined the Rebels.
  11. yipeekayyay

    yipeekayyay Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 18, 2007
    HotF Approved

    Name: Liam Vosa
    Alias: [Darth] Trucido

    Name of Preference: Trucido

    Race: Kiffar
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male

    Force Sensitivity: Considerable

    Faction: Sith Order; Galactic Empire
    Rank: Disciple; Dark Jedi


    ---Dark, fitted robes
    ---Light cortosis-weave armor on shoulders and shins
    ---Wide, bistre cloak


    ---Double-bladed lightsaber; red; Juyo (often handled in a single-bladed Djem So stance)


    ---Hidden throwing blades
    ---Hold-out blaster

    Facial Appearance: Dark, piercing eyes, buzzed hair, and a handsome, stubbled jawline

    Quirks: Flaring nostrils when attempting to ignore any sort of physical or mental distress/discomfort; habitually squints eyes or clenches jaw

    Personality: Fiercely loyal, incredibly accurate and poignant, knack for dry humor

    History -

    Originally the son of an anonymous but highly esteemed Sergeant within the Empire's military ranks, Liam was soon enough realized by both the Empire and his Enforcer, Vader, aswell as his very father for having grand Force potential. His father was both weary of the might of the Empire as he was of the vast levels of corruption eminating from the two Darth-titled figures at it's control.

    In an attempt to keep his child away from the harsh grasp of Vader and Palpatine, the man secretly made his way out of the Empire's armed ranks and travelled as far as he could in an attempt to get lost with his only loved one; his boy. As far as he could go, that was, until the large remainder of Vader's personal armada was sent to track his location down. Slaughtered, the man had involuntatilly given Vader and Sidious their goal, the boy, Liam.

    As the years progressed, Vosa had grown to be acclaimed as Trucido, worshipped assassin and espionage maverick, aswell as a one-man demolition squad. Currently at a still-novice age, he has much proven himself as the single most feared character in the galaxy, just below Emperor Palpatine and his personal right hand, Lord Vader.
  12. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    Welcome all who joined.

    If no one joins today, or tommorow, I will start on Wendsday.

    That dosn't mean you have to rush on your CS, if you are making one, I'll still except CSs before and after we start.

  13. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008

    Name: Kan Fell
    Alias: Captain Harrier
    Name of Preference: Kan
    Race: Human
    Chronological Age: 28
    Gender: male
    Force Sensitive: Unknown
    Faction: Independant
    Rank: Smuggler Operations Crime boss( If you now Talon Karrde, yeah he's basically him.)
    Apparel: Black jacket, gray top and black pants.
    Weapons: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, E-11 blaster strapped to his right leg.

    Facial Appearance: Very masculine, has deep green eyes and sleek,short, black hair. His skin is lightly tanned.

    Quirks: Has the unusual sense of paranoia which seems to help him out of tight spots, Jedi call it the Force, he calls it luck.

    Personality: quick witted. Direct, to the point.

    History: Raised as a noble on his homeworld of Tatooine, He had always had it easy, everything always went his way and when he learned how he got it he was disgusted. His father was a rouge jedi and either killed or intimidated others to make life easy for them. So then Kan left Tatooine aboard a Spice freighter and made it to Corellia and got together a Band of smugglers none as the Black Shadow. Now he hits targets both Rebel and imperial, if you can pay the black shadow will be very glad to assist you. So kan now commands his group aboard his ship the Dauntless, a command Dreadnaught which he uses frequently and has been heavily modified.

  14. TheBlueSaber

    TheBlueSaber Jedi Youngling

    Sep 30, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Rwovv
    Alias: Kad
    Name of Preference: Kad
    Race: Togorian
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Apparel: Never one for the traditional Jedi Robes nor most clothing, Kad merely wears some sleak black trousers to blend in with his pure black fur. If not burdened by his light sabers, he would wear no shirt much of the way of his more "primitive" people, however he must wear a long sleeved black jacket in order to conceal his two bright green light sabers in secret compartments.
    Weapons: Two well-crafted emerald green light sabers, as well as a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol holstered to his right leg, just for those situations where it would be best not to expose himself as a Jedi. Coming from a planet where the men were primitive nomads and hunters, Kad never really became particullary skilled with a blaster.

    Facial Appearance: Feline features, as well as black fur and bright yellow eyes. A large biped with retractable claws on his hands and feet, as well as sharp fangs.
    Quirks: Only when in extreme anger or rage, will Kad revert back to his more "primitive" ways, and become more like a ferocious animal then a Jedi. However, this is usually not the case. Mediates when stressed.
    Personality: Calm and peaceful, often thinks before he acts. At first glance, you would think otherwise. More of a tactician then anything else. Often, he does revert to using the force as a weapon and is well trained with the blade. A force to be reckoned with while in combat. Kind and caring, shows affection for most anything.


    A young child born into a massive Togorian tribe with Mandalorian roots. The tribe had ancestors who served valiantly with the Mandalorians thousands of years ago. Long lost is the name of this tribe, or Kad's parents. When a worthy Jedi Master was granted access to the Wargrave's camp, in pursuit of a Togorian he felt possessed the force, Kad was found to be the one who could feel the force and use it. The only thing Kad knows of his father, is that he called the boy Kad before he left his home planet. Kad means "saber" in Mandalorian.

    Shortly after being granted the title, Jedi Knight, the clone wars broke out and Kad became a General. He participated in the battle at Geonosis and many more after that. Many of the Masters suspected the young Togorian would become quite ferocious and vicious during the battles, even though he hadn't shown such behavior in his training. Miraculously, they were wrong and Kad proved to be a fine General and tactician who showed much dedication to the war efforts and affection for his Clone Troops. He served through many victories, as well as defeats though, and has experienced much combat during the Clone Wars.

    During the Great Jedi Purge, Kad was fashioning his traditional Jedi Robes which were customized to fit his features, as well as a plate of armor underneath, designed to specifically sustain blaster fire during battle. To see the Clones he had developed such a bond with over the years turn on him during the closing point of the battle, Kad was opened fire on, and luckily survived due to his armor. He couldn't bring himself to slaughter the men he had served with, and pretended to be dead as he slipped off a small cliff and landed in a river below, successfully escaping.
  15. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Dixon "Dix" Reglia
    Alias: He goes by many identities, Miko Reglita, Gaavin Starshot, Jaxon Rex, many more.
    Name of Preference: Whatever will suit the situation is in. Normally Dix.
    Race: human
    Age: 28
    Gender: yes
    Force Sensitive: yes
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Master

    Apparel: black pants with utility belt, black shirt and jacket
    Weapons: lightsaber, DL-44 blaster, blaster pistol, vibro blade
    Pocket. high-profile data pad, like a mini computer that has the ability to hack several computer networks at once. Like a droid in his back pocket

    Facial Appearance: tanned white face, slightly rugged
    Quirks: pacing, brooding, trying to get busy
    Personality: silent,ruthless. Has a mean streak but will do what he can to help others
    History: Dix served as a Jedi Investigator, leading him to not be involved in the Clone Wars. He served as a spy on hutt coporations and other corrupt government regimes. This is how he managed to avoid Order 66, he picked up a warning from a contact while he was on Coruscant and dropped off the face of the planet. He is at large by some bounty hunters but the majority of the galaxy thinks he is dead.
  16. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    Not rushing but when does this kick off.
  17. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    CO-GM Character (HotF Approved)

    Name: Virgil Deltaro
    Name of Preference: Virgil
    Race: Epicanthix
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Faction: Empire
    Rank: Imperial Operative

    Apparel: Black over-tunic and soft loose Imperial gray shirt underneath. Tunic has a hood that stays mostly down. Each bicep has a crimson imperial insignia. Black leather gloves that converge on his gray sleeves. Black low hanging lightsaber holster on right hip. Loose black pants tucked into black boots that are kept clean and shining. A black mandalorian kama is worn at his waist and extends down to his calves.
    Weapons: Single bladed Crimson long blade lightsaber. Various gadgets that he carries with him. His Imperial ID, and of course, the Force
    Facial Appearance: Strong yet smooth facial features on a slightly pale complexion, exudes a confident attitude that commands attention when he wants it.
    Quirks: Easily agitated by failure like his Masters. Will execute imperials on a whim if it suits the situation.
    Personality: Calm and measured exterior that is well versed in hiding the inner storm of Malice that surges through his body. He is normally an agreeable person but in any given situation can immediately become enraged due to his training.
    History: Very little is known about this mans past. All that is known is rumor alone. Those rumors vary from person to person but all come back to at least one known truth. This man is a highly skilled assassin and operative within the Empire. Even though he is young, Virgil Deltaro seems to be shifting between a commanding officer of sorts as well as a ground troop depending on the mission specifications. Currently he is under the employ of the two most dangerous known men alive. He has been seen carrying a lightsaber and is assumed to be a Jedi Hunter.

  18. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    I am Surprised by the Turn out. Thank you all for joining.

    We will be started Tommorow or the Next Day.
  19. jedipassion

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    Sep 9, 2007
    These are both HOTF approved :)

    Name: Matthias Lucious
    Alias: Imperial Archangel
    Name of Preference: Lucious
    Race: Epicanthix
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Barely but only enough to where it affects his close ranged battle skills
    Faction: Empire
    Rank: Commander

    Apparel: Black Clone Commando Armor and a Black Commando Helm with demon horns on it.
    Weapons: A modified Echani vibroblades and two blaster pistols

    Facial Appearance: Slightly muscular but wiry, has a horizontal scar on his forehead, and a vertical scar on his left eye
    Quirks: What annoys him the most are arrogant underlings who think they are better than they are, and people who leave others behind.
    Personality: Merciless but won?t leave an ally behind unless it?s necessary, otherwise he will pull them with him. If he sees no point in them being with him then he kills them or leaves them behind.
    History: Matthias was at one point a bounty hunter who worked with a large ebranite before and during the war. Every now and then he would get requests from the separatists to hunt certain people down that were either informants for the republic or spies. Very rarely would he get a request to fight a jedi knight and if he ever did he knew it would be suicide to fight them then. So he would always reject the request. As the jedi knight Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and brought about the jedi purge many bounty hunters were hired to train the clone for different hunting tactics and turn them into effective jedi hunting and killing machines. Both Matthias and his friend were recruited to hunt jedi and train the imperial stormtroopers to attack any resistance.

    Name: Illra Hardskin
    Alias: Rapid-fire
    Name of Preference: Rapid-fire
    Race: Ebranite
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Negative
    Faction: Empire
    Rank: Commander

    Apparel: Echani Heavy Armor
    Weapons: Sith Disruptor(upper left), Ion Pistol (upper right), Charric (middle), Repeating Carbine Blaster

    Facial Appearance: Very Muscular, slow on flat planes but on mountain sides is extremely able to climb any mountain at a rapid pace.
    Quirks: While waiting he has a bad habit of cleaning his blasters, what sets him off is flash grenades and smoke grenades going off prematurely.
    Personality: 100% ruthless and evil will leave everyone behind for the sake of the mission, and will kill everyone who gets in his way.
    History: Illra was also a bounty hunter who was hired by the separatists on several occasions. When they him he usually suggested he be put with Matthias so he could be at his full effectiveness. They did do so and he was the heavy weaponry while Matthias did most of the close ranged combat. Thus making them an effective pair against many bounties. In time as Anakin turned to the darkside he was put in the imperial service to train the heavy artillery units to effectively use their weapons.
  20. yipeekayyay

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    Dec 18, 2007
    OOC: Yoooo, Radiii. Wazzuuuuup! [face_peace]
  21. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Aug 22, 2008
    GM OOC: I decided to get another sith in here.

    You two are gonig to have a competition over who is The Most Feared person in the Galaxy, besides Vader and Sidious.

    Also Jedi, and Sith spots are CLOSED.

    * - Closed Factions

    -=~ Dramatis Personae ~=-

    [blockquote][li]Koth Hudorra; Jedi Master (Bothan Male); Jedi Rogue*[/li]
    [li]Kaldrim Dremos; Jedi Knight (Human Male); Jedi Rogue*[/li]
    [li]Rune Eisahn; Jedi Master (Human Male); Jedi Rogue*[/li]
    [li]Risuu Thaelar; 'Professional Opportunist' (Shi'ido Female); Independant[/li]
    [li]Ilvan Fyr; Former Republic Commander (Human Male); Whiplash[/li]
    [li]Liam Vose; Dark Jedi (Kiffar Male); Sith Order* <> Galactic Empire[/li]
    [li]Kan Fell; ; Smuggler Operations Crime boss (Human Male); Idependant[/li]
    [li]Rowvv; Jedi Knight (Togorian Male); Jedi Rogue*[/li]
    [li]Dixon Reglia; Jedi Master (Human Male); Jedi Rogue*[/li]
    [li]Virgil Deltaro; Dark Jedi <> Imperial Operative (Human Male); Sith Order* <> Galactic Empire[/li]
    [li]Matthias Lucious; Imperial Commander (Epicanthix Male); Empire[/li]
    [li]Illra Hardskin; Imperial Commander (Ebranite Male); Empire[/li][/blockquote]

  22. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Update ^

    Also this is for all Independant, Freelance.

    Let me know what you want for your character. Please do this in PM. If you dont want a opening post, you can do it yourself. Either that or send me a PM.
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    GM Approved

    Name: Lowtharr
    Alias: "Honored Child"
    Name of Preference: Lowtharr, Tharr
    Race: Wookiee
    Age: Around 210
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Nope
    Faction: Rebels
    Rank: Solider/Berserker

    Apparel: Weapon bandoleer that criss crosses over chest with an amulet over the right shoulder in remembrance of his wife.
    Weapons: Bowcaster, a pair of ryyk blades sheaved at his sides

    Facial Appearance: He has a rather amiable appearance for a Wookiee with a high brow and blue eyes. A bald spot is also visible above his left eye, indicating a wound he suffered while under Imperial rule. His head is covered in light brown hair, matching the rest of his body.
    Quirks: Does not tolerate slavery on any level and will go to extremes to prevent other beings from meeting the same fate he once had to endure. He also doesn't like waiting and will rush into things before thinking them through.
    Personality: Like many in the Wookiee race, Tharr is known for his honor but in the midst of battle, he is a force to be reckoned with. His calm and friendly demeanor quickly dissipates and he is transformed into a fierce warrior.
    History: Lowtharr lived a normal life with a wife and cub up until the Separatists invaded Kashyyyk and brought the Clone Wars to the Wookiee homeworld. Already well versed in the ways of a warrior, Tharr was quick to join the fight to defend his home. It appeared as if they would be victorious until Order 66 rained on their plans. Many Wookiees, including Tharr, were enslaved by the newly appointed Galactic Empire that day while many others were killed. In the death count were Tharr's wife and cub.

    In the proceeding months following the battle on Kashyyyk, Tharr endured harsh treatment at the hands of Imperial stormtroopers while the death of his family continued to burden him. Until one day, that pent up anger was released. Tharr turned on his captors and escaped from his short life of slavery with only a small reminder - a scar above his left eye where an officer's vibroblade found its mark.

    To avenge the death of his family and fellow Wookiees at the hands of the Empire, Tharr immediately made it his mission to seek out the growing band of rebels and offer his assistance where needed.
  24. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Gm Approved.

    Name: Zen
    Alias: N/A
    Name of Preference: Zen
    Race: Yuzzem
    Age: 185
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: No
    Faction: Independent
    Rank: Soldier/Brawler

    Apparel: A thick belt.
    Weapons: Two datadaggers.

    Facial Appearance: Zen?s snout is longer than most of his species and it is layered with pink scars. The fur covering his entire body is an unblemished white. Zen has big black eyes.
    Quirks: Zen leaps headlong into other?s problems. He is too compassionate for his own good. He is easily distracted and has serious issues with control.
    Personality: Despite an intimidating appearance, Zen is kind in most situations. He suffers from intense blood wrath and the extent of his rage often overshadows that of most Wookiees. Once arrogant, Zen is now very modest about his physical prowess, only displaying his abilities in desperate circumstances.
    History: Zen was a great fighter on his home planet. In his youth, he fought in tournaments displaying tremendous strength and endurance. The speed at which he can sprint on even ground, is ridiculous for his 100 inch frame. With no obstacles, Zen is capable of running 48 kilometers per hour. In order to attain his greatest speeds, Zen drops to all fours to run.

    When the Empire invaded his home world seeking slaves for their mines, Zen lead a large brunt of the resistance. Without weapons it took hours for the stormtroopers to sufficiently stun the Yuzzem. Zen eliminated 80 of his enemies and killed 20, taking more than a dozen stun bolts before dropping.

    Zen was prized for his size and taken as a pet by an overzealous Admiral. Zen was a passive pet for the most part. He took whippings as fly swats and was unaffected by all verbal abuse. The Admiral eventually grew tired of his plaything and ordered him to be sent to the spice mines of Kessel.

    Zen?s handlers underestimated his strength, and he was able to escape and board a merchant vessel. The merchant took pity on Zen, teaching him the beginnings of Galactic Basic and dropping him in the under levels of Coruscant.
  25. Hero_Of_The_Force

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    Welcome one and all Rebels and Imperials! I am proud to say that this RPG is now open.

    I hope we can all have a good experience with the game.

    I now declare ?-=~ Coruscant Night ~=- Jedi Twilight? Open!

    Color Codes for posts-

    Jedi <> Whiplash | Sith <> Empire | Independant | NPC |

    I have one thing to tell you all. Unless you are dealing with Vader/Sidious you won?t need a GM to respond to your post. You are going to paired with someone until further notice. The next IC after your or Above you will be your Partner. Partners will be shown by this-

    IC: Kaldrim Dremos
    Location: Coruscant Streets

    The young Jedi Knight stood at the bottom levels of Coruscant. It was muggy and filled with scum from all corners of the Galaxy. Kaldrim walked out of the archway he was standing under. The rain that fell from the sky hit the upper levels, what missed the giant platforms turned into acid rain as the drops of water went through the muck, and muggy air.

    Kaldrim tried to stay out in the open, who knows what?s lurking in the under levels. An Imperial scout could be searching for a Jedi right now.

    Kal ran down stairs and got under a tarp. The thought of running and hiding bothered him. He knew the empire would go to any costs of hunting down and uproots any Jedi. Then a disturbance came when he heard the faint sound of boots running, which only meant? Storm Troopers.

    Kal started running to find somewhere to hide and seek shelter. It was either that or have an Imperial squad slaughtering him.

    One thing was for sure Kaldrim, or any other Jedi, would not give up without a fight.

    IC: Rwovv
    Location: Coruscant Streets

    Rowvv had always been knowledgeable and strong with the force. He had grown with Mandalorian traits, plus his fierce quirks made him a difficult opponent. If the Empire were to cross him, the battle would be tense.

    Kad happened to see a Force Sensitive running to hiding, and seeing as the Jedi population was at a ground breaking low does he have a choice not to join with him?

    Kad then heard the marching of Imperial Scouts coming this way. The reason of the other guy running away from that direction. Kad followed with all his speed he caught up to the person fleeing from the scene.

    Kad quickly saw an abandoned store with blacked out windows, an ideal hideout. With a quick jerk Rowvv and the runner darted through an open door. He quickly shut it and got on his feet drawing his Lightsaber hiding in the shadows.

    IC: Dixon Reglia
    Location: Coruscant Streets

    Dixon happened to be walking toward a deserted building he had no other place to go to. He needed a way to make money, and he couldn?t let anyone find out who or what he was. Dixon poked his head into the building to see nothing, nothing but dust.

    He entered and dusted off a seat, then sat down. The Jedi put his hands in his head and thought for a few seconds.

    Next thing he knows is two people barge in. Dixon jumps to his feet and draws his Lightsaber, quickly putting it away when he saw Stormtroopers coming this way. Dixon got at the corner and looked at a Tiger looking Creature holding a Cylinder object.

    The two looked like they were hiding from those troopers.

    Could they possibly be Jedi?

    Tag: Rowvv, Kaldrim, Dixon


    IC: Rune Eisahn
    Location: Whiplash Underground Base

    Rune silently walked up to his old mentor Koth Hudorra. Rune had been Koth?s apprentice in the times of the Old Republic. Everything was in Darkness, and it only declined. Rune came up to his old master and looked at him.

    They were both in the underground Whiplash base on southern Coruscant. They currently were waiting for news from the leader of Whiplash, Koth.

    ?They are waiting for your order Master?? Rune smiled slightly waiting for his old friend?s reply.

    He looked around the room; it looked like a older run down version of the Jedi Cou
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