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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Hero_Of_The_Force, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    IC Dix

    Dix whirled around as he saw the storm troopers approach the building. He tentatively pulled out his lightsaber again and glanced at the wolf who was crouched behind a table. Dix slowly walked to the door and sent a high frequency force message to the troopers as they passed by a building they stopped. He hoped that he had influenced them to go the other direction. They didn't they turned slowly and walked back to the building.

    "Blast." Dix muttered he realized an initiative he had read earlier. Clones were not as subceptible to force tricks as they used too. Dix slowly backed up and tossed his saber from hand to hand as they approached. He put his lightsaber away and pulled out his datapad. He quickly used it's hacking ability to send a message to the clone's comlink. If it worked they would be alerted that there was an emergecy in sector 11. The sector Dix was in was sector 5. He watched anxiously to see if the clones would fall for the trick.

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  2. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Virgil Deltaro
    Aboard Darth Vader's vessel

    As Lord Vader announced him, Virgil stepped forward out of the deep shadows. His black tactical robes flowed around him. He had forgone his normal robe bottoms for some simple pants that tucked into his boots and a Mandalorian Kama that looked new, freshly cleaned. It was one of the rare occasions that the young Epicanthix man wore his hood up. It only added to his mystique and character while in front of his Master.

    As he came forward, Virgil went smoothly down to a knee and bowed his head as his hand went out to gently touch the ground before Vader's feet. His eyes rose slowly to meet his Masters masked face.

    ?Rise young Virgil?

    He did as bidden and rose equally as smoothly to his feet once more. Virgil's hands immediately went to clasp behind his back as his head was still slightly bowed before Vader. He reached out with his senses and took in his new companions with the Force. He felt confidence radiating from both of them.

    Such feelings are easy when one has 20 soldiers rushing before them in battle.. He mused to himself.

    He didn't know what to really make of the two upon first glance but he wasn't overly impressed. He would see if they survived when they went against Jedi. The troops would be nothing but fodder, regardless of their numbers. Jedi were resourceful. Master tacticians. And the ones that this small group was going after was one of the best. Even Piell himself would prove a handful. But they would be victorious in the end.

    Because Lord Vader wished it so.

    Virgil bowed his head deep once more to Vader.

    ?I will not fail you Master...I shall return when I have the lightsaber of Even Piell, My Lord.?

    He turned and stopped to the side of the two commanders. Virgil's head cocked slightly to the side, but never did they see his true facial features under that black hood. His voice came low and measured.

    ?Let's go. Try not to slow me down or I will go on without you...?

    It would be a difficult task for Virgil. He was the only real threat to the Jedi they were after at this point. The soldiers, a simple distraction.

    He let his mind race 10 steps ahead of his feet. Planning possible outcomes and avenues of attack and surprise. A smirk met his lips as he exited the door.

    The soldiers would do their part as a distraction....

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  3. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Darth Vader

    Darth Vader nodded slowly as he used the Force to hurtle his apprentice?s Lightsaber into his hands. Darth Vader inspected it carefully and then threw it back. Vader breathed deeply looking through the black glass eyeholes.

    I?d hate to have to get rid of him? Only if he follows his orders will he survive... Vader thought to himself.

    Vader took a deep breath then started to talk.

    ?I want every stone unturned when you arrive. Let no Jedi survive, show no Mercy Virgil?? Vader wheezed pointing at his apprentice, ?I expect you to give me an update of your status while you are eon your mission.?

    Vader walked out of the deck as his pitch black cape flowed while he walked out. He looked behind him for a moment and then started to breathe deeply.

    ?Your ship is ready in the main hangar?? Vader said as he breathed out, as he let the door close behind him and Vader left.

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  4. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Virgil Deltaro
    Aboard Darth Vader's vessel
    Virgil stopped suddenly before the door as his lightsaber was yanked from his belt. The only person in the room capable of the feat without their hands was Vader and so Virgil did not retaliate. Normally if anyone touched his lightsaber they would die a most gruesome death. It was not a toy. Nor was it hanging from his hip to be an object of scrutiny.

    Maybe it was un-Sith-like to hold attachment to an object, but Virgil's lightsaber was his life. He found it to be the perfect incarnation of his rage in battle. It meant something to him. A symbol of strength for the wielder to see that crimson blade ignite and pass smoothly through his opponent. The finesse required to wield a weapon as deadly as a lightsaber was huge and Virgil was one of those who has only burned himself with his lightsaber twice. Once a person felt the damage that their own weapons inflicted against themselves, they truly understood the nature of the thing. The first time had been an accident while practicing a kata in front of the Emperor. His blade had slipped from his grasp and seared his arm lightly. It definitely hurt. But did no permenent damage. Worse than the lightsaber burn, Virgil had received a rather nasty scar along his chest due to the torrent of Force lightning he received for his blunder. Needless to say, from that day, Virgil had never dropped his blade again. It is said sometimes that pain is the greatest teacher that one can have.

    The second time had been self inflicted. He burned himself willingly with the blade to understand it's purpose. It taught him to never draw the weapon unless he was going to use it. He had since drawn it many times and no one who saw the blade besides his fellow Force and lightsaber users had ever walked away with the knowledge of so much as the color of the beam.

    Virgil was a force to be reckoned with in many aspects. He wasn't on Vaders level. But he would be soon. He would have to wait to challenge his Master for supremacy. He had never wanted to destroy his Master, but the way of the Sith required him to. Eventually he would stand before the Emperor with his blade held high, as was his destiny. For if he did not challenge Vader for his mantle. The Dark Lord would likely kill him for weakness. There was no room for weakness within the Sith. Virgil knew this as a duracrete fact. And yet he found his inners squirming with the disappearance of his precious lightsaber.

    I just want my lightsaber back..... That is all.. Why doesn't he just give it back?!

    He dared not turn to see what Vader was doing with his blade. But an instant later he felt it spinning through the air at his back as Vader returned it to him. Instinct took over rather than skill. His hand shot out behind him and caught the hilt without looking. He let the momentum of the hilt continue spinning across his palm before he expertly snapped the hilt back into the holster belt on his thigh. An inaudible sigh of relief escaped him as it's weight reassured him back where it belonged.

    ?Your ship is ready in the main hangar??

    Virgil dipped his head one last time and was about to respond with his back to Lord Vader when his ear ticked instinctively. His head rose quickly and cocked to the side as if someone had whispered something harsh into his ear. His senses were going off in warning.

    Someone had just used the Force in an Overt fashion. At this very moment, they were very close to Coruscant. It had to be coming from there. A smile cracked over Virgil's handsome, yet hidden features.

    All the better, it is where we were going in the first place.

    He turned to the commanders once again and spoke quickly in a harsh tone.

    ?Keep up!?

    Virgil sprinted down and out of the room and headed to the hangar, using the most direct route possible. Sitting still in the Hangar was his ship. Matte black in color with the same crimson Imperial insignia that he wore on his biceps, sat an old but heavily modified Delta-7 Aethersprite. The former ve
  5. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008

    Dix allowed himself a sigh of relief as the clones passed them. For some strange reason it had been hard to take on clones these days. Their armor was more efficient so it was harder to take them down. Dix glanced at Rwov and Kaldrin.

    "Come with me!" He hissed as he said this he felt a dark turn in the force. He realized that a dark jedi or force user was tracking them! Dix knew from expereince that he should wait for the dark jedi rather than run. Running would be futile unless they could find a way off planet. Dix slowly backed deeper into the ware house as he did he drew his lightsaber.

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  6. yipeekayyay

    yipeekayyay Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 18, 2007
    Liam Vosa
    -~- Anonymous Imperial Warehouse; battleground


    And down he went. Trucido's staff-saber had previously clashed with either end of the fool's electrostaff before a quick jutting of his wrist ended his life, horizontally searing his chest in half. Under these somewhat grueling and enigmatic circumstances, the choice of actually brandishing both ends of his blade seemed as appropriate as breathing to save oneself.

    Several stray blaster shots showered past Trucido as he briefly stood over the motionless body, eyes and senses scanning the vicinity through the use of the Force. His vision met with that of a small group of advancing, and apparently PO'd Rebel troopers. And of all things, a damned Wookiee followed with them, rampaging as his mighty claws met the faceless skulls of Imperial soldiers. They'd all be quick to dispose of with minimal effort, but their onslaught was proving to be rather irritating.

    Trucido stood straight from his one-handed, snake-like posture, disengaging his weapon and holstering it before making a quick sprint for one side of the Warehouse. With a thrust of his open palms, the man had literally Force-pushed himself high off the ground, landing on the upper levels of the Warehouse seconds later. Now elevation was on his side.

    Making his way across the high rafters within with unopposed finesse, the fiendish Kiffar spotted the squad as they rampantly moved onward, clearing out section after section in a classic blitzkrieg formation. A voracious grin grew over his lips as he stretched both arms out, eyes shut in deep concentration.

    Trucido used his senses to find the space where the large Wookiee's ribcage had been, and with the animal deeply distracted with the going-ons below, he crushed it deeply into his major organs moments later. With a resonating set of sickly pops, the loud walking-carpet fell limply, blood draining from every orifice and seeping into his thick chocolate fur, his form visibly misshapen. The beast had been slain in a most unexpected fashion.

    This would surely grasp the attention of the remaining Rebels, and with their backs turned and their spirits temporarily crushed, Trucido would leap down to their level with nimble feet, a single blade of his saber igniting as he aimed to impale the heart of the group's supposed leader through his slimy back. The rest would soon follow.

    All in a day's work, Master...

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  7. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC- Kan Fell

    "Report, Commander." Kan said to his junior officer.

    "Sir, all sectors reporting green, we just about ready to begin the operation."

    "Good, yes this is very good, the Empire wont be able to defend three fronts at once, even more so if Whiplash is busy stirring up trouble. We simply run in grab a couple ships and split, piece of cake." Kan said, reasurring his junior.

    "Yes, Sir, but doesn't this just make us join Whiplash, Sir?" Commander Marade asked.

    "We've been through this already, I will remain nuetral, I have not attacked Whiplash because of the fact they do not have the materials to replace what we take. But trust me Commander, their time will come."Kan spoke loudly to his crew, but then in a whisper he said, "Then I will be the one in power, and I will be the new Emperor."

    Captain Fell whatched as the battle raged on outside his bridge view port. An enemy fighter crossed in front of him, making him jump, but shortly after that it was blown away by one of his Dreadnaughts 23 turbolaser batteries. [color=green]"An army, an army of clones, willing to attack a Capital ship with one fighter, all without hesitation, all without any concern for personnel saftey, amazing." [/color] Kan thought to himself, and then his bridge door opened [color=green]"Yes Commander, what is it."[/color]

    [color=blue]"Sir we have a problem, a small encription got through the jamming, its an alert, Sir they have called Lord V...Vader."[/color]

    [color=green]"Well then Commander, Report how many ships did we get."[/color]

    [color=blue]"Two medium sized, warships, running skeleton crew Sir, I suggest highly we leave now before , He shows up."[/color]

    [color=green]"Very well Commander, tell our forces to jump to Yavin 4 but to put oh say, three jumps between before reaching Yavin."[/color]

    [color=blue]"Yes, Sir"[/color]

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  8. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kaldrim Dremos

    Kaldrim looked at the younger more impetuous Jedi that was hiding with them. "It isn't safe to stay here." he whispered to the others. "For all we know those Stormies could be flanking this position, and that disturbance you felt could very well burst through that door and press us against the wall. I don't know about you two but I may very well be the only ordained Knight in this room." Kaldrim said. "Our only hope to get is to get away as soon as posible. I have a fighter concealed roughly twenty meters north of here in a trash heep, a trash barge will be here in a few minutes, if we move fast enough we can use it as cover and get out of here. It'll be cramped but we should be able to squeeze in. But we need to move quietly and swiftly, or else I have little doubt that we won't be caught and executed on sight." he added.

    He then looked around at the other Force sensitives around him. "But first introductions, personally I don't remember a single one of you, I'm Kaldrim Dremos. I've been around since before the Clone Wars and am probably your only hope of getting off this planet and to somewhere safe. Probably near the Unnown Regions, somewhere where we'll not be as easily detected." he added looking over to the Jedi who had just recently used the Force in vain to distract the troopers. "But we can't use the Force to conceal our escape, we'll need to move as quietly as we can naturally, if we use the Force we'll be detected all the faster." he added quietly.

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  9. TheBlueSaber

    TheBlueSaber Jedi Youngling

    Sep 30, 2008
    IC: Kad Rowwv

    Pensively, Kad had placed the bottom of his head in the palm of his hand. "You mean to say, you two haven't yet learned to conceal yourself through the Force? This is grave news my new friends, grave news indeed. I myself haven't mastered the technique, and I have studied it for many years." The Togorian Jedi sighed looking towards the two before him. "Perhaps we shouldn't have been so hasty to get rid of those Stormtroopers. I don't blame you though, the situation could be worse if you hadn't. And I am Kad, Togorian Jedi." Peeking over, he checked to see if the the Stormtroopers had moved along. That was good news at least for the time being. "We aren't safe, that is true, but running may not be the answer my friends. We must regain strength to resist the upcoming events, but running when we can easily be sensed through the Force... this will be a difficult task."

    "This disturbance in the Force, I can sense it too. It is strong, but not the strongest I've ever sensed. Vader is not coming after us... more like an Apprentice. The kind the Sith use for a short while to deal with a few Jedi and then dispose of. Staying behind to meet head on would only work if...we weren't sitting here on Coruscant of course." Kad stood and wandered over across the room, stealthy to check if the coast was clear. "This dark presence will be arriving sometime soon. I will stay behind and battle it if I must. I don't doubt this disturbance will cause trouble in the future. Trouble that may be resolved before it begins. Sith on Coruscant, will be horrible for those who are fighting back...and there are some. Leave if you must. I don't think I will be abandoning the planet I have come to call my homeworld anytime soon." Kad adjusted his clothing to make him seem more civilian-like so he could blend in with the crowd, and glanced over to his fellow Jedi. Most likely both Jedi Knights, like himself, or maybe even Masters. Kad sighed. If he weren't in the predicament he was in now, he too would be a Jedi Master. But most of the Jedi Order was murdered only days before he was to become a Jedi Master. On Togoria, the men of his species are ruthless hunters. He would not be the Togorian that became hunted. But Kad was afraid...that he already had.

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  10. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Even Piell, Tek Ji?Ked, Shaak Ti, Qwazawa

    Even Piell ran quickly and swiftly through the small allies, he was followed closly by his three comrades. Even Piell was a Male Lannik Jedi Master, Tek Ji?Ked a Male Zabrak Jedi General, Shaak Ti a female Jedi master. Then there was Qwazawa he a Male Kilmaulsi, he was a very disobedient Jedi unlike the others in the group, but that might lead to his downfall.

    Even gestured his hand for everyone to stop, as he threw himself against a wall. He heard the marching of Stormtroopers. He looked around the corner to see six Troopers coming their way. Even hopped on a small ledge and used it to stay on high ground. Everyone followed, except Qwazawa; he ran out and used the force to fling a single troop into a fruit seller?s cart. The other five aimed sending bolts flying toward Qwazawa. He dodged them with a few flicks of his Lightsaber then whipped off the heads of two troopers. Unfortunately he was too cocky and a Stormtrooper shot him and whacked the Jedi on the head.

    Even took the chance of being put to death by jumping out of the shadows igniting his Lightsaber. He blocked every blaster bolt and swung them back to meet the face of the Stormtroopers. He then cut down every Stormtrooper and pushed their bodies into an open ally. Even glared at Qwazawa with anger. Shaak Ti, and Tek walked out and both shaking their heads in disapproval.

    ?Why did you do that?? Even asked followed by Master Shaak Ti, ?You- We could have been killed!?

    ?Why do you act so rash? Tek said waving his finger at the Kilmaulsi.

    ?I?m sorry masters?? Qwazawa sighed.

    ?Words don?t show anything, Actions do. Especially in these times?? Shaak Ti snapped back.

    ?Enough of this?? Even started, ?We must leave the area? I sense a disturbance. Plus people are started to gather? Next thing we need is the Empire breathing down our backs??

    Everyone agreed with a nod of the head as they ran off. Even felt a Dark presence drawing closer and closer toward them, it felt as though it was coming in all directions. It was powerful, it was death, it was a Sith. The presence was surely a Dark Jedi, but not as powerful like the Dark Lord or his master. It felt different; it was an Acolyte of the Dark Side.

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    OOC: As you can see Shaak Ti must survive. Also no other Jedi player?s reply to this post. Rade kill only two. I?ve spoke to you about this earlier.
  11. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    ooc: hey i know this is on short notice but im most likely not going to be able to post for a while >.< i gots homecoming tomorrow(Saturday) night and work tomorrow(Saturday)morning with only an hour and thirty minutes to get ready for homecoming (work first of course :p) then sunday i gots church and then i gota write a 300 word essay about a made up ending for The Truman Show that my teacher had us watch the last 3 days. so yea sorry for this being short notice but this is just kind of a heads up. That and monday and tuesday i might be loads busy too with two projects. so yea. sorry again :( nighty nights.
  12. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kaldrim Dremos

    "Force Concealment would be little use against a Force Sensitive, It may conceal us for a while but it won't be enough to protect us for long. We will be detected and when that happens we'll be hard pressed to escape. I myself barely escaped the attack on the Temple, if it hadn't been for the added security measures we'd taken in those last few months I'd have been sliced apart by Vader himself." Kaldrim said. "Any Force use could easily attract Imperial attraction. In fact..." Kaldrim said with a shiver. "Sorry, this disturbance is getting to me, as I was saying if we stay here we'll be getting into even more trouble. Coruscant is writhing with Imperial troops and Jedi sniffers, it doesn't matter if we stay and hide, we stay it's only a matter of time before we're found...and executed." he added, memories of all of the fallen Jedi at the temple worming their way into his mind, tears beginning to pour out of his eyes.

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  13. TheBlueSaber

    TheBlueSaber Jedi Youngling

    Sep 30, 2008
    IC: Kad

    Kad sighed and looked over towards the Human Jedi. "And that is where you are wrong. The whole purpose of Force Concealment is to mask your Force Alignment or conceal yourself through the force towards other Force Sensitives. That is why you would do it seeing as an every day civilian wouldn't be able to sense you are a Jedi. And when you study it, its users, and train for it, it is a grand tool especially during these times. My Master was impressed with my knowledge of the Force, but I was not allowed the privilege of becoming a Jedi Master, as this whole situation began days before I was to become one." Kad made eye contact with the Human. Was it fear he sensed in this one? Or did he just care for the well being of others? However, the Jedi was right that the concealment may not hide him for long, but Kad knew of others who were doing the same as him, others who believed they could hide themselves for as long as they wanted. And Coruscant would help with the process, the mass population would help to escape detection. The human Jedi, who had introduced himself as Kaldrim, had now begun to cry. Was he able to control his emotions? If not, the next few years would be a harsh time for him as it was be extremely difficult to hide. But these times were excruciating, what with the only "family" Jedi really have, each other, going extinct. "It may not matter if we run. It then too would only be a matter of time before we are found and executed. Running may postpone that fate, or it may bring it to us even faster. I have made my decision, and I will stay behind. I will try to find any other Jedi or anyone resisting this...Empire. If you chose to leave though, I will aid you however I can." Kad's eye focused on the two Jedi before he spoke up. "The near," Kad muttered before he nodded at the two, and made his way out of the cover of the building as if telling them to make their decision... and make it fast.

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  14. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Virgil Deltaro

    Virgil was breaking many traveling laws on Coruscant with his decent. He plowed down through the skylanes, dodging and weaving, going straight down like a killer projectile.

    He didn't care about the laws though. With his security clearance badge, if anyone dared to stop him he could bipass any security precautions that they tried to take with him and immediately kill them afterwards. Laws were nothing to this man. His Master made the laws around here.

    Virgil had much more pressing issues to take care of though. He was concentrating on where he had felt the use of the Force earlier. It was gone of course, as it was a very bad idea to use it on a planet filled with people that could detect it. The Jedi would only be aware of Vader and the Emperor as the most obvious, naturally. But they would not know that both men were not on planet. They would simply detect a dark signature coming towards them. And Virgil would not have it any other way.

    He brought his ship down so close to the ground that it narrowly fit between two rows of buildings. It was a long street, one which he could not easily see the end. But it was down here that he had felt the disturbance. They were here. He knew it. One of these many many buildings housed his natural enemy. How many, he was unsure. But he was sure they were there.

    Virgil hit the throttle to the max and blew past the buildings so fast that the windows exploded in unison behind him. He was searching his feelings for the unique signature of fear that would bring him to his enemy. The other citizens living in the buildings clouded his senses with their own fear. But he was looking for something special. The Jedi would would be scared when they found out he was there, but he would also feel a calm resolve to do something about it as well.

    The Dark Sider had to pull up rapidly as his senses were assaulted by another Force usage. He looked around as if he could see the spot from the air. He couldn't of course. But habit prevented him from stopping. His senses locked down on the spot and he looked from that area back to the alley he had thought they had been. They could not have moved that quickly. Was there another Jedi exposing himself on the same day as the other? It almost made Virgil laugh. It was much to early for an uprising. No matter though, all of them would be dealt with in time. He had a solid lead now. The ones he had been tracking before had been given a pass. This time.

    He boosted in the opposite direction and made all speed to the area he felt the Force. He was close but could feel multiple individuals in the vicinity. As quickly as he had felt the group, they disappeared. Many lives were extinguished quickly. There were definitely Jedi around. It had probably been a squad of Stormtroopers.

    Finally he was in range. His scanners picked up four individuals on the ground. As he had guessed, a group of smoking plastoid corpses lay strewn about the area as stormtroopers lined the ground. His scope picked up one Togruta, one Kilmaulsi, a Zabrak and a Lannik.

    Master Piell

    Virgil's eyes lit up as he found his target rather easily. Vader would be pleased when he returned. If he returned that is. Four on one was long odds for even Virgil. If his guess of the Togruta was as good as his knowledge of the Lannik, then he assumed it was the renegade Jedi Master Shaak Ti. He was skilled, but not skilled enough to take on 2, possibly three Jedi Masters. Which meant that he would have to separate and outsmart them.

    Before they had a chance to defend themselves, Virgil squeezed the trigger on his control yoke, sending green energy blasts soaring at the group of outcasts. Their senses allowed them to dodge out of the way, but the blasts themselves caused all the distraction that Virgil would ever need. The ground ripped and exploded into flame and debris. Which the Jedi were busy dodging and were barely concentrating on where the blast had come from.

    Virgil lined up the ship with the Zabrak and popped his canopy. The sheep veered aw
  15. Hero_Of_The_Force

    Hero_Of_The_Force Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 22, 2008
    IC: Shaak Ti, Tek Ji?Ked, Qwazawa, Even Piell. Whiplash Squadron, Troops: Leo, and Warn.

    Shaak Ti pushed off her wound and ran to her still living companions. Tek happened to revive better than Qwazawa. The Kilmaulsi got to his feet and ran at the Sith to help Even. He ignited his Lightsaber and locked blades with the dark Jedi. Shaak Ti was stopped from going after him by her comrade Tek. Then pulled her away from the battle.

    Shaak Ti let out tears to know that a Jedi Master and Knight would be killed and she couldn't help it. Tek was very in the moment he didn?t let any feelings get to him. Out of the shadows two people pulled them away to the Whiplash Fort. They took off their helmets, and they made sure no Stormtroopers followed. Tek and Shaak Ti got to their feet and glared at the troops.

    ?Who are you?? Tek and Shaak Ti said in unison.

    ?Whiplash Troopers, we have no time to chat follow us!? The Troops said running off into the darkness.

    Tek started running to see Shaak Ti was bleeding. She had hit a sharp piece of metal that cut her deeply. Tek picked her up and followed the troops. They got to a small Whiplash fort. He laid the Jedi Master on the bed, they had ready for emergency medical assistance.

    Leo and Warn walked over to them. The Troops slightly bowed, and ordered a Medical Droid to aid the Jedi Master.. The two troops pulled Tek over.

    ?We can cover you two so that you can get to the docking bay? You?ll have clear passage off Coruscant? We have pilots locked and loaded. They will get her to a safe location Master Jedi.? Leo explained.

    ?What of me trooper?? Tek asked catching that he still had quirks from the Clone Wars.

    ?We want you to help us against the Empire, with the Rebels of Whiplash.? Warn answered.

    ?Hold off the Sith? and I?ll get her to the pad.?

    With that Tek picked her up and stood behind ten troops and ran out into the streets. They were cleared and desolate. The screams of civilians could no longer be heard. Tek paid no attention to anything except Landing pad, which was a distant view. As he ran through allies he could her screams and blasters firing rapidly. Stormtroopers had come to back up Virgil. More Whiplash troops rolled out of the ally and started shooting.

    Tek finally reached the Landing pad and handed Shaak Ti to the pilots. He bowed at Shaak Ti who smiled gently as she was lifted into a cruiser. Tek then was confronted by Warn who leaded him to a speeder that brought him to the Whiplash main base. It didn?t matter if the troops lost their lives, the only thing that mattered is that the Jedi Survive.

    Tag: Virgil

  16. RuneEisahn

    RuneEisahn Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 10, 2008
    IC:Rune Eisahn

    Rune watced as his former master addressed the commanders. He watched the transports go off, then turned his head towards the Commander. "So, Master, do I have a mission?" Rune asked. He fiddled with his blaster, then patting hs lightsaber in his pocket.

  17. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Lowtharr
    Battle at the Imperial Warehouse

    Even over the din of battle, the sickening crunch could be heard. Tharr hardly had to shift his position to see the hairy form of his kin fall to the ground, lifeless. His body was twisted in such a way that was unnatural for a Wookiee. Someone or something had magically ended his life and Tharr did not like the supernatural. His natural reaction was to burst forth and "wookienate," as the humans put it, the remaining Imperial forces to avenge his comrade's death, but then he remembered his place. They were a team and it had been bad enough that Tharr's own fire had alerted the base of their presence. If anything, it was his duty to compensate for that blunder and redeem himself in the eyes of the Whiplash. They were his new 'family' and he did not want to lose them as he did his mate and cub.

    Being careful to keep his anger in check, Tharr slung the strap of his bowcaster over his shoulder and turned to the Commander, slowly loosening the twin ryyk blades at his sides. Hopefully the human had a keen eye and saw the events as he did, but you could never tell. Humans were funny like that. Not only were their language skills limited, which caused Tharr to resort to hand gestures and other body language, he found that as a whole, they were quite stubborn. This exchange should prove to be interesting.

    Tharr allowed a low rumble to escape his throat to grab the hairless one's attention and pointed the hilt of his first blade in the direction of the fallen. When he was sure the human was listening, he made a slow circular motion with his wrist, indicating the area around them and the mystery it held. Then suddenly, he brought the two blades together in a quick slicing motion to represent his fellow Wook's sudden death. It roughly translated to, 'The area is cursed and some sort of dark magic has quickly and efficiently killed our comrades. We have to move.'

    Not waiting to see whether the human had successfully pieced it all together, Tharr slid the datapad containing the blueprints securely into his bandoleer pouch and proceeded to inch along the wall they were hiding behind. Both blades were firmly clenched within his fists now, glistening in the dim light and ready to strike at ghosts and hard-shells alike. It was time to hunt.

    TAG: Ilvan Fyr, Liam, Others
  18. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    GM approved

    Name: Skarlin DeShadaa
    Alias: Spatz
    Name of Preference: Skarz, or Spatz
    Race: Squib
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Faction: Independant
    Rank: Smuggler, Salvager, Rogue Jedi(<--Few skills) and part time Bounty Hunter.

    Weapons: Backhand lightsaber (Black crystal <--Rare), DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, and a DC-17m

    Quirks: Generally fiddles with random electronics when bored or waiting. Usually angered through violence (Then again who isn't?) and also if his ship is insulted for being "out of date" or "a bucket of bolts" and other related insults.

    Personality: Generally kind and caring, but has a high tendency to be ruthless in combat, over doing every kill. This and the fact that he's a Squib so he's a great haggler, making heavily dangerous in marketing.

    History: Born and raised on tatooine, Skarlin has a much better accent then that of his parents, making haggling for him easier. During his upbringing he was taught the jawa trade language, and thus has contacts that many people don't. This and the fact that his father had been a jedi, and trained him in the ways of the force, but had hoped that he could get a proper master. Unfortunatly by age 13, order 66 had been executed, so this dream was going to go unconfronted. At age 14 his parents began bringing him everywhere on their YT-1250. At age 15 he had created his saber, having managed to get a black crystal in the understreets of Coruscant from some shady businessman. At age 16 he had arrived with his parents at Raxus Prime, about a while after the battle there had happened. When introduced to such a profitable location, and the option to assemble his own craft with the aid of his parents, his eyes shone with glee. By age 18 he had finished the ship, a now overly customized YT-1300, complete with a mass driver cannon modified for spacial use. It also sported a dock big enough for the luckily salvaged ARC-170 that he got on Raxus Prime too. At this point he decided to go off on his own, his parents safe from the empires grasp. At age 20 he came to coruscant, where he managed to set up a business that sold scrap ships to people. These ships were in decent quality, but he always made extra profit. Though because of this, sales went slowly, and he had managed to sell 10 in three years.
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    OOC: I apologize in advance for the sheer length of this post. I got a bit carried away, and think that this is the longest post I have ever done. But I needed to do the Jedi credit. So here it is, and I hope you all enjoy.

    IC: Virgil Deltaro

    Even Piell stood watching as the events unfolded, completely taken off guard by this new enemy. It seemed to him that the Jedi Order had taken careful measures over the years to make sure that no Dark Sider's or Sith alike had risen to any kind of position of power. And in the same respect they had destroyed any of the tiniest incarnations of both factions wherever they had sprung up. And yet after Order 66, it seemed that many of them were springing up out of nowhere. As if they were there all along, simply waiting for the opportune time to step out of the shadows and compound the troubles that the Jedi had found themselves stumbling in already.

    And now his companions were out of the game as far as he could tell. He hadn't felt any of their passing within the Force but they probably weren't in any shape to fight.

    Virgil had made his introduction. If his opponent did not wish to do the same that was fine. He had held up his morale end of the bargain. He was about to take a step forward when he noticed Master Piells single functioning eye flick behind him in both hope and horror. At that moment Virgil heard a battle cry of anguish sound behind him as one of the Jedi had come crashing through the wall of fire he had created, directly towards Virgil. He was fast in the best of times but in this instance, Virgil had only time to raise his blade and brace himself for the impact of the clash. Blue and Crimson energy sizzled and spat at each other as the Kilmaulsi Jedi landed and engaged him in a rash manner. The Imperial smiled and made a ?Tsk tsk? sound at the younger Jedi.

    ?Attacking me while my back was turned.. how very un-Jedi like of you!?

    And then the fight was on. Master Piell was out of his momentary haze and leaped into the fray. Before he landed Virgil had pushed the locked blades into the air and delivered a quick spin kick to the Kilmaulsi's stomach, pushing him back and allowing Virgil to spin back and black Piells incoming attack.

    Virgil thought back quickly to what he knew of the Lannik Jedi. The files on Master Piell had been rather detailed in description. They were rather insistent that Jedi Master Even Piell was a minimal Force user in the way of common tricks, and instead concentrated on using the Force in combat. Also, while not being a Master in any particular specialty area of Force usage or blade work, the Lannik had studied and practiced all seven lightsaber Forms, and could readily change at a moments notice. At the time, this had impressed Virgil immensely. Now it meant that Virgil had two skilled opponents to deal with at the same time, one of which was a Master of dealing with people such as himself. One wrong slip up on his part would spell his end rather quickly. He had reach and height on the Lannik but Piell had speed and experience, which quite simply balanced out the odds.

    They exchanged a few short blows with each other while the Avian Jedi recovered himself and leaped back in. Virgil was dodging twice as fast and parrying left and right at high speeds. At this rate he would be kept on the defensive the entire fight. He had to move around and maneuver to get some leverage in the battle. There was a weakness in this fighting style, there had to be. Two on one was good for numbers against an enemy, an extra hand in the fire as it were. But they also had to concentrate on not hitting each other.

    At the moment, the two Jedi were working seamlessly as a fighting unit, and trying to back him against the wall of a building. If he was trapped with his back to the wall, he was finished.

    The Force exploded within Virgil as he leaped straight up and executed a perfect back flip in midair, landing easily on the edge of the buildings roof. The Jedi should have run then. But being the stoic that Virgil had counted on him being, M

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    OOC: And here's the belated opening post for Risuu (Shift)...

    IC: Risuu Thaelar
    The Rancor's Hide Cantina, Southern Coruscant

    Risuu slammed down her glass of Reactor Core on the bar. This place was a complete flea-pit, but at least it was safe for smugglers like herself. Who knows - maybe the odd Jedi had found refuge here too. The liquid burned down her throat as she swallowed - not her usual choice, but hey, it was free so she wasn't going to complain. The only thing she was going to complain about was her benefactor. Risuu was trying hard to ignore the drunken male Chiss that was trying deperately hard to win her affections.

    "You're shooo beautiful, Keetu..." mumbled the drunkard. Rule number one of smuggling - never tell a drunken Chiss your real name. Come to think of it, never tell anyone your real name, sober or otherwise - it only led to complications. Taking another sip of her drink, Risuu swallowed hard. She had humoured this Chiss long enough...

    "Look - Kayro, was it?" Risuu waited for confirmation as the Chiss nodded dumbly.
    "I hate to do this to you, especially as you've been so kind as to buy me and drink and all, but I really don't think things would work between us..."Kayro waved a hand in front of her, dismissing the comment.
    "You will break my heart! Pleasshhh, jussht one kiss..." The Chiss leaned in, hopeful that Risuu couldn't resist his... 'Charms'. So, evidently unable to talk her way out of this one, Risuu did the only thing she could think of.
    "All right, you asked for this, bud." With that, in the blink of an eye, she had transformed into an oversized Gizka. The Chiss' lips touched the creature's scaly skin, causing him to retch and spit. The Gizka cooed at him, blinking her large eyes;
    "What's the matter, Kayro? Don't you like Gizka?" Risuu grinned as only a Gizka can. The Chiss' eyes flicked furtively between his drink and the reptile before him, confusion, then terror plastering his face. Stumbling to his feet, the blue-skinned humanoid rambled towards the cantina entrance and left. Risuu returned to her 'normal', humanoid form, turning to face the curious on-lookers in the cantina. "What? Never met a shapeshifter before?" There was just enough menace in her tone to make sure the other patrons resumed their light murmur of conversation.

    Finishing her drink, Risuu was about to leave when she overheard a nearby smuggler telling his friends that he'd seen a Jedi.
    "No, really! He had a lightsaber, I swear! I think he was going into hiding or something. Certainly seemed keen to get away, that's for sure..." Risuu couldn't believe her ears - finally, some news of the Jedi! Sauntering over to the table where the smuggler sat, Risuu asked the man where the Jedi was heading.
    "What's it to you?" said the man, eying her suspiciously. You could say what you want about smugglers, but there was more honour amongst thieves than most others Risuu knew. Leaning over, she whispered softly in the smuggler's ear;
    "I am a friend in search of the Jedi. They call me Shift." The smuggler's jaw hit the floor - the name 'Shift' was legendary among pirates from all corners of known space.
    "You're... The Shift? I... I thought you were a guy..."
    "You and every other pirate,"
    she grinned "However, I'm willing to bet that you saw my little trick earlier, so how much more proof do you need? Now I need to know how long ago it was that you saw this Jedi and where he was heading..." Risuu raised an eyebrow at the smuggler, smiling sweetly.
    "It must have been a about a week ago now... I was closing a deal with one of my clients when he ran past me. He was young - nothing more than a kid really..." The smuggl
  21. Littledawg

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    IC- Kan Fell, Yavin 4 , Smugglers Base

    "Commander, please if you would, come up here so as we can discuss a...situation." Kan said into his personel comlink.

    A few minutes later his door opened and Commander Marade came inside "Yes sir." he said

    "This,"Kan began his reply, glancing towards the holopad now active, ' "and this," another pad kicked in. "They are new Imperial weapons, the space craft, that is the Executor, its a Mammoth super Star Destroyer, Fire power is greater than our entire fleet. The space station, which is currently under construction is the, at least named by a Imperial officer, Death Star, supposedly capable of destroying a whole planet." Kan finished.

    With that the Commander's jaw dropped, and he said " An entire planet?"

    "Yes Commander, an entire planet, these new weapons now make the Empire an enemy, not a target, we need to find an ally against an enemy..." Kan stopped

    "No, Sir, you don't think we should join Whiplash, do you?"

    "Not yet, Commander, not yet, but the smugglers need to be told, send a message to all the smuggler leaders, except the Hutts, let them learn on their own. That I'm calling a meeting that has a certain value which i will share with any who help me. And Commander, I want you to contact an old friend of mine, her name is Risuu Thaelar, last I knew she was at Coruscant, down at the Rancor's Hide Cantina, she made our Chiss contact kiss a Gizka, I almost died laughing I want you to bring her hear tell her, that I have a job she may find interesting." Kan finished

    "Yes, Sir." Commander Marade left the room.

    "Yes, she should find, stealing the Executor very interesting." Kan said to herself.
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    OOC: Talk about a long post o_O
    IC: Koth Hudorra

    Koth had been in the Whiplash base for so long. He craved the air of Coruscant to fill his lungs; Even though the air was muggy and stuffed with pollution from the factories. No one in the lower levels could see the sun that shined bright in the upper levels; he wished that some day he could go back up to the upper levels without being hunted down like a fly in a barrel. But he couldn?t avoid that some day he might have to face the Sith. Koth might have to face that his apprentice and all his Jedi companions might die either from the slash of a Lightsaber or the rapid shots of a blaster. And he might have to look into the eyes of his own death and pass? into the force.

    Koth switched the holoprojectors off and turned to his apprentice. Rune had so much to learn, most of which he had no time to learn when the Clone Wars had been taking place. Maybe, just maybe it was time to read up on all he forgotten. There were other Jedi Temples across the galaxy, which was his next destination. Not now, but he would make his way there? some day.

    Koth then felt the presence of lives dyeing. He grasped his robes and fell to his knees. Waves through the force gave off two fond feelings dying and many other troops getting slaughtered. Koth breathed in and out deeply. He saw the eyes of his apprentice watching in bewilderment. He got to his feet and walked over to the holoprojector. He turned it on to see that the Whiplash troops were dying off quickly. They needed aid in their pursuit.

    The Bothan went over to his apprentice. He had to ask, even if he would object.

    ?I was foolish of not going to help the troops in battle. If someone doesn?t go to help the attack on the Warehouse, the troops efforts would be all in vain and their deaths would be for nothing.? Koth explained.

    He felt something else, a dark presence in the force coming from the Warehouse. It wasn?t as strong as Vader?s but the presence was powerful, both of them. Koth then rushed his speech:

    ?Would you go aid the troops at the Battle at the Warehouse, My young apprentice??

    Tag: Rune

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    The air was thick, polluted and foreign to Zen. He could still remember the clear, crisp air on Ragna III, and in comparison, this clogged his pores and clouded his senses. And, still, Zen was one of the most accomplished and principled hunters on the planet. Through the smog, Zen could smell a battle. The metallic stench of blood, so familiar to Zen was detectable in the air. The fur on Zen?s snout rippled.

    Zen?s hand gripped his belt, just next to his only two possessions. The merchant that had ferried him from his prison, had given him two datadaggers as parting gifts. They were long metal rods that had blades hidden in them, perfect for surprising an opponent. Zen was unskilled in their use, and so he took abandoned the thought of pulling them free. He let go of his belt.

    Zen took off towards the smell of death. The thick air was confusing to Zen and the remains of a fight turned out to be only a few structures away. There were many dead creatures, humans and others that were unknown to him. Zen blinked his large eyes at the scene.

    He didn?t know what to make of it all. Everything on the planet was so strange. Zen took a few tentative steps forward, still able to hear gun blasts. In the corner of his eye, he noticed a small group, with one large furry creature. Zen was surprised. It looked like a Yuzzem. He growled out a low greeting, forsaking his stalk for an even gait towards the group.

    Tag: HS and Ista
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    The Togorian hovered over in the siege of the Imperial warehouse, hidden away in the darkness. The combination of his deep black fur and concealment from the Force aided with this, as he rested in the support beams of the warehouse. Upon leaving his fellow rogue Jedi behind, unaware if they decided to follow him or flee the planet, he felt the disturbances in the Force. He felt the death of a Jedi and the loss of many lives unfolding in the Force as well as many others reacting to this turn of events...many Jedi. It seemed this warehouse was drawing much attention, as the battle intensified below between some Rebels and Stormtroopers, but Kad watched Jedi Master Even Piell's final moments. Now there were two Dark Jedi within the warehouse, and it seemed more Force Users were actually being drawn to the warehouse. Perhaps this was as the Force intended.

    These Dark Jedi, these Assassins, showed themselves rarely as they hunted down the handful of Jedi hiding from the Empire. They were known not to fail their missions and it seemed the only way to find one...was to let it find you. But Kad had found his opportunity. He could help end the suffering of many to come right here and right now. If he wished, he could confront the two Dark Jedi now, defeat them, and help the Jedi Order survive a little longer. But uncertain the Togorian grew, unaware if he should due battle with 2 Dark Jedi. One of them had just murdered 2 Jedi. But he was exhausted, and this may be Kad's only chance. The men below him, the Rebels, were fighting a losing battle as well. If he didn't intervene, the dark users would cut through them with ease.

    Slipping his lightsaber out of a hidden compartment, Kad descended from his position. Igniting his saber with a snap-hiss, the emerald blade illuminated his face. He listened as the Rebels roared with a battle cry and new found hope. Or Kad was wishing for, he didn't want to look if that was what was happening, but surely a Jedi was a sight for sore eyes. Kad's eyes were focused on the two Dark Jedi, as he challenged them to a duel. The Togorian Jedi got into a stance to prepare for the coming battle.

    Tag: Virgil, Liam, Lowtharr
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    OOC: Wow, things sure have picked up. Hope this is in proper context to how things have unfolded thus far. Might be a bit of a pain to catch up with everything properly :\.

    Liam Vosa
    -~- Imperial Warehouse; Coruscant

    And in it went, the firey blade piercing the back of the awkwardly unfocused Rebel scum. With a sharp twist of his hand, the Kiffar assassin turned in juxtaposition to his weapon, dropping his enemy lifelessly as he quickly deflected one, and then another stray blaster shot, one bouncing downwards into the pavement as the other flew back into the shoulder of another trooper.

    With a pair of swift steps forward, Trucido's blade swung and parried with a mix of finesse and fury, cutting down the rest of the squad within mere seconds of eachother.

    And suddenly, one enormous wave of Force energy, pitched high and low swam through his mind and body one after the other. There was a hectic lightsaber battle going on outside. He felt his reluctant partner in the midst of it, and as he had deemed it, he found it something Virgil was capable of handling on his own, if not, dieing in his endeavor. In the meantime, Trucido carried on with the remorseless sweep of the Warehouse's inner halls.

    Liam flew upwards, trying his best to cloud the intense duel occuring outside as he focused himself on the task at hand: the sterilization of the Warehouse's rebel 'disturbance'. Like a thief in the night, in minutes, Liam cleared every major alley, hangar, and office full of opposition.


    Trucido landed bluntly on the lower level of the Warehouse's primary hangar, a pair of durasteel double doors infront of him. Several scratches dotted across his face and hands, sweat beading down his brow. A steady, low breathing was held in place, his mind concentrating on one of the last big strongholds from the Rebels. They had bashed their way into this office and barracaded it efficiently.

    His eyes shut, scanning for every body inside, and the second blade to his weapon ignited with a sharp hiss, searing the air around it. One step forward an-

    A massive explosion caught the young marauder completely off-guard, and hardly because of the bomb's magnitude, but rather its origin: The Force. It was something immense, powerful, and with it he felt another life gone as he had earlier. This time, its essence was far stronger, that of a Jedi Master.

    For a brief moment, he caught the glimpse of his fellow Dark Jedi, and with a hesitant smirk, he returned the nod in honorable fashion. Suddenly, he felt Virgil's presence grow faint, but still there; the man had passed out.

    The entire area he was getting ready to infiltrate had been blown open, and the troops inside had now gathered themselves up to regain the initiative against Trucido. They swarmed out of the rubble like roaches, only to be met with Vosa's uncanny reflexes. With anger only found in the Juyo combat form, the Kiffar brought up his weapon, hacking one's leg off who had approached far too closely before holding his blade upright, bouncing a bolt back into the advancing crowd before he leaped horizontally, kicking the jaw of another before finding himself in a couched, predator-style stance.

    With the harsh twist of his wrist, the red laser sword effectively chopped through a handful of the troopers, a hand reaching out open-palmed, as a strong wave of the Force slammed the remaining half ot the Rebelling soldiers into far off debris and walls.

    All that was left for the time being was a prodigious cloud of smoke he found himself in the middle of. Disengaging his weapon, he drew his right hand behind him with it in hand and knelt down pensively, once again gathering his insticts as he let the Force tell him what to do next. His counterpart and apparent adversary Virgil had proven his worth and skill, and although the honorable thing at the time seemed like lending his limp form a hand, his true mission had yet to be accomplished: destroy ALL Rebels.

    Despite the tremendous rise and fall of Force energy, and the loss of nearly thre
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