San Diego, CA Costume & Cocktails - June 23

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    So i got this email:

    My name is Alissa and I am the event coordinator for a "Costumes and Cocktails" event that will be held at Jimmy Love's in Downtown San Diego on Sunday, June 23 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. I would like to extend an invitation to you and members of San Diego Fan Force to attend this unique gathering of costume enthusiasts. Attached is the flyer for the event.

    One of the purposes of this event is to gather all worlds of costume enthusiasts together under one roof, to share the love and admiration of costumes with one another. I hope to reach out to all costume groups in the San Diego area who are interested in spending a lively night amongst those who share a similar interest in costumes, as well as individuals who just enjoy costumes but are not affiliated with any particular costume group. I expect to see a variety of costumes related to Doctor Who, Comic Books, Animes, Steampunk, Lolita Girls, Renaissance, Star Trek, Star Wars, Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, and many others.

    I think this is a great venue for costume enthusiasts to meet new people, as well as for costume groups to meet potential new members. The "Costumes and Cocktails" event will include a live band, Quel Bordel! (, providing upbeat music. They are a perfect fit for this event as I would describe their sound as a unique blend of various music styles transformed into one, which coincides with the melting pot of costume styles expected to attend this event.

    I would love to see you and other members of San Diego Fan Force attend. But if you are not able to attend this event and are interested in upcoming events that are costume-related, please let me know. =)
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