Missi Costuming Event in Hernando - Heads up (Date TBD)

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by rhonderoo, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Hi, all! Rhonda here. I'm the new CR for Memphis chapter, Suspicious Mind Trick. Traci and I got this email this morning from Heather Lawson from the Desoto County Library system. Will keep everyone posted as a date and details become more firm.

    Hi Traci and Rhonda,

    Carlin Stuart gave me your email addresses, so I could ask your organization, Suspicious Mind Trick, to participate in another Star Wars event with Daniel Wallace as you did at Memphis Public Library a few years ago. I helped organize that with Mary Seratt and was the person who worked with Daniel Wallace. I am now head of the Hernando Public Library, 25 minutes south of Midtown Memphis, where I still live.

    That event was one of my favorite events ever, and I would love to do the same thing here in Hernando. Working with DK, Daniel Wallace is able to come in late April or the beginning of May to speak here at the Hernando Library. DK is marketing on the idea of ?May the 4th Be With You. ? Using Library funding I would be happy to make a donation of $100 to your organization to thank you all for coordinating the costumed figures who would escort Daniel in to the program, as we did at Memphis Public Library. This could alleviate gas costs for your members. I will say that it takes me less time and less gas to get here than out to Germantown. It is a very easy drive.

    I think you will agree that Daniel Wallace was very charming and able to speak to young people and adults at the same time.

    I would appreciate your letting me know asap, if there are dates that will not work for you due to other events. I will at the same time be getting some dates from DK and Daniel Wallace, so we can find a date that works for all of us. Carlin helped me eliminate some dates, such as the beginning of April, June and March 25-27.

    I sure would love to work with you all on this, so we can have another wonderful Star Wars event.

    Thanks you for your time, Heather

    Heather Lawson

    Head Librarian

    Hernando Public Library

    370 West Commerce Street

    Hernando, MS 38632


    Fax: 662-429-8625

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