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FF:NZ Costuming Organisations

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by Farra_Sti, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Farra_Sti Jedi Master

    Member Since:
    Jul 27, 2005
    star 2
    Hey everyone. I just wanted to tell you about 3 great costuming groups you can join. For all three you need a professional grade costume to be able to join and joining is free. Ok here we go:

    [link=http://www.thejediassembly.com/]The Jedi Assembly[/link]
    This is the premier Jedi costuming organisation. It is split into orders covering various geographical areas and New Zealand falls under the Outer Rim Order which covers international Jedi costumers. I am a member as my costume is a Jedi costume.

    [link=http://www.rebellegion.com/]The Rebel Legion[/link]
    This is the premier organisation for Rebel costumers. It is split into various bases and outpost. New Zealand now has its own outpost and I am the CO of said Outpost. A website and forums will be up and running in the next week or so. To join the New Zealand Outpost (which is called Aotearoa Outpost) you need to join the Rebel Legion first then when the site for the Aotearoa Outpost is up go there and follow the instructions to join.I will post the link to the site when it is up. I encourage all Rebel costumers to consider joining. PM me if you want more information about the NZ outpost for this organisation

    [link=http://www.501st.com/]The 501st Legion[/link]
    This is the definative Imperial Costuming Organisation. If you have an imperial costume you should consider joining this. New Zealand has its own garrison and it is called Outpost 42. It has its own site and the link is: [link=http://outpost42.dr-maul.com/][/link]I am a member of the forums only as I don't have an imperial costume. I would encourage all Imperial costumers to consider joining this.

    Hawk edit: threads usually need a little more substance than simply advertising websites. However, costume-related threads which actually have some discussion value are welcomed.
  2. YouAgain Jedi Master

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    Dec 20, 2001
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    You realize we have quite a few members in the 501st on this forum right and have had threads discussing this before?

    is this considered spam?
  3. Farra_Sti Jedi Master

    Member Since:
    Jul 27, 2005
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    Kitt has said I can do this and she has the say so to allow it or not
  4. Kitt327 Jedi Master

    Member Since:
    Dec 23, 2000
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    "the say so to allow it or not"

    - that would be the mods, rather than me.

    but I figured you meant a thread talking about costuming in general, as a social topic. Maybe use this thread for that :)
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