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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by ewen, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    "Could Have Been Me" Billy Ray Cyrus

    It could have been me standing there with you.

    It could have been me and my dreams coming true.

    But those dreams move on if you wait too long. It could have been me.

    Italics=mind speech or thought.

    Time period: Jedi Apprentice

    Bruck and Obi-Wan are about 13-14

    I better warn you, Obi-Wan might not end up as Qui-Gon?s apprentice, so if happiness is all you look for, you might find it hard to get it here!!!

    POSTS Only once or twice a week!!!


    Master Jinn landed on Telos with his apprentice of one year, Bruck Chun. His mission, a simple one. He was to seek out Xanatos Crion and reason with the young man to stop the uprising that threatened his world. He was principle cause of it and the Senate needed it stopped before it possibly escalated into an all-out civil war.

    Qui-Gon questioned the need to stop anything but he would do the Jedi?s bid of him. Xanatos fought for freedom of his people . The oppressed Telosians had never had anyone willing to champion their cause until Xanatos left the Jedi to return to his world,to his people. He wanted to help them. A show of force, an uprising of civil war was the only way he knew to do it.

    He tried unsuccessfully to ask the Republic Senate and the Jedi for help. The Republic Senate first opted to stay out of the disagreement. Later, they went so far as to side with the opposing factions; those who did not have the best interests of the people in mind.

    Xanatos with his ever beaming smile was there to greet Master Jinn.

    ?Qui-Gon, how good it is to see you once again. I wished it would have been on better circumstances. I am afraid we might well find ourselves on the opposing sides in his civil dispute we have here.?

    Jinn made exceptionally long strides to reach his former apprentice. He held no animosity toward Xani and he was proud of the young man for his directions taken in life, even if it meant they might end up against one another during these talks.

    He extended his hand out to shake Xani?s waiting one well before he reached his former padawan.

    ?Let?s hope this can be settled. If not, never let yourself think there is anything personal about all this. Nothing at all. Had I the right to say it, I would say you are doing what is just for your people. The entire council thinks that.?

    ?Too bad?.. If they think I am so *right*, they shoud be more helpful in convincing "Fini" of that. It might stop a lot of blood shed if this breaks out into a civil war."

    Jinn studied the face of his former prodigy. A few more age lines produced by worry no doubt and a heavier tan now graced the more matured facial features but other than that he was the same Xani he tutored more than seven years ago. Things hadn?t changed much in appearance, at least for the young man.

    Jinn wondered if Xani noticed his couple extra pounds, the slow gait instilled by age, and an abundance of gray hair amassed by the master since last seeing Xani. If the former apprentice noticed the evidence of Jinn?s aging, he was polite enough not to say anything.

    ?Well, you look much the same.?

    ?Good thing I am not still your master or I would have to admonish you for lying, but it was nice to hear anyway. Don't ever believe an aging Jedi when they say they have no vanity. It is not openly there, but it?s there all the same.?

    ?You are not old Master Jinn and I meant what I said. Now, I will take you to the hostel where a suite of rooms awaits you and Padawan Chun.?

    Bruck could not help but notice the glare Xani passed to the him. Had Jinn?s former apprentice heard anything negative about him, he wondered?

    He couldn?t have. He was gone by then!!

    ?Xani, I can not except such an offer by you. It might seem like a bribe.?

    ?Oh don?t worry. I just agreed to meet you here, but I am still your supposed adversary. Your cohorts that sent for the Jedi, asked me to escort you to your rooms. They have taken care of everything. Like I could afford to offer a suit
  2. Red_Jedi_Knight

    Red_Jedi_Knight Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 7, 2002
    interesting.. i want more cause i seem to be caught. please continue.. at your leasure of course..
  3. handzik

    handzik Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 20, 2002
    Very intersting beggining. I like the fact that Xani isn't the bad guy for once.
    But Bruck can't be Qui-Gon's padawan [face_shocked], it has to be Obi!
    Can't wait for more :).
  4. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    Master Jinn and his padawan, Bruck Chun agreed to meet with Xanatos for first-meal at his little humble home. Their agreement would be kept that there was to be no discussion of anything other than old times and new happenings.

    Jinn raised his eyebrow out of curiosity and a little pity for his former apprentice when he saw the small but quaint little cottage.

    I suppose it is big enough for one person.

    Just then another younger person appeared at the doorway.

    The boy with his strawberry blonde hair streaked by the sun answered the door to Xanatos? little home.. He didn?t seem to want to look up. Qui-Gon thought maybe this was a servant to Xani and he was not accustomed to the Jedi. How wrong would he be proven very shortly.

    ?Xan will be out in a moment. He just finished dressing. Please come in.?

    The boy opened the door only wide enough for the two to enter. Bruck said nothing only glared at the smaller more fragile boy he knew all too well.

    ?Master Jinn, padawan, you are prompt and I am late as usual. I see you have met *my* child??

    Master Jinn?s mouth dropped opened and stayed that way.

    ?No, no, Master Jinn.. I never kept a secret of a child from you. He is? well? he is??

    ?Your slave Xan. Have you forgotten??

    Now Master Jinn thought he might just fall to the floor in shock.

    ?Oh, Kenobi, don?t be so melodramatic and try to draw sympathy from Master Jinn.?
    Xanatos playfully ruffled the boy?s hair. ?Bruck, I am sure you know Obi. You would have to have been age mates or something??

    Obi shied away with his gaze still directed to the floor.

    ?Well yes we were, weren?t we, Obi-Wan? Do you remember him Master??

    Bruck was extremely glad the nickname he had for Obi-Wan did not slip from his mouth. Now if only his master *did* not remember Kenobi.

    Master Jinn was even more confused. First his former padawan is found to own a slave and he finds out that the boy who is indentured to Xanatos is a failed apprentice in some way.

    ?To be truthful Obi-Wan, your name is not the least bit familiar. I can?t say that I have ever met you, have I young man?? Obi held his breath.

    Qui-Gon did not realize he buried the face of Obi-Wan Kenobi deep in his mind to keep from being reminded of the hurtful look of dejection on the child?s face when he refused him. He had refused him, as no other apprentice had been refused; with words of malice and belittlement. In all honesty, Obi-Wan had never even had the time to introduce himself to Jinn before the master launched his criticism of him, so he was not sure if the master ever knew his name.

    Obi-Wan had been verbally torn apart by the spiteful words of the greatest master of all, in Initiate Kenobi?s eyes. Hero worship for Jinn had been Obi?s mainstay for the last two years of his initiates? training. To be so vehemently struck down by words alluding to Obi never becoming a knight, voiced by the recipient of his idol worship was even harder to take. Xan knew some of the story but *not* the name of the master or the boy he fought.

    ? I think you are right sir. I don?t think we ever met . ?

    Obi-Wan hoped, no one noticed him as he fished for a false reason why the master did not know him. Anything he said would be a lie. He had no intention of telling Jinn of their meeting. It was best forgotten. He only wished with all his heart he could forget that day..

    ?How can that be? I came to see all the initiates up for apprenticeship.?

    ?Well I am not sure sir, but I think maybe I left before you came or maybe it was when I had the flu. Yes, that could be it.?

    Xani was still quite astute in the use of the force and he felt the discomfort of his charge. There was no bond between them. It was just a feeling he got and as he observed the boy?s cheeks pink up with shyness or shame. He wasn?t exactly sure which.

    Jinn extended his hand to Obi.

    ?Well I am sorry you did not get chosen as an apprentice or whatever happened to waylay your Jedi training, but I am sure things will work out.?

    A bitter toned Xani
  5. handzik

    handzik Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 20, 2002
    I really like your Xani [face_love].
    I changed my mind, Obi doesn't have to be old Buckethead's padawan, he should stay with Xan.
  6. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    Hadn't planned to post again until Monday, but since my plans for the weekend fell through, I thought I would just write more.

    I have an extra post ready and if I could just get a couple of lurkers to *up* this little story to get it started, I will post again tomorrow!!

    It is a very very informative post with a giant of a cliff hangar, which I think you might enjoy!!!

    PEACE ewen
  7. PadawanKitara

    PadawanKitara Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 31, 2001
    I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but I wanted to pop in to say that I am on the whirlwind business travel itinerary from H*ll. LA to Fresno to Palm Springs and back to Orange County all in 5 days. Catch you and your new story on Tues or Wed

    you're favorite half-dead padawan
  8. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    P.K. I would rather my favorite padawan be more alive than dead, but hey whatever, as long as you post!![just kidding] Get some rest after the trip then POST ewen


    Obi-Wan spent most of his day cleaning. First he did the garden and mowed the lawn. Next he tackled the little house he shared with Xanatos Crion, Master Jinn?s former padawan.

    I have to stay busy. I have to keep my failed attempt at becoming a Jedi out of my head. I also have to keep the fact that Xani might very well be very very angry with me when he returns. Will he punish me for the attack on Chun? Maybe he will send me back to the Agricorps so they can find me some other person to work for?

    Kenobi could not decide which upset him more. He hated to see his past failings be thrown up in his face again or the idea that he might be packed up and sent away from the only person who had ever been kind to him since he left the temple. He once thought of the temple as his home. When he was shuffled away so quickly with barely a goodbye because of his age and not being chosen an apprentice, Obi doubted even the Jedi cared all that much for him. Yes, it had been Xanatos Crion who had shown any kind of compassion for him and he would not stand by and let someone like Bruck say anything bad about him.

    Obi supposed Chun was jealous of Xani too. Master Jinn truly did care for and respect his former apprentice, even though he did not complete his apprenticeship to knighthood.

    Xanatos walked up to his home and the first thing he noticed was the delicious smell of his favorite baked Penne. He did not even know Obi-Wan knew how to make it. He suspected the boy made his favorite dish as a *peace offering* because of the trouble he caused earlier.

    Boy, he sure did make a mess of things today. I have to say that. But then again was it his fault entirely? I think I will ask him that when I finally let him off the hook. First though, he needs to squirm a little, for the trouble he caused.

    Xanatos did not see Obi at first when he walked in the house. He went straight to the fresher to wash up. After all, Obi went to all the trouble to make his favorite food and he was starved, so why not take advantage of a good thing before they had to address the little business that happened today. If Obi-Wan was to blame, Xani would certainly think of a proper punishment for his actions.

    However Xani felt there was something more than ?met the eye? between Obi and Chun. Hee hoped he could finagle the truth about Jinn?s padawan out of his little companion.

    There is something there, stewing between he and Bruck. I can feel it.. I saw it in Bruck?s surprised reaction when he first saw Obi. I don?t put much trust in Jinn?s new padawan either. Maybe Qui-Gon thinks he wears a halo for a hat, but I would say if he wore a hat made of a halo, it is to cover the devilish horns he occasionally sprouts. Just my opinion, but I intend to find out the truth.

    When he reached his little kitchen table, he found Obi-Wan there just taking out the casserole dish from the oven.

    "Well, I thought you might have gone and hid in the closet. By rights you should have!!?

    His voice was sharp. He would not put up with Obi-Wan just blatantly attacking someone, but unlike Qui-Gon, he planned to give Obi-Wan the benefit of doubt until he could extract the truth from him. He felt the nervous agitation in the boy and felt a little sorry for him. Nevertheless, he was not going to cut the child any slack. He had to be accountable for his mistakes, if he made a mistake at all.

    ?Well, sit down and eat with me. No sense letting this delicious smelling meal go to waste. No matter how hungry I am, I can?t eat all of it.?

    ?Oh, I thought maybe you would just want me to go to bed, stand in the corner, or something worse.?

    Obi feared to mention corporal punishment. An indentured servant very often was disciplined with corporal punishment.. He certainly had been in the last home he was sent to w
  9. ObiKajanee

    ObiKajanee Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 25, 2003
    Ouch! That was worse than corporal punishment. And I won't even go into the evil cliffhanger. This is terrific Obi angst, so keep those fingers typing, ewen.
  10. jedi7

    jedi7 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 8, 2002
    Gosh, this is not going well for Obi-wan, maybe he should tell Xan the truth, or get him to send him to the cookingcorps, I'm sure they could use a few good exinitiates. :) 7 unlurks!!!!! [face_laugh]
  11. handzik

    handzik Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 20, 2002
    Poor Obi! :(
  12. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    7 You have floored me. I thought for sure you had joined an expedition to the North pole and wasn't coming back. Nice to hear from you again!!

    Red J.K. You will find I am prompt with my posts. You will also notice the more feedback I get, the faster I post[sometimes twice a day!!]

    handzik Unlike some of my other stories, Xanatos will remain *GOOD* throughout this story!!!

    ObiKajanee First time I have noticed FB from you on one of my stories. Thanx for posting and come back often!!!!!

    I will have a post up tonight or first thing in the morning. Any recommendations on when I should put it up?

    PEACE ewen

  13. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    Not a word. Obi-Wan refused to say one word last night or this morning about my findings. He wouldn?t even acknowledge I had found out Bruck's favorite nickanem for him. How odd!!! I know basically what happened. He was the boy that dueled with Bruck, the day he was chosen by Master Jinn. I wonder why Bruck over Obi-Wan? Anna said that Obi-Wan won the battle outright, impressive moves she said. Why Bruck over Obi, I haven't a clue. Yet another mystery to solve. This visit from my former master has certainly laid a melee of problems in my lap. Another thing, why doesn?t Qui-Gon remember the boy? Neither Obi or Chun wanted that bit of info out did they, why? The more questions I ask myself, the more questions I have unanswered.

    A nudge to his arm and Xani came out of his thoughts.

    ?I don?t think you heard a word I said Xanatos. Be truthful, am I right??

    The master looked down at his former apprentice and smiled.

    ?Daydreams!! I always suspected half of your days were spent in daze of *somewhere else* at the temple and you have only strengthened my suspicions. Anything worth sharing? Were you deep in thought about your people, their government??

    Xani blushed with embarrassment. It was Qui-Gon?s way of bringing him back to the business at hand. He knew perfectly well Xani had other thoughts on his mind and not what should be. Aye? he knows me so well.

    A sheepish smile, a playful nudge back to his former master, and Xanatos got up to leave the meeting hall.

    ?Master Jinn would you like to go over those records of the tax credits collected and the expenditures the now acting government *said* they used it for? I don?t believe them for a second. I think the accounts ledger was just ?doctored? up before they were forced to give me a copy.?

    ?Yes, that might be useful. I can?t understand the reasons behind the Senate Republic?s choice to back the dictatorship of Dupree Sarran over a free government voted in by the people.?

    ?You should know more detail about that than I. You deal with Valorum and Palpatine all the time.?

    ?Fini was not too encouraged with the installing of the dictator Sarran, but Palpatine raved about the man?s capabilities. I think I will discuss this with a couple of council members as well this evening. Yes, I will go over with them the council?s decision. Where are the accounts ledger? I think it would be more than wise to check them out.?

    Xanatos knew exactly which council members he would speak with, Mace and Master Yoda. He listened to Qui-Gon as they walked toward his home, much to Bruck Chun disappointment and concern. The last thing he wanted to do this late in the evening was be confronted by *Oafy*.

    ?My place. I have them in a secure spot, locked in my safe. Never can be too careful you know. To my knowledge I now own the only copy of the government audit. I was told the other copies were accidentally destroyed.. Right!! My bet would be they were intentionally put in the government office shredder and permanently done away with. Truth be known they begrudge me having a copy, proof of they embezzlement of government funds. I am not sure what lengths they would go too to get their hands on them again. No matter how doctored up they are, I think Sarran realized they could be deciphered and proved to be what I think they are; a cascade of lies to cover the truth of where all the government allocated credits went.?

    As soon as the three rounded the corner to Xani?s street, all knew something terrible was going on in his home. It sounded like a herd of bantha had been let out in the middle of Xani?s little cottage. Their slow leisurely walk became a hard run to reach the cottage, especially when they heard a blood curdling scream come from the little house.. Unbeknownst to Bruck or Jinn that scream came from Obi-Wan and Xanatos knew it.

    Xani reached the door first and saw three hooded thugs, as they stood over the immobile boy.

    Qui-Gon came in along with Bruck and both drew their sabers. The thugs, being the cowards that they were
  14. handzik

    handzik Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 20, 2002
    I'm blaming it on my exhaustion (2 hours of playing basketball) but I think I'm a little confused.
    Was Qui remembering Obi from the duel or was this another different memory?

    Edit: Thanks for the PM ewen :)
  15. jedi7

    jedi7 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 8, 2002
    7 taps her pointer at the chalkboard and clears her throat, now master Qui-gon look at the board please....2 +2 = Obi-wan. THE BOY WHO'S HOPES YOU DASHED TO THE GROUND!!!!. Class dismissed. :) 7
  16. Jenny_The_Jedi_Girl

    Jenny_The_Jedi_Girl Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2001
    YAY! Another story by ewen~~~
  17. Red_Jedi_Knight

    Red_Jedi_Knight Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 7, 2002
    you were the one who messed up qui... now deal with it!! obi feel better...
  18. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    handzik WAKE UP!! then read the story.[lol]

    7 Please keep posting. I love your little critiques of Qui-Gon's stupidity.

    JJ Girl Hooray, you're back. Now stay awhile.

    JR_Knight How come I get the feeling Obi could do anything and you will still blame Qui-Gon for the mess-up. DO I denote a little Obi worship on your part?

    Now to the post!!! ewen


    Even over the constant reassurance from Xanatos, Master Jinn refused to budge from his home that evening.

    ?I suggest you go in the kitchen and prepare a meal for the four of us. I am not at all sure that the men won?t come back after Bruck and I are gone. They will know you are here alone with an injured child.?

    ?I am not a child. I am a Je...a former Jedi and I know how to take care of myself.?

    Obi-Wan still rested on the sofa in the common room. He refused to see a healer and both Jinn and Crion agreed; no broken bones, just lacerations and bruises.

    ?Well OFA?..Obi-Wan if today?s battle was any indication of how you care for yourself and your owner, maybe *my * master and I should stay the night. Xanatos might need help and if you couldn?t protect yourself uninjured, what would you do to help your *master* injured as you are, if they should return??

    The word master accented in such a way that the other three knew exactly what Bruck Chun meant; master as in master of a slave.

    Obi-Wan bit his lip to keep from spewing his own insults back in Chun?s face. Xanatos, although the adult of the two and supposedly more mature, felt like slinging some harsh words at Qui-Gon?s padawan's way as well. He didn?t go so far as to bite his lip until it bled, but he did try to get his point a crossed without sounding too crude.

    ?Never underestimate Obi-Wan, Bruck. I have taught him everything I know about diplomacy. He goes to a great many of the diplomatic meetings with me.?

    ?You mean you take your slave. How embarrassing for you, Obi-Wan.?

    ?Why should Obi feel embarrassed? Everyone likes him there. They also value his input on a situation, offering it only if asked. He has learned much of what Qui-Gon taught me about a great many things. For instance, once he is up and about, accept a challenge from him to engage in a mock duel with you or?maybe even Master Jinn. Then Padawan Chun, you will see what I mean.?

    Courage grew in the spiteful apprentice. He could tell by the way Obi was careful about their secret, he didn?t want Master Jinn to find out who *he* was. In turn Master Jinn would not know of the treachery Bruck was capable of to insure *he* got what *he* desired. Unbeknownst to Bruck Chun however, was Xani?s knowledge of it.

    ?Also Padawan, do not refer to me as Obi?s owner. While Obi-Wan might not be offended by it, I certainly am. We are friends, comrades, much as Jinn and you are. One day he will be my equal. I have no doubt of that. I hope you and your master share half the relationship Obi-Wan and I do.?

    Both Master Jinn and his padawan were stunned into silence over Xanatos ? impressive evaluation of the young man procured, after his failure with the Jedi, then his abominable dismissal from his Jedi-controlled post in the Agricorps. Xanatos continued.

    ?Well Padawan Chun since you have given us *your* assessment of Obi-Wan?s abilities and it is *your* master that is hungry, maybe you will honor me with your company in the kitchen. Obi usually cleans and peels the vegetables, but with Qui-Gon?s approval you can.?

    ?Certainly, go along Bruck and do whatever Xani tells you.. I will keep Obi-Wan company.?

    With that comment Qui-Gon noticed a rising heat take hold of his body. He *really* had no desire to be in such close proximity to the young man, no matter the reason for it.


    Last-meal was eaten over a conversation as to the possible identities of the thieves.

    ?There are many that would like to have the audit ledger?s back, Qui-Gon.?

    ?Are you sure that is what the men were searching for??

  19. jedi7

    jedi7 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 8, 2002
    Maybe it's just dust or something like that in my eyes, but they just were tear filled just thinking about the mental pain, and physical torture Obi has been through since that fateful duel. Thank goodness Xan found him when he did.
    see this ranting, that's what happens when you read too much fanfiction. :p 7 ;)
  20. Red_Jedi_Knight

    Red_Jedi_Knight Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 7, 2002
    obi needs a hug.. and jinn needs a butt kicking.. and yes.... you so sence a little obi worship.... just a bit... kinda...*looks at her life-sized stand up*
  21. PadawanKitara

    PadawanKitara Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 31, 2001
    I am soo upset that agricorps to treat a child that way. Not to mention a certain jedi master.

    Your favorite (slowly recovering) padawan
  22. Jenny_The_Jedi_Girl

    Jenny_The_Jedi_Girl Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2001
    ** Hugs her life size stand of obiwan**

    Obiwan needs a hug!!

    Quigon needs his @$$ kicked back to his home planet!!

    Xani needs a hug!!!

    Bruck needs to die!!!
  23. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    To make this easy to understand.
    I overloaded and crashed my computer.

    Story on hard drive not saved to floppy.

    Had to run recovery cd-rom to restart my computer so that means......

    Lost everything on hard drive even my aol account and of course, the next post on microsoft word..

    I have to rewrite the post, but I will have it up for you this evening, PROMISE.

    I just now figured out how to fix the darn thing and retrieve my account !!

    PEACE ewen
  24. jedi7

    jedi7 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 8, 2002
  25. ewen

    ewen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 11, 2001
    The thoughts that ran through Obi?s mind were like a searing poker that stirred a fire. It certainly stirred a few fires in Obi?s mind. He had no wish to go with them to the meeting with Sarran. He was anxious to go in search of his attackers, however at the mention of accompanying them to the meeting hall by Xani Obi-Wan cringed at the thought of the scrutinizing eyes of both Jinn and his padawan possibly on him the entire day. He spoke his objections which were just as quickly squashed by Xanatos? command to be silent and attempt to do what he was told without question for once..

    The older man did not mean for it to sound harsh. Nevertheless Obi worried that Qui-Gon and Bruck would think it a quick reprimand. Something a master of a slave would instruct him to do and he was to do it without question.

    This day is going to end up being worst than yesterday, if that is possible. The only thing that has gone my way is Xani?s silence to Master Jinn about me. Had Xan spilled my secret to Master Jinn, I don?t think I could have faced either Jedi this morning. It?s bad enough to have to look at Bruck and know he knows about me.

    The four stopped . Obi-Wan threaded his way past Bruck Chun, a sadistic smirk on his face and Qui-Gon who watched with curiosity how Xanatos would handle the situation. Obi-Wan walked in back of *his* master out of courtesy. He certainly wasn?t forced to do so as Bruck was required to do out of respect for his master. Xanatos had always insisted Obi was not a slave and didn?t have to walk the customary two or three steps behind him. To Obi-Wan it didn?t matter how Xan treated him before, it was how the Jedi thought he was treated now and he didn?t want to be treated in any way similar to a slave, *now*; with both pair of Jedi eyes watching him.

    Is he showing off for his former master, or does he really fear I will be harmed if left at home?

    Once up to the front of the little group he confronted Xanatos with a scowl, hand on hips, and a renewed determination of his own.

    ?I don?t need to go to the meeting and I won?t.?

    Xanatos had always been lenient with Obi-Wan. There was no need not too. Today the former Jedi dealt with a quite different Obi-Wan Kenobi. Xani was faced with a child who showed a definite stubborn resistance to anything he suggested. His only recourse to that defiance was to match Obi?s stubbornness with his own more bullish one acquired by being tutored under the man who now stood to the side, arms crossed and his weight on one foot as he took this little wanton display of disrespect Obi-Wan showed. .

    ?Listen Obi-Wan I even insisted Master Jinn bring the ledgers for safe keeping. I can do no less for you now can I??

    Xanatos tried to lightened the air around them with a little humor. He realized he failed miserably when he saw that dangerous spark in Obi?s palest of blue eyes.

    ?I said I am not going?I ref..?

    Before he could finish the sentence, Xani took Obi by the arm and roughly pulled him away from the Jedi, where their conversation could be a more private one.

    ?Listen Kenobi, I have never seen you act this way toward me and it won?t start now. I don?t care what kind of past you had with these two do you understand.? It does not affect us now. It is over and it?s time you let it go. Now you *will* go with me. I don?t want a repeat of yesterday or worse, you might be killed this time.?

    ?Yeah like me getting killed is worse. RIGHT?

    ?Oh the pity for yourself just rolls from you today Kenobi.? Xani ruffled his hair in a playful gesture. Obi moved to try to step away, but Xani?s hand followed the young man?s head.

    ?Now come on kid! We are holding up the group.?

    Xani put his arm around Obi?s shoulders and forced the boy to him. The rest of the distance to the hall, Obi walked safely anchored beside Xani by his arm slung over Obi's shoulder; partly out of comfort and reassurance for him and partly to insure he would not take leave of the group in haste and head back home.

    I?ll grant Jinn this, Obi i
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