Speculation Could the ST be based on "Star Wars Angry Birds"?

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    Theyve just released the hoth level update. They have a princess leia bird. She's so hot! Got the buns in her hair. She's like a hot cinnabon bird. I would do terrible, disgusting things to be with her...

    I'm so confused, I don't know if I'm talking about princess leia or the bird character
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    I came up with an idea for a spinoff movie called "The Misadventures of R5-D4: Bad Motivator." Then I also came up with a spinoff movie about C-3PO called "Golden Rods," starring R2-D2, Bea Arthur's CGI likeness, Dot Matrix from Spaceballs and Betty White as Sithwitch Drusilla Nightshade. Those are horrifically, terrible, awfully awful ideas.

    An angry birds Star Wars movie is a hundred times worse then either of the aforementioned crappy ideas. LOL
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    You bite your tongue! Bea Arthur is a saint! I won't hear a bad word about her!
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    What about an Angry Birds version of the Holiday Special? Would it be more bearable then? Or would I vomit out of my eyes and ears simultaneously?
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