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    ***Winners will be announced publicly Monday September 10. Absentee votes must be private messaged (PMed) to 2 current council members before 0900 09/09/07. We look forward to a good next year with HOTA. Hope to see you at the meeting.

    Elections will be held at the September meeting. The list of nominees will remain open until September 3, if you cannot attend the meeting you can submit absentee votes between Sept. 4 - 8 by sending a private message to any two council members with your votes.

    Below are the nominees. There are three lists, the list of accepted nominations, the list of undecided nominations, and declined nominations. If you are on the undecided list, please send a PM to the Council account to either accept or decline; if you are listed for more than once you can accept only one. You may also submit other names to be added to the undecided list.

    Accepted Nominations
    President: Angie (Darth3PO)
    Vice President: Andrew (DarthJynx), Doug (Tantive4)
    Secretary: Mary (MamaFett)
    Treasurer: Bart (GandalfBMG), Joe (BMXJediJoe)
    PR: Jamie (Darth Venomous)

    Undecided Nominations
    Vice President:
    Public Relations:

    Declined Nominations
    President: Jason (JasterMareel), Mike (DarthDjinn), Bradley (LukeSkiewalker), Doug (tantive4)
    Vice President: Angie (Darth3PO), John (KCJedi), Bradley (LukeSkiewalker)
    Secretary: Angie (Darth3PO), Sarah (GsWookie), Mike (DarthDjinn)Bradley (LukeSkiewalker)
    Treasurer: John (KCJedi), Mike (DarthDjinn), Bradley (LukeSkiewalker)
    PR: Joe (BMXJediJoe), Andrew (DarthJynx), Bart (GandalfBMG), Sarah (GsWookie), Bradley (LukeSkiewalker)

    Please remember that only full members can be nominated. Please click here for the list of full member or for more information (or contact a council member).

    Below is a complete list of each officials responsibilities:

    Fan Force Chapter Representative/President (Elected)
    -Chairs meetings
    -Serves as liaison between members and officers
    -Serves as liaison between the HOTA and FanForce
    -Serves as a liaison between the HOTA and the Kansas City Community
    -Serves as a point of contact for local businesses and media
    -Receives reports from other officers and offers direction
    -Sets meeting agenda items with the help of other officers
    -Helps organize events as needed

    Vice-President (Elected)
    -Assumes leadership if president resigns
    -Presides over meetings in President's absence
    -Fulfills duties of other officers if they are absent from meetings
    -Assists President in organizing meetings and events, and whatever else is required
    -Casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

    Secretary (Elected)
    -Helps the President in preparation for meetings, gathering topics etc.
    -Writes and publishes meeting minutes and HOTA online Newsletter (if applicable)
    -Records meeting attendance
    -Provides the, Promotional Release, other forms and insures that all information is up to date
    -Keeps a list of all the officer names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, and makes this information available to the other Council members as needed
    -Manages all documents needed for the club

    Treasurer (Elected)
    -Single point of contact for all financial matters
    -Maintains active log of club treasury, income, and expenditures
    -Collects all money taken along with the member's name, the amount they have paid, and the cause

    Public Relations Officer (Elected)
    -Establishes and maintains contacts with outside organizations for the promotion of the club
    -Tracks and identifies the need for promotional materials
    -Coordinates promotional activities
    -Responsible for writing up announcements of various club events and submitting them to the Official Site, the Star Wars Insider, Bantha Tracks, and local media.
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