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Phx Council Updates

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by sideshow212, Apr 13, 2003.

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  1. sideshow212

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    Feb 3, 2002
    as per the amendment voted on and passed at the Official Meeting on April 12th, the PFF Constitution reads thusly:

    Phoenix Fan Force Constitution

    Mission Statement

    Phoenix Fan Force is a non-profit club for fans of the Star Wars saga. Phoenix Fan Force (PFF) is all about getting fans together in our community and helping them meet and interact with each other. If there is a convention, movie screening, and/or a book signing, PFF will make an effort to take part in the event. We also do movie viewings, watch Star Wars videos, have restaurant outings, and camp-out/line-up for Episode III!
    TheForce.Net?s Fan Force Forums are used by PFF members to meet fellow like minded folks in our local, physical community. The Fan Force Forums are also an online tool for us to get together, discuss, and plan outings and events.



    All you have to do to become a PFF member is create a user account, post on the Fan Force Forum, and live in the general Phoenix area (exceptions can be made).

    There are none! Becoming a PFF member is free, and as a member you will never be obligated to do or pay anything. However, some things do require money. In these events, the Treasurer will collect money on a voluntary basis. Each member can contribute as much as they feel comfortable with. The Treasurer will record who paid and what amount, so that if the total amount needed is not reached, every member who paid in will get there money back. If any funds are left over, they will be used to purchase meeting necessities (i.e. eating utensils) or saved for our next collection.

    Official Meetings:
    Official Meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month, currently at the [link=]Atomic Comics[/link] store in Mesa, at 3:00pm. Official Meetings will be conducted in this order: the President will call to order, we will then discuss and vote on topics, then open the floor for any other business. Plates, cups and utensils will be provided by Council; bringing food to the meeting is voluntary. Generally it is a pot-luck affair; most people bring snack foods to share with everyone.

    The majority of Council must be present at the Official Meeting to call votes. If a member wishes to cast a vote on a topic, but cannot attend the Official Meeting, they may [link=]Private Message[/link] the vote over the Fan Force Forum to the President before the vote is called at the Official Meeting, and the President will record and cast the vote for them. All votes will be won with a simple majority. Council positions will be voted on every six months (currently in April and October). Council members may run for consecutive terms.

    If any person attending a PFF activity, meeting, or event acts disorderly or in a way that is disruptive, the President will attempt to rectify the situation. If the situation cannot be resolved, they may be asked to leave the meeting or event. If any person disobeys the [link=]Terms of Service[/link] on the Fan Force Forum, the Chapter Rep will warn them of the infraction and attempt to correct it if possible. If any PFF member has to be asked to leave a meeting or event, or continues to disobey the ToS after being warned by the Chapter Rep, the RSA will contact them, and their account on the Fan Force Forum may be suspended until the next Official Meeting, at which time they will be given an opportunity to plead their case to the attending members. If a ban vote is passed, that person is expelled from all meetings/events as well as the Fan Force Forum indefinitely. If the members vote to let the person remain, their Fan Force Forum account will be immediately reinstated. These same rules apply to Council members as well. Any member may request the investigation of a Council member by the RSA.

    Underage Members:
    Anyone, regardless of age may become a member, post on the Fan Force Fo
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