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TOR Crafting skills list update at main TOR site

Discussion in 'Games' started by Onderon1, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Onderon1

    Onderon1 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2008

    Mods, if this needs to be redirected, please put this where it needs to go; I looked at the Rules thread, but I'm more familiar with the 'fic boards or Lit. [face_peace]

    I was checking out TORWars earlier today, and found a very interesting link back to the TOR main site's crew skills page. Some more skills have been revealed (I'm highlighting below for those who don't want to be spoiled; here's the link to the crew skills page):

    I'm a geek for this kind of stuff, since I loved the flexibility of the upgrade system in KOTOR II. :p NOTE: The below descriptions are the exact wording FROM the TOR site, NOT anything I put into my own words. I own none of this, Bioware and LFL do. [face_peace]

    [hl=black]Gathering Skills:

    Archaeology ? the ability to seek out imbued items like Lightsaber crystals and ancient artifacts

    Bioanalysis ? the practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and plants

    Scavenging ? the art of recovering useful materials and parts from old or damaged technology

    Slicing ? a skill in accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics

    Crafting Skills:

    Armormech ? the ability to work with hard metals and electronic shielding to construct all types of personal armor

    Armstech ? the skill of constructing blasters, blaster rifles and upgrades

    Artifice ? the delicate work of constructing Jedi and Sith artifacts

    Biochem ?the engineering of performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants

    Cybertech ? the technical expertise to construct gadgets and components for Droids and high-tech armors

    Synthweaving ? the art of creating lighter outfits and armors that are imbued with supernatural qualities

    Mission Skills:

    Diplomacy ? the art of conducting and managing negotiations

    Investigation ? the skill of examining evidence and following clues to discover valuable secrets

    Treasure Hunting ? the ability to track down and recover valuable items by investigating a series of clues

    Underworld Trading ? expertise in the trading of illegal goods and services[/hl]

Thread Status:
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