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Create Yourself As A RPG Character!

Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by Jedi Merkurian , Apr 11, 2002.

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  1. Darth_Digital

    Darth_Digital Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 2001
    Hmmm. Think I`ll do my own persona with honourable mention to the ole West End Games.




    Dex: 3D
    Str: 2D+2
    Mec: 2D
    Per: 4D
    Knw: 3D
    Tec: 2D



    Expandable baton: Damage: STR + 1D+2
    Cell phone
    20 dollars
    Cigarette lighter
    Assorted dark clothing
    Various ID within leather wallet



    DEX: 3D

    Melee Parry: 5D
    Dodge: 6D
    Primitive Firearms: 4D
    -9mm: 4D+1
    -C-7: 5D
    -M1 Carbine: 4D+1
    Melee Combat: 4D
    -Expandable Baton: 4D+1
    -Tonfa Stick PR-24: 7D+2
    -Broken Beer Bottle: 5D

    STR: 2D

    Brawling: 3D+2
    Swimming: 6D+2
    Running: 3D

    MEC: 2D

    Motor Vehicle Operation: 6D+2
    -Ford Taurus: 7D
    -Aeries K: 6D+1
    -Toyota Mini-Van 7D
    Bicycle Operation: 6D
    -BMX: 6D
    -Mountain Bike: 7D+1
    Computer Operation: 5D
    -Software Configuration: 3D+2
    -Hardware Installation: 3D+1
    Tobacco Rolling Machine: 5D
    V.C.R. Programming: 7D
    Sex Toy Application: 10D

    KNOW: 3D

    Road Map Interpretation: 4D+2
    Secuirty Systems 5D
    -Mag Locks: 5D+2
    -Physical Barriers: 5D+2
    -Alarm monitoring systems: 6D
    -Chasity Belt lock picking: 7D+1
    Law 5D
    -Local Laws: 5D+1
    -Criminal Code of Canada: 7D
    -American Law: 3D+1
    Star Trek Episode Lore: 7D+2
    Languages: 3D
    -French: 3D+1
    -Eekspay, on the exnay: 5D
    G-Spot nomenclature: 9D+2
    Administration: 5D
    -Paramount Parks 5D+2
    -Intercon Security 6D+1
    -Bell Canada 5d+1
    Survival: 4D
    -Urban Environements: 5D
    -Artic Environmentns: 6D+1
    -Dinner at Grandma`s: 8D+2

    PER: 4D

    Con: 8D
    -Customers: 8D+1
    -Family of current girl: 9D
    Gambling: 9D
    -Unprotected Sex: 9D+2
    Hide/Sneak: 9D+1
    -Girls bedrooms after dark: 9D+2
    -Theatre Hopping: 10D
    Search: 8D+2
    -Transformers on e-bay: 9D+2
    Kereoke Singing: 8D
    Willpower: 3D+2

    TEC: 2D

    Video/Audio Tape Repair: 3D+2
    First-Aid/CPR: 4D+1

    SENSE: 2D
    -Police in close proximity: 2D+1
    -Lying Girlfriend: 2D+2
    -Gay`dar: 2D+1



    "Trust me baby, its legal this side of the border..."

  2. LordPhobetor

    LordPhobetor Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 31, 2001
    Lord Phobetor: Male Human Jedi Consular 6/Sith Warrior 5/Sith Lord 5; Init +2; Defense 25 (+13 class, +2 dex); Spd 10m; VP/WP 139/14; Atk +14/+9/+4* melee(6d8/19-20 lightsaber); SQ Deflect blasters, uncanny dodge, +1 enemy bonus, resource access, minions; SV Fort +15, Ref +13, Will +15; FP 9; DSP 20; Rep 12;
    Str 10, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 16, Chr 15
    Equipment: Sith robes, lightsaber* (violet blade), Sith talisman, Sith holocrons & scrolls,
    *Lord Phobetor has constructed his own lightsaber
    Skills: Bluff +15, Craft (lightsaber) +6, Diplomacy +12, Gather Information +12, Intimidate +17, Jump +5, Knowledge (Jedi lore) +6, Knowledge (Sith lore) +13, Sense Motive +11, Tumble +9
    Force Skills: Affect Mind +15, Battlemind +11, Empathy +11, Enhance Ability +7, Enhance Senses +10, Fear +16, Force Grip +10, Force Push +6, Force Stealth +9, Heal Another -1, Move Object +6, See Force +7
    Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force Sensitive, Frightful Presence, Persuasive, Trustworthy, Weapon Finesse (lightsaber), Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons, blaster pistols)
    Force Feats: Alter, Burst of Speed, Control, Force Lightning, Force Mind, Hatred, Lightsaber Defense, Rage, Sense, Sith Sorcery

    More details to come...
  3. DarkTreader

    DarkTreader Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 22, 2002
    Woooo hooooo!!! 2nd Edition revision is here! Nothing too big, actually... just a Travel revision based on Infiltrator's comments :)

    Travel (cumulative):
    If you have left your country of origin, give yourself +1 level.
    If you have left this country more than 5 times in your lifetime to go to multiple destinations (not repeated visits to the same place), give yourself +1 level.
    If you have left the country of your origin and lived in another country for more than 6 months (not vacationing), give yourself +1 level.
    If you have:
    Visited between 1 and 3 countries in your lifetime - +1 level
    Visited between 4 and 6 countries in your lifetime - +2 levels
    Visited between 7 and 10 countries in your lifetime - +3 levels
    Visited between 11 and 14 countries in your lifetime - +4 levels
    Visited between 15 and 20 countries in your lifetime - +5 levels
    Visited 21+ countries in your lifetime - +6 levels
    If you own an airplane or private jet, give yourself +3 levels.

    All other rules remain the same.
  4. LordPhobetor

    LordPhobetor Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 31, 2001
    "Be cautious that when hunting a monster, that you don't become a monster yourself."
    "Know that when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
    "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

    Lord Phobetor was once Falnor Hess, a Jedi Knight in service to the Republic. He was a strong proponent of using well-placed words and an occasional Force-assisted "nudge" instead of a brandished lightsaber to bring peace & justice to the Mehdri sector, over which he was the Jedi watchman. His diligence eventually brought in into conflict with the Sith Lord Deimos, an encounter that Hess barely survived.

    In the aftermath of that battle, Hess used all the resources at his disposal to learn everything that he could about the mysterious warrior, eventually discovering the ancient legends surrounding the Dark Lords of the Sith. He became a man obsessed. Against the warnings of his Master, Hess began to study Sith lore, in order to be better prepared the next time he faced Lord Deimos.

    That moment came when Lord Deimos captured the passenger freighter Kobayashi Shiraz, along with his Padawan Leelah Selonia. Lord Deimos hadn't forgotten their battle either, and used the ship and the younger Jedi to draw Hess out to face him. As they battled, Deimos released a potent toxin into the hold where the hostages were being held, slowly killing them all.

    Feeling the hostages' agony rippling though the Force, and sensing the painful demise of his Padawan, Hess gave in to his grief and rage, striking down Lord Deimos.

    Little did Hess know that both he and Lord Deimos were being Deimos' master, Lord D'Spayre. D'Spayre had grown tired of Deimos' ways, believing him to be too brutal & blunt, and saw in Hess the potential for a far more cunning & subtle apprentice.

    Meanwhile, Hess saw some truth in Deimos' ways, and discovered that he had a knack for combat that he hadn't realized before (in game terms, Hess traded 3 levels of Jedi Consular for 3 levels of Sith Warrior) Hess spent quite some time as an engine of pure destruction, all the while unwittingly doing Lord D'Spayre's bidding.

    Eventually, Lord D'Spayre revealed himself to Hess, dubbing him Lord Phobetor for the terror (phobos) that he instilled in others. Phobetor agreed to serve D'Spayre, learning to distill his rages into an icy hatred.

    Phobetor spent years learning the dark arts from Lord D'Spayre, all the while biding his time. In all those years, Lord Phobetor had not forgotten that Lord D'Spayre was the source of all his suffering so long ago.

    When the moment came, Lord Phobetor struck down his Master with Force Lightning. The attack was prefaced by a declaration:


    With the death of Lord D'Spayre, Lord Phobetor is even now seeking his own apprentice to do his dark bidding...
  5. Infiltrator

    Infiltrator Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 4, 2002
    dark treader: does stopover count?
    without it i'm 9th level
  6. Midnightguard

    Midnightguard Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 3, 2002
    DarkTreader... interesting little system you thought up there... I would be roughly 22nd level by your system (I wouldn't have thought myself more than 10th or 12th).

    The 2 huge bookshelves of role playing material are what put me over the top (I could think of 20 different game systems I have off the top of my head... I guess my 21 years of hoarding role playing games paid off for something... that's right, I started role playing when I was 9 and have been addicted ever since).
  7. DarkTreader

    DarkTreader Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 22, 2002

    Like I said... I was exceptionally bored one morning.

    Umm... Stopovers like, traveling from the US to Greece and having to switch planes in France or somethin?

    Eh... ~flips his GM coin~ No.
  8. Darth_Kevin

    Darth_Kevin Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 30, 2001
    If you live in Europe, those travel rules may be a bit off. It's fairly easy to travel to 10-20 countries by car in a short period of time. I think those should be U.S. travel rules only. We can only drive to Mexico or Canada, and not both for most people.

    Also, most people I know do not even travel much of the U.S. let alone other countries. A break down of states visited could be covered for the U.S. since most U.S. states are roughly the size of European countries. Maybe something like 6-10 states +1 level, 11-20 states +2 levels, etc.
  9. LJ

    LJ Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 20, 1999
    does studying at a martial arts school, or under a teacher add any bonus levels?
  10. Alion_Sangre

    Alion_Sangre Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    Since I missed Kier's earlier thread on the Lit boards, could somebody make up some stats for Alion_Sangre? By DT's rules I'm a 7th level Lit Forum denizen. Go ahead - I must have a ton of defense points against good-humored insults [face_laugh]
  11. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    THIS IS SO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Alion_Sangre

    Alion_Sangre Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    *ignores previous post, ups thread*
  13. Fingorfin

    Fingorfin Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 7, 2001
    A friend of mine is supposed to be creating stats for me. I will post when he finally finishes.
  14. DarkTreader

    DarkTreader Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 22, 2002
    Hmm... good point about the states. Gonna have to put that one in the 3rd Edition.

    As for things like martial arts and such.. those're just for skills and damage modifiers.

    Yeesh... I never knew that this would get such a huge reaction ^_^
  15. LJ

    LJ Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 20, 1999
    A lot of us are bored. This is just something to occupy us until we fall asleep. ;)
  16. Alion_Sangre

    Alion_Sangre Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 9, 2001
    Some of us come here to recharge our intellectual juices after having them sucked dry by a worthless English portfolio :p ;)
  17. jaya02

    jaya02 Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 12, 2002
    k. i've never actually played the RPG game in real life, so i don't know what all the symbols/abbreviations stand for. i've just played an RPG like this one over on the Official Site. so, what do all the symbols/abbreviations mean?
    for example:
    Human Male Jedi Guardian 10; Init +3; Def 21 (+8 class, +3 Dex); Spd 10m; VP/WP 98/15; Atk +14/+9* melee (3d8+1 crit 19-20, lightsaber) or +11/+6 melee (1d3+1 unarmed) or +13/+8 ranged; SQ Deflect blasters, Jedi Knight; SV Fort +9 Ref +8 Will +8; FP 9; DSP 0; Rep 8;
    Str 13 Dex 16 Con 15 Int 16 Wis 16 Chr 14
    (credit to the person who created this thread. it's from his post.)

    could anyone explain all the symbols to me please?
  18. Jandor_Tarvin

    Jandor_Tarvin Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 15, 2002
    Hi all!.

    Okay, I am currently playing this character online in a Rise of the Empire setting, one year after the events of TPM.

    A link to the play by post board is:

    [link=]Rise of the Empire D20 Play by Post[/link]

    Name: Jandor Tarvin

    Species: Human

    Class: Jedi Guardian

    Level: 6

    EXP: 15000

    Reputation: 7

    STR: 12 (+1)
    DEX: 14 (+2)
    CON: 10 (+0)
    WIS: 12 (+1)
    INT: 16 (+3)
    CHA: 10 (+0)

    Age: 18
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Hair: Black, short with a Padawan braid
    Eyes: Grey

    Base Attack: + 6/ + 1
    Melee Attack: + 7/ + 2
    Ranged Attack: + 8/ + 3

    Def: 17
    VP: 51
    WP: 10
    Speed: 10m
    Init: 2
    Fort: 5
    Ref: 7
    Will: 4

    Basic, Calamarian, Rhodese, Shyriiwook

    Appraise: 3
    Balance: 2
    Bluff: 0
    Climb: 1
    Computer Use: 4
    Crafts (Lightsaber): 5
    Diplomacy: 0
    Disguise: 0
    Escape Artist: 2
    Forgery: 3
    Gamble: 1
    Gather Information: 0
    Hide: 2
    Intimidate: 0
    Jump: 5
    Knowledge (Alien Species): 4
    Knowledge (Jedi Lore): 6
    Knowledge (World Lore): 4
    Move Silently: 2
    Pilot: 7
    Ride: 2
    Search: 3
    Sense Motive: 1
    Spot: 1
    Survival: 1
    Swim: 1
    Treat Injury: 1
    Tumble: 7

    Combat Expertise
    Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
    Force Sensitive
    Heroic Surge (2 times per day)
    Weapon Finesse: Lightsaber
    Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
    Weapon (Blaster Pistol)
    Weapon (Simple)

    Force Skills:
    Affect Mind: 7
    Battlemind: 8
    Drain Energy: 0*
    Empathy: 5
    Enhance Ability: 7
    Enhance Senses: 2
    Farseeing: 3
    Fear: 1*
    Force Defense: 5
    Force Grip: 3*
    Force Lightning: 3*
    Force Stealth: 4
    Force Strike: 3*
    Friendship: 1
    Heal Another: 3
    Heal Self: 5
    Move Object: 9
    See Force: 2
    Telepathy: 2

    * indicates Force Skills which Jandor has put no ranks into, but which are innate skills.

    Force Feats:
    Burst of Speed
    Lightsaber Defense

    Force Points: 6
    Bonus Dice: 2d6 (Light) 3d6 (Dark)

    Darkside Points: 0

    Normal: +10/+5 Primary Hand: +6/+1 Off Hand: +2
    Black and Silver Handle (Violet Aura): Damage 3d8 Crit 19-20

    Padawan Robes
    Credit Chip
    Grappling Spike Launcher
    Glow Rod (2)
    Grappeling Hook
    Liquid Cable
    Utility Belt

    Money: 500 credits

    What follows are Jandor's earliest waking moments:

    The child opens his eyes, seeing everything for the first time, unaware of his surroundings or his situation. He is young, and yet, he is aware of many things. He blinks and looks at the man slumped against the alley wall.

    The child looks at him curiously and asks in stuttered uncertain words.

    "Are you my father?"

    Keldon looks at the child uncertain what to say at first, then smiles and nods. "Aye, son, I am."

    Suddenly, the child cocks his head, as if he has noticed something, and then whispers.
    "Father, someone is coming. I can feel it."

    Moments later, a tall man in Jedi robes makes his way down the alley, followed closely by another man. The other man is glancing around.

    "I don't think we should come down here, Master. This area isn't known for it's hospitality."

    The Jedi replies. "Patience, young Padawan. Be mindful of the Living Force. Tell me what you feel down here."

    The younger man obediently stops and closes his eyes a moment. As he opens them again, there is a look of surprise on his face. "I sense a lifeform that is strong with the Force, Master. You knew?"

    The Jedi smiles but does not reply and carries on down the alleyway. Keldon is unable to move, he is too exhausted, and the child stands resolutely by him as the Jedi and his apprentice make their way past the refuse collector.

    The two Jedi stop before Keldon and the child. The older man speaks first to his apprentice. "See what you can do for his wounds." He gestures to Keldon.

    As his apprentice sets about caring for Keldon's wound, the Jedi hunkers down before the child. "Well hello. My name is Qui-Gon. What's yours?"

    The child looks uncertainly at Keldon, then back at the Jedi. "I knew you were coming. You are a
  19. Jandor_Tarvin

    Jandor_Tarvin Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 15, 2002

    All the symbols are abbreviations for qualities that a character in the D20 Star Wars RPG possesses.

    The number 10 in "Human Male Jedi Guardian 10" refers to the level of the character. It is worth noting that a Jedi in the SW game is a Padawan until they reach 7th level, upon which time they become a Jedi Knight. So naturally, a level 10 Jedi is a Knight.

    "Init + 3" indicates that this character has a +3 bonus to their initiative roll. Before combat can take place, the player rolls for their initiative. The higher they roll, they quicker they are.

    "Def 21" indicates the character's ability to defend against attacks. When someone tries to hit your character they must roll higher than your defense. The '+8 class, +3 Dex' are part of what makes up a character's total defense.

    "Spd 10m" This is how quickly a charcter moves. This character can cover a 10 meter distance in one round and still perform an action. A round is usually no longer than 6 seconds.

    "VP/WP 98/15" VP, or vitality points indicate a character's health. The higher the vitality, the healthier the character is. Taking damage from weapons or being hurt in any way lowers your temporary vitality. Once your vitality reaches zero, you begin to lose WP or wound points. When both reach zero, your character dies. Another note, if a character uses the Force, they expend vitality points to do so.

    "Atk +14/+9* melee (3d8+1 crit 19-20, lightsaber) or +11/+6 melee (1d3+1 unarmed) or +13/+8 ranged"

    These numbers represent your characters bonus to hitting an opponent successfully with a weapon. This character lists only two 'weapons' a lightsaber and unarmed attacks. The 3d8+1 is the amount of damage the lightsaber does. Crit 19-20 indicates that should this character be lucky enough to roll either a 19 or a 20 on their dice roll when they attack, they have a chance to score a 'critical hit' on their opponent. When you have a 'potential crit' you roll your attack again. If this second roll is also successful, the attack is critical. When an attack is critical, the damage yuo deliver does not come away from your opponent's VP, but rather from their WP. And if their WP reaches zero or less, they are killed.

    "SQ Deflect blasters, Jedi Knight"

    SQ are special qualities that the character possesses. In this case, the character is a Jedi Knight and is able to deflect blasters.

    "SV Fort +9 Ref +8 Will +8"

    SV Fort, Ref and Will, are saving throws. At certain points in an adventure, it may be necessary to leap out of a pit before Darth Vader can freeze you in carbonite, as Luke does in ESB. In order to do this successfully, you must make a Reflex Saving throw. This character has a bonus of +8 to theri Reflex saving throw. Other Saving throws are Fortitude (so as to withstand all that terrible torture that Han goes through on Bespin) and Willpower, so as not to fall sway to the Jedi Mind Trick.

    "FP 9; DSP 0; Rep 8;"

    FP are Force Points, when a character is in extreme trouble, they can choose to expend a Force Point to grant themselves an additonal bonus to their dice rolls to help them succeed at a particularly difficult task, such as making sure the photon torpedoes go in the ventilation shaft, rather than merely impacting on the surface. DSP are dark side points. The more of these you gain, the closer to the dark side you are drawn. Rep is your reputation in the galaxy. With a reputation of 8 this character is famous throughout his home star system.

    "Str 13 Dex 16 Con 15 Int 16 Wis 16 Chr 14"

    And finally, these are the attributes that make up the basis of your character. Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.

    I hope this has been of some help for you.
  20. Sci Michaels

    Sci Michaels Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 17, 2000
    Well, I don't know about myself as a character, but my JC persona IS an rpg character. I've had Sci Michaels in many incarnations, starting (I think) with Silent Death, then a strange Mekton/Cyberpunk game, a d6 Silent Death game, several versions for d6 Star Wars (where he was an a-wing pilot), and this latest version for the Living Force campaign.

    Sci Michaels (callsign "Arsenal")
    Starfighter pilot
    Scout 3/Soldier 3
    Str 10, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 8
    VP 50/WP 12
    Defense 20
    Init +5
    Reputation 2
    Force Points 3
    Dark Side Points 0
    Base Attack +5
    Melee Attack +5
    Ranged Attack +10 (+11 PB)
    Fortitude +6, Reflex +8, Will +3

    Astrogate 9 (+12), Computer Use 8 (+9), Jump 4 (+4), Knowledge (spacer lore) 4 (+5), Knowledge (systems) 4 (+5), Pilot 9 (+20*), Profession (escort pilot) 9 (+9), Repair 8 (+9), Search 4 (+5), Sense Motive 1 (+1), Spot 8 (+8)

    Armor Proficiency (light, medium & heavy), Weapon Groups (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy, simple weapons & vibro weapons), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Skill Emphasis (pilot), Spacer, Starship Dodge, Starship Operation (starfighter)

    Languages: Basic (literate), Huttese (non-literate)

    Equipment: Blaster carbine, multi-channel comlink, 2 power packs, aquata breather, medpack, glowrod, breath mask, 35,227 credits

    Distinguishing features: Green hair

    Personality: Abrasive, blunt, arrogant, self-assured

    *if you are wondering how such a thing is possible - +9 ranks, +5 Dex, +2 Spacer, +3 Skill Emphasis, and a +1 competence bonus I picked up in an adventure.
  21. Tremaniac

    Tremaniac Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 26, 2002
    Hmmmnn, Tremaniac, very extreme variant on Inquistor Tremayne, from Second Edition, Galaxy Guide 4.

    Tremaniac, insane guy
    Dex 4d: Dodge 5d (spec. Dodge Flying Jawas 8d), Lightsaber 8d (spec. Maul Moff Jokers Command Chair 34d), Other assorted Dex stuff: base level
    Know 4d: Survival 5d (spec. ISD OtherShip 7d), Intimidate 6d+2, Interrogate 8d (spec. Torture 9d+2), Braid Dreads 6d, Grow Large Amounts of Pot for Personal Use 8d, Scholar: Jedi Lore 6d, Scholar: Torture History 7d, Scholar: Dark Side Legion 6d, Forget Ship Name 6d, Find Mp3s 8d, Create Jello Pool 7d
    Mech 2d: Capital Ship Pilot 6d, Flying Command Chair Pilot 8d, Other stuff base level
    Per 3d+1: Command 6d (spec. Jawas 7d, DSL 7d, KnightSaber 8d, OtherShip 7d), Search 5d, Con 3d+2 (spec. Moff Joker 6d), Hide 4d (spec. Secret Stash 10d),
    Str 2d+2: Brawl 5d, Stamina 4d
    Tech 2d: Lightsaber Construction 6d, Hydroponics Lab Construction 7d, Build Superweapon to snag more Lunchmoney: 5d

    EQ: Deathstar Construction for Dummies, Lightsaber (Orange with Blue Polka Dots, 5d+2), ISD KnightSaber, ISD Othership, ISD name forgotten, ISD name forgotten again, Smilex Gas, Sledgehammer and Chainsaw.

    DSP: Too many
    FP: 9
    CP: 25
  22. DarthCane

    DarthCane Jedi Master star 4

    May 30, 2002
    I don't know how to do stats for all the little traits, and I'm really not an RP person. Suffice to say this guy is about midway in Force powers, other stats, and combat skills between Darth Maul and Darth Vader.

    Darth Cain

    Male human, Elite Soldier 9/Dark Side Marauder 3/Sith Warrior 7/Sith Lord 5 (d20 character specs, I feel these are more descriptive of the character)

    Equipment: Double-bladed lightsaber (scarlet blades, 6 claws on each end of handgrip), Sith lanvarok, Imperial Munitions StarAnvil heavy blaster rifle, vibroknife, garrote, Imperial Munitions heavy blaster pistol, modified Dark Trooper Phase III powersuit with droid brain*, oversized lightsaber (hilt is 50 centimeters long, blade is 3 meters, scarlet blade), modified Storm Commando armor with Dark Side Stealth, Strength, Damage Reduction, Cortosis Ore, and active camoflage covering

    *Phase Three Dark Trooper (d6 stats)
    Type: Advanced Combat Droid/powersuit

    Blaster: 8D+2, (S) Assault Cannon: 9D+2, (S) Seeker Missile: 9D, Blaster Artillery: 5D+1, Brawling Parry: 7D+1, Dodge: 4D+1, Melee: 7D+1, Melee Parry: 7D+1
    Intimidation: 7D+1
    Jet Pack Operation: 5D
    Search: 5D+2, Sneak: 4D+2
    Brawling: 8D+2, Climbing / Jumping: 9D
    Computer Program / Repair: 2D+2, Demolition: 2D+2

    * Armored Casing (provides +3D to strength for all attacks)
    * Assault Cannon
    - Plasma shell loads (7D 0-20/40/60)
    - Long range rockets (10D 0-80/160/240)
    - Seeker Missile (6D 0-30/60/90 Fire Control: 1D+2)
    * Heuristic processor
    * Two visual and auditory sensors - human range
    * Two infrared and low light vision sensors
    * Vocabulator speech system
    * Magnetic feet
    * internal comlink
    * Repulsorlift unit
    * Maneuvering jets (May move up to 50 meters horizontally, 45 vertically. Enough fuel for 25 bursts)
    Move: 10
    Height: 3.5 meters
    Cost: Not available for sale

    Other gear: 3 Dark Eye probe droids, assorted sensor equipment and demolition explosives, Sith Infiltrator (Scimitar), Sith Speeder bike

    Darth Cain was originally an Imperial stormtrooper, TK650419. When Colonel Crix Madine formed the Storm Commandoes, the highly-decorated soldier with an uncanny ability to sense danger was recruited into the new unit. After the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor, TK650419, now a major in command of his own unit of Storm Commandoes, was assigned to the Imperial Star Destroyer Rampage. There, he came under the notice of Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith. Lumiya realized that the battle-hardened trooper was immensely strong in the Force, and kept her eye on him should her current apprentice, Imperial Royal Guard Carnor Jax, perish or fail.

    Seven years later, Carnor Jax died at the hands of fellow Guardsman Kir Kanos. Lumiya took TK650419, renamed Darth Cain in Sith tradition, as her new apprentice.

    Cain was already a formidable warrior, equal in prowess to any Royal Guard with blasters, vibroblades, or bare fists and feet. After Lumiya's tutoring in the Dark Side, he became even more deadly, learning to wield both the Sith lanvarok and a double-bladed lightsaber modeled after the weapon of Sith Lord Exar Kun. Clad in his black Storm Commando armor which he modified to include active camoflage and a cortosis alloy (which later was secretly supplied to the Dark Jedi Desann for his Shadowtroopers), he performed countless deadly "errands" for Lumiya over the years. For his journeys, Lumiya gave him the Scimitar, the Sith Infiltrator once flown by Darth Maul, along with all of the Sith Lord's equipment which had been recovered on Naboo more than forty years earlier. On one of these missions, he came across a relic of General Mohc's Dark Trooper project - an operational Phase III droid powersuit. After some modifications and the construction of a truly gigantic lightsaber to match the unit, Cain felt ready for anything. He continues to assist with Lumiya's activities during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion,
  23. Sci Michaels

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    Apr 17, 2000
    I don't know how to do stats for all the little traits, and I'm really not an RP person. Suffice to say this guy is about midway in Force powers, other stats, and combat skills between Darth Maul and Darth Vader.

    Darth Cain

    Male human, Elite Soldier 9/Dark Side Marauder 3/Sith Warrior 7/Sith Lord 5 (d20 character specs, I feel these are more descriptive of the character)

    Interesting background. If you were shooting for between Maul and Vader, I think you overshot a little. 24th level is quite beyond Yoda and the Emperor, much less Vader. So I'd guess:

    Soldier 8/Elite Trooper 1/Marauder 1/Sith Warrior 5/Sith Lord 3
  24. DarthCane

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    Well, I was looking for between Maul and Vader in Force powers, mental abilities, and lightsaber combat skills. Again, I don't really do RP'ing, I use source material and stats mainly for fanfic characters. I never really got a handle on level-based characters in d20. I wanted a character who is a very good commando, best of the best, and who is a Sith Lord of slightly lesser power than Vader (Sith Lord 6, DSSB) and a more adept fighter than Maul (Soldier 1/DSM 3/SW 6/ SL 2, DSSB). Plus figure he was a stormtrooper for a few years, a Storm Commando from roughly ANH->Jedi Academy Trilogy (11 years), and a Sith Warrior/Sith Lord for another fifteen years as of the NJO.
  25. DarthCane

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