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    HEHEHEHE! Shira Brie and Luke Skywalker in cahoots. Only you guys could make a situation like that so entertaining.

    Mara kissed him softly on the lips; the kiss lasted only for a moment, but he could feel the torrent of emotion behind it.


    Great update
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    I'm presuming 'the dog' Luke is referring to is Vader? tsk tsk tsk, Luke what would your father think of you calling him that?

    Why do I get the feeling we will see Shira Brie again? And can we get a lightsaber fight between her and Mara?
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    That wasn't in the plan. Ha! I think somebody's falling in love! Nice!
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    Mara kissed Luke and Luke really has them fooled. Wait until Mara discovers the truth, sparks will fly and Luke will be lucky if he walks away alive.

    More soon :D
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    Oops! Almost missed this. :oops:

    Anyway, intersring unfolding of events and I dont think Vader would appreciate being called a dog. I'm assuming Luke doesn't know he js his father. That will be fun.
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    Note: So Jade and I worked hard to get this part done; for you guys. This will be the end to chapter 3. We'll be moving onto chapter four next week. Thank you so much for hanging on and your reviews: @Jedi_Lover, @Hazel, @Juliet316, @Briannakin, and @JediFalcon.

    Hazel: Juliet316: I don't think Vader would like being called a dog either.
    Juliet316: The scene between Shira and Luke was fun for me, and who knows she might come back, she's like a bad credit, she always turns up.
    Everyone: I know all of you are saying finally! for the L/M scene and their first kiss.


    Nikolai was arrested shortly thereafter, placed in military grade binders, and led off by his father’s personal retinue. But before he did, he gave a complete disclosure of his betrayals and the many generous reasons behind.

    He had been approached by Elan Donyei, a month in advanced to her appointment as ambassador. Apparently, Governor Vedere had been making plans for Adumar to benefit from the war between the Empire and the band of rebels. The planet had tried to remain neutral for many years since the Old Republic; favoring staying out of the Empire’s roaming eye. So the truth Elan presented was destructive; Vedere intended to aid the Rebellion by giving them sanctuary in one of Adumar’s ports.

    Elan had pressed upon the folly of the governor’s choice to form a pact with the rebels. If Adumar was found out to have sided with the rebellion not only would Adumar come under fire by the Empire’s wrath, than Nikolai would lose everything; including his wealth and his status. Elan knew what a vain man he was and had used it well against him.

    She promised him that if he would help her find the rebel base than she would grant his riches beyond his wildest dreams. He would be granted his father’s position—and a place in the Empire. The planet of Adumar, as compensation, would be allowed to go about their business without fear of the Empire’s intrusion.

    Nikolai had agreed to the deal and had managed to swing the ambassador's position. He had convinced his father of her worthiness, backing her false story of being from a political family dating back to the Clone Wars. He obtained all manner of personal information; passwords, top secret data, and access to restricted areas of his father’s mansion. He had engineered it all so skillfully with her; even the plan to have his father delayed and out of the way for the imminent meeting.

    The initial plan was that the Governor would join them after his business had been concluded on Adumar. Elan would start the initial proceedings on the governor’s behalf. However, he did not bank upon having saboteurs in his midst and the business on Adumar had taken longer thanks to Nikolai himself who had fattened the purses of several key government officials.

    And the rest, as they say, was history.

    Nikolai also revealed that the men and women who had accompanied them to the orbital station had been kept in the dark and were not party to their plan. As unscrupulous as he was, he had had at least the decency to keep innocent people out of his arrangement.

    “Great guy,” Han muttered, watching Nikolai be led away. “Sells out his dad, but stops to save pittens. Regular hero.”

    “Maybe he’s not so bad after all.” Mara commented.

    He gave her a ‘give me a break’ look.

    “Or maybe he’s looking for leniency.” He looked around. “C’mon let’s get out of here. Leia said she can handle these proceedings on her own.” He looked upon the table.

    “The Governor seems like a good man.”

    “He does, doesn’t he?”


    Governor Vedere frowned as he took a seat in the ship's main briefing room. He was still smarting from Nikolai's duplicity. He hoped Leia wouldn't reconsider her earlier assent to an agreement, but he wouldn't blame her if she did.

    Leia gave him an inscrutable look; somehow, despite Nikolai's treachery, she still trusted the Governor's sincerity. She took a long sip of her cool drink.

    For this meeting, Han and Mara didn't need to be present, so she would bring them up to date with what happened afterwards. She smiled inwardly. Mara hadn't left Luke's side since he'd come to.

    Leia now said: "I am assured by the fact that your government acted so promptly and so judiciously in the face of what is indisputably a very public embarrassment, and for you, a very personal humiliation. I still would like to come to an agreement with the Adumarians. We desperately need all the resources and allies we can get."

    "My son's actions reflect only a very small, incidental faction." Vedere answered, taking a thoughtful sip of his hot beverage. "I and the majority of the populace want the Empire to be stopped, and would welcome the chance to be part of that process."

    Leia's smile was genuine. "I have drafted a preliminary treaty. Please look it over, and if it comes to your satisfaction, we can sign it."

    She slid an electronic 'padd over, across the polished tabletop.

    The Governor glanced through it for several moments, then smiled at her.

    "I think everything is in order."

    He picked up a stylus and affixed his name and official seal.

    Leia did likewise and applied the time/date stamp.

    He asked after Skywalker's prognosis and Leia was pleased to say that Luke was coming along nicely.

    She thanked him for the services of his very competent chief medic.


    Mara paused at the entrance to the medbay. She didn't know whether to be impressed or infuriated with Luke for going after the false Ambassador. What if he'd gotten himself killed? A hollow ache formed in her stomach at the very thought.

    As for the spontaneous kiss earlier, it had surprised her as much as Luke. Mara didn't regret it, and he had obviously been very pleased - given the shine in those sky-blue eyes.

    The effect Luke was having on her emotions made her want to leave and stay, at the same time. The latter feeling won out, because she really did feel concerned about how he was doing. Making up her mind, she palmed open the door.


    Luke lay in the medbay, resting on his side, facing away from the door. He’d fallen back to sleep under Mara’s urgings. His head had really been killing him so he hadn’t argued much. Arguing only seemed to make it hurt more. Mara had gently stroked his forehead as he drifted off to sleep. She was no longer stroking his forehead, but he could feel her presence. She had remained at his side throughout this painful ordeal.

    It seemed to sadden him that she had left briefly. He could feel it in her Force aura, as well as the concern as she re-entered the room.

    He took comfort in this. He studied the wall, wondering what her face looked like at this moment. He had seen such concern earlier. Did she still have such a look on her face? Luke wasn’t able to tell given the circumstance nor did he feel like turning around to look. He just wanted to lay there for a bit.

    Sometime later, when Luke had almost drifted off again, he heard the scrape of a chair. Mara was moving from her place at his side and getting up. His heart jumped slightly.

    He dared calling out to her, wanting to keep her with him, somehow: “Mara.” His voice was hoarse.

    He heard her stop in place, pivot—but she didn’t return.


    His mouth felt like he had cotton in it and he tried to summon saliva but was unable to do so. When he didn’t respond, he felt her take a few steps forward.

    “Is there something I can do for you?”

    It was such a generic statement. He frowned inwardly, feeling the anxiety coming from her. She was…worried?

    "No." Luke cleared his throat. "I feel a bit ... parched, though."

    Mara felt relief at something practical to do; she moved to the side table and filled a glass of cool water from the pitcher and held it to Luke's lips. He drank deeply, but she withdrew after a few sips. "Not too much, too fast." She warned.

    Luke nodded, and smiled at her in thanks.

    "I'll let you rest," Mara said. "It's what will help the most."

    Luke frowned, struggling to move, to talk, to do anything. He could see she was withdrawing from him for some reason.

    Seeing this, Mara assured, "I'll have a medic comm me or Leia if you need something," and with that she left.

    "Mara?" Luke murmured as the door closed behind her.

    Confusion settled over his face and in his heart. This woman was more baffling than anyone he had ever met in his entire life.



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    Ah, young love, so confused.
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    Oh Luke and Mara, why can you never make things easy?
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    LOL, Bri; if it's not one of them, it's both ;) [face_love]
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    Yup! Complicated is their middle name. :p
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    Even in an AU they're still the same lol
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    Luke is falling hard. Don't fight it Luke, let go and give in to your feelings. Bahahaha. Turn to the lust side of the Force. :D
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    Luke and Mara [face_love] young love

    wait until she finds out Luke is Vaders offspring more soon
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    Note from Ny: [face_dancing] Whee on being able to say that! We tweaked and retweaked, wanted things to come out just right, for Luke/Mara. Things are certainly deeper between them, if not at the steam-inducing point yet. [face_mischief] [face_laugh]


    Leia smiled and closed her 'padd as their ship jumped to hyperspace. "It's so nice to have that situation resolved." She commented. "I just got a message from Mon Mothma thanking all of us for all of our hard work in resolving what could have been a diplomatic catastrophe."

    Han rolled his eyes. "That's putting it mildly."

    He glanced across at Luke and Mara who were scrupulously avoiding one another's glances.

    He leaned close and whispered to Leia: "Those two are avoiding each other like the worst case of the Krytos Plague."

    Leia whispered back: "I've noticed. Frankly, I thought it would be otherwise. She never left his medbay room, and before this mission they were always together. Luke certainly never made a secret of his feelings about Mara."

    Leia had picked up on Mara's concern for Luke after his confrontation with "Elan". She had thought things would be cozier and kind of warm/cuddly between them, but the opposite seemed to be occurring.

    Han answered: "She never blatantly encouraged or discouraged him. Now, she's freezing him out totally."

    Leia wondered if she should broach the subject to either one of them, and shrugged. If they wanted to talk to her, in a confiding sort of way, she'd be open ... but she herself wouldn't meddle.

    Han gazed over at Luke and Mara thoughtfully. Mara was a beautiful and outspoken woman, and he'd long since concluded that if anyone could smooth out Luke's rougher edges, she'd be the right lady for it.

    Luke certainly had never made a secret of his attraction; now it looked like he'd rather be 5 sectors away than in the same breathing space.

    Han - in contrast to Leia - decided to thaw things a bit. "Well," He said to Luke, "Nothing like a little adventure followed by a close call to impress a lady, don't you think?"

    Luke glowered but refrained from commenting.

    Mara spoke up: "I would hardly call it that, Solo."

    "Hmmm! It certainly pushed your sympathy buttons, Jade."

    She avoided his gaze with a pointed "Drop it." expression.

    Han caught Leia's: "Why'd you have to say that look?"

    He smirked.

    Luke and Mara’s obvious attraction wasn’t the only one going on here.

    From the first moment he'd laid eyes upon Leia Organa, he'd been struck by her loveliness and from their first verbal tussle, he'd known that she was the only one who could match his Correllian wit barb for barb, give him as good as he got.

    He found that refreshing and quite entertaining.

    He certainly wouldn't mind stirring some softer emotions in the lady--although sometimes she struck him as being too focused on the "business at hand."

    Even after that unimaginable loss she'd suffered, or maybe because of it, she didn't seem to want to reach out and get too close, to anyone.

    Han thought fleetingly that if he were injured and if Leia showed a modicum of interest, he wouldn't follow that up by icy silence. Nope, he knew how to treat a beautiful woman and show her a good time and gratitude besides.

    He realized that it wasn't a strange thought after all. For, now that he thought about it, he'd been as absorbed in the sometimes-prickly Leia as much as Luke had in the feisty Mara Jade.

    Leia noticed that Han's little nudge had fallen flat with a resounding thud.

    She shot him a frustrated look that clearly conveyed he'd made things worse between the other two.

    His answering look said "I don't see how it could."

    "You have all the tact of a stampeding herd of banthas." Leia commented.

    Han laughed. "I'd have guessed you'd find it refreshing after all the boot-licking sycophants you've been exposed to."

    "Candor is one thing, tastelessness is something else altogether." She retorted.

    He smiled. "Admit it, Leia, I fascinate you."

    "Don't flatter yourself." She blushed. Silently, she admitted, he did. Always had ... Han stood out from the other pilots, both in skill and in personality. It infuriated her to no end, but it also lightened her day to snark with him.


    Mara sat with her arms across her chest, trying to avoid the stare she knew was aimed her way. She and Luke had only spoken when necessary and had not spoken to each other that much. Her heart was a swarm of emotions at the moment. She desperately wanted to talk to him, but he was avoiding her like the plague. Had she done the wrong thing by kissing him? She hated to think she had destroyed any hope of a civil relationship she’d had with him; after all, she was the only one who he was really close to.

    Then, Han had to make a snarky comment. It had struck a nerve because her concern and affection for Luke had come to the fore after that incident with the infiltrator, who bore such a weird resemblance to her.
    Mara wondered: if she spoke to Luke now, should she try to broach the subject? Or be nonchalant and try to reestablish their former footing?


    Luke hadn’t said more than a few words to Mara since he’d boarded the shuttle. It wasn’t that he was angry, he was just baffled, and he knew that if he opened his mouth nothing good would come out. He didn’t know how to handle what had happened between them—and he didn’t know the proper response. He’d never felt like this before and had never encountered something quite like this.

    This was a definite first for the Emperor’s Hand.

    That one kiss had taken him completely aback—and when she had left his medbay room without a backward glance, he’d been stunned. Normally, he would never let such a small thing get to him. After all, he was known to be quite the player by those who knew him—and he had never done anything to discourage their assumptions. It had been useful.

    Now, he wasn’t sure what to make of that reputation.

    He looked over to Mara, who was doing her best to avoid him as much as he her.

    Solo had spoken needlessly, Oh, he knew perfectly well what the ex-smuggler was trying to do. He saw a volatile situation and was trying to diffuse it as one would a bomb. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be that easy, and he had made things worse than he had made them better. He had seen Mara shoot the smuggler a look.

    When Luke had looked into Mara’s eyes, he had seen the depth of her feelings. She had realized them; and that’s why she had kissed him without a thought. That was until she'd done a complete roundabout and acted like she couldn't be bothered. He glanced at her again. Now that he examined her expression more closely, she wasn't angry or regretful, simply as confounded and bewildered as he was.


    They arrived at the rebel base four days later.

    The crew disembarked, shouldering their bags and greeting comrades.

    Leia excused herself, saying she needed to speak with Mon Mothma amongst others. Han mumbled something about attending to the Falcon and called out to Chewbacca. The enormous Wookie cast a glance at Luke and Mara before lumbering off.

    The two were left alone except for maintenance techs.

    If the silence between them had been bad before it was even worse now.

    “I’m going to go…to my room. I’m dead tired.” She’d had to report to the leaders as well, but Leia had said she’d smooth things over and for her to get some rest.

    He nodded. “I’ll see you for dinner then I guess.”

    It was the first time they’d spoken to each other willingly since the trip started.

    Mara picked up her bag and headed off.

    Luke watched her leave, her hair glistening under the lights.

    Mara came to a decision. She stopped suddenly, “Luke...”

    “Yes?” He said, eyes raised to meet hers. He was a bit wary of what she had to say.

    They started heading toward the crew-quarters.

    "I don't know what any of this between us means or is leading to ... but I do not regret any of it, except freezing you out, like you had done something wrong, which you didn't."

    He stood there for a moment, unsure of what his response should be. Thank you? I’m sorry? What was the proper response to an apology of someone who had kissed you and then withdrawn herself.
    None of these seemed right.
    He didn’t know what to do…and until he had figured out what he did want to do, he couldn’t go forward yet.

    He decided. “I think we should sleep on this.” He said slowly

    Mara’s face turned red.

    “Individually.” He amended. “We haven’t spoken since the medbay….” He saw her on the verge of refuting this claim. “Not willingly anyway; I’d rather not say anything more until we’re thinking clearly.” He had a sick feeling as he said this, but he was sure this was the correct response. “This relationship hinges on it…what’s more, our job hinges on it.”

    What are you doing!? His mind seemed to scream.
    Mara had gone through the trouble of actually reaching out to him and it was almost like he was shutting her out.
    Then again, what was he supposed to do, say no problem let’s talk our feelings out. He snorted. If you asked him what was the most painless way to kill a man without arousing suspicion, he could tell you--but as for romance and relationships; he was a complete novice. He was floundering around with these new found feelings and he didn't know which way was up or down. Half of his leeriness probably came from the fact that he knew deep down if he lost Mara--even as a friend, he would not be unaffected.

    Mara stopped and gazed at him with puzzlement.

    Now who's sending mixed signals? He was practically pouting that whole entire trip back. She rolled her eyes.

    "I can't forget it happened." She said bluntly.

    "You think I can?” He asked caustically, obviously frustrated.

    "Then all we can do is move forward, see what happens. I'm not one for pretending."

    That was one thing he liked about her, that had struck him early on.

    I could really think this to death, literally, Luke thought. Careful thought was needed, but so was letting things occur as they would, to an extent.

    They had arrived at her door.

    "OK, starting with dinner tonight," Mara answered, "Let's not force anything. We won't avoid each other or the subject, but we won't press it, either." She wondered fleetingly how they'd know the time was right to talk; she hoped one of them would, and would be able to talk the other one into a frank discussion.

    Luke smiled, feeling slightly better. The mood was not as tense as it was, and although their relationship wasn’t back to a hundred percent, it would get there. He could tell she wasn’t going to give up so easily. He was glad about that. And at least, Mara was not angry, nor their former friendship ravaged.

    "All right, Mara. I'll see you then."


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    Very nice. They are talking to each other. That is a good start.
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    Very nice. Now hopefully Palpatine nor Daddy Vader don't decide to show up and throw a monkeywrench into everything.
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    very nice and I hope Luke comes to the realization that the Empire is in the wrong. I hope can't wait for more
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    Very entertaining, and nice build up
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    “Hey, Boss,” Hobbie said, throwing his arm around Luke’s shoulder.

    Luke looked to his fellow pilot. The title ‘boss’ had always thrown him off. It seemed like a careless word that Hobbie and his partner in crime, Wes Janson threw around. After all, what had he done to warrant such an appellation?
    “I’ve told you, Hobbie…”

    “Yeah, yeah, you don’t like the title, boss.” He waved it off. “Just think of it like a nickname. Sort of like ace…which I hear is very true.” He winked.

    Luke sighed. “What did you hear, Kilivian?”

    “Oh, word is…”

    “Hey, Luke.” Wes greeted, joining the two pilots.

    “Where’s Antilles?”Hobbie inquired.

    “Should be along shortly. Told us to go ahead and eat without him.”

    “Well, his loss eh?” He was grinning at Luke—a grin Luke didn’t like. “So, as I was saying, word is…you performed some rather elite acts of heroism.” He winked at Wes conspiratorially.

    Wes catching on nodded. “Heroics that won the heart of fair Jade, from what I hear tell.”

    Luke ignored them and continued to head for the mess hall.
    He sighed. When Wes and Hobbie started spouting lines that sounded like they were from Alderannian theater production, he knew he was in for one hell of an interrogation. These men were ceaseless with their ribbings and hadn’t stopping teasing him about Mara since day one. Most of which, he believed in the beginning, were unfounded. His relationship with Mara Jade had been at the very beginning stages and hadn’t warranted so much innuendo and jokes.
    Though given the latest circumstances, which they’d no doubt somehow heard about, he probably wouldn’t be able to protest sufficiently this time. He and Mara had shared a kiss. As much as their body language had revealed truths early on, the kiss he’d shared with her was far above that level…and that was something he could not deny. Nor would he want to frankly.

    “I’m sorry, boys, but I’m not saying a thing.” He really didn’t want to talk about it. He’d hardly talked about it with the woman herself after all.

    “Funny, that was Mara’s response too.” Hobbie commented. “She’s been awful tight-lipped ever since returning. Awful suspicious don’t you think for two people that just had their first romantic encounter?” He was leering by now and his prose was just getting more irritating.

    Wes looked to Hobbie, his face looking serious.

    Luke stopped at the entrance to the mess hall and shot them a stony look.
    “There’s nothing to tell.” He said dismissively, before entering.
    Why couldn’t they take a hint? It was hard enough trying to figure it out on his own without the comedy patrol hounding him for intimate details. There was silence for awhile and Luke couldn’t help but hope that the two had gotten the hint and dropped it.

    “What’s wrong?” Wes asked. “You’re acting…”

    “Stand-offish.”Hobbie supplied.

    “Nothing’s wrong.” Luke denied emphatically.

    “Heh, yeah right. Like I believe that.” He turned to Hobbie “What do you think, Kilivian?”

    “I think there’s something Luke boy isn’t telling us.” Hobbie moved in beside him when Luke stepped into the mess hall line.

    “Agreed.” Wes said.

    Luke ignored them once again, grabbing a tray. He moved down the line until the server slopped what passed for grub on his plate. He picked up a dinner roll at the end of the line and filled his cup with some type of juice.
    He could feel Wes and Hobbie behind him, dogging his heels. They simply would not let up!
    He stopped short turning toward them.
    “If I tell you, will you stop bugging me?” He scoffed. “Hell, maybe you can help.” He set the tray down. “I’m not batting a thousand at this moment anyway.”
    He wasn’t sure whether employing the jokesters was the smart idea but he had no one else to turn to.
    Well, there was Han but all he did was make matters worse.
    Make things worse...that was possibly the definition of asking Hobbie and Wes for advice.

    The two exchanged looks. “Sure, Luke,” Hobbie said, taking a seat beside him. “What’s on your mind?”


    “Is that’s serious?” Wes asked, taking a seat on the other side of Luke.

    “I don’t know; all I know is…” Luke’s words trailed off as he caught sight of Mara.

    She had just entered the mess hall. She looked around, scanning the room probably searching for him. Upon spotting him, she started forward. Many of the male soldiers looked up watching her as she passed their tables. It was always like that; Mara tended to turn a great number of heads because of her looks. Despite all this, her looks weren’t the only thing that counted he knew. Many of them vastly respected Mara for her skills as a technician.
    She approached their table, stopping on the other side . Wes and Hobbie looked askance at her.
    Mara caught their surreptitious glances and smirked. "What no-good, infantile prank are you two cooking up?"

    "Who, us?" Wes asked, all too innocently. "Luke was just ..."

    "It’s nothing. It appears word of what happened during our mission to Adumar travels quickly is all.”
    He felt Mara had perhaps rescued him from a disaster in the making.

    Mara grimaced. She could just bet they had teased Luke about her. There wasn't anything to tell, specifically, and she was sure he had told Wes and Hobbie that, but they never got the hint unless a duracrete brick fell on their heads.

    "We were about to impart some timeless words of romantic wisdom." Hobbie said.

    "You want to know what I think?" Mara said. "Any advice you would have in that department would land with a dull thud with the ladies in question."

    "Ouch!" Wes said. "I'm wounded."

    "Spare me." Mara murmured. She sat down on the other side of the table.

    Luke took this opportunity to bring up the sims that would take place the next day. A topic which Wes and Hobbie took to eagerly.

    He turned toward Mara. “Want to talk after dinner? We’d probably have more privacy then.”

    “That sounds good.”


    After dinner, Mara and Luke found a secluded corner away from the others. They were both relieved to escape Wes and Hobbie.
    Luke had given Mara a signal when Wes and Hobbie were pestering another pilot, named Dak. They had decided that was the best time to leave unnoticed.

    "Thanks for taking the time to talk." Luke murmured, momentarily looking around them.

    "It's nothing; it was my fault anyway. I went ahead and kissed you and then..." She sighed. "I don't know..I got scared I guess."

    "I don't think that's entirely true." He studied his hands. "I'm more to blame than you are..I took everything too personally. The thing is...I've never really been close to anyone, not as friends...and much less as..." He fumbled for the word.

    "Lovers." She supplied

    "Something like that yes.."
    He looked up into her eyes and saw curiosity.
    "Truth be told, I'm not sure what to make of these feelings. I'm not very good at expressing my own."

    Mara snorted. "I don't know you seem pretty well at expressing them in that condescending way of yours." He could tell she was good naturedly ribbing him.

    "That's different, Mara. Dealing with emotions of scorn, sarcasm, disgust, irritation..anything the opposite of pleasant I'm a master at. But give me heartfelt dialogue and its like swallowing a guuna seed."

    Mara grimaced wryly. "I don't have an enormous amount of experience with deep feelings, either, as I suppose you might have guessed. We'll just have to get used to the experience of having them, and maybe learning how to share them."

    "I think that would do, yes." Luke said agreeably.


    TBC, more progress - we're getting there [face_laugh]

    @ginchy @Briannakin @JediFalcon

    @newdawn12 @Jedi_Lover @Juliet316 -- thanks and happy reading. [:D]
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    Very interesting, seeing their relationship evolve, in this case roles are reversed, he's the emperor's hand, and she's the Rebel
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    Hey, I married a man like dear old Luke. :p Nice update! I am reading way too many L/M stories though. For a brief moment I was wondering why Luke wasn't in a hoverchair and did he reschedule his interview with Diana?
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    [face_laugh]Nothing like a little gossip amongst pilots.

    I love this chapter and the progress made between them. I also like how you've switched Luke and Mara's roles. Him being the Hand, and her being a part of the Rebellion without also given the two the other's personality to go along with the switch. Mara is still quintessentially Mara, a bit more open from the start to people and maybe not quite as quick with her temper (still quick enough) thanks to the different life she had on Tattonie and Jedi training by Obi-Wan; while Luke is still Luke, though a bit more closed off and ruthless due in large part to his upbringing via the Emperor and Vader, but, not quite as willing to paint all Rebels with the same brush as Vader and Palpatine might, similar to a farmboy version of himself in another reality...

    Lovely chapter, look forward to more.
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    Juliet Great insights and nice summary of Luke and Mara's similarities and differences from "themselves." Exactly the picture we wanted to paint. :)
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    Just read this whole thing in one go, and I have to say, I'm very interested! I admire the way y'all write all the political intrigue, something I'm sure I could never do.

    Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
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