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Story (Crossover Evangelion and Dark far) Childe Roland to the Dark tower Came

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by TheManinBlack, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    CHAPTER 1: The Beginning of the Whole Mess, or To The Dark Tower Did Childe Roland Came

    The Man in Black fled across the desert, The Gunslinger followed. It seemed The Man in Black was slowing down; then again it seemed to Roland that time it self was, slowing for him. He was sure there where days, that lasted at least 48 hours, the shortest day he experienced shortest at least 34.

    Roland, the Gunslinger ascribed to this to Ka and the world he was living in and nothing more of it. The world had moved on, things have changed. Ka because very thing was driven by it, The Man in Black was no exception, nor was the gunslinger or the world around them. The world had moved on, things have changed, that was Ka.

    The desert seemed walked on seemed to stretch to infinity and beyond. As large it was it also just as empty, what little sand there was stuck to the ground, only occasionally did bits of it seem to stretch up and hit him hard on the face. The real kicker of the place wasn?t the vast spread of the area, or the lack of sand. Even though the world was already moving on when he was a child, the thought of a cold desert during high noon would have made anyone laugh, including him. Even now it brought a large grim smile onto Roland face. This desert seemed to be an apotheosis to what was happening to the world. None of this even mattered to Roland though. All that mattered was the Man in Black.

    All that mattered was it in the far distance in front of him, their was a large unmoving object and that forty minutes ago he saw the remains of a camp site, though he couldn?t say how he knew, he was sure it belonged to The Man in Black. All that mattered was that he was getting closer, that and no matter how cold the desert was, it was still dry as hell, and he needed a drink.

    The gunslinger reached down and grabbed his canteen, witch hung loose from his belt and above his two heavy revolvers. His hands briefly touched them, and a smile appeared on his face, even now they reminded him of his father. They where originally his father?s, but they changed so much since then, for one they where weighted down more with plates since he took them at his side, because unlike his father he was a tall man. The more Roland thought about it, the more he realized how different he was now. Though both stood strong and tan, Roland?s father, Stephen, had eyes where much kinder and softer, as well as brown as the desert once was, his hair was a light blonde?almost white, it was straight and long, covering as much of the face as the back. Almost seemingly trying to cover up that kindness, a thing witch no longer had a place in the world. Roland eyes where a cold blue, that seemed to scream indifference to the world. His hair was a curly black trying that came down to his forehead and seemed naturally to part to two sides. Yet there was no doubt in either Stephen or Roland?s mind that they where father and son, its was just that Roland looked like their forefather of their family, Arthur Eld.

    While the gunslinger was lost in his vivid, he memory almost spilled his water over his poncho, witch had only the color of dirt of the desert had, like his shirt. He cursed silently, took a quick drink, and quickly placed back in his belt. Roland looked up at the object that lingered in front of him. It was much clearer now and much easier to see it.
    It was a large grey building?that seemed to be made of very well plastered bricks; he definitely couldn?t make out any single bricks in it in any case. Its roof was flat as a pancake except for its edges witch pointed both up and down, both far and long. It had long windows that seemed to stretch across along middle of the building. As the gunslinger got closer?he could have sworn he saw someone inside.

    In fact he knew he did.

    The gunslinger crept across the long side of the building edging his way to the front, trying to avoid making any noise to alert anyone in side. Though he doubted it, The Man In Black might be in there?.and if he was Roland would have him right where he wanted h
  2. Sara_Kenobi

    Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Sep 21, 2000
    Very descriptive and detailed. Well written. I like it. :)

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