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    Every so often I get the urge to play with second person, and this presented itself as a perfect opportunity, since I'm a huge KOTOR fan. = inspiration for this. (Yay Bjork.)

    We mimic the openness of the ones we love
    Dovetail our generosity, equalize the flow
    With our hearts
    We kiss all quartz
    To reach love


    You aren't even hungry yet, but it's as good an excuse as any, and you're tired of shuffling through the tall Dantooine grass. "Let's stop here for lunch, then we can get back to chasing down those Mandalorian raiders."

    "Finally!" Mission whines, dramatically flopping down at the mouth of the small cave and shrugging off her pack. "I'm starving." You see Carth smile but not say anything as Mission doesn't even bother to get all of her lunch out of her bag before starting to nibble on whatever she's grabbed first.

    But your pack stays on your back, a soothing weight pulling down at your shoulders, as you wander into the cave. Carth starts to pull out his own lunch, but looks up to see you shuffling your way in. "We already cleared that cave, Scout."

    "I know."

    Scout - you like that nickname. Other people would be offended by it, but you know that Carth means it with affection. You were listed as a Scout when he first read your dossier. Maybe the Endar Spire had been destroyed; maybe you had spent a terrifying few weeks with him on Taris only to be here on Dantooine, only to be told you had an affinity for something that seemed so foreign and familiar both at once. But it was all right, because you were still Scout. You were still useful, and you were still part of the same grand design that Carth was. And the nickname tells you that Carth values you enough to be friendly with you.

    You have use and you are useful: that is a good feeling.

    The cave is pleasantly dark, and with every step you kick up a musty scent from the earth. You could reach for your lightsaber, but instead you dig around in your pack for a simple flashlight, climbing up on one of the many projections of crystals in the cave. The simple white light turns the cave into a blaze of color. When you first visited this cave, you picked up several little shards from the crystals: they would be useful in building future lightsabers. Now you are content to just enjoy instead of take. The Jedi robes are so much more comfortable than your earlier armor, and you feel almost weightless as you walk along one crystal's edge. Your boots are thin enough that you can curl your toes for extra grip as you balance effortlessly on the near-horizontal projection.

    Carth is watching you. He has not said anything yet but he is leaning against the mouth of the cave, sandwich in one hand. Mission is sitting, facing the opposite way, watching the kath hounds in the distance as she stuffs her face. You'll have to tease her about it later, but right now your mind is elsewhere, as you shuffle towards the edge of the crystal where it juts from the wall and lean forward to shine the flashlight through another large crystal dripping down from the ceiling. The light blazes into tiny rainbows, beautifully fractured. With proper focus and energy it could become a killing blade but for right now it is just beautiful.

    You tilt the light to shine the arc of purple-blue on Carth. "Hey, Onasi, you look pretty good in purple."

    He laughs, but now that you've caught his attention, you motion for him to come forward even as you look around the cave to see which angle creates the prettiest shower of colored light. It's easier to have this conversation if you aren't looking at him. "Is now a good time to talk?"

    "Sure, Scout. I mean, I don't know of any reason it isn't."

    "I wanted to thank you. For sticking around, I mean." You turn the flashlight and pick up a vein of green in the rock, turning the light on the far wall into something as delicate and lush as a summer forest. It's hard to figure out what words to say, but it's so easy to be humorous, so you can't help yourself: "Not many people would just wait around watching w
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    This was so sweet and emotional. I really, really liked Revan in this, and to be honest I don't know much about KOTOR so they're like OCs to me. But I love how they "made up" and how you used little images to put it all together. Lovely, lovely vignette.
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