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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BobaMatt, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    [blockquote]?It is true, yes, that the Harkonnen ruled Arrakis with the worst kind of dictatorial cruelty, but I will say this for them: while they were in charge, the spice shipments arrived on time.?
    ? Judge of the Change Letmus Brunus, Imperial Change Report[/blockquote]
    It has been a full year since the Landsraad was thrown into turmoil by Baron Harkonnen?s unconscionable overthrow of House Atreides on Arrakis; within a single day, a Great House had been overthrown and destroyed by a millennia old vendetta. In wresting control of Arrakis, the Harkonnen have once more taken the fate of the entire Imperium into their hands, for Arrakis - a wasteland also known as Dune that would otherwise be of no consequence - is the sole source of a mysterious substance known as mélange, the spice capable of extending life and expanding the mind. Without spice, the rich would live and die in mere decades, and the Navigators of the Spacing Guild would no longer be able to span the yawning distances between worlds in the blink of an eye.

    But despite their power, the Harkonnen are not without powerful enemies.

    Wheels within wheels within wheels are turning.

    There is shifting within the Houses, and whispers in the desert.

    Among the stars all mankind?s eyes turn once more to Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet.

    [blockquote]Welcome to DUNE: CHRONICLES OF THE IMPERIUM[/blockquote]

    DUNE: CHRONICLES OF THE IMPERIUM is an RP set in the epic Dune universe created by Frank Herbert, in the time after the Fall of House Atreides. The Harkonnen have returned to Dune as oppressors, and young Paul Atreides has joined the native Fremen and becomes an interstellar messiah.

    Your character will be loyal to a House of the Landsraad. The game will open two Houses Major, and will later add the Houses Minor that serve them. When each faction reaches five members, new Houses will be unlocked for your pledges of allegiance.

    [blockquote] House Wallach
    Siridar Baron Jonas Wallach VII
    House Major
    Coat of arms: A serpent coiled about a closed book, on an indigo field
    Flag: Blue with a green ring at center.
    Controls: Wallach VII, Wallach IX, Buzzel, Rossak

    House Wallach is known for its close relationship to the Bene Gesserit; the women of the House have swollen the Sisters? ranks for millennia, ever since the latter were known as the Sorceresses of Rossak. The Sisterhood had long vied for the opportunity to use Wallach IX, House Wallach?s throne world, as a training center for its initiates and a Chapterhouse of its knowledge ? it is perhaps not insignificant that, not long before they established their first library on the planet, the Bene Gesserit punishment world of Buzzel fell under the control of House Wallach, which was then able to gain immense wealth from the soostone trade.

    Another strong link to the Sisterhood is less well known. While many scholars have pointed out the influence of Judaism on Bene Gesserit philosophy, few know that the name of the Sisterhood is not only a phrase the ancient Latin of Old Earth meaning ?that it may be accomplished well,? but also draws inspiration from the ancient Hebrew b?nai gesher, meaning ?people of the bridge,? an allusion to the Orange Catholic Bible?s description of human existence as a journey across a narrow bridge. House Wallach?s religion is something of an open secret among the largely Zensunni and Zenchristian Landsraad. The Wallach coat of arms not only illustrates the jealously guarded knowledge that the Bene Gesserit so prize, but is also an allusion to the Towrah?s story of Creation.

    House Wallach has been left reeling since the destruction of their greatest ally, House Atreides, and has been working clandestinely to undermine Harkonnen authority on Arrakis.

    House Harkonnen
    Siridar Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
    House Major
  2. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: As with Fool's Gamble in the SWRPF, this won't be launched right away. Rather, the OP has been posted to generate interest and to begin collecting CSes. Or, as Zion himself put it:
    I'm excited! And head over to the [link=]planning/discussion thread in the Resource Forum[/link] to voice your input!
  3. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    OOC: I am incredibly excited, but don't know how easy participation in this will be for me until December...:_|
  4. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Well then this goes for you and everyone else that's interested in playing but strapped for time. The game will not begin for a bit of time yet, and I'm tolerant of slow posting in times of stress. I'm in college, too. :p

    Right now, I'm collecting CSes and getting things ready for the big ol' launch date. I've got two CSes already, and am waiting on two more, as of present.

    A number of positions within the Houses - if anyone out there's stalling for ideas - are as follows:*

    House Adept - As a Bene Gesserit-trained Adept, you exist only to
    serve. Your covenant with the Sisterhood binds you to pre-
    serving its secret ways, a pact your House finds disconcert-
    ing. Through confidential reports to the Mother School,
    you play historian for the family lineage also acting as sen-
    tinel for the family bloodline-services for which you are
    tolerated, if not gratefully employed.
    The Bene Gesserit recognize your "weirding ways"
    inspire fear and suspicion among the uninitiated. But your
    highly developed talents result from rigorous Prana-Bindu
    conditioning and intensive training in self-awareness-not
    from witchcraft as your Missionaria Protectiva induces
    primitive cultures to believe.
    House Assassin - There are many fine distinctions to the art of Kanl y. By
    the way you kill a man you translate your revenge into
    a ny number of exquisite p h r a s e s -from a poignant knife
    thrust, short and sweet, to the buzzing terror of a
    hunter-seeker. Studied in the secret disciplines of the
    a ncient Bhotani assassins, you command a vast arsenal of
    letha l devices , exotic poisons and cunning pitfalls.
    Through craft you speak the language of vendetta, com-
    municating subtle messages or audacious statements by
    the legion nuances of the assassin's art.
    House Noble - From your lofty station in the Imperial faufreluches ,
    you perch as sentinel above your land-bound subjects.
    You monitor your fee with the falcon 's eye, protecting your
    nest from rival predators. Let no man hunt on House
    grounds, there you stand and there you remain.
    From birth you have been taught in the art of statecraft
    and rig htful governa nce-from early lessons in economics
    and politics to advanced studies in diplomacy and law.
    Your House mentors versed you in all the ways of treach-
    ery and intrigue , from snooping lethal poisons to assas-
    sin's devices. As heir to the fiefdom your mentors instruct-
    ed you in self-defense, drilli ng you in the art of dueling
    and the use of shields. Yo ur family spared no expense
    grooming you for the mantle of command; and perhaps
    one day, it will be you who rules as lord of your House.
    House Strategist - As a Master Strategist (a member of the House strategy
    staff), you advise your liege according to your particu lar
    field of tactical expertise-from the letter of diplomacy to
    the art of war. Whether serving in the capacity of CHOAM
    Advisor, Warmaster, Spymaster or Security Commander, you
    are well-versed in the administration of routine House oper-
    ations and understand the basic affairs pertain ing to your
    House's political , economic, and military agendas.
    As CHOAM Advisor, you counsel your House in all
    CHOAM affairs, specifically CHOAM regulations, industrial
    development, mercantile ventures and House finances . You
    reg ularly review all House fiscal accounts, from property tithes
    to commerce tariffs, searching for account ing discrepancies
    and legal loopholes to safeguard the House treasury. You also
    develop fin ancial strategies and fiscal tactics for handling
    CHOAM negotiations, commercial acquistions and commodity
    exc hanges, attempting to increase House assets while bank-
    rupting political rivals or thwarting powerful guilds.
    House Swordmaster - Where your lord commands, there shall you place your
    blade: thus goes your sacred oath. To the noble heirs you teach
    the art of dueling, instructing them in sword and shield in addi-
  5. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    BobaMatt Approved!

    Name: Doctor Daniel Robesper II

    Gender: Male

    Age: 128

    Height: 6?6?

    Skin Color: Pale

    Eye Color: Green

    Hair Color: Dark Grey, with some patches of the original black

    Homeworld: Chusuk, though he now resides on Wallach IX

    Allegiances and Alignments: House Wallach, Suk Inner School, Fairly devout Mahayana Christian

    Profession: Doctor

    Rank: N/A

    Weapons: Doesn?t carry any, and it is unlikely he would use them if he did.

    Possessions: Baliset, Pack containing various emergency medical implements, Suk school ring

    Languages: Galach

    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Imperial Conditioning, Suk School Medical Training (Not to mention years of experience), Surprisingly good musical ability.

    Appearance: Tall and thin, Dr. Robesper?s lankiness only adds to the effect of towering over others. His long, dark-grey hair is pulled over his right shoulder into his Suk Inner School ring, and the exposed diamond indicating his Imperial Conditioning is centered squarely on his large forehead. His face is drawn out, his cheek bones protruding through wrinkled skin, and his green eyes have long since lost any luster they may have had. He typically wears dark clothing, and is rarely seen without his Baliset strapped across his back, his medical pack at his side.

    Biography: Dr. Robesper (He gets mildly agitated if others forget to use his hard-earned suffix, more on this later) was born in 10,064 on the planet Chusuk. His parents, Daniel Robesper I and Franciska Robesper, raised him like any other boy on Chusuk, albeit in a life of relative comfort and ease, provided largely by the elder Daniel?s cushy job, although the exact details have long escaped Dr. Robesper. The Robespers encouraged the younger Daniel?s musical talent, and he happily obliged, slowly earning a reputation as one of the best baliset players in the region. Daniel?s musical talent, however, did not preclude any sort of scholastic aptitude, and he frequently struggled to earn the high marks he received.

    Daniel?s hard work paid off, though, when he was accepted to the Suk Inner School. Again, he earned top marks, but not without an extraordinary (To the point that some jokingly referred to his study habits as ?Superhuman?) effort on his part. He earned his license in 10,097, and from that day on has not allowed anyone, save only his closest friends, to refer to him as anything other than ?Dr. Robesper.? He served for a time under the Golden Lion Throne, before being employed by House Wallach in the year 10,112. Since then, he has dutifully served his employers, rendering medical assistance to all who require it, and also gaining a degree of fame as a superb musician. A devout Mahayana Christian (A faith he adopted during the course of his diligent studying), he takes great pride in his Imperial Conditioning, and, although growing older by the day, continues to serve faithfully.
  6. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    BobaMatt Approved

    Name: Balthassar Rellick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 62
    Height: 1.8 meters
    Skin Color: Light
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Homeworld: Wallach IX
    Allegiances and Alignments: House Wallach
    Profession: Master of Assassins
    Rank: None
    Weapons: Shigawire garrote, kindjal
    Possessions: Leather coat
    Languages: Gallach
    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Assassination training, proficient with weapons both ranged and mêlée
    Appearance: Bland but affable features, dresses to blend in depending on environment
    Biography: A practiced master of the arts homicidal, Balthassar Rellick has served as the Master of Assassins for Siridar Baron Jonas Wallach VII for several years now. Trained as a servant of the most lethal sort, Rellick has risen through this hierarchy of death to reach the formidable rank he now holds, a position normally reserved for none but the House Mentat, a testament to his tenacity and skill. Today, Rellick spends most of his time supervising the training of his House's assassins and saboteurs, preparing them for their noble duty of wiping House Wallach's foes from the face of the known universe. However, he retains many fond memories of garroting those who sought to interfere with his master's plans, and hopes to be able to personally take to the field again someday...
  7. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Ahem...I won Best GM and Best RP over in the SWRPF. Let's take that success and bring it over here to the NSWRPF! Whoot!

    Sorry, I'm celebrating in my threads.

    Thanks for the CSes guys, things are looking great. Right now, prior to the game, OOC posts are tolerable, btw....just...not excessive...
  8. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Matt approved!

    Name: Nydia Wallach
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'5" or 1.65m
    Skin Color: Lightly tanned
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Homeworld: Wallach IX
    Allegiances and Alignments: Bene Gessirit Sisterhood and House Wallach - in that order
    Profession: Bene Gesserit
    Rank: Sister
    Weapons: The Weirding Way
    Possessions: -
    Languages: Galach, Chakobsa, Bene Gesserit hand signals
    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Bene Gesserit, particularly Truthsaying.
    Appearance: Tall, slender, with angular features.
    Nydia is a scion of House Wallach, one of the Baron's daughters. Like all her older sisters, Nydia was trained as a Bene Gesserit by her mother from an early age - but unlike her sisters, she displayed a natural talent for it. Nydia was six years old and her father's favourite, but as younger daughters are of little political importance - and the fact that House Wallach's main supporter is the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood - her mother was able to convince Jonas Wallach to give her to the Sisterhood for training.

    Typically, Bene Gesserit acolytes are separated entirely from their parents: Nydia was no exception, though she was a daughter of House Wallach and the Bene Gesserit school was on her home planet. She remembered, of course, who her parents were, but was allowed no contact with them. The years passed, and Nydia proved to be as exemplary a student as her early training had indicated. It was not exactly easy for her, of course - nothing was - but her native intelligence and genetics held her in good stead, and after ten years she was welcomed into the Order as a full Sister.

    Unbeknownst to Nydia, her parents had been receiving updates on her progress from the Sisterhood at her father's insistence. Upon learning that Nydia had completed her training, Jonas requested his daughter be allowed to return to House Wallach rather than sent on assignment. His request was granted. By then Nydia had only dim memories of her parents. She did, however, remember her father's love ... and her mother's remote, impersonal training, though she understood now the reasons behind it. Nydia soon re-established familial ties with her father and siblings, but she could never quite bring herself to trust her mother, or think of her as anything but another Bene Gesserit, and not necessarily an ally at that.
  9. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Bah! They've locked our planning thread! I guess we should OOC in here, huh?

    So who's excited?
  10. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    OOC: I'm absurdly psyched about this game.

    Also, while they can take our planning thread, they can never take OUR FREEDOM!
  11. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: I have arrived with Matt's approval, you muscle-minded tank-brains. :D

    Name: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 78
    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: Approx. 600 kg.
    Skin Color: Light
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Red
    Homeworld: Giedi Prime
    Allegiances and Alignments: House Harkonnen
    Profession: Siridar Baron
    Rank: Head of House
    Weapons: The entire Harkonnen army; his mind.
    Possessions: Suspensors, fine garments, personal shield
    Languages: Gallach
    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Talent for the subtle and clever manipulation of others through their weaknesses or his understanding of human nature.
    Appearance: Basso voice; grossly fat to such a point that he requires small suspensors to hold up his mass.
    Biography: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is the son and heir of Dmitri Harkonnen and his wife Victoria. Harkonnen's father had been the head of House Harkonnen and ruled the planet Giedi Prime. Trained since youth as a possible successor, Vladimir had been eventually chosen over his half-brother Abulurd (namesake of the original). Unhappy with his brother's doings, Abulurd eventually married Emmi Rabban and renounced the family name and his rights to the title. Vladimir later adopted Abulurd's two sons back into House Harkonnen, and Feyd became his designated heir.

    OOC: I am also working on the creation of a Fremen sietch leader (no, not Stilgar) so if people are feeling a little anxious about playing a Fremen without a "command structure", my sietch will be available to those who want to interact... :)
  12. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: I'm pretty happy about Saint taking over a Sietch.

    I'm also crazy excited for BLemelisk's CS. You won't like him, Baron. You won't like him one bit.
  13. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Also, as Saintheart has illustrated, multiple characters are allowed at this early point in the game, as rounding out a good starting cast is a necessity. Submit your CSes!
  14. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: Thought I'd share [link=]this[/link] with everyone. [face_laugh]
  15. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    BobaMatt Approved!

    Name: Harad Ginaz, alias Amad Tasguen

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Height: 1.7 m

    Skin Color: Tan

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Brown

    Homeworld: Ginaz, now resides on Wallach IX

    Allegiances and Alignments: House Ginaz (Now Defunct), House Wallach

    Profession: Swordsmaster (Exiled Noble)

    Rank: Apprentice

    Weapons: Twin Kindjals, a rapier

    Possessions: Holtzman generator, several poison antidotes (The result of a perpetual paranoia stemming from his earlier years)

    Languages: Galach, Wallach Battle Language, Ginaz Battle Language (Defunct, Cursory)

    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Low-level Ginaz Swordsmaster training, adept at learning new combat techniques

    Appearance: Harad, or Amad as he is known to all save himself, is slightly shorter than an average, but not to the point of it being exceptionally noticeable. He tends to wear his brown hair unkempt and slightly mottled, essentially giving him a constant ?just out of bed? look. His body is slim and muscled, and he moves with a cautious, yet well-defined step, as if he is constantly waiting to spring at some unseen danger. He wears an unassuming House Wallach guard uniform, and carries his weapons, as well as his brown pouch of antidotes, at all times.

    Biography: As far as anyone alive knows, Amad Tasguen is the son of a minor Wallach IX noble of exceptionally prodigious talent who was selected to train under the House Wallach Swordmaster, as the Ginaz school was no longer an option, due to the various circumstances of 10,181. He may wear that quirky pouch of his, but no one is perfect. Amad would tremendously appreciate it if the perception stayed that way.

    In reality, Amad Tasguen is the alias adopted by Harad Ginaz, the fourth son of Duke Ginaz of House Wallach who was presumed dead along with the rest of his family following the Assassin?s War between his house and House Moritani from 10,171 to 10,181. At the time the royal family was poisoned, Harad had snuck down to the regular city, as he often had, to visit the soldiers. News soon broke regarding the death of the Duke and the royal family, and Harad suddenly found himself without a home, family, and deprived of the continuation of either the throne or the kanly (It is still unknown how exactly Harad?s body was misidentified, but Harad suspects that a servant of roughly his age had snuck into his bedroom and was poisoned in his stead, and somehow was misidentified before being disposed of. The truth may or may not be far more disturbing).

    Harad, who was only 11 at the time, was of course devastated. However, he realized that he needed to get off planet, and so he stowed away aboard a Spacing Guild freighter bound for Wallach IX, where he figured he would be safe from House Moritani. After arriving, unable to gain an audience with Duke Wallach, he adopted a new identity, Amad Tasguen (The first and last names were taken from two different soldiers he met that fateful night), and gained a reputation as a street fighter of some renown. It was after building up money that he enlisted in the House Wallach military, where he was quickly singled out for his sword fighting prowess. His superior officer recommended him for Swordmaster training, partially at ?Amad?s? request. The review committee was impressed, and he was apprenticed to the current Wallach Swordmaster, as the usual method of sending the trainee to Ginaz was no longer an option.

    Harad, having abandoned any pretensions towards revenge of any kind, especially given the formality of Imperial interactions, is content in the knowledge that he is at least helping to carry on the traditions of his people. Still, he knows that he cannot allow anyone to discover his true identity, for the obvious reasons, and thus to this day he carries a pouch of common antidotes with him at all times.

    And if he ever encounters the ones responsible for his family?s de
  16. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 6 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    OOC: I'd like to thank darthramza for being the first to take on a second character. Technically, Saintheart was, but he still hasn't gotten me a character sheet for his Naib. :p

    An interesting, colorful swordmaster character for ramza to train under might be an interesting character for someone to take on. Or how about some siblings for Xan?

    Anyhow, I'd like to use this thread for discussion of characters, plot, and setup before we finally launch. Have fun!
  17. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    OOG: As promised, I give all prospective Fremen players a Sietch to join: Sietch Ma'kkah, together with its leader, as follows:

    Sietch Ma'kkah
    This sietch is located at the southernmost tip of the mountain range which falls under the shadow of Mt. Idaho. It is the last sietch community one encounters before reaching the Funeral Plain, and also the southernmost sietch before one must ride a sandworm to the palmaries of the South. Therefore it is not an uncommon stop for Fremen either on their way to, or coming back from, those semi-mystical locations.

    Because of its location and physical features, the sietch has always had a certain mystical quality about it, and although Fremen do not per se fear being within it, there is something about the way the caves and rock walls meet and form cathedral-like caverns within that just feels strange to visitors: a sense the caverns were carved, yet no human hand is visible. There is one cavern where stalactites and stalagmites have formed: after Pardot Kynes visited the place and found confirmation for his hypothesis there had been, and still was, water on Arrakis, it took on a semi-sacred status amongst the Fremen of the sietch.

    One of the Fremen's treasured cisterns of open water lies beneath the sietch, of course, though there is a rumour that half of it is from moisture given to the dead, evaporating on the cheeks of the Fremen weepers, and carried by Arrakis's winds to this cistern, condensing on its walls.

    There are breathtaking views of the Funeral Plain from its watches on the rocks high above it, and not a few Fremen of Ma'kkah have witnessed Shai'tan take back his crysknives in a glimmering moonlight shower of the fallen weapons out on the plain.

    For all its strangeness, the sietch is home to a good six hundred men, women, and children, under the Naib Sammel, each and every one prepared to die for the water in the caverns below were it ever threatened. Partially because of all of these factors, it has a strong Sayyadina tradition to it, and has been visited in the past by Reverend Mother Ramallo to pick suitable candidates ... though none as yet have successfully converted the Water of Life.

    (For those of you with access to the map of Dune from Frank Herbert's novel, this sietch is the leftmost sietch community marked with an asterisk on the map, beneath of Bight-in-the-Cliff, left of Mt. Idaho.)


    The leader of Sietch Ma'kkah, as played by Saintheart:

    Name: Sammel (sietch name Parsul, meaning strength at the top of an arch.)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Height: 5'7".
    Skin Color: Dark, sun-browned.
    Eye Color: The blue on blue of the Fremen.
    Hair Color: Black
    Homeworld: Arrakis
    Allegiances and Alignments: the Fremen, Liet-Kynes
    Profession: Sietch Leader, Ma'kkah Sietch Community
    Rank: Naib
    Weapons: Crysknife, Maula pistol
    Possessions: Spice Coffee Service, Baliset, Stillsuit, Fremkit
    Languages: Chakobsa, Galach
    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Leadership; water discipline; the crysknife.
    Appearance: Sammel is not tall for the norm of his people, but makes up for it in lithe speed and power. He's a short man, with a trimmed beard as many of the Fremen have, but his hair is long and tied back in a ponytail even when in sietch. He has grown it since the day his father was killed.
    Biography: His life has been that of the average Fremen and the average Fremen Naib. Sammel, the son of Ellijah the maker of Dew Collectors and the Sayyadina Kellisa, was born in Sietch Ma'kkah as the dream of the Fremen awakened: running water over the land, water from the skies -- the dream of Pardot Kynes.

    He, like so many of his generation, was caught up in its promise and enthusiastically joined in the initial studies. Thought small in stature, he was quicker and nimbler than many of his sietch-mates, and through that skill, speed, and finesse in combat rose to ev
  18. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: And how could I resist such an opening!?!?! :)
    Thank you!

    The Character Sheet

    Name:Denayade' Tus
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'5"
    Skin Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Blue/Blue
    Hair Color: Black
    Homeworld: Arrakis
    Allegiances and Alignments: Fremen / Sayyadina
    Profession: Sayyadina in training
    Rank: Acolyte
    Weapons: Sandworm Tooth Knife (Crysknife), wrist crossbow.
    Possessions: Stillsuits, first aid kit, emergency rations, Thumper (when necessary)
    Languages:Fremen, (Basic language = Galach)
    Skills, Talents and Special Training:
    Beginning training in The Way, has several rudimentary
    skills. She is very good at tracking and watching someone without being observed herself (Stealth/Study
    and surveillance). Her calming voice gives her abilities to (flattery), useful when dealing with nobles. She is trained in (First Aid), as Dr's are few and far between on the sands. She also has training in the ancient history of the Fremen, and the history of Arrakis. (Ritualism) She has a gift for detecting lies and such, but it is not always accurate, and sometimes needs assistance in its interpretations. When necessary, she understands enough of current technologies to know how to short-circuit certain
    bits of equipment. (Sabotage)

    She can pilot the simple crafts that move people around on Arrakis, but usually prefers NOT to use such technology unless absolutely critical to a mission.

    Appearance: When not required to be in a stillsuit,
    Denayade' prefers the loose nomadic clothing. Pants more than long dresses and skirts, in pale colors tend
    to be her favorite. Pale sand and light (sky)blue colors her preference. Deep blue eyes, and hair she has allowed to grow long.

    She has a dark green Caftan type dress, she wears when
    making an impression is necessary, and she carefully takes care of it.

    Denayade' Tus's life changed when she turned 14. She was sent to the Reverend Mother, to learn the waves of life with a group of other girls from her sietche. She had to wait a bit, for the Reverend Mother to become available to their group, and was eager when the time finally came to go.

    As she trained, and was tough the lessons of womanhood, she was shocked one night when the RM came to where she and a few other girls from her sietche were sitting and talking. She said nothing, but just silently watched the group for a bit, and then turned and walked away. Denayade' didnt think much of it, until she suddenly felt an urge to follow the woman. She excused herself and moved into the darkened corridors of the cavern which they had all moved into for the

    Denayade' could not see a thing, but continued to move on, moving along on pure instinct and listening carefully for any sound, while relying on gut feelings to guide her. As she walked With her hand along the wall, she was about to take a step, when she suddenly froze. The feeling that is she were to move, it would be her last. It was an overpowering sensation. Suddenly a light came on in front of her. It was the Reverend Mother. She was standing on the other side of a large opening in the ground in front of her. Denayade' swallowed hard, as she realized she had almost took her last step.

    "Child, you have passed the test. Go back to the others, and say nothing." was all the Revered Mother said as she turned and left. Confused, Denayade' did as she was instructed, and returned to the group. It wasnt until she had returned home, that she found out that she had been chosen to be trained as a Sayyadina. Denayade' was thrilled.

    And so has begun a long journey, learning the teaching,
    and rituals. From time to time, she is tested, and sent on missions, which she looks forward to, for she knows that with each mission brings her one step closer to her goal.
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    OOC: "What really strikes me as strange about the whole situation, is why did the Baron have a heart plug installed on the new me? That's like paying for a boat that comes with a hole in it. He obviously thinks I'm important enough to bring back as a ghola, but not important enough to not kill in the first place? A tyrant and his money are easily parted, I suppose.

    The Bene Tleilax grew me in an axolotl tank right next to an Atreides named Duncan Idaho. Come to think of it, he was in every tank no matter which way I turned. Nice guy. Must be pretty popular with somebody"

    I fell to the floor laughing when I read that.
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    Name: Count Glossu ?The Beast? Rabban

    Gender: Male

    Age: 61, but looks and functions like a 35 year old due to heavy Spice consumption

    Height: 7 Feet and 2 inches tall,

    Skin Color: A Dark Tan

    Eye Color: A deep steel grey

    Hair Color: A Wild Fire Red, he keeps it neat and shoulder length

    Homeworld: Lankiveil, adopted world Geidi Prime

    Allegiances and Alignments: A proud member of House Harkonnen and House Minor?s Rabban.

    Profession: Governor

    Rank: Count

    Weapons: Lasgun, Two sided knife, Personal Shield Generator, various guns

    Possessions: Arrakeen Palace, All Harkonnen Arrakis holdings and personal

    Languages: Basic

    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Has no conscience and is an infinitely brutal commander. Is an extremely skilled hunter and knife fighter, semi skilled thopter pilot

    Appearance: Often referred to as a shaved, red haired bear, taught a few simple tricks like walking on two feet and speaking. The Count stands at an impressive 7?2 and boasts an immense build, much to the chargin and envy of his uncle. Although in extraordinary shape, he is far from what one would call handsome. His face looks more like that of a Gorilla?s or a ox?s than that of a man. His fingers are long and slightly deformed. His legs are short and as fast as he runs, it always looks like he?s waddling. Nonetheless he?s perhaps of the most intimidating men in the Galaxy.


    Born to a life of luxury and loving parents on Lankiveil, no one expected Rabban?s life to unfold the way it did. At a young age, although he was known as a slightly stupid and somewhat pretentious snob, no signs pointed to either his rise in prominence and power or moral abandonment. All he expected him to grew into yet another self centered, but soft and non malicious, noble. No one expected a monster to be born from such honest and eloquent beginnings. Yet that?s exactly what happened.

    At the age of 22, having received top marks in all his schooling , thanks to the combined threats and bribes of both his Uncle Vladimir, and his father Abulurd (some say the death of Dean of the Imperial Center was no accident, and that he was thrown off of his Penthouse for refusing the Baron?s request giving the young Rabban top marks) , he decided to begin work under his mighty, savvy, and highly respected (and feared) Uncle, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. At first his mother was worried what would become of her son under such an unscrupulous and sadistic man. Abulurd assured her that not only was Glossu marked by an unshakable goodness and kindness, but that his self-centeredness and ruthlessness would prevent the Baron from thinking he would have to remold the young boy. Not only did the Baron re-mold young Glossu, but he did so in half a year, stripping away all of his so called morals.

    Even Rabban himself remembers very little of what happened to him, under the direct tutelage of the Baron. It seems there are some things that still frighten a monster like him. What he does remember is this however: the Baron wanted to stress to the young man that one should not be afraid or hesitant of dirtying one?s own hands with a killing, as having others do it for you, is sometimes a luxury one can sometimes afford. The Baron would later wish he had stressed that it was best not only to have others do it for you, but to do so with finesse and cleanliness. Instead, the ordeal in the Slave Pit, taught him otherwise. Not only that but he earned the Harkonnen?s a dangerous foe, in Gurreny Halleck, a former Harkonnen Weapon?s Master turned Atredies Weapons Master, when the young man saw the training the future Governor had been submitted to. Halleck attempted to kill his master when he saw this, and would have succeeded, if it weren?t for Rabban?s loyal companions who fought him off, and forced Halleck to escape. Halleck became more of danger away from Gedi Prime then on it though, when he was enlisted by the Duke Leto Atterides.

    His beloved Uncle then made him Captain of the Guard in Arrakis, during his father?s br
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    OOC: What a long bio.

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    [hl=teal]***BobaMatt seal of freshness***[/hl]

    Name: Heinweir Stalas

    Gender: Male

    Age: 37 (approximate)

    Height: 6'2"

    Skin Color: white

    Eye Color: grey

    Hair Color:

    Homeworld: Ecaz, Junction

    Allegiances and Alignments: Spacing Guild/non-aligned

    Profession: Shipping Master

    Rank: Guild Ambassador / Mentat

    Weapons: Lasgun, daggers, rapier

    Possessions: Small transport ship (registered to the guild), personal estate, an atomic planted with each.

    Languages: Fluency: Galach, Navigator language, High Chakobsa (including battle languages of Atreides, Harkonnen, Wallach, Ginaz, Fremen) Near Fluency: Old English, French, Mandarin, Russian.) Is also highly capable of discerning new languages, codes, and non-auditory communication.

    Skills, Talents and Special Training: Mentat Training, Ambassador Training, a prolific fencer (his obsessive hobby).


    Unusual from the first...he will be garbed in the dress common to Spacing Guild associates, but immediately notice a break from rigid commonality...the garb is well tailored, adorned with tokens of various courts throughout the known universe...the pockets for typical "tools" of a guild member are instead empty or carefully filled with odds and ends that are not visible to a looker one regard ostentatious, in another, completely enigmatic.

    From there, his appearance becomes even more out of the ordinary for a Guild shading of his eyes from spice, no mutations such, his dress does not disguise any such disfigurements...he wears no cap or hood...instead often resting a pair of shaded goggles atop his head, something he often wears down when outdoors planetside. His most distinguishing feature, bright red lips...the sharpest display of color in his otherwise dark and understated form. This is a result of significant and persistent sapho juice use since his teens.


    Heinweir recalls nothing of his early childhood...his earliest memories are of working in fields on the Planet Ecaz as a gopher and small hand at the age of 10. His family was not present, as was the case with every other person with which Heinweir worked and conducted his world...they all seemed to just "appear" on the plantation on Ecaz. In truth, Heinweir would not even know his true name, if he had not chanced a look at the plantation managers documents. A chance that came from an innate ability beginning to foster in young Heinweir.

    Heinweir was much like many of the other youngsters on the plantation at the time. He would get into trouble, both with the managers and with other workers. And as oft with young boys, would get into fights...but where other boys would throw down their tools and immediately charge each other into the mud, Heinweir would bide his time, and stage a confrontation when he would have the advantage of position, or timing, or at least, be in place to have a manager break it up if things went wrong. At age 13, Heinweir challenged a giant of a boy, one of the oldest working the fields, to a fight...they arranged a place and time...but by the time the older boy arrived for the fight, he had not only worked many hours in the fields, but had been quietly poisoned for weeks by associates of the older boy lay pummeled on the ground, and the fellow workers cheered for Heinweir, watchful eyes took notice.

    It wasn't long after that, Heinweir left the fields and entered a school...a few of his fieldmates had come as well. The education was intense, and while others grew fearful, or overwhelmed, and failed, going back to the fields, Heinweir excelled. However, there was something wrong with him even then. Where other students who excelled received immense praise, Heinweir was often chastised for his sluggish time in responding, or his criticism of others answers while not immediately offering one of his own. He was labeled as lazy a
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    OOC: Think I'll reiterate a point BobaMatt mentioned earlier and say that if anyone wants to make a Swordmaster for "Amad" to train under, by all means.
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