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Beyond - Legends ~~Danger Zone: Kyle Katarn story set during the NJO~~ Feat. Kam Solusar, Kirana Ti, and more!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth_Naxon, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Darth_Naxon

    Darth_Naxon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2004
    I'm new to the Fan Fic forums, and here is something I just started, the beginning of a short story of Kyle Katarn against the Yuuzhan Vong. Enjoy.


    Kyle Katarn
    Kam Solusar
    Kirana Ti
    Uldir Lochett
    Purroc Edis
    Kyra Tane

    A lone figure stood backed against a yorik coral column, his head showing a deep gash from the battles before. The blood had begun to clot, and he had no time to go into a healing trance. Not yet at least. Wiping his hand against his forehead, to try and draw some of the blood away from dripping into his eyes, Kyle Katarn fingered the hilt of the lightsaber he held in his hand.
    Come get me.
    He peered around the column to see a half dozen Yuuzhan Vong guarding the entrance to the prisoner?s warren. Clad in black vonduun crab armor, several held their amphistaffs in their whip like configuration, while the others kept theirs twined around their waists. The Vong at the front of the group looked like the leader, a red command cloak hanging from hooks implanted in his shoulders, his mutilated face barely visible underneath the tattoos and the gnullith that covered his face.
    Kyle looked down to his belt, grabbing the comlink hanging there. He slowly rose it to his mouth, speaking in hushed tones.
    ?Kam, the Yuuzhan Vong are protecting the prisoners. I haven?t been able to sense them yet.?
    A static filled version of Kam Solusar?s voice came back at him, ??intelligence?sure?are there. Do???assistance??
    ?No.? Kyle said, thumbing his comlink off, severing the connection. Kam and several other Jedi Knights were aboard a blast boat at the edge of the Mirgoshir System, his reconnaissance vessel once he completed his mission here on Agamar.
    He turned to his left when he heard a fit of sissing break the silence. Two looming figures stood there, barely visible in their jumpsuits against the yorik coral.
    ?You are funny Master Katarn.? Kyle heard the Barabel say. ?This one likez it.?
    ?Don?t talk. We need to finish this mission.? Kyle told Guar. ?You too Pareg.? The two Barabels grew silent, and Kyle could feel them closing down, drawing the Force close around them. Pulling a baradium packed thermal detonator from his belt, he thumbed the detonator to five seconds, and used the Force to propel it towards the group of Yuuzhan Vong.
    A huge flash of light illuminated the room as four of the Vong were obliterated, a huge chunk of yorik coral disintegrating in an instant. Kyle thumbed his lightsaber to life, a blue glow illuminating the darkness of their hiding place, and he slowly walked out towards the two remaining guards.
    ?Jeedai!? the guard sneered. ?Have you come to meet your destiny?? He said, smiling from beneath his gnullith. His amphistaff elongated into its spear formation, and he began to twirl it in front of him. ?Come get me Jeedai.?
    Kyle brought his lightsaber up, his two hands resting on the pommel, holding the blade in front of him. The Yuuzhan Vong launched into a full out assault, bringing the amphistaff down in an arcing motion at his head. Kyle?s blade met the amphistaff, pushing it away from his body. The creature hissed at him, launching a stream of poison from its fanged mouth. He quickly used the Force to redirect the poison back at the Yuuzhan Vong.
    He brought up his hand to block the poison from entering his eyes, but that was all Kyle needed. He brought his lightsaber down, cleaving straight through the Yuuzhan Vong?s neck, his head rolling to the floor. Bringing up his lightsaber once again, the Barabels flanked him. Standing on each side of him, Guar?s and Pareg?s white and golden lightsabers respectively snapped to life. The Yuuzhan Vong reached towards his bandolier of razor bugs, launching two before the Barabels made short work of him with their molten blades. Two quick swipes of Kyle?s blade got rid of the two razor bugs.
    ?Good work.? Kyle said, sending reassurance towards the two through the Force. ?Let?s go get them.?

  2. Stormtrooper_TK-421

    Stormtrooper_TK-421 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 29, 2004
    Excellent start! =D= It's always good to see Kyle being written about. He's one of my favorite characters.

    If you could send me a PM me when you update, that would be great. :D



  3. Darth_Naxon

    Darth_Naxon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2004
    Aboard the blast boat Lucky Stranger, Kam Solusar sat in the pilots seat, his hand brushing his close cropped white hair. He didn?t like leaving Tionne. Even though they were supposedly safe aboard the Errant Venture, he didn?t want to leave anything to chance. As long as the Yuuzhan Vong were loose in the galaxy nothing was safe. After the fall of Coruscant and the death of Anakin Solo, a group of Jedi had gone missing while on a reconnaissance mission to Adumar. Their goal was to gain information from a group of locals that had so far survived the war. Once they had gotten to Adumar, they had sent out one last transmission describing a grutchin eating through their hull and that they had to eject. With their numbers dwindling away so quickly, the Masters of the Order had decided to send a ?rescue? mission.
    So far deep into enemy territory, the mission had seemed impossible at first. But thanks to Talon Karrde and his contacts, they had found a hidden hyperspace lane linking from Bilbringi to Glee Anselm straight to Adumar. So far the Force had been with them, they had come across a Yuuzhan Vong picket ship, but had quickly dispatched it on the way into the system. And now here they sat at the fringes of the system, waiting for some word from the three Jedi on the planet below. There had been a Jedi casualty once they had reached the base. The Yuuzhan Vong had attacked, but the remaining Jedi had managed to draw them off after Uldir Lochett had fallen.
    ?Do you think they will be able to rescue them?? Kirana Ti asked from Kam?s side. For this mission she had discarded her Dathomiri garb and had donned dark blue robes, a black belt cinching her waist.
    ?Yes. With Master Katarn leading them down there. He is a one man wrecking crew. Or so I hear.? Kam laughed.
    A smile formed on Kirana?s lips. ?Yes, of course. I forgot.?
    ?Masters?? a voice called from behind the two. A Kel Dor stood behind them, a holocam in his hands.
    ?This was on the holonet.? he whirred through his breath mask. A breathless Mon Calamari woman sat at a desk, talking about how the Yuuzhan Vong had appeared in the Hapes Consortium and the ensuing fight had been a victory for the Hapans but not without tragedy, for the Queen Mother Teneniel Djo had been murdered by an unknown assailant.
    ?Teneniel?? Kirana said softly.
    Kam looked away respectively, allowing her a moment of grief, his eyes following the walls of the blast boat, finally settling on the view port. The comm light was blinking.
    Depressing the activation button using the Force, Kam bounded towards the comm panel.
    ??found Jedi?survivor?evac?? Kyle?s voice sounded from the comm.
    ?Are you in need of evac now?? Kam asked, sending a visual image to him through the Force.
    ??yes?at?site?? Kyle said, clicking off his comm when he was done speaking.
    Kam turned to the other two, ?Well, it?s time to go get them.?

    ??evac now?? Kyle heard Kam through his comlink.
    ?Yes, meet us at the rendezvous site.? Kyle said, flipping off the switch and hooking it back to his belt. Two of the Jedi they had come to rescue were badly wounded, the other a young Twi?lek named Kyra Tane was faring better than the rest.
    ?Thank the Force!? Kyra said, trying to move towards the approaching group, but the blorash jelly her held her in place. A Barabel approached her, a lightsaber hanging from its waist.
    ?I?m Pareg. We?re here to rescue you.? the Barabel sissed, tossing arsensalts at the jelly binding her to the floor. Kyra rubbed her at her neck, trying to get the kink out. No use.
    ?You might want to hurry thiz up.? Guar said from the edge of the cell. ?Therez Vong on their way.?
    ?You stay here and help the other students. I?ll deal with them.? Kyle said, drawing his lightsaber in one hand, his trusty Bryar pistol in the other. The three watched him go. They had all heard the rumors of Master Katarn?s missions, and they were not worried for him in the least.
  4. Stormtrooper_TK-421

    Stormtrooper_TK-421 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 29, 2004
    ?You stay here and help the other students. I?ll deal with them.? Kyle said, drawing his lightsaber in one hand, his trusty Bryar pistol in the other. The three watched him go. They had all heard the rumors of Master Katarn?s missions, and they were not worried for him in the least.


    This is going to be good. :D

    Thanks for the PM.

  5. Darth_Naxon

    Darth_Naxon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 8, 2004
    Kyle walked out into the opening, stepping around the crater caused by the thermal detonator. He called on the Force, felt it swirling though his body, and ignited the blue blade of his lightsaber.
    A dozen Yuuzhan Vong stood before him, the leader holding up his hand for his followers to stop.
    ?What an honor Jeedai.? the Yuuzhan Vong snarled through tattered lips, bringing his amphistaff up in front of him. His vonduun crab armor gleamed black in the sparse light. ?I am Tyreg Lah, and I am the commander of this infidel planet. I challenge you to a honor duel. If you win, you and your followers walk away. If I win, I gain custody of your Jeedai followers. Including those in your spy ship.?
    Kyle cocked his head, bringing his Bryar pistol up, and shot Tyreg straight between the eyes.
    ?Guess I win then.? Kyle said, blasting four more Yuuzhan Vong before they even came close. Three drew their amphistaffs, the others flinging thud bugs from the back of their ranks. Kyle held out his hand, Force pushing the thud bugs back at their owners, while pivoting around to parry the slash of a too eager enemy. A quick slash up through the arm pit dropped him to the ground. He rushed towards another Vong, leaping up and kicking off of its shoulders, back-flipping to the group ten meters away. Three more quick shots from his pistol dropped three more Yuuzhan Vong. This caused the others to pause for a moment.
    ?Don?t tell me I frightened you. ? Kyle said, causing the remaining warriors to sneer and rush forward. Two forward strikes followed by two backhand parries dropped the last of them.
    ?Too easy.? he remarked, kicking Tyreg?s armor, who he had too easily dispatched. Twirling his pistol around his index finger, he pushed it back into his holster, clipping his lightsaber onto his belt.
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