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Story [Danny Phantom/She-Ra] Ghosts of the Past

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Jeff McKissock, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Jeff McKissock

    Jeff McKissock Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 11, 2012
    This is a story I am working on, please excuse my bad grammar it is not my strong point and hope you will enjoy reading it. :D

    Danny Phantom: Ghosts of the Past
    By Jeff McKissock
    Chapter I: In Denial
    Princess Adora
    “Finally,” I said plopping into the softness of my bed. It felt good to lay down after the chaos of the past days. Hordak has been relentless in his attacks lately; every ten minutes She-Ra is needed to stop him plundering some town. His raids seem to be more erratic no longer attacking villages who refuse to pay tribute to him or military facilities but museums and archaeological digs. All of the witness say that he seems bent on finding something but what he could find at those places is beyond me.

    I took at my sword out of its scabbard and stared at the blue jewel in the center, “if only you had the power to make copies of me,” I mused; my sword can do amazing things but cloning is something beyond even Grayskull’s awesome power. I placed the ancient weapon besides me as I shifted to get comfortable. I could feel my eyes close as my mind drifted away into the aethyr of the realm of dreams.

    I found myself in a bleak wooded area. It looked like a battle had taken place here, “what is this place?” I asked myself as I beheld the carnage. Men, women and children lay strewn a look of pure horror permanently etched on their face. The smell of the decaying and burnt flesh was too much and I had to hold my nose to prevent from getting sick. I noticed something strange on their bodies, a thick green slime. My mind raced back to Hordak’s Slime torture pit (I was placed in it many times as a child whenever I would act out) he used to turn people into slaves. “This isn’t Horde slime,” I said taking some and feeling it in my fingers, it was too thick to be the Horde’s creation but I had little time to ponder this as I could hear someone approaching. I sprang up and drew my weapon, “Show yourself,” I commanded as a shadowy figure rode in on a black horse. The being said nothing but stretched out his hand as if casting a spell.

    I could feel the ground beneath me move as something grabbed a hold of my ankle sending me face first into the ground. I turned around and a skeleton hand grasping my ankle. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. I jerked my leg breaking free of the bony grip and staggered to my feet. I gasped as more hands reached out from the ground until there was an army liches standing in front of me. I went to get my sword but one of the undead grabbed my hands preventing me from reaching it. The shadowy figure rode forward and stared at me with unblinking eyes. The creatures looked at him as he nodded as one of the monsters walked towards me carrying a sword. My eyes grew wide in fear as the blade slowly reaches my neck but before it touches my flesh everything fades into black.

    I awoke in cold sweat; it had all been a nightmare, “but it was…,” a knock at the door interrupted my thought. One of Queen Angella’s Ophanian Guards came in and asked if I was all right, “yes, it was just a nightmare,” I told the guard as he nodded telling me that Queen Angella had requested my presence in the ceremony hall. “I’ll be there in a little while,” I told him as he placed a bundle in front of the door and left. “First, I need to calm down.” I grabbed the package and saw it was a beautiful silk robe with a silver belt. I gently placed on my bed and went into the bathroom to take a quick bath.

    “Iago can be considered one of the first villains in…,” Lancer droned as I fought to stay awake. A task made double impossible by the fact that I haven’t slept in weeks. Every time I close my eyes I experience the same horrible nightmare. I find myself strapped to a platform while a hideous figure works on some controls. I can’t see much of him except for a red arm that appears stitched together like something out of Frankenstein. While he is busy adjusting a pair of shining red eyes peer out of the darkness saying that he waited a long time for this; then I wake up.

    Jazz wants me to go see a psychiatrist but I know what will I happen if I do. They’ll put me in a padded room for the rest of my life- no thank you- besides I have my own cure for it and it works just fine. I look up at the wall, “12:59,” I moaned rubbing my eyes as tried to stifle a yawn and feel my eyes close. Lancer’s words fade into nothingness and I enter the otherworld once again.
    A shiver races up spine as I feel my flesh against cold steel, “he is awake my lord,” a voice hissed as the red eyes appeared again. They watched me intently as the demonic hand appears again and places electrodes across my body. I try to break free but the straps are too strong, “Don’t waste your energy no one can break those straps,” the voice hisses as he pulls a lever to start the machine. I close my eyes dreading the pain that is to come but all I hear is a bell.

    “Class dismissed,” Lancer’s voice broke through darkness as I woke up with a start and found myself back in the classroom. Everyone was looking at me as they got up to leave for this next class. “Mr. Fenton, could I have a word with you,” the teacher asked as I went to talk with him, “Danny, this is the eighth time you’ve fallen asleep in my class,” he said concerned, “Once or twice is laziness but eight means something is going on,” I explained to him that I haven’t been sleeping well, “do you need to see the school psychologist?” he asks as I shudder remembering the first time I fought Spectra. I told him it wasn’t necessary and I am taking something to keep me awake. “Well, if it continues I want you to get some help Danny,” he said as I nodded and left the classroom.
    “Can’t you worthless worms do anything right?” I shouted as I looked over the findings from the latest attack. All of our searches have turned up empty, “There has to be some trace of it on this miserable rock,” Mantenna looks up and suggests that maybe it is a myth. I smile raising my arm at him; the coward pleads with me to spare him and is sorry that he spoke up. “Very well,” I lower my arm and push a button on the armrest on the throne. The floor beneath the bungler’s legs vanishes and he plummets down into a pool of water, “anyone else have suggestions?” I ask but no one speaks. I was about to order my minions to go out on another search until I receive a telepathic message from my father on Horde World. “I have work to do, now find that casket or else,” I threaten storming out of the throne room.

    I walk down the halls of the Fright Zone until I reach two large ornate doors fashioned out of black metal. I raise my hand mentally chanting an ancient spell; the doors slowly swing open. The scent of Necrowood hits my noise as I enter the room which is empty save for a black altar at the center of the room. “I evoke the great god of all evil and father of all that is foul in the universe,” I say taking a sensor and swing it creating a massive cloud of incense. The smoke gathers behind the altar as a red light can be seen through it.

    “Who dares to call upon me,” I kneel before the altar not daring to look up until Horde Prime bids me to rise. “Something is not right,” I ask him what is wrong, “The dimensional balance is unstable,” my ears perk up at this, could the time be at hand already. I ask him if it is what we have waited eons to occur, “I am not sure my son, but the barriers between dimensions is weakening and the balance between good and evil will be altered,” I smile saying it is because I will free one of his most powerful commanders. Prime closes his eyes warning me that is not it. “I want your forces to be on guard,” the lights disappears at those words and the smoke scatters. What could my father mean by those words?

    “Lord Hordak,” the voice of my chief witch and priestess hisses as I walk out the door. I warn her that whatever she has to say had better be important. “It is oh great Lord of the Horde; I think I found what you have been looking for,” Shadow Weaver says waving her hands creating an image of a museum, “There is a map that is said to be the oldest document on the planet. It is there you will find the key to what you seek my lord,” she says as I smile with evil glee, “have Grizzlor take some troops to fetch it. I want this map in my hands by sundown,” Weaver bowed as I walked towards the lab to let my scientists know what Horde Prime has told me.
    Queen Angella

    “We are gathered here today to celebrate the victory of Light Hope against the evil god Prime,” I began the opening blessing while keeping my eyes on the door. I had sent my guard to fetch Adora for the ceremony but it has been twenty minutes. Everyone looked at me concerned but assured them that I fine, “eons ago, Prime, once the father of all now forever corrupted by madness, sought to destroy our world…,” the door swung open and my guard stepped forward. He explained that Adora was going to be here shortly. “Good, is she alright?” I asked concerned noting she seems to be exhausted lately.

    “May I talk to you privately my lady,” I nod and follow him outside the room. My guards are descendants of the tribe of Ophan, skilled healers and leaders of my homeworld of Celestia. They can tell when someone is in pain. “Something is weighing heavy on the princess’ soul,” he said as I sighed, I knew that as well. It’s getting close to her birthday and longs to spend it with her family but the war with Hordak prevents her. I told him that I would make sure she was okay. “Yes, my queen,” he said bowing to me before leaving.

    “What is in Bret Favre’s name is taking so long?” Plasmius asked me as I adjusted the circuits on his latest invention. I told him that such a device takes time to finish, “well I hope you finish soon, I would like to use it before the next millennium. I rolled my eyes the living always so impatient; I guess it’s because they have such limited time to exist. He asked how long it would be until it was ready but before I could answer a noise could be heard below us. “Would you excuse me for a second Nicolai?” he phased through the floor. I could hear two voices talking one seemed to be a child, “I don’t care what you want; you will eat when I say!” Vlad snapped before letting out an ectoblast before coming back up.

    “The device is almost done, I just need only one more component,” Vlad smiles asking me what is needed, “a mirror made of crystallized Ununoctium,” the halfa smiles confidently, “the element is extremely rare and toxic,” I warned him saying he feared nothing and let out a whistle as one his ghost vultures appeared.

    “what do you want yetstik?” the bird asked annoyed by the summons. Plasmius instructed him to go to Axiom Labs and steal a an ingot of Ununoctium. “Can’t it wait, Matlock is on and it my favorite episode?” Plasmius eyes seemed to glow brighter as charged up an ectoblast and fried the creature. “All right All right, sheesh always in an ayln,” he said phasing out of the building to complete his task.

    I asked Plasmius if he was worried about the ghost child interfering, “don’t worry Daniel will not be a threat this time,” he said happily. I looked out from behind my glasses curiously, “the boy is having some personal problems that keep him occupied,” I sighed and went back to work while the elder ghost went on about how he feels that victory will be his this time and how the boy’s mother will be his at last. “I will be vindicated,” he shouted laughing before sitting down at his desk and put his feet up as if he had already won.
    Princess Adora
    It felt good to slide into the tub of bubbles and relax. My eyes closed again and I slipped into my dreams. I expected to see the battle dream again but instead I found myself in a Horde prison cell. I could hear someone crying; I turned around and saw a boy sitting in the corner. I could not see his face but from the looking he was younger than Adam. I walked over to him. Before I could say anything I heard a voice coming from down the hall, “Hordak has need of you,” it was Shadow Weaver, Hordak’s right hand witch. I looked down the hall and saw her approaching.

    I reached back to get my sword but it was gone, “looks like I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way,” I looked around trying to find something to fight with but there was nothing but the barest of nessciesties. I would have to rely on my wits to defeat her but before I could I heard someone call my name and snapped back awake. “Another dream,” I said taking my towel and got out of the tub. I could hear someone outside in the hall as I dried off and wrapped the towel around me.

    “Another Horde attack?” Angella’s voice said concerned as a male voice reported that Grizzlor and his troops were heading toward a museum in Divinia. It seems that my rest would have to wait, “I will send Bow to take care of this,” I got dressed as fast as I could and snuck out through the window. I made my way to the stables where my horse Spirit was resting.

    “I am sorry to do this to you but duty calls again,” I told my steed petting his snout. The animal looked at me with an understanding gaze as I gently took his reins and led him outside into the woods outside the palace. Once I was sure we were alone I drew forth the Sword of Protection and proclaimed, “For the Honor of Grayskull!” the weapon glowed and filled me with otherworldly power, the power of my ancestors. I felt stronger, wiser, more powerful, “I am She-Ra!” the jewel in the center of the blade glowed and surrounded Spirit as he was transformed into a graceful flying unicorn. “Come on Swifty, we have work to do,” I said mounting him and took off for the museum to stop whatever kind of evil Hordak and his goons was planning.
  2. Jeff McKissock

    Jeff McKissock Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 11, 2012
    Here is the next chapter :)

    Chapter II: Fatum
    “Our mother is not happy about this,” the Head Observant said as I rolled my eyes at them. They think they know what is going on but they understand as much a little kid trying to grasp quantum physics. I told them that everything will be fine, “how can you say that Chronos? He is vital to the stability of the Ghost Zone.” He asked me what I have planned but I only told him that everything is as it should be. I told them to go back to their temple and tell their mother that everything will be fine. He looked at me and sighed before phasing out of the room.

    The truth is their mother can do very little and it would take a vote from the Commune of Goddesses to effect any change. “The commune would never allow their mother to fulfill her paranoid fantasies,” I phased out of the room and into my dining room where I had an important visitor.”Thank you for coming,” I said sitting down at the table pouring a cup of tea. A cultured voice told me to get to the business. I explained to him that Danny has been having some troubling dreams and the council has asked me to look into the matter.

    “I too have sensed his dreams,” the ghost of sleep said creating an image of the boy with his power. “A dark force clouds his dreams even I can’t break through them,” I asked him if there was anything he could do. Nocturne shook his head, “Not on my own, but I might know someone who could help,” I asked him who this person was. He told me it was his mother Nyx, the goddess of night, “her power is far greater and might penetrate the shadow that shrouds the boy.” Having a goddess on our side might come in handy when silencing the Observants. Before I could say anything the ghost of sleep vanished into darkness.

    I entered the grand hall again and waved my hand opening a portal. A lone figure sat in a dank cell chained to the ground. “Soon my friend your path will be made known,” I closed the portal smiling. “The Observants cannot see the path before them only the first step. Like I said they are children struggling to understand quantum physics,” I phased out of the room to go meditate on the timeline.

    “What could be taking mother so long?” Glimmer asked as she looked up at the grand clock in the room. “She said she was going to fetch Adora?” I was about to say something when the doors opened up revealing the queen. She apologized for the delay but something urgent has happened. Glimmer looked at her mother worriedly. She explained that she received word that Hordak was attacking the kingdom of Divinia. “What does want there, Divinia is religious and historical center there is no value of anything there?” her mother told her that Hordak seems to be looking for something. “We’ll take care of them mother,” Glimmer stood up conjuring a small ball of light in her hands.

    “No my child you are needed here,” Angella turned to me, “Bow you will go to Divinia and stop the Horde from attacking,” Glimmer looked at me confused, “I have another mission for you my daughter; Adora has been having nightmares and need your help in figuring out what causing them. You are the most powerful empath on the planet and have the strength to face whatever evil is haunting her,” Glimmer nodded understanding her mother’s decision. “May Light Hope guide you in this mission Bow,” Angella said as I left for the stables.

    “Come on Arrow,” I told my horse I saddled and mounted him. Arrow is the second fastest horse on Etheria; Only Spirit is faster than him. We took off like a shot to the kingdom hoping to stop Hordak’s plan. We were half way to the kingdom when I heard someone whistle. I looked up and saw She-Ra above us. The Princess of Power landed and asked where I was headed. “Divinia, Hordak is…,” she cut me saying she knew about the attack and came to help me. I told her that her help is appreciated, “maybe we can sneak up on them,” I suggested as she nodded and told me to get on her unicorn as it would be faster. “Arrow, head home,” I ordered my horse watching run back to the stables before we took to the skies.

    “Are you sure that you are okay?” I asked Danny as he walked out of the classroom and yawned. The past few week he has been running on zero sleep and fear he is going to burn out soon. He assured me that he was doing fine and there was nothing to worry about. He reached into his pocket and took out a small bottle before he could drink it I snatched it from him. “This isn’t healthy Danny you have drunk nothing but these energy drinks for two weeks. You’re going to become addicted to them,” he snatched back and said it was all natural and there was no harm. “A lot of things are natural and still harmful, you need to go see a doctor.”

    “I am not going to see some quack, I am fine I am handling this…,” he was cut off as his ghost sense went off, “we’ll finish this later,” he said running behind a bush and transformed. I followed behind him knowing there was going to be trouble. “All right Box Ghost, come out and make your stupid little speech,” he said flying around the building but found nothing. “I am…,” something caught his attention in the corner of his eye. “Come out and fight me I am so not in the mood for your tricks,” he shouted turning around and blasted a bush but nothing came out. “I’ve had…,” his eyes closed and reverted back to human before falling to the ground.

    “You have to do something,” I slung him over my shoulder and went back inside school before the bell rang. “I know you don’t want to be checked out but I have no choice,” I told the sleeping child as we neared the nurses office. I walked in the office and laid Danny on a nearby cot. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully for once. The nurse came in and asked what was wrong, “he just needs to rest he hasn’t slept in awhile,” she looked at Danny and placed two fingers on his neck and noted his pulse was sluggish. I told her it’s just from the exhaustion before sitting down beside Danny keeping an eye on him.

    Once I was sure the child left I broke the spell and revealed myself. The child has the ability to detect the invisible. “Perhaps the Great Council was correct,” the Supreme Enforcer seems to the think the child is important as he has been the vision of many mystics- the Sorceress of Grayskull; Light Hope; the Supreme Enforcer have all seen a figure that matches his description but they are unsure of what it means. I decided that I better report to the council the findings I discovered and teleport back to the Cosmic Enforcers space station to report what has happened .

    “Welcome back brother Zodak what have you to report,” the Supreme One asked when I arrived in his chambers. I told him of the boy and his ability to detect the invisible. “Teela’na said he was gifted among his kind. Have you found anything that confirms our visions?” I explained about my near encounter with him and the symbol on his chest. “That infernal symbol, have you found out anything about it,” I shook my head. “Very well, report back to your station Zodak and continue your observation. I have
    Zanthar on Eternia and he will keep us informed of any revelation Teela’na has about him,” he said as I nodded and returned to the planet’s surface.

    I arrived outside the room where the child was resting. The girl who was with him earlier was sitting beside him. Everything seemed quiet until the boy stirred, something was plaguing his mind. “NO LET ME GO!” he said tossing and turning. I closed my eyes and synced my mind with his. The child was being held prisoner but I could not seeing what was going. “I don’t….,” was all he got out until a large hand stuffed a wad of cloth in his mouth as a gag. A sense of terror filled my being. “MMMMM,” was the last thing I heard as the connection broke and he woke up.


    “Tell me again why we’re missing wheel of fortune for this?” Æsc asked glaring at me from behind his sunglasses. I explained to that the shef wanted us to pick this fancy pants element so he could make a mirror of sometime. “It will talk more than a mirror to make him look good,” I silenced my compatriots and we arrived at Axiom. I ordered Æsc and Acacius to keep an for that takhshet while I went in and retrieved the metal. “You got it sir,” Æsc saluted me watching me phase into the building.

    “Now If was a radioactive metal where would I hide,” I flew around lab for about ten minutes until I came across a heavy metal door with words ‘caution: radioactive material’ engraved on them. I smiled phasing through the door and saw all types radioactive metals. “Wow, if Stalin had all this the cold war would have been a cold fight,” I searched through the metals. “You would think they would label this bovl,” I complained looking up and saw a periodic table with a sign saying ‘all elements labled by atomic number.’ I looked at the rows until I found Ununoctium. I fly to where the chart says it’s kept and pick it up in my talons. Even though I have been dead for millennia I can still feel the heat it’s giving off. “I better leave this ort ASAP,” I phased through the wall and rejoined my comrades.

    “All right secure this place!” I shouted to the troopers as we burst into the museum. Many of the patrons began to panic and flee. “We can’t have you alerting anyone,” I took a freeze grenade from my bandolier and throw in the crowd stunning them. “Search out and find that map, Lord Hordak has need of it!” I noticed a man sneaking off towards a room; I leapt into the air and pounced on him. He squirmed to free himself from my claws but we was too weak. “You are going to take me to the map,” he glared at me and asked what would happen if he refused. “I will impale you where you stand” he swallows hard and nods. I take a sword from my bandolier and point at him before releasing him. He led me into an large vault filled to the brim with shelves and documents on display. He took out a key and unlocked a drawer revealing an ancient map. “Excellent,” I said punching a hole into the glass and plucked the prize.

    “You…,” was all the curator said before I shot an arrow throw his torso pinning to the metal wall. I looked at his shocked face. I told him that I would impale where he stood and I kept my word I waited until we’re inside here. Before I headed toward the door a bright light filled the room blinding me. Once my eyes were adjusted to the light a beheld two humanoids wearing red armor and carrying small pistols.

    “Demon of the Horde, leave this place now or else face the wrath of the Cosmic Enforcers,” ordered one of the peons as they charged up their weapons. I chuckled getting out my crossbow, “your weapon is no match for us,” a beam of light emitted from the gun sending me flying through the room. They walked towards me and offered me the chance to retreat. I warned them that Horde never retreats from a battle taking out my sword. “If that is your will,” the guns began to morph until they became swords.

    “That will be carved on your headstones,” I charged at the beings but the vanished into thin air as I slammed into the wall. “Cowards!” I spat they reappeared and said they are beyond death. I went to attack them but they countered perfectly sending my weapon flying into the air. The pointed their weapons at my throat. “Another time,” I pressed the horde emblem on my bandolier causing a portal to open which provided my escape. Their victory was hollow as the prize was Hordak’s and soon this world will bow to its true master.
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    Welcome to NSWFF, Jeff! Lovely start :)
  4. Jeff McKissock

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Thank you I am glad you like it :D
  5. Jeff McKissock

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    Sep 11, 2012
    here is chapter 3

    Chapter III: Nexus of Dreams and Thought

    While it is true that I despise the Council and especially Chronos; my sympathy goes out to the boy. No one should have to endure the nightmares he is experiencing. They have torn him apart mentally something that Chronos seems adamant must not continue lest something dreadful will happen. However the source of the visions is stronger than even I have encountered and must seek the help of a power greater than mine. “Sleepwalkers form!” I commanded as a group of my minions appeared. I informed them that I would be gone for awhile and that they were to assume control until I get back. “Do you understand?” the ghosts nodded as I phased out to where a large black carriage was waiting for me.

    I closed my eyes trying to sync with the boy’s mind. As the ghost of sleep I can link my mind with any being that is asleep. In ancient times it was a valuable tool and I was employed by deities and mortals alike to glimpse the future or divine the thoughts of another; nowadays it is a cheap parlor trick but it still can be useful. “Where are you,” I called out scanning the trillions of minds in the cosmos until I found or at least thought I came in contact with him. I found myself in a small dark cell. “Daniel?” I called out but the only thing I heard was the rattling of chains from the corner. I peered into the darkness and found someone chained to the wall. He raised his head at the sound of his name. His face was bleeding and swollen. I floated towards him but before could I could utter a syllable I heard someone coming.

    “Come boy,” a voice hissed as three robed figures floated in front of the iron bars. I stood in front of the youth prepared to defend him but something was wrong. My powers didn’t they could black my dream powers. I stood my ground, if I could use magic to defeat these monsters I would rely on strength. “Our Priestess has need of you,” with a wave of his Danny’s bonds dissolved and the half fell to the ground on the heap. “Don’t worry about…,” the fiend began to say until something caught its attention. He looked up staring directly into my eyes. I went to attack but a wave of psychic energy hit me in the chest and was forced out of the boy’s mind.

    I shook my head clearing the energy from the blast from my mind. What creature would have enough power to exorcise me from a being’s mind, “only one who has made covenant with darkness.” I looked out the window of the coach; we had left the Ghost Zone and were charging through the blackness of space for the kingdom of Selene.

    “For a battle there doesn’t seem too bad,” I commented as we landed on the steps of the museum. She-Ra warned that Hordak is a master of deception and things are never what they seem with him. We got off her steed and walked up to the door. A large hole had been eaten through the door; She-Ra ran her fingers across it. It was a horde disintegrator ray that caused it, “Come on,” she walked through the hole into the museum, Inside was a war zone; Horde trooper parts were strewn across the room, “looks like some beat us to the chase,” She-Ra didn’t hear me and went towards the back of the museum.

    I decided to check the armory, normally when the Horde attacks they are usually after some weapons. However when I arrived there was nothing missing. Not even a single sword was missing. “this doesn’t make sense,” I combed through every inch of the room but everything was in place. Could it be whatever destroyed the troopers prevented the robbery.

    “It wasn’t a weapon Grizzlor was after,” a short man turned around, “it was in the back where your friend is,” I asked him who he was, “I am the acting curator of the Divinian Museum,” he showed me to the back room where was I met with a ghastly sight. A tall man was impaled with the wall by a Horde arrow. I could tell from the location of the bolt that it was meant to kill. I knelt down and said a quiet prayer before joining She-Ra.

    “It doesn’t make sense,” she said exasperated, “why would Hordak want a map?” I mused maybe he’s lost but the joke didn’t go well with her. According to her the Horde has armies of geographers and historians going through every inch of the planet. I asked her if she found out what totaled the robots. “I’m…not…sure,” she said never had her hesitate like that. I could tell something was weighed on mind; her eyes darted around the room. “Bow, do you think you could go back and tell Angella what happened here. I have to go ask a friend about this. Swifty will take you back,” I nodded and walked out of the room but something didn’t seem right.

    Head Observant

    “Brothers! Please,” I pleaded as the chamber erupted into chaos. Everyone was worried about what Clockwork would or would not do to save the timeline. I tried to assure them that like us Chronos must obey the great law. “He knows he can’t do anything that results in the destruction of creation,” my voice was not heard. I could not do anymore and phased out of the room.

    I arrived in the sanctuary of the temple and bowed before the altar. I knew Chronos was right and that everything was under control but we cannot see that. I sat down on a bench gazing at the frescoes on the walls and ceilings. They depicted the foundation of the Universe by the goddesses. I closed my eye and meditated thinking about a solution to this problem. “My son,” a gentle voice called out to me, “do not worry all is as it shall be I have decreed it,” it was the voice of my mother the goddess of fate. I asked what am I to tell my brothers as they will not listen to me. “I will guide their hearts,” she explained as the voice faded away and I found myself alone again. I felt comforted knowing that our mother is under control.

    Shadow Weaver

    “You summoned me oh great lord,” I bowed down before Hordak’s throne as his piercing eyes drilled into my spirit. Any other being would be frozen in fright at seeing the Lord of the Horde but all fear had been stripped from my soul ages ago. My master instructed me to do a psychic sweep as he felt something was wrong. “What are you looking for my master?” he did not answer but I knew it was important.

    I closed my eyes and tapped into the aethyr of time and space. I couldn’t sense anything unusual but general feeling of unease seemed to penetrate the universe. “Well, Weaver what have you found” my master’s voice cuts through the connection returning back to the present. I sigh and tell him that I could pinpoint anything in the time he gave me to search for. “You miserable spellcaster…,” Hordak’s rage was quelled as Grizzlor came in proudly.
    “Lord Hordak, I have the map,” the bestial creature said kneeling before handing Hordak the map. A twisted smile formed on our master’s face as he unfurled it. He tells Grizzlor that he had been searching it for millennia and asked if the Rebels gave him any trouble. “Not the rebels the Cosmic Enforcers tried to….,” was all the creature let out as Hordak tortured him. He ordered us all out so he could think of his next move. “I don’t u….,” the creature was blasted across the room by Hordak’s arm cannon. He howled in fright and ran out of the room. I bowed before him and teleported before he could take his wrath on me.

    “Do you really think those fossils will be able to get the element? The government keeps it…,” I silenced the ghost of technology assuring him that I would get my precious mirror. Soon Maddie you will be mine and Daniel will no longer pose a threat to my plan. Nicolai asked me why I wasn’t worried about the boy, “you know he always foils your plans,” I sighed remembering all the humiliation I had been dealt by the boy’s hand. I went over to my computer and typed some coordinates in. The ghost portal began to glow as Skulker came out from it.

    “You called Plasmius,” the hunter asked as I smiled telling him I have an assignment for him. “the ghost boy?” I nodded explaining that Daniel won’t put up much of a fight but that I was still worried he would pose a slight problem. “Dead or alive?” he asked as I told him that I wanted him alive so I could destroy him once and for all. “I’ll keep him busy,” he said adjusting his weapons before disappearing

    Supreme Enforcer

    “Great one,” a voice said as the doors of my chamber slid open revealing Zacleium and Xyleius. They informed me they were unable to secure the map and that Hordak now possessed it. “Shall we send a squadron to Etheria we could…,” I held out my hand to silence him. While sending a force to Etheria and take the map by force is tempting it would break the ancient treaty signed between the Etherians and the Enforcer. “Exalted leader, the treaty is already violated by our intervention,” Zacleium chimed in as I thought for second. I ordered them to wait until we hear from Zodak again before we do anything else. They bowed and left the room.
    I turned my throne around to face the screen behind me, “Get me in contact with the Star Sisters,” the Star Sisters were powerful psychics and warriors said to be from the queen of Etheria’s ancestral home. It is said of the three that no psychic can match their power and nothing is beyond their sight. The screen came to life revealing the siblings- Starla, Jewelstar, and Tallstar before me.

    "Why do you summon us, Amyntor,” Starla asked, the sound of my name aroused no emotion me as I gave up my identity to become the Supreme Enforcer. I explain to them of the events that have taken place. “We too have seen this, but the darkness is thick and even our keen senses are dulled by it,” I asked them if they could see anything that the others couldn’t. Jewelstar stepped forward waving her hand over her staff until glowed. I watched as the light dimmed showing a strange symbol, “this talisman is a key. When you see it you shall know what is going on,” Starla’s voice said as I examined the symbol and thanked them for their service.
    I turned around and contacted Zodak, “I tried to make a connection in the boy’s mind but the darkness repelled me,” he explained as I nodded. I told him about what the Star Sisters had revealed. “I have not seen that symbol before oh great one,” I asked him if he knew if it was Eternian, “No my liege, it is not in the Gnostic pictographs that Eternian is derived from but I sense great power in it,” Zodak said closing his eyes. He asked me if Zacleium and his brother were successful in getting the map. I shook my head, “then we must act quickly before Hordak uncovers it’s secret,” I ordered him to go to Eternia and meet up with Zanthar to see if Teela’na could clarify the Star Sisters’ vision. “Yes great one, I am sure she will reveal something new,” the communiqué was cut off as I closed my eyes and meditated on this symbol and what it could unlock