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    Title: May I Take Your Order?
    Author: Obi-Gon_Skywalker
    Timeframe: Qui-Gon is Dooku?s padawan
    Genre: Humor, mush
    Characters: Qui-Gon, Dooku
    Summary: Written for the 2009 Dare Challenge.

    1. Write exactly 2,499 words (thus keeping it one word under the 2500 limit).
    2. Must start the story with "Before a long time ago...."
    3. Must end the story with " a galaxy far, far, away."
    4. Must use the followings words: Mustard, ketchup, pickles, onions, relish, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, sesame seed bread (separately and not in the same sentence or paragraph).
    5. Make up a Star Wars themed fast food restaurant.

    Notes: Many thanks to the person who issued this dare: you've defintely kept me up late at night stricken with writer's block, but desperate to complete the challenge. And thanks to TheMacUnleashed who inspired me to take on the Dare challenge in the first place.

    Before a long time ago in the busy streets of Coco Town, Coruscant one could find a very young, eager apprentice walking beside the stern, imposing figure of his master. The boy?s name was Qui-Gon Jinn and the elder, Dooku and they were heading towards ?Lucas?s All You Can Eat Buffet?, Qui-Gon?s favorite restaurant.

    Normally, Dooku wouldn?t have taken his padawan out for dinner, preferring their own quiet apartment as opposed to the raucous, hectic restaurant that Qui-Gon favored. However, today was a special event: today was Qui-Gon?s thirteenth birthday. And so, grudgingly, Dooku allowed himself to be dragged along by his enthusiastic novice.

    Qui-Gon had good reason to be excited for the master and apprentice had been on back-to-back-to-back missions that the unrelenting Council had decided fit to place upon them. Despite the knowledge that as a jedi, he would have to constantly travel around the galaxy, Qui-Gon resented having to leave his home in Coruscant. It was nice to finally have a break.

    As they ambled along throughout Coco Town, Qui-Gon felt the eyes of countless other life forms on him. Apparently, it was a rare sight for two jedi to pass through these parts of Coruscant and the pair elicited many stares. He glanced over at Dooku and grinned. It amused him to see his posh, majestic master walking around the crowded vicinity and it gave him a small surge of pride being seen with such an elegant man. So he stood a little taller, pushed his shoulders back, and stayed the spring in his step as to match the dignified stride of his master.

    The boy snapped out of his reverie at the sound of his master?s voice, ?Do you have any idea where we are going??

    ?Well,? said Qui-Gon, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, ?my map says that we should be?leaving Coco Town??

    ?What? Let me look at that!?

    ?No wait. I can figure it out.?

    ?Give it here boy!?

    ?Gimme gimme never gets,? taunted Qui-Gon as he backed away from his master, eyes still poring over the map. Scowling, Dooku snatched the boy by his padawan braid and yanked, extracting a squeal from his apprentice and then promptly poked his head over Qui-Gon?s shoulder to look at the scrap of paper.

    Dooku stared at the map, looked at his apprentice, and then back to the map.

    ?You completely idiotic nitwit! The map is upside down, ?cried Dooku and began rapidly pulling Qui-Gon?s braid repeatedly who in response squirmed away, however to no avail for his master held on fast. Dooku made a grab for the map and the end result of the opposing forces was a huge tear in the map, and both parties looking sheepishly at each other before ?

    ?This is entirely your fault, you know,? Qui-Gon began laughing.

    ?My fault that you cannot read a map?? Dooku admonished.

    ?Well, it is your duty as a jedi master to teach me.?

    ?Oh do be quiet, and help me figure out what we are to do now, since you conveniently
    destroyed our map.?

    Qui-Gon rolled his eyes and thought for a minute, ?Well, we could always ask for directions.?

    Dooku scoffed, ?A jedi never asks for directions. Never mind then, we will figure it out ourse
  2. TheMacUnleashed Jedi Knight

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    =D= Great job, Master! I was laughing through the whole thing. =D=
  3. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Lovely response to that difficult dare and it was very funny[face_laugh]=D=
  4. p_stotts Jedi Master

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    You somehow pulled off the trick of portraying Dooku both in and out of character at the same time. That's some trick! I loved the idea of Qui-Gon being the more mature one of the two. Great job!
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    Indignantly, Dooku replied, ?Of course, Learner. Things tend to get boring without some proper craziness every now and then.?

    Nice. Very nice =D=
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