Saga Dark Angel - A terrible tragedy and a child raised in the Dark

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    I own only the OCs.


    All was peaceful in the Alderaanian Palace.

    Guards patrolled the halls as tour groups made their rounds and Bail Organa was enjoying the silence of his office.

    An orange light suddenly glowed on his desk.

    Bail frowned.

    Somewhere in the Palace there was a security breach.

    Bail felt his heart pound in his chest. It had only been a few days since he had brought Leia here and the adoption was going along just fine. Had someone discovered the truth?

    Several security guards entered and took different positions in the room. One of them was speaking into his commlink; something about the bird in the office.

    ?What happened?? Bail asked. ?Are my wife and Leia alright??

    ?As far as we know they are fine, sir.

    ?Something is wrong with the security cams in different parts of the palace. They keep showing empty corridors that we know are occupied.? One of the guards said.

    Bail tried to return to his work when several more guards entered, their faces pale and fearful.

    ?Move the Viceroy to a secure location We have a security breach.? One of them said.

    ?What about my wife and Leia?? He asked them urgently.

    ?Guards are on their way to them right now, Viceroy.? The leader said.

    Bail stood and followed some of the guards out of his office and down the corridor.

    ?Are the civilians being evacuated?? Bail asked.

    ?We are having some trouble evacuating them but it shouldn't take much longer.? A guard responded.

    The turbo lift ride was one of the longest in his life.

    Once in the Safe Room he noticed that neither Breha nor Leia were there.

    Bail felt his heart pound in is chest.

    Hours seemed to pass before some guards entered looking defeated.

    ?What happened?? He demanded. ?Where's my wife and Leia??

    The guards bowed their heads.

    ?The queen is critically injured. She was stabbed with a knife of some type.? The captain explained.

    Bail gasped in horror. ?Is she going to live?? He asked urgently.

    ?You will have to speak to the doctors and medics.? The captain answered.

    Bail's throat tightened.

    ?And Leia?? he asked, fearing the answer.

    ?We chased her abductor to the Gate River. There she stood on the railing and threatened to jump in if we came any closer.? The captain paused.

    ?Did she get away?? Bail demanded.

    ?Someone shot her in the head and she fell backward into the river and the swift current swept their bodies away.? The captain finished.

    ?We are combing the river for their bodies but we don't expect to find much.?

    Bail sat down, his mind refusing to comprehend what he had just heard.

    Minutes ticked by.

    Finally Bail stood.

    ?Take me to my wife.? He whispered.

    They led him through the Palace to the Med Wing.

    Breha lay pale on the bed.

    ?We will know by tomorrow if she's going to make it.? The medical droid informed him.

    Bail swallowed.

    He had never known such pain.


    Three days later Breha opened her eyes.

    She kept says something about a woman with a clear knife.

    Bail nearly sighed with relief when he was given the green light to enter the room and visit her.

    He sat down in the chair next to her bed.

    ?Have they caught the intruder?? Breha asked.

    ?The intruder is dead.? Bail said softly.

    Breha nodded.

    ?Do you know what the intruder wanted or why she was in the Nursery?? Breha asked.

    Bail swallowed.

    ?We believe that she wanted to abduct Leia and possibly hold her for ransom.? Bail explained.

    Breha suddenly frowned.

    ?But Leia's adoption hasn't even gone through yet. Why would someone want to abduct her before hand??She asked.

    ?I don't know Love.? Bail replied softly.

    ?Where's Leia?? Breha asked. ?I am sure that she's distraught that our hour together was interrupted and that I haven't been back to see her.? Breha continued.

    Bail glanced down.

    ?Breha, the reason why I didn't bring Leia down is because she's dead.? Bail explained slowly. ?The woman was shot while standing on the railing by the Gate River with Leia in her arms. The woman fell backwards into the river and the current swept them away.?

    Tears ran down Breha's cheeks.

    ?She was only a baby!? She
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    This was so sad! Bail's pain really came across.

    I'm very intrigued about the woman's identity and what happened to Leia.

    Great start!
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    A riveting and heart tugging start =D= :(

    Leia's fate is definitely up in the air. [face_thinking] It is easy to assume she'd perished in the swift river currents ...

    Which just adds to the mystery :cool: if/when she resurfaces. :)
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    NOOOOOO! What happened to Leia?
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    We know the woman is all I am going to say for now.


    We will have to wait and see.


    Three years later . . .

    Bail Organa quickly walked down the corridors of the Senate Building.

    Breha had just commed him saying that she had a surprise for him.

    Truth be told, Bail wasn't in the mood for surprises.

    Bail sighed as he recalled how that morning's Senate Meeting went: a total disaster.

    What made it worse was that Vader was in attendance.

    Bail could barely stop the feelings of guilt for what had transpired three years ago every time he saw the man. Especially when he locked eyes with him. Eyes that were either nearly lifeless blue or poisonous yellow. Leia had been his daughter and he had failed to keep her safe.

    Something suddenly collided into his legs, bringing him out of his somber thoughts.

    He looked down to see a small child dressed completely in black with a hood pulled low over the face.

    Bail smiled. It was a pleasant surprise to see a child in the Senate.

    ?Hello, what's your name?? He asked the child.

    ?I not s'pose to talk to strangahs.? The child, a girl, responded in poor basic. An indication that she wasn't that old.

    Bail smiled.

    ?Well then, I am Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan.? Bail said. ?There, now I am not a stranger.? he smiled pleasantly.

    The girl glanced uncertainly behind her, where a creature wearing a cloak stood; watching the exchange.

    ?Is that one of your guards?? he asked.

    She nodded.

    Bail knelt.

    ?Aren't you a little young to be wandering the halls of the Senate?? He asked the small child.

    ?I not little! I three!? The girl declared.

    Bail smiled. ?That's big, no wonder you wandering the halls of the Senate all by yourself.?

    Suddenly she smiled and turned around.

    Bail followed her gaze and froze.

    Standing behind her was Lord Vader.

    ?Senator,? Vader said politely.

    ?Milady, you have a datapad to deliver.? The cloaked being said in a gravelly voice.

    The girl nodded and hurried off.

    Vader stared at Bail for several moments. Bail felt his heartbeat slow and then speed up.

    Then Vader walked away.

    Bail nearly sighed with relief. He had heard rumors about little Lady Vader. She was an enigma. All that anyone knew was that Lord Vader had taken care of her since she was an infant.

    He took a deep breath to settle himself before heading to his apartment to speak to Breha.

    When he heard her news he wished that Vader had killed him for stopping his 'daughter'. Breha had gone behind his back and adopted an infant girl.

    When he thought of it he had hoped that Leia would somehow turn up, alive. He knew that he was being unrealistic; that there was little chance that Leia had survived the swift current of the Gate River.

    Yet he wasn't sure he could bear raising another daughter. In fact he wasn't sure if he could love Ana the way a father should love his child.


    Three years later . . .

    Terrison Gilder watched as Lord Vader entered his office with a squad of Storm Troopers, three cloaked aliens and a little girl dressed completely in black with a black face veil hiding all of her face except for her brown eyes.

    Gilder had heard rumors about her. No one knew who she was or where she came from. He had heard everything from her being Vader's blood daughter to a child spared at the Temple. Personally Gilder doubted that the Dark Lord of the Sith was capable of feeling anything towards females let alone bed one.

    ?Lord Vader it's a pleasure to have you.? Gilder said.

    Lord Vader waved his hand dismissively. ?Terrison Gilder you are suspected of stealing from
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    Excellent update =D=

    I really liked Lady Vader and Ana playing and all of Vader's reactions. And I really like the name Ana :D ;).
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    Ah! So now we know the fate of Leia :) & Ana - that is a fine selection. :D
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    The nogri! I love those guys. Anyway. It's interesting to see Leia raised by Vader.
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    Oooh, this is looking good. [face_thinking] I love seeing Vader in a Daddy role, BTW.
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    The beginning was really sad. But now, Vader as father?

    Please, send me a PM, when you'll update!
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    I thought that it was cute. All of Vader's reactions were done right with the help of my beta: Bryg.


    I love them too!



    Yeah, the beginning was really sad.

    I bet none of you saw that part coming!

    I will PM whoever leaves a reply.


    Seven years later . . .

    Lieutenant Han Solo stood in a bar on the lower levels of Coruscant and examined the charts of the stats of some local swoop bike gangs.

    His job was to see if any stats were abnormally high for age and species. He had done a Holonet search and discovered that the traits he was looking at were highly common in Force Sensitives.

    Several stood out. A sixteen standard year old Human girl, Angel. An older Human male called simply Ani. A twenty standard year old Twi'lek male named Ject. And a Zabrak female, Surgi, that was eighteen standard years old.

    According to a viewscreen the group that 'Angel' and 'Ani' belonged to was just finishing a race with another group.

    He watched as the swoop bikes came to a stop in front of the bar.

    Curiously he exited and observed from afar as one particular one, a female human, hopped off her bike.

    ?Nice one Angel.? One of them, a male Twi'lek, commented.

    ?I need to work on her a bit more Orn.? The woman, Angel, commented to him.

    The male Twi'lek, Orn, nodded.

    ?Tell your father that we missed him.? He told her.

    ?I will.?

    Han watched as Angel walked away pushing her swoop bike beside her, then followed at a discrete distance. I want to talk to her! She's a kindred spirit if her stats are anything to go by. Han thought. I mean if she's a Force Sensitive than I know where she and her father live so that I can report it.

    She walked for half an hour before she turned into an alleyway and parked the bike in a run-down garage and entered a code into the Service Lift.

    Han quickly turned around and entered the building. Once inside he entered a lift and punched in a random floor, relying on his luck to guess the right one. To his surprise he was asked for a code. He typed in his Imperial Identification Code and the lift shot upwards.

    The lift stopped and Han stepped into a antechamber lined with plants from several worlds and a few delicate sculptures.

    A Protocol Droid was off to one side behind a receptionist desk. It greeted him as he stepped from the lift. ?Hello Lieutenant. Do you have an appointment?? the droid asked politely.

    ?No, I believe I have the wrong apartment,? Han said and turned to leave.

    ?You have the right apartment, Lieutenant,? a young woman's voice said.

    Han turned as a young woman approached him, wrapping a face veil around the lower part of her face. Han felt his heartbeat stop. Lady Vader races swoop bikes? I am so dead!

    ?I don't intend to kill you. My father believes that you have a great career ahead of you, Lieutenant Solo.? Lady Vader said, turning back the way she had come.

    ?Come and tell me what brings you here today,? She said over her shoulder.

    Nervously Han complied.

    When he left a few hours later he knew for sure that he had met a kindred spirit.


    Three years later . . .

    Han sat next to Lady Vader in the sitting room of the apartment that she and her father lived in.

    ?Please tell me your real name.? He whispered into her ear after a kiss.

    She leaned forward and whispered a name into his ear.


    A week later . . .

    Han Solo couldn't believe that he was running away.

    He paused as a patrol of Storm Troopers pas
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    Han better run because if Vader finds out he was kissing Lady Vader, he's toast.

    It seems Lady Vader is very much her father's daughter.

    I'm really curious to find out what happens next.
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    Great blend of drama and action =D=
    Very nice to see Han coming in, but he left just as quickly [face_thinking]
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    Great update! So much drama!
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    It was nice to see Han. Will he show up again?
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    Nice Update! Thanx for a PM.=D=
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    This is a really exciting story. I've read a lot of stories where Vader raises Leia, but this one is different and original. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. It will be interesting when this Leia meets Luke...

    I wonder who Princess Ana is. Just a random Alderaanian orphan the Organas adopted or is her identity more significant?

    [face_laugh] That's... ironic.
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    I have read some too and one that I really like is peppered with mistakes. Lady Vader is going to see Luke in this chapter.

    Ana is Alderaanian orphan who will play a small role in the fic.

    I thought it would be amusing to put that in!

    Vader might torture him for a few minutes but he likes Han in this fic.

    You'll find out!

    Thanks, Han will be back.


    "I'll be back."

    You are welcome

    Okay, Bryg has returned from the boonies and I have paid her a visit so here's the next chapter of Dark Angel.


    Lady Vader was bored out of her skull.

    Here she expected to be out with the troops but right now they were having a hard time locating the escape pod and they would have to wait until tomorrow morning to go to it at this rate so she got on a speeder bike and headed out. Without her cloak and face veil or her guards.


    Luke Skywalker was heading back to his speeder when he felt a pair of eyes on him. He turned and noticed a young woman with brown hair and eyes watching him from a short distance away.

    I feel as if I should know her. He thought.

    Luke watched the woman straighten.

    ?Hey Luke!? Biggs suddenly called.

    Luke turned to his best friend. Biggs came over with two mugs.

    ?Tell me everything that has happened since I left.? Biggs said, handing Luke one of the mugs.

    Luke turned back to the woman but she was boarding a military grade speeder bike.

    ?Well, the Raiders are getting a little bolder.? Luke began; watching as the woman sped away across the Desert.


    Lady Vader sighed.

    This was easily the most boring planet in the entire galaxy.

    Suddenly her private commlink chirped. She reached into one of the pouches on her belt and retrieved it.

    She held it in front of her and activated it. An image of her father appeared. ?I need you at my current position.? He said quickly. ?Yes Father,? she said. ?I had your personal ship dropped off. Just ask one of your men which berth it's in.?


    Princess Ana sat shivering in her cell. Any minute Lord Vader is going to come in and torture me. She thought. I must be strong!

    The door opened and an officer came in followed be Lord and Lady Vader.

    Ana swallowed..

    ?And now your Highness we will discuss the location of your hidden Rebel Base.? Lady Vader said, coldly.

    A beeping noise slowly filled the cell. Curious Ana turned her head and her mouth opened in fear: an IT-O floated behind them and to the side.

    Quickly Ana slid as far as she could away from the droid, no doubt earning smirks from the Vaders.


    Han Solo studied the two men in front of him. He couldn't believe he was even considering this, but life had been treating him well lately. So well, in fact, that he had been forced to dump the Spice he was carrying for Jabba the Hutt. As if that wasn't enough, Jabba was none too happy that Han had no money to pay for the lost cargo. Now he was running out of time and this was the only job that h
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    Interesting update... I wonder what will be next.[face_thinking]

    Thanks for a PM.
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    =D= !!

    Wonderful defiance from Ana and "Angel" -- because Tarkin is an arrogant fool, the worst kind :p

    And :) to hear that Han misses Angel.

    And LOL :* !! isn't Angel Leia after all? o_O

  21. Hazel Force Ghost

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    Isn't Angel, Leia? :confused:

    I am sooo curious to see where you take this. :)
  22. Book-Geek Jedi Master

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    Leia isn't angel? :confused: [face_thinking] Hmmm...

    Beautiful update!
  23. Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic Manager

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    Hmmmm. Angel... A triplet?

    Anyways, whoever she is, Angel is SNARKY.
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    ?Tarkin is an idiot!? Lady Vader objected.
    ?Of course he is, but you cannot convince an idiot to change his mind unless he respects you and arguing in such a childish manner defeats that purpose.

    Oh, Leia, your dad is a smart one.

    Lady Vader could feel her Father's pain through the Force and through their Bond. ?It's alright Father, I am here,? she told him.

    Vader's Sith daughter comforting her father. What a surprisingly sweet moment.

    Why does everyone think that Lady Vader aka Angel is Leia?

    Let's see. The title...? ;)

    Nice update. Thanks for the PM.
  25. Lady_Misty Force Ghost

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    Every is very welcome for the PMs. I PM anyone that leaves a review. So if you want a PM just leave a review! :)

    I will not be revealing who Lady Vader aka Angel's identity until near the end.

    For the record Lady Vader isn't a Sith. She is a Dark Jedi. Sidious/Palpatine would destroy either Angel, Vader or both of them for such treachery.

    Okay, enough blabbering.

    Here is the next chapter!


    Ana swallowed at the sight of storm troopers in the entrance of the cell bay.

    ?Do you have a plan for getting out?? she asked over the noise of the blaster fire.

    ?I really didn't get that far.? Luke Skywalker replied between blaster fire.

    Ana glanced around the corridor; her eyes landed on the grating for the garbage pit.

    She turned to Luke. ?Can I borrow your blaster for a moment??


    Luke happily stripped off the storm trooper armor. It felt so good to be free of it!

    ?If we don't follow her too much we might get out of this alive.? Han commented to Luke.

    ?I think she did well.? Luke replied, giving Ana an encouraging smile.

    Han grumbled something about women, causing Luke to shake his head.


    Han nearly sighed with relief as he looked down on the Falcon. They were nearly out of this place.

    ?We're flying in that thing?? Princess Ana asked, sounding frightened.

    ?She's got it where it counts.? Han replied coolly.

    With that they small group pulled away from the observation port and moved on.

    They didn't get very far when the ran into a squad of storm troopers. ?It's them!? The leader said. ?Blast them!? Han shot first and promptly raced after them with Chewbacca on his heels.

    ?Get back to the ship!? He yelled back to them.


    Luke watched for a moment as Han disappeared down the corridor.

    ?Is he very brave or very stupid?? Princess Ana asked.

    ?I have wondered that myself.? Luke answered, leading the princess in the opposite direction.


    Han smiled as he chased the storm troopers down the corridors. He hadn't had fun like this since he and Angel got chased by police droids.

    He turned the corner and screamed in shock. The storm troopers had literally led him into a trap. He shot one and raced back the way he came praying that none of the guys trained with the 501st.


    Luke and Princess Ana raced through the corridors of the station, trying to stay a few steps ahead of the storm troopers.

    Luke suddenly felt something cold nearby. He glanced down a corridor and discovered that a figure dressed head to toe in black stood there. ?You will never escape the Death Star alive!? a woman's voice snapped from behind the veil.

    ?Lady Vader!? Princess Ana yelped.

    Luke tore off, dragging the princess behind him.

    ?I will deal with them myself,? Lady Vader voice said from somewhere behind them.


    Lady Vader smiled grimly as she chased the princess and one of her rescuers through the corridors of the Death Star. If there was one thing that she hated besides Jedi and the Emperor, it was being deceived.

    Her smile grew; they were cornered, for now.

    The boy fired a few shots at her before the princess closed the door. It didn't matter since she had deflected the shots into the walls. The smell of burning components reached her. One of the idiots had fried the controls to the extend the bridge across the chasm if she wasn't mistaken.

    She waited for a few moments before walking towards the door and using the Force to open it. She smiled as the boy and the princess swung across the chasm and to the other side of the bridge. They were more clever than she had expected and she found that she was actually enjoying herself.

    She took a few steps back, ran forward and leaped across the chasm. Her hands came up, latched on to the edge of the bridge and pulled herself up.


    Luke peered over his shoulder and nearly froze at the sight of apparently Lady Vader pulling herself up onto the edge of the bridge.

    ?You can run but you can't hide from me!? She yelled.

    Luke raced with the princess down the corridors and just narrowly managed to escape through a blast door.


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