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    Okay I admit the whole Kam joining Luke not showing us that but telling us about it instead of showing was bad. That was jarring. I can get over but I want to see that fleshed out. The beginning of DE was great as well but I want to see the fall of Coruscant.
    Maybe have Stover or Luceno write the Dark Empire trilogy in book form but greatly expanded?
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    Veitch wrote a short novel called Lightsider that takes place between Dark Empire I and II but it was cancelled in the hand-off from Bantam to Del Rey.
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    I think this was an attempt on the part of Veitch and Kennedy to structure their stories similar to the way the films were made, like a weekly episodic space serial where we are thrust immediately into the center of the action. Episode III begins in the middle of a space battle after Palpatine has been kidnapped, and we are simply told it has happened off screen. Episode IV opens with a Star Destroyer firing on the blockade runner... why are these important events truncated?? To make the story more interesting, while honoring its heritage. The recent Clone Wars series has done this as well, albeit with a bit of a prologue film reel to set the stage before we're dropped into the action.
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    I'd actually like more comics and books to start with a couple of crawlesque paragraphs but DE II's - at least from the trilogy collection - has Luke ready to search for Jedi then he just turns up with one by his side. The movies don't have that kind of gap.
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    I think I know the basic details of what was supposed to happen but it would be nice to see it happen.
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    Of all the post-ROTJ EU, the Dark Empire stories are easily my favorites. I like the watercolor art (moreso the ships, robots, and planets than the characters). I have fond memories of the 5-hour drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico I took with my wife many years ago. On the way there we listened to the audio dramatization of Dark Empire, and on the way home we listened to Dark Empire II. My wife is not a Star Wars fan, but she enjoyed these dramatizations. The only thing we really couldn't take was Luke having a silly girlfriend in Dark Empire II.
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    More comics about Executor Sedriss and Operation Shadow Hand!
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