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Star Wars Dark Fleet (Space Battles VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Master Vo'Un'Var, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Space Battles VI - Dark Fleet

    The skies were bursting with flames. The pitiful planet of Sullust was under siege of the rebellion. Imperial TIE Fighters screamed as they rushed across the skies to meet the Rebel crafts that watched patiently, praying for victory. Inside the Rebel Flagship, the Admiral gazed into the Holo-Projector. His voice began to utter words of war.
    "This is Admiral Tellit, and I have a message for all of those who are with the Rebel Alliance. We need the best Admirals we can get. Send out the call, do what ever it takes to defeat the Empire, and help us win this war."
    The Admiral turned away from the glowing Holo-Projector and gazed into the windows of the bridge, pondering upon the battle. Meanwhile, in the Imperial Star Destroyer which had just entered the system, replying to the distress signal sent by the Imperial Forces occupying Sullust.
    "This is Admiral Markus, sending a message to all new Admirals of the Empire. The Empire requests your presence in this current conflict. The Rebels have begun an attack on Sullust, you will be supplied with a Flagship and some squadrons to assist you, but I request a sense of urgency, this is not the only place the rebels will attack with their fleets. For the Empire"
    Admiral Markus switched off his Holo-Projector and span around to watch the Star Destroyer slowly glide towards the battle. Oh how he loved War.


    Welcome to Space Battles VI! Created with the help of one of the original GMs, Ton_G, This game will take a bit more RPing into place than its predecessor. The game will start in 2 BBY with The Battle of Sullust which really kicks off into the main Storyline which will really be the big difference from this version than the others. After the Battle of Sullust players will gain a planet that they will use as home base (I'll post the Planets available at this point in the game in the resource thread.) Please note this game will just be the campaign, but also have a lot of skirmishing, along with upgrades and building up a powerful HQ on your base. There are two factions in this game that you can join. The Rebels or the Empire, depending on which you choose, it can affect the starting ships you receive.

    Character Sheet-
    -Skin Tone:
    Home System:

    Fleet Information:
    ---Fighter Squadrons:
    -------(List Amount, and Names)

    Other Fleet Ships: (Use as many as needed)
    ---Fighter Squadrons:
    -------(List Amount, and Names)

    Structure Construction

    Construction in this game is simple. In order produce a structure you must be able to afford it with you Resource Points, or RP. Resource Points are gained through mining. Each planet has at least one mine. These mines produce 25 Resource Points each, per day.

    Planetary structures (mines and defenses) each take up one building slot per structure. Each planet has ten building slots total. To build a structure, you must have room on the designated planet. One building may be constructed per twenty-four hours.

    The time for constructing any building is one full day from the time you declare construction. (When declaring construction, state when it will be finished- board time).

    Construction halts if the planet falls under attack. If enemy forces are in the system without assaulting the planet, construction continues, even under bombardment. Because battles take place out of regular time, structures may be completed but not considered in the battle (if one takes place).

    Starship Construction

    Constructing starships is an easy affair. All starships are bought with Resource Points. Ten starships may be built at any time, including fighter squadrons. The time required to build a vessel depends upon its size. A fighter squadron requires six hours.
    A light capital vessel requires twelve hours. A medium capital vessel requires twenty-four hours. A heavy capital vesselrequires forty-eight hours. A massive capital vessel requires ninety-six hours. The Super Star Destroyer requires one week.

    Construction begins when it is declared. Queuing construction in advance is possible, albeit, unfavorable.

    Construction halts if the system falls under attack. If enemy forces are in the system without taking any action- construction continues.

    Each player starts with 40 RP


    Upkeep in this game is simple- armies and starships require certain amount of upkeep. You can have as many vessels as your total upkeep allows. Total upkeep is the sum of all the upkeep for each of your planets (500 per planet). If you have one planet you can support 500 points of upkeep, if you have two planets, 1000 points and so on.

    If you should lose a source of upkeep, you ensure that you do not exceed you RP limit. If you do, you must deactivate enough vessels and armies (they are not destroyed) to ensure that you do not exceed your RP limit

    Link to resource thread is Here


    1. PM your character sheet and fleet info to the GM for approval, DO NOT POST UNTIL APPROVED
    2. Respect the TOS
    3. No godmoding or auto-hitting (In RP format and Game mechanic format)
    4. GMs word is law
    5. There can and will be death in this game
    6. Have fun.

    Approved by Sinrebirth
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    Mar 19, 2017
    Current Planets Available for setting up HQs, More will be added depending on amount of players
    Red represents War.
    Endor (4th Moon)
    Sullust (Currently occupied by Imperial Forces)
    Yavin 4 (Currently occupied by Rebel forces)
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    Mar 19, 2017
    OK! Upkeep point values have been dealt with and I decided not to put all the ship stats in the resource thread in case it's too overwelming, and now people will have 45 RP to spend on starting fleets, there probably will be PMs hidden with secret alliances and Agreements, but please, it goes without saying, No Flaming.
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    Mar 19, 2017
    In the depths of the archives of the, a man had found some treasured info, it was...
    The lost rules


    Movement of fleets between systems is simple. Using the map at 1024 x 768 resolution, one simply has to plot a course between their currently location and their destination in inches. If for any reason the map may be of another size, the equivalent to an inch is Korriban-Yavin.

    An hour of travel in hyperspace is required per inch of distance between the two points.
    Hyperspace interdiction occurs when an interdictor vessel in the same planetary system as the fleet that wishes to jump.

    Fighter craft equipped with hyperdrive may jump two inches from their launch point, and after concluding business at their destination must return to their launch site (vessel or planet) or jump to another suitable base within two inches. If the planet of business is friendly or your own, and has room, the fighters may remain there. If between launching and returning the launch point has become… invalid (destroyed, captured, out of range) the fighters must find another haven, or face liquidation.


    Colonizing other planets is an important part of the game. It is done through colony ships. Colony ships are sent throughout the galaxy to settle planets. A vessel simply needs to set down on a planet in a system (in the game, there will be one planet per system). At this point, the ship will be dismantled and the first mine will be built. This process takes one week to complete after the declaration of intent to colonize.

    A caveat to zealous colonists- there are greater forces at hand in this mysterious galaxy. They brought you here to be entertained, not put to sleep.

    Space Combat

    This is why you are here? Are you not? Space battles are between groups of players, mediated by the GM. The system is done as in all other iterations of the game. All the players involved must post their actions and then the GM will respond. This process continues until the battle is over.

    On the matter of reinforcements and timelines- all participants in a battle must arrive within half an hour of the battle’s commencement. Of course no rules are completely set in stone. Timelines have always been an issue in games such as this. When we run into inconsistencies, the GMs will solve the problem.

    Fighters and capital ships interact with what is hopefully a more realistic method. Capital ships against lone fighters squadrons are almost bound to obliterate the fighter squadrons. However, when capital ships and fighters work in tandem, they are a frightening combination.

    Some fighters can have bombing runs. These can be performed once per battle. Essentially, for one turn fighters performing this become more powerful against capital ships.

    When capital vessels come into orbital range of a planet, they may initiate bombardment. However once they are in this range, they are threatened by surface mounted weapons systems, if any are present.


    Bombardment is simple. Before you can destroy structures on the ground you must you must bring down any shields that are operational. All heavy and some medium capital vessels can effectively bombard a world. Bombardment can only begin once the battle is over. It takes place over a period of days. Shields can only hold up for so long

    Once all of the shields have fallen, the bombarding vessels may target structures on the planet and hope for the best. It is also possible to destroy armies in this manner, although somewhat less likely, as the can hide in fortifications throughout the planet.

    If enough power is availible some planets my be rendered... uninhabitable.

    Ground Assault

    Once planet’s shields have fallen, it is open to assault by armies. The first phase is landing the troops, normally goes smoothly unless there are fighters on the surface or the planet boasts an air defence network. Some of the assaulting troops may fall in this stage.

    The next phase is the ground battle itself. In this, the defenses of the planet (armies and structures) are compared to the assaulting army. Battles rely on chance to a degree, though this is handled by the GM.

    The victor claims control of the planet, though some structures may be destroyed in the fighting.

    In Closing

    There are greater powers at work... fight well and be rewarded!