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Star Wars * Dark History: Tears of the Force *

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Ktala, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    :oops: I never said, I could see real well. :-B (Needed something with glasses.)


    Does that get me off the hook? [face_praying]
  2. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002

    Hello all!

    At current count, if everyone who PM'd me a chracter sheet, sticks with us, we will have 18 players joining us.

    This is a great start. If I get the other corrected chracters sheets soon, I will start the game shortly.

    Thank you for your patience. I will be posting starting positions for folks already approved soon, so that you can get acquainted with your fellow players.

    Thanks again!

  3. Fanficfan

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Well don't I just feel like a teenager in the old-folks home ;)
    Must be a pain for you guys though, all you long time vets getting together and some young wannabe (that's me) comes along to interrupt your fun. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with you all [face_laugh]

    Ktala Approved
    Name: Chade
    Race: Human
    Age: 37
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Sith Assassin
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Stealth, Poisons, Assassination
    Rank: Knight (Sith Equivilent)
    Description and Info: Chade was born on Ziost, and his Force potential was quickly discovered by the Sith. Even as an initiate it was obvious Chade would never be a great fighter, he was small and lacked physical strength. Instead he focused on avoiding combat through stealth. He learned alternate methods of killing people such as poisons, or a quiet blade in the dead of night. When the Sith retreated from Republic space, Chade remained behind to gather further information on their enemies and attempt to kill the better military commanders among the Republic and Jedi. When he returned to Sith space he found Ziost reduced to little more than smoking rubble.
    Weapons: Stealth, Poisoned long knives, Force, Lightsaber (in that order)
    Combat style: Prefers to avoid combat all together, using his stealth abilities to find other ways around a situations (like poisoning someone while the sleep).
    Carries a lightsaber purely for encounters against Jedi or blaster wielding foes, although if he is forced to use his lightsaber then something has gone wrong. He is proficient in Soresu and is also more than capable of using both knives at once.
    Wraps the Force around himself to hide from unfriendly eyes. Chade can also inflict terrible deseases on people through the Force.
  4. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    [hl=black]*GM APPOVED*[/hl]

    Name: Jin
    Race: Human
    Age: 45
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Sith
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: CLOAK
    Rank: Master / Dark Lord of the Sith

    BRIEF Description and Info:
    Trent Jin, lived as a Jedi for 20 years until he had a taste of the Darkside, and he fell in love with the power that it granted. In five short years he was doing things that a normal Jedi would never do. His powers grew, until his master took him out on a mission, in which the master never returned. He was questioned and found guilty of killing his master in anger. The "accident", may never really be told, but Trent Jin was now an out cast, and a wanted man, by the Jedi. As he traveled, he grew his bread long, and his hair just as long. Now, if a fellow freind knew of him and see him, his long white beard and long blond hair, would throw them off. Now he wears a long blood red robes with coal black stripes and stark purple sith runes of power imblazened on it. His fingers have become narrow and long, as with his tall stature of his six foot and four inch frame.

    In the last 20 years, he has taken up the study of light saber construction and learning how to make one less trouble-some to use. His skill with the Dark Side Sword, has given him some measure of protection, but his skill in the force has protected him the most.
  5. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    [hl=green]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Zaydin Ven
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Jedi Knight
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Defense
    Rank: Knight
    Description and Info: Zaydin's 5'8" form is usually hidden beneath the more normal-day clothing of black boots and dark brown pants. His tunic is colored a dark green with a yellow belt circling around it and Zaydin's waist, a lightsaber hanging from it at his left hip that produces a similar yellow color. Over the clothing, the Knight usually wears a dark brown cloak trimmed with a gray lining that matches his gray eyes and short black hair. A Jedi Knight, born and bred to the Jedi tradition, Zaydin is a loyal student to the Jedi teachings, his lightsaber having been more of a shield instead of a weapon to himself and others. Once having heard about the genocide that the Republic forces and Jedi had carried out against the Sith, Zaydin had his own thoughts about the subject and while he has not forgotten about those thoghts, he has supressed them to continue his duties for the Jedi. Lately, however, Zaydin has taken an interest to the Sith and their history and has had let it been known to the other Masters that he would be willing to search through the Sith ruins or other leftovers of the Sith that may yet exist and bring them to the hands of the Jedi...and perhaps allow Zaydin to learn a thing or two himself, about what the Sith were really like behind the war and conquest.
  6. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Looks awesome, love the set up of the story. I'll send a sheet if I can.
  7. MarcusDade

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    Apr 5, 2006
    *jumps up and down with anticipation*

    ....shamelessly bumps the thread in the process....

    *continues jumping*

    I'm really excited for this. Any idea when the game will get started?
  8. ewok_jedi

    ewok_jedi Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 5, 2005
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet

    Name: Alkresh Ryntak
    Race: Kel Dor
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Jedi Healer
    Force sensitive: Uhhh Duh! (I mean yes [face_whistle])
    Area of Expertise: Healing
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    BRIEF Description and Info:
    *Also carries a short sword that is not shown in the image, as well as some assorted medical supplies

    Alkresh knew nothing of his life before the Jedi had come for him, the order was all he had known for as long as he could remember. With in the order he had learned many skills but only one truly spoke to him and provided him with a path to follow, healing. Now he spent all of his time working to help others to the best of his abilities, but since the Order's crusade against the Sith his faith in the order doing what was right had been shaken greatly ...
  9. MarcusDade

    MarcusDade Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2006
  10. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    I sent a PM, but I don't know if it worked.
  11. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    I sent a cs in but I haven't gotten a response.
  12. MarcusDade

    MarcusDade Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2006
    She's not a robot. :) I'm sure she'll get it back to you ASAP.
  13. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Guys, even though Ktala hasn't said anything about it yet, I'm pretty sure she doesn't want all this chatting. If you sent your sheet, she will get back to you, eventually.

    Ktala Approved!

    Name: Ackerley Teilo
    Race: Human
    Age: 36
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Scientist
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Observation.
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    BRIEF Description and Info: Ackerley Teilo is around 6'4, slim, with has spiky blonde hair. He can mostly be seen wearing a chin high, white lab coat, even in battle. Underneath he has a tight black bodysuit on and black shoes.

    Ackerley is a overall nice person to be around. He likes to be inside with technology rather than outside. Knows how to conduct himself around others and mainly stays quiet, only offering what is necessary in conversation. Avoids confrontation, or at least tries to, and absorbs his surroundings. Because he had four younger sisters, he is naturally protective of females and respects them a lot. Enjoys hot chocolate, not much of a drinker, good sci-fi literature, and debating.

    He was born on Coruscant and raised in averaged class neighborhood. His father was a manager of a department store and his mother is a scientist, like himself, someone who he refers and relays reports to for her opinion. Coming from two non-Force sensitive parents, his Force potential wasn't anything out of the ordinary and when he was approached at the age of 9 with the idea of learning its ways, he, not his parents, objected to it and sent the recruiters on their way. He worked for his dad, but studied under his mom with his free time, taking care of his siblings(1 brother, 4 sisters).

    After graduating from college(Age: 25), he decided to become a Jedi in order to gain more knowledge in science and the Force, thinking he had a gift so why not explore it. From recent events, Ackerley has a unique view on it. He was never a die hard Jedi, more of a "normal" person due to the age he joined the Order, having already developed a life. He doesn't like what has happened, but he doesn't think it was too bad, maybe taken alittle to the extreme. He has no resentment towards the Council or the Order, just has decided to keep a more cautious eye on what they do.
  14. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    CHECK your PM box.

    Im showing an un-read message I sent you in response back on the 26th.

  15. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Hello folks.

    We are getting close to launch time now. Right now I have two comments.

    One. If you have NOT heard back from me. PM ME. DO NOT clutter the board with comments like "I havent heard anything yet!" Also, CHECK YOUR PM boxes. Unless you catch me on AIM or MSN..this is the only way your probably get a response.

    Second, I need EVERYTHING for a chracter before I approve it. The general info, the Force Points...and if you are running two chracters, then I need them BOTH.

    Thank you very much.

  16. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Now what sort of RPer would I be to miss this party? ;)

    *Ktala Approved*

    Name: Qenmas Pacti
    Race: Human (Eriadu)
    Age: 28
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Jedi Specialist
    Force sensitive: Yep
    Area of Expertise: Investigations
    Rank: Knight
    Weapon: Lightsaber (Green Blade, Makashi Form)

    BRIEF Description and Info: Qenmas was born and raised of a normal working class family in one of the many suburbs located on planet. Upon discovering his force powers at a very young age, Qenmas' parents turned him over to the Jedi Temple to be raised. He rose through the ranks at a roughly average rate, until he became Padawan to Master Joruk Looqu, who passed to Qenmas most of his knowledge. Master Looqu taught Pacti a strict anti-Sith ideology, to which Qenmas took to with great enthusiasm. He became a vocal supporter of harsh measures by the Jedi, all the while trying not to lose his sense of compassion and mercy.

    On his deathbed, Master Looqu promoted Qenmas to a Knight. He continued with his studies and soon began doing missions on his own. Pacti had an excellent knack for detective-work, and soon garnered the nickname of "Hound". When he is not in disguise, he wears traditional Jedi garb, with a brown cloak and green tunic. His dark brown hair is usually neatly combed back, and he tends to conduct himself with a strict air of professionalism. >
  17. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    OOC: This might turn into something good. I am ready to go, [face_dancing]
  18. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    Ktala Approved :)

    Name: Shadra
    Race: Human
    Age: 37
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Sith Assasin
    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Weapons: Single Lightsaber as well as a Darksword(in case of lightsaber malfunction)
    Area of Expertise: Master of Makashi, Cunning and able to improvise, use of the force. Also quite agile.
    Rank: Sith Assasin
    Appearance: Wears a black tunic and cloak (the hood is usually up) Origionally had white skin and fair complexion but now it is beginning to become gray as well as other signs of the dark side's influence.
    Bio: Was found by a sith lord at the site of a ship crash. The then baby Shadra was found by this lord, who, sensing the boy's power, trained him as his apprentice. As Shadra grew stronger his master reconized his talent for stealth and cunning. With an extra dose of training Shadra made an excellent assasin. Shadra was on a mission offplanet when the attack and decimation of Ziost happened, which his master was killed during. He is currently looking for any Sith survivors and aspires to become a Sith Lord.
  19. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Here is the current list of Players that I have.

    01. GreyJedi - Jin Rei Amarant - Jedi Knight
    02. Saintheart - Cho-Shai Adimus - Jedi Warrior (Master)
    03. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo - Lord Stygius - Sith Lord - PENDING FINAL DRAFT
    04. MarcusDade - Josan Korr - Rogue Force User (Ex-Jedi Master)
    05. Beta-Commando - Corona Shan - Jedi Knight
    06. Winged_Jedi - Voren'kaa/Ex Jedi Knight/Gorm/pet-padder
    07. Urisah - Selvu - Ex Jedi Master
    08. Sarge221 - Zaydin Ven - Jedi Knight
    09. Jedi_Killeroak - Jin - Sith Lord (Master)
    10. 694377 - Icarus Parshath - Sith Minion/Maruader (no force)
    11. DarthXan318 - Alexia Rivers - Jedi Knight
    12. FanFicfac - Chade - Sith Assassin
    13. Blubeast1237 - Ackerley Teilo - Jedi Scientist (Knight)
    14. Yuul_Shamar - Shadra - Sith Assassin
    15. Twinky_Stryder - Kish Korta-Herm, Pilot/Gun for Hire.
    16. Imperial_Hammer - Qenmas Pacto - Jedi Knight
    17. Ewok_Jedi - Alkresh Ryntak - Jedi Healer (Knight)
    18. chanbill5390 - Damkor Kirido - Jedi Master / Archaeology
    19. DragonSith13 - Possible *** Non Force User - PENDING
    20. DarkLordoftheFins - Possible Sith *** - Sith /Non war supporter - PENDING

    The next post will the start of the GAME!

    Stay tuned!!

  20. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    And now, what you all have been waiting for.

    All other folks, with pending chracters, PM Saintheart.
    Saintheart and GreyJedi will keep an eye on things during my absence.



    The Enclave on Coruscant had become difficult to deal with lately. With the Republic attack on what was now known as the Sith Worlds -- Ziost, Korriban and handful of worlds -- things had become uncomfortable. Some of the older Council members, notably Master Brill, seemed to take an more than usual interest in certain Jedi, almost as if they were looking for something. Even other Masters within the Master's Circle had began to whisper. The Jedi had helped the Republic in removing the attackers who had come from then unknown space, swarming like angry bees, that attacked everything that came near them. Some said they got exactly what they deserved.

    Many others did not agree.

    Before the attack had finished, Masters from many other temples had converged on Coruscant. Harsh words had been said. It had become uncomfortable, to say the least. Some Jedi, even a few Masters, had been rumored to have left the order. Of course, none of it was confirmed. But the place nonetheless felt ... different.

    There had been many long meetings, and even longer arguments, on just how the populace should be told of the news. In the end, it did not matter. It was not the Jedi, or even the Republic Forces, that leaked out the news of the scouring of the Sith Worlds. Some said it was the Sith themseles who released the news, wanting the populace to see just how 'noble' their protectors were. Some said pirate ships, looking for things to loot from the now smoldering remains of planets let the news out. Whichever was right, no longer mattered. The news was out.

    All over Republic space, the responses were as varied as the many inhabitants of the planets. Some celebrated the news, seeing it as proof they would now be safe. Others called for judicial hearings on such atrocious acts; it was tantamount to war to utterly destroy the biosphere of a planet, and the word "Genocide" was tiptoed around, no one willing to voice it.

    The Republic is now threating to be shattered from the actions of a few, and now it the time for action.

    Saintheart, Beta-Commando, Sarge221, Ewok_Jedi, Imperial_Hammer, DarthXan318


    The small temple was quite busy nowadays. The first stones for what was envisioned as a grand temple one day, had just been laid, close to where the Jedi enclave now stood. A gift for the work they did during the war. Now was a time of re-birth and healing.

    Or so they had been told.

    And there was already so much to be done. Masters from the many temples and enclaves on so many Republic worlds, were now coming and going from the area, in numbers not seen since before the war. Many were heading back to their own groups, with instuctions and other missions from the Master's circle that had met on Coruscant.

    It was not too long thereafter that Cho-Sahi Adimus, Corona Shan, Zaydin Ven, Alkresh Ryntak, Qenmas Pacto and Alexia Rivers found themselves called to the main meeting area of the enclave.

    They were informed that they were soon to be sent on a mission to a planet bordering the Sith Worlds. There were reports of civil unrest in the area and help was being requested. The planet was one of the fringe planets that had first suffered from the Sith attacks, and little had been left of the planets infrastructure. It was called Wayland.

    The Republic was supposed to join the Jedi and assist them, but they would be following behind them, as there was a delay in bringing supplies for the ravaged planet. So for a few days, the Jedi would be on their own. Other details of their mission would be given to them just before they left Coruscant.

    GreyJedi, Winged_Jedi, Chanbill5390


    Jedi Knight Jin Rei Amarant had been sent to Arkania. He was not
  21. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: Let's rock.

    IC - Cho-Shai Adimus

    Jedi Enclave,

    Jedi Warrior Master Cho-Shai Adimus of the Jedi was tired.

    Not from the blazing argument he'd just had with Alcimadus, one of the more outspoken trainees the Circle had forced upon him. And he was not so foolish to believe that he had become weary with only forty minutes of fencing exercises. No, this tiredness came from the lack of sleep over the past few days: four hours last night, five before that, and six the day before that. At this rate, he'd be completely insomniac before the week was out.

    Neither the Force nor his own meditations had yet revealed the source of his broken sleep. Instead he was simply waking in his bed, breathing hard, cold sweat trickling down his forehead, wrists starting to clench like he was back on Finallax Prime again--

    He'd been unable to summon to his conscious mind those phantoms his subconscious kept hidden beyond the wall of sleep. If it was in fact dreams that were causing these night terrors he was experiencing, they obviously didn't want to be rooted out just yet.

    The cylinder of steel hanging from his belt tapped his hip as he walked, and Cho-Shai sighed, glancing down at it. He sometimes regretted taking up the lightsaber, setting aside his first love of the rapier for a weapon that seemed to be out of a Mandalorian's dreams. Of all the hand weapons in history, he suspected the lightsaber was most like the rapier; massless, an atom-thin blade with an edge sharper than any metal the galaxy had ever known. For all that, though, the hilt of the lightsaber was heavy, and with all of his expertise the unusual sense of handling a sword with no mass to the blade could still throw him from time to time.

    On the other hand, the ability to block blaster bolts with such a weapon was something a rapier could never do.

    Cho-Shai settled his mind back to the task as he walked through simple, austere beige passageways towards the central meeting area of the Enclave. The other Jedi who'd been assigned to this mission would be there shortly, he suspected -- whatever else you could say about the things the war had done to the galaxy, it hadn't affected the Order's punctuality. Cho-Shai had to admit he was surprised to see no other Master's name on the list of those who were to be sent on this mission. Aside from the blade training the Circle had him assigned to, he wasn't normally assigned to command oversight of other Jedi Knights. Even on Finallax he had mostly worked alone, or as an adviser to Republic troops.

    Finallax ... the Master flexed his hands, felt the skin shift under the leather armbands that encased his wrists. Finallax had gone badly to say the least. Cho-Shai had walked out of that one. An entire Republic platoon hadn't -- thirty-two good men and women chopped into meat by Sith flechette-traps and a storm of grenades in that box canyon they'd blundered into...

    Cho-Shai breathed softly.

    He had a suspicion, quite unrelated to any Force-guided intuition, that this was the start of another situation with the capacity to go entirely bad.

    The Master moved into the main meeting area of the Enclave. Like a number of enclaves across the galaxy, it had a single white tree growing from a small bed in the centre of the circular courtyard, surrounded by beige and brown flagstones. Cho-Shai lowered the hood of his robe, looking up at the tree. The way things were going on Coruscant this tree looked to be one of the last native plants left on the planet; the Coruscanti seemed determined to cover the entire ground with building upon building. He wondered if even the Maranai Mountains, far to the south, would be spared the construction...

    Movement around the Warrior Master brought him out of his tired reverie, and Cho-Shai glanced around to see who else was present...

    TAG: Beta-Commando, Sarge221, Ewok_Jedi, Imperial_Hammer, DarthXan318
  22. Twinky_Stryder

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    Nov 16, 2003
    [hl=darkblue]GM Approved[/hl]

    Name: Kish Korta-Hern
    Race Kiffar/Human
    Age: 24
    Sex: female
    Occupation: Pilot and general gun for hire
    Force sensitive: Yes
    Area of Expertise: Almost perfect marksman with incredible reflexes, only fights close combat if she has to. Decent pilot.
    Rank: none
    BRIEF Description and Info: Kish is about 5'7, medium build with black hair in a series of plaits. Dark green clan marks around her neck and upper chest (like a very large fancy choker). Dressed in usual spacer gear.

    A member of the respectable Kiffar clan Korta, Kish's mother Naya was thrown out when she was discovered to be pregnant with an off-world stranger's child.
    Picked up soon after by bounty hunters Kish grew up believing her father to be the head of the band. Her mother never told her that her father was a Jedi.
    When Kish was 13 her mother died on a bounty raid and it was then that the bounty hunter, Dalan Hern, told her the truth. She stayed on for a few years until she thought it time to head out on her own. Now she in her small ship, Named "Naya's Luck", takes jobs where she can.
  23. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003
    Voren'kaa and Gorm
    Jedi Temple, Arkania

    Across the galaxy there were alcoholics, there were deathstick abusers, there were smokers, there were spice junkies, and there were a hundred and one other types of scum. But the worst kind of addicts, reflected Voren'kaa, were Jedi.

    He stood in the Temple among people but completely alone, desperate to give up the Force but surrounded by Force-users. The more time he spent there, the weaker his resolve became. He was a man trying to give up drugs but in the company of wasters who have no intention of following his lead.

    And no drug was as damaging or addictive as the Force. Touch the Force and empower yourself. Touch the Force and empower those around you. Touch the Force and become a god. And eventually, ineluctably, people failed to distinguish between touching the Force and touching the darkside...and then problems arose.

    Voren'kaa glanced at the Jedi around him with a thinly-veiled mix of contempt and pity, and kept his head high, snarling Honoghran curses under his breath.

    "Lots of stinking Jedi here," chirruped the Kowakian-monkey lizard perched on Voren'kaa's shoulder. "Hahahahahahahaha."

    "Quiet, Gorm," muttered Voren'kaa, and swatted his pet/padawan on the head for good measure.

    As difficult as it was, coming to the Temple was a necessity, for he had no holo-transmitter in his hut, and was forced to use the hub in the Temple to check for offers of work. He had sent out his details to several prospective employers, but there had been no offers today. There had been none yesterday, or last week, or last month. Perhaps there would never be any.

    "Hahahahaha nobody likes you," cackled Gorm with irritating intuition. He received a swift clip round the ear. It shut him up.

    As Voren'kaa and his diminutive companion walked down the Temple steps, a familiar figure was walking up. Reddish skin, black hair and deep purple eyes made for a striking appearance, and Voren'kaa put a name to the face.

    "Jin Rei Amarant!" he called to the man. "Greetings. I believe we were on a mission together a couple of years ago. My name is Voren'kaa, you may remember. What brings you to Arkania, may I ask?"

    Though the Noghri's words were friendly, his tone was certainly not, and he spoke in the same fashion that he addressed all Jedi- cold and sharp. He had only approached the man because he was was interested in why a talented young Knight would be sent to Arkania, and he liked to keep tabs on Jedi business if he could. Knowing your enemy was Voren'kaa's priority, even if the Jedi did not consider him an enemy of theirs...yet.
    Tag: greyjedi125
  24. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    Let the games begin! :D

    IC: Alexia Rivers


    Sprawled out on her sleeping pallet in her newly-assigned Knight's quarters, Alexia read the short missive detailing her latest assignment. It didn't say much else other than a brief description of the mission she was being assigned to, a list of names of Jedi who would also be there, and instructions to meet at the main meeting area for a more thorough briefing.

    She frowned slightly at the list. This was certainly a large group to be dealing with civil unrest on a fringe planet - indeed, it was the largest group she had ever worked with. Likely the threat was being understated in the missive... or maybe the Circle was simply being cautious. It was bordering Sith space, after all, and after what had happened they had good reason to be wary. Although of threats against the Jedi or from within, she couldn't tell. She knew there were many, herself included, who had misgivings about the destruction of Ziost: some had even gone so far as to leave the Order. Either way, there was some kind of safety in numbers.

    Alexia couldn't imagine leaving the Order, though. It had been the only life she'd ever known, and besides, to do so would feel like betraying -

    She cut off that line of thought, squashing down the rising grief that had accompanied it. Bad enough that she dwelled on that near-disastrous last mission in her dreams; she could not afford to let it overwhelm her during the waking hours as well. Besides, her mother would not have wanted her to mourn...

    With a soft sigh, the young woman resolutely pushed herself off the pallet and headed out the door at a brisk pace, pausing only to smooth down her robes and clip her lightsaber to her belt. When she arrived, she saw she wasn't the first - a figure clad in traditional Jedi robes was already standing at the tree. She recognised him as Master Adimus when he turned around - Alexia knew him by sight, although not personally. There were not that many Jedi Masters, after all. She offered the Jedi Master a respectful bow and smile in greeting as she stepped into the meeting area.

    TAG: Ktala, Saintheart, Beta-Commando, Sarge221, Ewok_Jedi, Imperial_Hammer
  25. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zaydin Ven
    Coruscant, Jedi Enclave

    Coruscant seems to have been healing nicely.

    Though he had been called for a mission, and thus should be heading to the meeting area of the enclave, Zaydin had allowed himself to take a temporary position just outside of the enclave and simply view the Coruscant that he had been born and lived in. The Coruscant that was changing before his well as other things.

    Zaydin's hand touched something hard and cylinder hanging from his hip before unclipping it from his belt. Gray eyes dropped down a bit and Zaydin - for the hundredth time since he got the thing - allowed himself to examine his weapon. Even if the weapon was turned on, some probably wouldn't consider the lightsaber as a weapon. Melee weapons, not so long ago, were only considered weapons if they had a nice, long and sharp blade that can cleave through flesh and bone, drawing out the life fluids of an enemy in great quantities and making a bit of a mess. Maybe that was why Zaydin had stuck to the lightsaber, even when he had to wear the belt-worn power pack to it before converting his lightsaber with the modern technology that was discovered; Jedi shouldn't create that kind of bloody mutilation that the lightsaber prevented. And, with the lightsaber's other abilities concerning blaster bolts, it could be used as more of a shield then a weapon and further cement the Jedi's role as guardians and peacekeepers.

    Even if their previous actions weren't something that peacekeepers normally did.

    As Zaydin's hands returned his lightsaber to his belt, the Knight's mind returned to the past. Zaydin had been here, on Coruscant, when the Sith had first arrived. He had fought like a Jedi Knight should, defended what they were supposed to defend, and that was it. Other then the several other planets that were being assaulted by the Sith, that should've been it. Others didn't think so, as the Republic and Jedi had decided to regroup and finish off the Sith. Zaydin hadn't been there, not at the worlds that were victims of the cleansing...but sometimes he wished he had been. Maybe, if he had been there, seen and felt the things as others had, he might've been able to understand the actions of the Jedi and the Republic, or at least have some more information to go on. After hearing about the news about what really happened, Zaydin had recently been on his own mission, gathering information of whatever he could about the Sith, trying to understand them. With his other Jedi duties, like this current mission, Zaydin hadn't, regretably, really gone far into his investigation.

    Maybe Ossus, Zaydin pondered. Ossus was a center of knowledge and learning for the Jedi Order, and Zaydin was confident that he had the best chance of finding what he wanted within the Great Jedi Library that had been built on the planet. After this mission.

    With that thought, Zaydin returned back to the present, his own business momentarily being placed in the back of his mind while replacing it with the details of his current mission. There was civil unrest on a fringe planet bordering the Sith Worlds, and he and a team of Jedi were heading there. The fact that the planet, Wayland, was bordering Sith Worlds didn't leave Zaydin's mind as he mentally reviewed the listing of the Jedi...which were quite a few Jedi; Knights and a Master. Zaydin allowed himself to ponder over those details - Sith Worlds, civil unrest, a large team of Jedi - while he began his journey to the meeting area within the enclave, leaving the growing Coruscant behind him.

    It didn't look like his bit of sightseeing made him late, as when the Knight arrived at the meeting place, he only saw a few Jedi of their team within the meeting area, recognizing Knight Rivers who had trained in the same enclave as Zaydin had, and Master Adimus, who Zaydin only knew by name and his reputation with a blade. Wordlessly, Zaydin offered each of the two a bow of greeting as he simply stepped to the side so that he was standi
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