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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by SHAFTWINDU54, Jun 18, 2006.

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    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    Its a violent world full of malice and hate. Over the past 2 years events have been set in motion that have changed the world as we know it. The formation of the Dark Trinity, the reprogramming of the Sentinels and the legions of followers that swore oath to the Trinity.

    An alliance of Magneto, Dr.Doom, and the greatest criminal mastermind of all time, Lex Luther, have destroyed most of what we would call home. Between Lex Luther and Dr.Doom's financial assets they bought the entire Sentinel program, but instead of targeting mutants they target normal humans. However they all are neurally programmed not to attack Luther or any humans who have sworn allegance to the trinity. This is determined by scanning, all members of the trinity and there followers have a tattoo on there wrist. That of 3 Dragons encircling each other with a pillar of fire around them.

    Even in there rise to power they destroyed many of our times greatest heroes. Superman was immediatly targeted, and with Magneto's help they encased the man of steel in a Kryptonite holding cell. Also Dr.Doom seeked his revenge on the Fantastic 4 killing Reed Richards, Sue Richards, and his entire family. All that remain are Ben(Thing)Grimm, and Johnny(Torch)Storm.
    In a desperate attempt to destroy the "Trinity" The Punisher infilrated there secret lair and came so close to shutting down the power grid to the Sentinels, but Magneto stopped him and killed The Punisher without hesitation. Captain America and Thor formed a team to try an thwart the Trinity's hold on the west coast but both of them fell as victims to the power of the Trinity and there followers.

    Professor Charles Xavier, uses cerebro one last time to send a message throughtout the world to superheroes and mutants who he thinks may come to help stop the Trinity. There is to be a meeting in the abandoned X-Men mansion. Who will answer the call, and who will stand and fight against the power of the Dark Trinity, the superheroes must unite!


    Ok ya'll, here is the idea, you have free reign of which superhero/villian you want to be. Marvel, DC comics, created characters.

    This is the deal!
    Created Characters: MUST PM ME A CHARACTER SHEET to be approved. And no rip offs please, try and be original.Also let me know if your created guy is a disciple of the Trinity or a fellow super hero trying to stop them.

    Other heroes:pM me for approval on which heroes/villians you want to be. I'm assuming if you pick Batman you know what he can and can't do. I also am giving you the option that if you pick Iron Man you probably dont want to get in a fight with Magneto!!!DUH!!![face_beatup]

    EVERYONE has a maximum of 2 characters.

    1.Basic rules for RPG's
    2.I will let some OOC talk go, but lets not get crazy.
    3.Be creative, I'm giving you some leeway, USE IT!
    4.Keep cursing to a minimum(See #1)
    5.If you have ?'s, PM me, or any co-GM I assign
    6.No God-moding, Only way a character it to be killed is if there is an agreement between the 2 players involved that a character should die.
    7. Keep the story flowing(See #3)
    8.Have Fun[face_dancing]

    I will take control of both Spiderman and Magneto, not to mention a few other characters that I deem are necessary for the storyline.(Prof.Xavier, other members of the trinity if need be).

    The storyline starts(When your chracters are approved) with you trying to get to the abandoned Avengers mansion(If good), or waiting for a secret meeting with the Trinity and there followers in Lex Luther's power plant(If villian).

    I need a Lex Luther, Dr.Doom, and superheroes and villians.

    LSA :) Edit: Locked at author's request.
  2. Master-Korr

    Master-Korr Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 19, 2004
    I'm in, Wolverine and Mr. Freeze for me.
  3. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    I'll join.


    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    OOC:Master Korr is approved and Zedd, Welcome!![face_peace] Just let me know who you wanna be.
  5. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    OOC: I do believe I had chosen my character. It's the link in my abovementioned post.

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    OOC:My bad dude, that's a cool character, Tis approved by me.:cool:. I'll do a post as Spider-man and Magneto when we get more people to join. Let me know if you have any ?'s
  7. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006
    OOC: Hey Shaft! I'd like to join as a made up character with the Trinity? If thats ok? Could you get back to me about it, please? No hurry though :)
  8. Havok187

    Havok187 Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2005

    Character Type: Original

    Alias: Imperial

    Real Name: Derrick Thomas

    Age: 23

    Appearance: [link=]Derrick[/link]

    Molecukinesis: Ability to manipulate all mater and energy on a subatomic level.

    Personality: A fun-loving, carefree type of person, Derrick was never really one to take himself too seriously. He?s charming, debonair, vivacious, and an all around playboy. He is the life of the party, and enjoys living up to his reputation. On the inside, however, he is one messed-up person. He is a master of the perfect front; Derrick uses humor and booze as a defense measure to calm his insecurities and control issues. He can be a procrastinator of the worst kind and has a short-temper which lands him in heated situations.

    History: Derrick Thomas was born 23 years ago in Sacramento, California. His father was a car salesmen and his mother was a nurse. The oldest of three boys, Derrick became a role model for his brothers being sure to do all the right things to set an example. That almost never worked. He was always in trouble for something but he never did anything too bad.

    Derrick had a pretty normal life up until his mutant powers emerged when he was 16. During the state championship football game in which he was playing his mutant abilities manifested. After catching an interception and running for the endzone with the game on the line he had nowhere to go. There were several players in front and to the right of him and the sideline to the left. As he was about to get tackled something amazing happened. The opposing player went straight through him. The crowd was in absolute awe. After a few more seconds of staring a few more players attempted to tackle him and he turned the grass and very earth beneath one of the players into water and then expelling a beam of energy from his body hitting another one. The crowd was even more stunned now. They began to boo and throw things yelling, ?Die Mutie!? and ?Freak!? Not knowing what else to do Derrick ran his ass off and never looked back.

    He got as far away from California as he could. He made it to the Xavier Institute where he became an X-Man for a few years and further developed his powers. He later left to form his own team of mutant superheroes, known as The Future. The team worked secretly to protect mutant and human kind alike. After Derrick left the group, they attempted to rescue Superman from his kryptonite prison. The mission failed and every member of the group was killed. Derrick now hopes to exact revenge on the Trinity for leaving the world in turmoil and killing his friends.
  9. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005
    Tiger is totally approved!!

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name:Elizabeth Jennifer Gather
    Powers:Flexiability,Sharpened sent and hearing,claws,tail,
    Weakness:Head strong,wild,and her selective hearing are all self inflicted weaknesses. She is also alrigic to nuts and has a trick knee. No real schooling(not really a weakness but maybe)
    Height:5'2"(yeah short)
    Weight:107 lbs
    Hair: - Short "shaggy" light aburn hair,tail is same color and so are the slightly pointed ear tips
    Nationality (if applicable): White/some odd markings of a redish color(same as hair
    League:Freelace Hero
    Clothing/Equipment:figerless black gloves,redish body suit(dark),during the day or in public:a wild(often short)tee shirt and jeans. If cold:a purple coat or longs sleeves(if available)
    Biography:Tiger is a one-of-a-kind teen with a rebellious stage since age three. Her happy and often reckless attitude often gets her in trouble but she always manages to "claw" her way out.

    A ture street kid since are five,Tiger is tuff and street smart...but that's about it. She went to the begining of first grade before her parents were killed. Being the kid she was,Tiger didn't want to be in the "system" so took off.

    Lucky for her she met up with a band of other street kids and runs with them. They raised her and she learned quite a bit. Her reading and math skills are at a fourth grade level at best but she has a flare not often found.

    The "gang" used her speacail abilities to their advatage. Tiger learned to pick locks,get past sercurity grauds,avoid camreas,look natural(well,sorta),and high-jack cars at the age of seven and excelled at all of it.

    After a few years the gang kept spilting father and farther apart. Soon Tiger only had her closes friends or graudians. A firey girl call Tam and a super smart boy called Tim. Both were ten years older than her and had given her the name tiger and the nick-name Kit.

    A recent drive by shooting killed both Tam and Tim. Tiger lived and started useing her powers for good. Now she has learned about what is going on and is headed for the X-Mansion.
  10. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006
    [blockquote]GM Approved[/blockquote]

    --Name: Lady Jyn
    --Alias: Alta Laes (Dark Plague)
    --Race: Human Mutant
    --Age: 18
    Height: 5ft3"
    Weight: 8st6lbs
    Facial Featuring: Large, red eyes. Quite large lips. Pale skin.
    Hair: Floor length blue-black dreadlocks. Really thick.
    Clothing: Black halter neck strapped top with a thick floor length skirt consisting of only belts positioned randomly. Shoes unseen.
    --Faction: The Trinity
    --Personality: Deep voice, talks slowly. Dark minded, callous, aggresive, violent, arguementative.
    Likes: Battle, winning battles, mytsery, hurting people.
    Dislikes: Fun, laughing, happiness, chat, boredom.
    --Powers: Control of light-able to darken the light, her touch decays-kills, telekinesis-used on inanimate objects no larger than a tree.
    --Weapons (If Applicable): Two katanas strapped onto each side of her skirt- very long. Ball and chain she keeps in her room which she uses in planned battle and to allieviate stress.
    --Bio: Born and raised with a normal family, who were unaware of her and her twin sisters power. She changed her name from Jayne DeVilliers at the age of 16, which was also the age of her leaving home to concentrate on expanding her Mutant power. Has been with the Trinity for two years and thinks of herself as a guardian to Magneto.

    --Name: Beatrice DeVilliers
    --Alias: Pia Pium
    --Race: Human Mutant
    --Age: 18
    Height: 5ft6"
    Weight: 8st9lbs
    Facial Featuring: Normal sized features, innocent and sweet looking
    Hair: Short, choppy, layered light blonde. Long crop almost.
    Clothing: White strapped undetailed top, beige cargo pants, khaki Vans trainers
    --Faction: Superheroes
    --Personality: Cheerful, sweet, caring, always happy and smiling, puts other people before herself
    Likes: Long conversation, people, doing right/goodwill, charity.
    Dislikes: Hand-to-Hand battle, injuries, evil.
    --Powers: Control of light-able to lighten the dark, her touch can heal wounds and injury-not strong enough to bring back the dead, telekinesis-used on inanimate objects no larger than a tree.
    --Weapons (If Applicable): A long wooden staff.
    --Bio: Born and raised with a normal family, who were unaware of her and her twin sisters power. Still living at home, finishing her A-Levels. Recently joined Superheroes, but unaware that her sister is in the Trinity.

    OOC: Sorry the bios aren't much, i'm thinking this is like where their lives get interesting, in a way.

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    OOC:This is your GM speaking, and I'm still waiting on a few more characters to join. However I plan to get the storyline started soon enough. So ya'll be patient and it shouldnt be to long before we get under way.:) Master Korr has also requested to be Co-Gm, so if any of you have ?'s or ideas about the storyline and I'm not around, ya'll can ask him. Laters
  12. Admiral_Palpetine

    Admiral_Palpetine Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 2, 2003
    I have been approved to play as Batman (Terry McGinnis) from Batman Beyond.


    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    We are close people, I just need a few more Villians and I'll be ready to start this thing. I know some of ya'll are waiting, please be patient.

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006


    "Well Xavier said to head for the abandoned Avenger's Mansion, I wonder what this could be about." Spider joked out loud as he swung through what was left of downtown NY."Ever since the rise of the Trinity, everything has gone from bad to worse.

    Spidey made his way and passed into Main Square gotham, and landed on the roof of a building."I just hope we can find a way to stop them, I mean, I dont get any days off anymore. Spidey guarded his true sorrow in his sarcasm, which is something he and his buddy Torch could do very well.

    "So this is Gotham, well looks like a real slice of paradise if you ask me."

    Just as Spiderman said that his senses tingled and a huge blast of ice came shooting towards him. With help of his reflxes Spidey dodged the blast and whirled around to see a rather large, Blue guy, in a weird looking suit, complete with freeze gun.

    "Let me guess, you are a former member of Blue man group, who decided he wanted to be an astronaut!Looking down at his freeze rifle, "And you brought a super soaker, I always wanted one of those when I was a kid, Can I play with it!!

    OOC:Gotta Crash, Magneto post tommorrow!
  15. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    GM Approved:

    ~Character Sheet~

    Name: Darkseid
    Real Name: Uxas of Apokolips
    Species: New God
    Gender: Male
    Age: Indeterminate (At least 250,000 years old)
    Height: 7'6"
    Weight: 500 lbs
    Hair: N/A
    Eyes: Red
    Equipment: Mother Box

    Powers: Vast Superhuman strength, durability & endurance. Limited ability to warp matter & reality. Some latent psychic powers. Omega Effect. Cosmic-level senses.

    Omega Effect: Twin beams of energy that shoot from Darkseid's eyes. They can lock onto a target and track it down until making impact. The Omega Effect can prvide simple heat or pain, or teleport an individual across space and time. They also have adjustable destructive capabilities, ranging from force blasts to completely wiping a target out of existence, or scattering the targets atoms across the universe.

    Biography/History: Darkseid is the cruel despotic leader of the Hellish world Apokolips. He is intent on finding the "Anti-Life equation", supposedly the solution to free will in the universe. A being of vast power, Darkseid and his forces are checked by the presence of the nearby planet New Genesis, which equals in light his powers of Darkness.
    His interest in earth stems from the possibility that humans may posess significant parts of the anti-life equation in their minds. Though bound by treaty to never directly interfere on earth, he is nevertheless constantly watching for an opportunity to invade and locate the missing pieces of the equation.
  16. Master-Korr

    Master-Korr Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 19, 2004
    IC: Mr. Freeze

    (In thick Austrian accent)
    "So the spider thinks he's smart? Mother told me to bring bugspray, I never listen! Maybe you should listen to the weather, tonight's forcast, a FREEZE! HAHA!!!

    Freeze let loose another icy blast, blanketing the area.

    Tag: your friendly neighborhood Spiderman

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    IC:Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman

    "OH NO, you've got to be kidding, your jokes are worse than mine, how is this possible!!!

    Spidey shoots a web-line to swing over the blanket of ice which practically covered the street, Spidey then executed a swinging rider kick that sent Mr.Freeze flying into the windshield of a car.

    Freeze shook the blow off and then stood on top of the car ready for his attack.

    Tag:Frosty the Snowman

    Lex Luther's Hidden Fortress

    "So you say that your scanners picked up a message sent telepathically to all mutants and superheroes, this is most unwelcome.Magneto paced as he thought of who and why the message would be sent out.

    "It could be another attempt to save Superman,lex replied. Lex Luther was proud of the work the Trinity had done with The man of Steel.

    "No, there is something else behind all this. Send for all of our followers, and deploy the Sentinels, we must now program them on specific targets, I have a particular enemy that we need to...eradicate.

    Victor Von Doom, went the Sentinel mainframe computer, and programmed the Sentinels to target 2 men that the Trinity had recently aquired info on. Wolverine and Anarchist.

    Tag:Zedd and Master Korr

    OOC:The rest of you can do your own side stuff on making it to the abandoned Avengers mansion, Senitnels, nameless henchman, unimportant supervillians controlled by you, just try and get your own plot rollin, it will all tie together when the superheroes get to the mansion, and the villains get to the Secret Lair of Lex Kuther. Any ?'s PM me![face_peace]
  18. Master-Korr

    Master-Korr Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 19, 2004
    IC: Jack Frost nipping at your nose

    After shaking off the shot from the spider. He prepared yet another comeback.

    "So the prissy little spider wants to fight. Prpeare for the cold shoulder!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!"

    Freeze charged of the top of the car and delivered a shoulder block that sent Spiderman throught the window of a nearby shop.

    Tag: Spiderpants

    IC: Ol' Canuknucklehead

    After climbing downfrom a recently beheaded Sentinel, Wolverine was a lttle angry, to say the least.

    "I thought we were done with these things." Logan said to Gambit.

    "Logan, calm down Monami... we'll see who at da bottom of dis." Gambit said to his fellow X-Man.

    "Yup, we better get back to the Mansion and talk to Chuck bub." Wolverine said as they headed for their motorcycles.

    Tag: ANY>

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    OOC:By the way, all superhero/villain fights should be similar to what me and Master Korr are doing with Spider and Freeze.FYI: Magneto is waiting for all villains now!!

    IC:The Amazing Spiderman

    "Ouch, that will leave a mark, but what's a scar with new friends!!" Spidey Shot a webb and slung right out of the window he flew through, landed right in front of Freez and delivered a 3 punch combo. Freeze staggered but Spidey wasnt sure if it did much good.

    "Ok Freeze, (In the most pitiful voice he could muster) This is gonna hurt you way more than it will me, sniff sniff." Spidey then shot two weblines connecting with Freeze's feet, jerked him down to his back, and flung him across the street and through the wall of another local conveinant store.

    Tag:Dr.Victor Von Icybritches
  20. Master-Korr

    Master-Korr Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 19, 2004
    IC: The Coolest customer you ever saw

    Mr. Freeze shook off the punches much like mosquito bites. However, being slung halfway across town didn't sit too well with the fridge.

    "That's it, no more Mr. Nice Frost. It is tine to pay Spiderman, and pay you shall!!!" He shaouted as he created a giant club with his gun and did hi best Barry Bonds on Mr. Parker. Connecting and sending him through the side of a bus.

    "It's going, going.... IT OUTTA HERE!!!" Freeze exclaimed as he pretended to round the bases of an imaginary baseball diamond.

    Tag: the baseball
  21. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006
    IC: Lady Jyn and Beatrice DeVilliers

    "Out of pure curiousity, what would happen if i just... grabbed your arm, right now." Lady Jyn, a dark creature, fascinated with power and death.

    "Well i'm guessing nothing, it would counteract somehow, i would probably neutralise it, i can heal afterall!"
    Beatrice's chirpy tone corroded at Lady Jyn's mind.

    "I would appreciate.... so much.... if you would find a way of replying to me... without opening your mouth." Lady Jyn's calm voice causes her to break her sentences. Beatrice just looked at her sister. She swung her head forward to find something to telekinetically throw at Lady Jyn, but before she could choose, a "50% Off" shop sign that was laying on the sidewalk was launched at Beatrice's leg. She tripped and laughed.

    "Oh, you try and hurt me so much, but i'm like you, not as pathetic!" She snarled.

    "Don't you even try, Beatrice, you know what i'm capable of..."

    Tag: No one yet, i'll post them parting and getting to the destinations later.

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    IC:The Most Electrifying Spider in ALL of Show Biz!!

    "Alright, no more Spiderball,I've had enough of this." Spidey then played a game of You cant hit me. Using his spider senses he avoided being hit."I never liked basball anyway, I am much more of a ultimate frisbee guy myself! Spidey then swung down to the bus grabbed the stop sign on the side and flung it and broke the Freeze's bat.

    "Having problems with your weapon, I hear there's a pill for that now, and just think, you'll feel like a new snowman! With rejuvinated snowballs and everything!!

    Spidey then watched freeze seeth it anger, "Hey Fridge, I wouldnt want you to lose your cool!! Spidey new what he was doing, he would try to get Freeze so mad he would act and not think, and that is where Spidey planned to capitalize.


    IC:The Master of Magnetism, Lex Luther, and Dr.Doom

    "I dont care about the patrol, Lex send 100 patrols if you have to!! I need the X-men dealt with, We know Charles is planning something and we know it involves anyone who would probably be willing to try and stop us!! When we dealt with the Heroes individually we easily defeated them. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THEY COULD DO IF THEY UNITE!!! Magneto's ranting could be heard a mile away.

    "Strategically, it would seem unlikley that the heroes would all unite under one banner," Lex said with uncertainty.

    "You know as well as I, Lex, as does Erik, if the Heroes unite, even with our combined power, the Sentinels and our followers, this still must be considered as a viable threat. Dr.Doom was more calculating at the moment.

    "Then it starts now, make sure all of our followersmak it here, we have a true threat to the existence of the Trinity, and it must be stopped! Magneto calmed for a moment.

    "Agreed, but you are right somthing must be done with the X-men, I will send 3 patrols to track there everymove, we will find out what there plan is!! Dr.Doom put the commands in the Sentinel Mainframe computer.

    A electronic voice was then heard, "Initiating...Shadow Mode...password comfirmed...defense protocol...units RX4S through RX8D dispatched..command confirmed.

    "Exellent, now we shall not only track the X-men, but I have a feeling that where they go it will lead us to where these Superdorks are meeting." Luther revelled in the grand scheme of it all.

    Tag:All minions of the Trinity

  23. Master-Korr

    Master-Korr Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 19, 2004
    IC: The Freeze you just can't thaw

    "Hold still so I can crush you!!!" Mr. Freeze shouted. He kept swinging and misssing the slippery spider.

    After losing his bat, and the arachnid's remarks, Victor Freeze was now a little angry. He charged Spiderman, seizing him by the throat.

    "Lets see you dodge this bugbrain!!!" He snorted as he tossed Spidey into the air, then proceeded to blast him up onto the nearest rooftop.

    Tag: The target

    SHAFTWINDU54 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 23, 2006
    IC:The Eeency Weency Spider

    "Way to go Spidey, you poked the polar bear, what did you expect! The plan was working but it sill hurt. Spidey regained his composure, as Freeze made his way to the rooftop of the building as well.

    "Alright Freeze, I dont know what your game is but I'm thinking this thing has to stop! Spidey and Freeze charged at each other. Spidey landed a few shots as Freeze gave him back a few. Spidey seems to be having little or no effect on him!! Freeze then took matters in his own hands as he used his gun and blased Spidey in a pile of trash cans and debris. Spidey looked up to see Freeze with a sadistice grin on his face. Then his senses kicked in.

    Tag:The Sasquatch

  25. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006
    IC: Lady Jyn and Beatrice DeVilliers
    Streets of America

    Silence persisted.

    "Why did you bring me out here?" Beatrice managed to uncover a way to shatter the atmosphere.

    "The answer... to the question...... there is none. But you can go now. I need to see my... husband." Lady Jyn replied.

    "Um.. You don't have one? But heck, i'm gonna go play with some weeds, if there are any left..." Beatrice scattered off round a corner down what was a road of hotel strings.

    "Meretrix..." Lady Jyn spoke under her breath. Latin blasphemy she did not deal in..?

    [b]IC: Lady Jyn[/b]

    Out of no where, she fell to the ground, moaning. Her head pulsating rapidly. Eyes a blur. She could sense a voice, a message, telling her to go somewhere. She didn't know what it was but knew where she had to go.

    After the migraine had faded, she returned to her feet and sassily walked forward, directly to the desired location...

    [b]IC: Beatrice DeVilliers[/b]

    Skipping merrily, observing the once attractive scenery, she flew to the floor, experiencing headache, dizziness and confusion. She didn't understand and didn't want to scream, but could feel a sense of communication, an order......

    Once calm and shiny, she climbed back to 'grace' and followed the road...

    [b]Tag: Gm? [/b]

    OOC: I'll continue after the next post if i can, no later than tomorrow evening.>
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