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Drama Darker Tides ~ A Soap Opera

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Sep 21, 2011.

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    ooc: Actually, I had other plans than what was written so far, but I think I can "readjust it" so we got no continuity problem, if this doesn´t work, just void me Spy.

    Mordecai Casper

    Her turning around was a blessing. She probably even saw how he threw the ring into the mud. He imagined she looked down, when the gun hit the back of her head. Patiently Mordecai looked her go down. If you felt the marriage was bad, you could leave . . . certainly. If you hated Mordecai he accepted you nevertalked to him again. If you hated what he did, he could life with you never having part in it. But Natalie was dead and the reason had certainly to do with this money. That made Heather´s atttempt to keep it from him treachery. And there wasn´t really any second option about how to deal with traitors. He went to his knees and hit her a second time then he sighed and picked her up. Walking back to the car, he kicked the drivers door. His driver was the only man in the world he trusted. Lawyers, financial chiefs, wives? He didn´t trust any of them. But this man had the very, very best reasons to be eternally grateful and loyal.

    "Open the trunk." The man also came with a strong lack of conscience, which was extremely helpful at times. Just as his wife landed in the back of the car, he took out some evian and spit it into her face. When she would wake up it would be his voice she heard. "My dear, you can go after I got the killer. But I doubt you will want to. I bet you will talk pretty soon. but if you won´t, you will not wish to go. You will simply plead to die." He threw his cigar to her into the back. "You know what I can do? really? One thing I can do my dear is hiring people to make you speak who can do things to you that I cannot even imagine!"

    And with the he shut the back of his limousine and turned to the driver. "Get her into the secret cellar of warehouse 19. All works are cancelled from now on there. Tell the workers the client cannot pay for the boat so we stop working and assign them to other boats. And then start working on her. No questions, no permanent signs of violence. Just make it clear ot her what her next weeks will look like if she doesn´t spit out the names. She is a weakling. She´ll break fast." He turned. "I walk home."

    Then he began walking away from the man. Only when he had turned he showed the regret for this. Heather. he had loved heather now. But he had lied to her. Leaving him wasn´t a problem. But she tried to keep him from finding Natalies killer. And if she had not a very good reason for this, he could not, he could never forgive her that.

    He took out his phone and instructed his lawyer to make sure rmors of heather moving out spread around town. He had servants pack stuff of her and then he send them all to Hawai to wait for her to arrive. Which meant, they wouldn´t be available for questioning, if someone asked. Then he called the PE: Jameson was probably already flying. He spoke on his mailbox. "Mr. Jameson, one piece of information which you should probably handle very, very sensitive is, that my dead granddaughter seems to have got her hands on a substainable ammount of my money through my wife. I will work on my end to find out what for, but so near her murder, I consider this wasn´t coincidence. Please share this info with nobody until necessarry. I´ll send my lawyer and chief accountant to meet you tomorrow. They will arrange things. Oh and I don´t assume you should trust anyone or anything from now on except me paying you for your services. So if you need access to any part of my family, tell me." Sylvester hasn´t showed up in this case. Not at all. His own family had. And he wouldn´t even be surprised if Heather had killed her. That little play of drama? Such money meant Natalie had something going people didn´t know about. The thought his wife tried to protect him even crossed his mind. Tragic, if that was the case. Most tragic. He just hoped she broke fast.

    Finally he called his lawayer again. "Hi. You slept? Well get up. I need a lawfirm. no you cannot handl
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    OOC: Post coming within the next two hours.
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    [i]Cafe, Riverview[/i]

    The two men seated across from Rufus knew their job. It had been to deliver the cash and convince [b]Mr. Jameson[/b] to track down Natalie?s killer. They both closed the briefcases and placed them beside [b]Carlos[/b]. It had been decided upon that Carlos was to take both suitcases back to [b]Mordecai[/b]. Now that everything was done, they got up.

    ?I was at home. With my wife and son.? Mathew told Rufus. ?We played Monopoly and my son won. We ate popcorn and watched a movie. Had a nice night. Until Mr. Casper called me in the middle of the night and told me to meet him on the outskirts of town, from where he took his wife.? Mathew opened his cellphone and turned away from the two of them. It was vibrating. ?Mathew. What do you mean the kid isn?t there? Mr. Casper is willing to kill for this kid. You idiots better get it together. Find the freaking kid.? He closed his phone. ?I?m sorry, Mr. Jameson, but I have other matters to attend to. Please, excuse me.?

    That left Carlos and Rufus.

    ?I was at Mr. Casper?s office. Cameras would show me there. So I have an alibi.? He began to walk also, but only after shaking Rufus?s hand. ?If you need my help, please, don?t be afraid to call me.? He handed him his card. ?[b]Natalie[/b] was one of the nicest girls I have ever met. Find her killer.? He then turned on his heel and left. Just like that. On the business card was Mordecai Casper?s phone number.

    [b]TAG: Draco, (Fin)[/b]


    [i]Sylvester Incorporated[/i]

    [i]Sylvester Incorporated[/i] was maze of factories updated just the previous year. Men and women in business suits and tool belts walked alongside each other in the walkways. [b]Gabriel Nelson[/b] was another one of the men in business suits. Except he had something on all of them. He was dating the sister of the CEO. [b]Nigel Sylvester[/b] himself. Who hadn?t spoken much to anyone that day, because he was holed up in his office. Rumored to be watching the news on anything about the murder investigation of [b]Natalie Crane[/b]. Once Gabriel was settled down at his computer, other men and women whispered about her murder. Who they assumed did it. Most of the said Nigel himself killed the woman.

    Gabriel knew what his job today was to do.

    It was, like always, to hack onto Mordecai?s computers.

    ?Hey Gabriel.? Another office worker, [b]Vanessa[/b], spoke to Gabriel from a cubicle over. ?Who do you think killed her??

    [b]TAG: dreven[/b]>
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    Jul 23, 2008


    [b]Carlos Sanchez[/b] watched the trees pass by in the window. His mind was elsewhere. In those last moments he had been in contact with [b]Natalie Crane[/b]. Carlos shook his head for a moment as he took a drink from his glass of wine. It was a little too strong for his taste, but he was able to drink it. He checked his IPhone for any messages, but no one had called him. Or he didn?t have any service. Either way, he was not at peace. And he wouldn?t be until this whole murder investigation had blown over. He knew he would be questioned. That Ester was one loose lipped old woman. She didn?t care to talk about anyone. He knew he could?ve attempted to pay her off, but it would?ve been useless in the end. Somehow secrets never remained hidden for long. The secret about Natalie that she had tried so passionately to hide, that could?ve led her to her grave, was going to come out soon enough. And many people would face a seemingly neverending hell from the media.

    Carlos shook his head. ?Turn the radio on, [b]Greg[/b].? The driver turned the volume up and classical music came out. Carlos let his head relax on his seat. In his weariness, one of the suitcases slipped out from under the crook of his arm and fell to the floor. He bent down to pick it up. The sound of glass shattering and something fast speeding through the air frightened Carlos. He raised up to find Greg slumped on the wheel. The horn roared as the limo swerved off the empty road and down into the ditch. From their it went into a spiraling roll, pitching Carlos forward and into Greg?s seat. Epic classical music blasted as the limo rolled head over tails, finally stopping against one of the trees.

    Carlos opened his eyes into a swimmy world. His felt something wet on his forehead and reached up to touch it. After looking at his finger, he realized it was blood. Carlos felt along the floor of the crushed limo. One of the suitcases lay in the passenger seat in the front. The other was Greg?s lap. Carlos tried to get up on his knees and reach the cases. He now realized he had been stupid. Driving the scenic way to Mordecai?s estate. He had put himself in a line of fire. And he might very well make [b]Mordecai[/b] lose one million dollars in cash. He might as well be dead if that happens. The passenger door opened with a jerk. It ripped off the side of the car, already weakened from the crash. Two men stood there. Carlos scurried for the suitcases. He had to get them. One man snatched both suitcases up in his arms. The other placed the muzzle of the gun on Carlos?s forehead.

    ?Please. Please.? His lip quivered.


    His blood splattered the windows of the limo as the two men fled the scene.

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    Sep 7, 2002


    Trying to ruining my plan. My masterful, brilliant plan.
    They are trying to ruin it, by bringing in more trash.
    Trash that is just as dirty as they are.

    What an FOOL!

    But that is fine. It can be fixed.
    Things can always be fixed.

    It just takes a bit more effort.
    Everything is fine.


    Funny thing though.

    It seems like that was not the only thing that was being fixed.
    Something else is foul here. And the stench is not mine.
    Someone else has there own dirt to air.
    Bringing up their dirt in my wonderful game.

    GET OUT!


    Bring your trash.

    I have plenty of trash bags.

    <. . . >
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    IC: Gabriel Nelson

    Gabriel passed by the receptionist's office, giving her a passing smile.

    He sat down at his desk, glad that his stomach wasn't feeling like a foul brick. then he bent over, pulling a key out of an envelope on the underside of his desk. it was remarkably cool in his palm, resting there complacently. the took it and fitted into a locked file drawer nearest the floor, sliding it in and turning it easily. it clicked open with a small pop, and then he pulled it open.

    Inside was a small file, very thin and unmarked. the small paper inside was his standing orders; orders he looked at every day to make sure they hadn't changed. he had no delusions about Nigel Sylvester or one of his underling's hesitating to go through all his files. After all, they had the master key, which meant they had complete access to everything, didn't they?

    he shook off his thoughts about Nigel and, making sure the orders hadn't changed, put it back into the black folder from whence it came. after he had locked it up securely again, he turned to his computer.

    A hacker. that's what he was. He liked his job, no doubt about that, but sometimes he wondered what would happen if his 'intrusions' were ever discovered. prison, at best. at worst he might disappear; Mordecai Casper could probably get anything he wanted in this little town.
    No matter. He was getting paid to hack, something he loved to do. Plus it didn't hurt that he had a lot of stuff he could pin on Nigel, if push ever came to stab.

    he swiped the mouse to wake his computer and began to work.

    He was interrupted by a voice from off to his side, ?Hey Gabriel.? Another office worker, Vanessa, spoke to Gabriel from a cubicle over. ?Who do you think killed her??

    "Killed who?" he asked, genuinely curious.

    The voice paused, then came back, "Natalie Casper, of course. Didn't you see the news last night?"

    It felt like a lead brick had formed in his gut. Natalie, oh frick. Not Natalie.

    "I didn't...didn't see the news last night"

    Gabe was dizzy all over again, his head swimming crazily. how could Natalie have died?

    His fingers were shaking at the keyboard. he needed to talk to Nigel.

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    OOC: Flashbacks combined with and approved by spycoder!
    IC: Xander York
    Xander?s Garage[blockquote] The radio blared in the background as Xander fidgeted and tweaked the various parts of his track car. He hadn?t been in a race for a good six months, not because he didn?t want to be, but because he was in between seasons. Soon they would start testing, but until then he would keep tinkering.

    In the corner of the shop there was a street version of his racer that he used in the less then legal races that took place late at night. At Natalie?s request and the request of his manager he had temporarily ceased his street racing to reduce the risk of injury. Xander thought that Natalie didn?t want to lose a car that held a sentimental value to them.[/blockquote]---

    About three and a half years ago[blockquote]It was Spring Break and when most freshmen, like Xander, were off on a sandy beach somewhere he was relaxing by getting his hands dirty. Engine tune-ups, oil changes, break jobs, and anything else that involved him getting under the hood of a car placed his mind at ease, especially when it was his own race car that he was working on.


    ?Xander!? Natalie Crane?s flirtatious voice echoed in the shop. ?Xander! It?s so cold outside, and I don?t have a jacket. I need a really hot guy to warm me up!?


    A sly grin raised the left corner of his mouth, he was in a playful mood, "Hold on one second while I go and find one for you." He rolled out from underneath the raised front end of his racecar on his mechanics creeper whiping his hands off. "Just kiddin' doll face. I'm the only hot guy that I allow to work in this shop. Now get over here."

    She smiled and waltzed over to him. After planting her lips on his, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him in a long tender embrace. "Bring it on, Xander." She whispered in his ear.

    He slid one of his hands up from the small of her back to the back of her head, underneath her silky blonde locks. Gently he tilted her head and gave her a long, deeply passionate kiss.

    Natalie pulled away for a second, gazing into his eyes. Her hand petted his cheek as she smirked. Then she literally leaped on top of him, holding his face in her hands as she kissed him, passionately. She turned him around, and then led him to where she could sit on the hood. All the while she held that long kiss.

    Xander loved it when she took control and let her inner ?bad girl? out. More often than not she would let him take the lead, but not this time. It was as if she had something specific that she wanted and she was going to get it anyway she could. As they continued to kiss he slowly ran his hands up and down her back, pulling her in closer and closer with each pass.

    Natalie pulled away again, but only because she was taking her jacket off. Her smooth tan arms held Xander as slowly she leaned back on the hood. The kiss was perhaps the longest they had ever had. And she loved it. She pulled off her shirt, holding him tighter than ever. She nipped at his neck, running her hands along his back as she felt for the end of his shirt.

    When she pulled away from him, Xander finally caught his breath. They both were in great physical condition, but even that kissed took his breath away. When she pulled off her shirt he visually took in as much of her athletically fit body that he could. The one thought that came to his mind was, ?Damn, milk definitely did her body good!? As she nipped at his neck and struggled to find the end of his shirt, he tried to ask her a question, ?Are you sure about this?? They had been intimately hot and heavy before, but nothing quite like this.

    ?I?m taking birth control.? She whispered as she stopped for a moment. Her green eyes gazed into his. ?And I love you.?

    He looked at her and sincerely
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    OOC: Working on an update. With NaNoWriMo, a lot real life stuff, and two combined posts in the works, things slowed for a bit. Once the combined posts get up, I?ll update. Which will only be a day or two. Thanks for waiting on me.
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    OOC: Part 1 of ??? of a lengthy combined post with spycoder

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Outside Little Ester?s?Crime Scene

    "Let's head to the Casper estate, see if Carlos is there," Kareen said when Robert showed no objection to her theory.

    As they were en route, however, their radio squawked: "...accident involving single vehicle, black limousine, possible fatalities..."

    Kareen looked at Robert, turning up the volume as the dispatcher rattled off the location--backroads, but it wasn't far from the estate. And the vehicle was a limousine.

    "Detour?" Robert asked, but they both knew the answer. They couldn't ignore it.

    "Looks that way," Kareen replied, before calling back to base to let them know that they were on their way to the scene.

    When they pulled up to the site, the limo was flipped over in the ditch. Kareen climbed out of the patrol car and began to carefully make her way to the wreck.

    Blood lay on the grass and jagged edges where the windows of the car used to be. A heavy smell of iron was over everything. Slumped in the driver's seat was an older white man with a bullet hole in the back of his head. A shadowed figure was in the backseat, immobile.

    "This wasn't an accident," Kareen told Robert, indicating the driver.

    "Any idea who the driver is?" she asked her partner as she pulled on a pair of gloves as she moved toward the backseat, trying to get a look at the passenger. But his response had nothing to do with the driver.

    "****!" Robert swore as he whipped out his file from the police car. He almost told Kareen what it was, but she would've realized it then, uttering her own curse. The man in the backseat was none other than Carlos Sanchez, Mordecai Casper's chief accountant. The man Ester recognized as accepting an envelope from Natalie. There was a single gunshot wound to his forehead.

    "Get the tape and call this in," Kareen told Robert as he rushed to the car. When he came back, camera and crime scene tape in hand, she took the camera and started photographing the scene for evidence.

    "There goes our lead," she remarked irritably to Robert.

    Now, Heather was their only living connection to the money left. Kareen did not look forward to having to question her again.

    ?Someone knows we are on the trail. Someone knows we are out to find why Heather gave her granddaughter money and why Natalie gave the money to Carlos. Who did he give it to?? Robert stopped for a minute. Then he rushed over to the police car. ?I?ll radio we?re leaving. We have to find Heather Casper, before something happens to her.?

    Kareen nodded, taking a few last photographs before starting back to the car. "Back-up should be here soon," she remarked, "They can take over from here."

    As she climbed back into the car, she added, "I think we should question Natasha and Katherine again, as well. Natasha definitely knew more than she was willing to tell me--maybe not about the money, but when I asked her if she knew where Natalie was going after lunch yesterday, she wouldn't give me a straight answer.

    "And whatever Katherine and Heather argued about had something to do with Natalie, whether it was about the money or not."

    ?We can go to Natasha?s house and see if she knows where her mother has gone,? Robert agreed.

    To be continued?
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    OOC: This is the first part of a combined post with spycoder! Thank you so much!

    IC: Christopher Nichols
    St. Mary's Academy

    It hadn't been an easy night, especially after what transpired with the phone call and the conversation with his sister after that. It had kept him awake most of the night and even now, as he began his first class of the day, it continued to eat away at his mind. As a result, he was extremely tired and he couldn't concentrate on the task at hand. He rubbed at his eyes wearily as he turned his back on his students and began to write several notes on the board, some of which made little sense even to him at this point...

    But then a voice at the back of the class cut through his body like a knife. It was a voice that spoke at the most inopportune time and reminded him way too much of the past. His body visibly tensed as he whipped around to face the class, the action forcing the marker to slip from his fingers and clatter to the floor. And it wasn't just the voice that stung him...the question itself was totally inappropriate.

    Or maybe it was the fact that he had asked himself the same question on more than one occasion...

    "What?" he stammered instead as he took a few steps closer to the first row of desks, his eyes scanning the back of the room for the owner of the voice. "I, uh..." he scoffed and glanced down at his feet, reaching up to rub the back of his neck nervously. "I sure hope I heard you wrong..."

    He returned his eyes to the class, finally seeking out the face of Cassie Rockford with a stony glare.

    ?No. You didn?t.? Cassie?s gaggle of friends snickered. ?Your wife is ugly, and I don?t see why you like her. Now me. I?m pretty. Rich. Smart. I?ve got it all.? Carrie?s laughter echoed in the room as other girls looked at her in shock.

    Chris simply continued to stare for several long minutes, a wild range of emotions passing through his mind. Part of him wanted to lash out and set her straight for even speaking like that to him in the middle of class...and yet, he had to admit that she was pretty. She definitely had it going for her and he absently wondered if it had something to do with being related to another special girl.

    "Except brains," he snapped back, returning to the board and retrieving the marker from the floor. It was rare that he lost his temper in front of the class, but some things simply crossed the line. It didn't help that the night before continued to work on him. "I don't know where you got the idea that you can talk to me like that, but it's none of your business."

    "Now, I don't have many options in terms of discipline," he continued, sitting down on the edge of the desk. "You're supposed to be adults. I'm not going to hold your hand or slap you on the wrist when you mess up. But in this case, I think it's appropriate to have a talk with the Dean if this keeps up."

    "Sorry, Missus. . . I mean, Mister Nichols."

    Cassie rolled her eyes. She beckoned to the girl pain front of her, Allison, and leaned into whisper something. The two of them busted into laughter as they glanced at Chris out of the corner of their eyes.

    It took all of his strength not to roll his eyes as well - what kind of example would he be setting if he fell right into their trap? He knew it was probably just the lack of sleep and the stress getting to him, but he couldn't help but wonder if Cassie's behavior and last night's phone call had any connection.

    Shaking his head, he turned back to the board and continued to write, being fully aware of the hushed whispers and giggles as Cassie and her crew continued to gossip at the back of the room.

    "Damn, his butt is cute!"

    A whisper came from the back of the class.

    "Mr. Nichols, can you ask you wife if she could share?" Cassie shrieked in laughter.

    Chris inhaled deeply, obviously trying to control his rising anger, as he turned once again to face Cassie. He wasn't sure what happened next or why he acted the way he did, but he simply found himself walking back the rows of desks until he was sta
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    IC: Naomi Nichols
    The Nichols home

    Naomi Nichols lay in her bed, in the groggy state of half-sleep that comes at the end of a sleep binge following a long night. An annoying ringing sound gradually forced her to come to full consciousness. The doorbell. Grumbling, she slowly got out of bed. She put on her robe over her pajamas and went to go see who it was.

    She looked through the peephole and saw Susanna with a little boy. Confusion as well as another strange emotion settled upon Naomi. Was this sympathy? But of course it was. No matter how bad Naomi felt about Natalie?s death, surely her own mother felt worse. But who was this child?

    Naomi opened the door. ?Hey, Sue,? she said softly. ?I?m sorry about Natalie. Do you want to come in??

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    OOC: And here is part two of the combined post with spycoder!

    IC: Christopher Nichols
    St. Mary's Academy

    Cassie began to cry once he had closed the door.

    "Please, Mr. Nichols. Please. My friends dared me. I had to." Out of the corner of his eye, as Cassie wiped her face, Christopher might notice the slightest of a bruise on her arm. A bad, purple, bruise. Meant to cause pain.

    The sight of the girl in tears did little to move him emotionally, in fact, Chris suspected a lot of it was an act to blow the situation out of proportion. Well, he wasn't about to fall for that and he just simply issued a sigh and allowed her to cry for a few moments. "Relax, I'm not mad," he finally admitted, placing his hands on either side of his belt. "I'm not going to yell at you. You probably got enough of that in high school. I'm just curious about something..."

    Here goes nothing...

    He closed his eyes briefly before finally looking up to gaze directly at Cassie's face. "You didn't happen to see your cousin lately, did you? I, uh...I mean, it just didn't seem like your usual behavior in there and I was wondering if she put you up to anything." Of course, he didn't stop to think about how he would explain how he knew about her cousin and why he would even care in the first place. Those little details didn't seem to be important right now. The intrusive phone call was dominating his mind and he knew Cassie's cousin was responsible.

    That's when his eyes began to wander from their mark, roving over her body and touching every nook and curve until something on her arm stopped him. He wanted to reach out and take her arm into his grip to examine it for himself, but he refrained. He simply pointed to it instead, making it a sloppy gesture as not to draw too much attention to it.

    "Hey, you alright?"

    She snatched her arm back and held the wound to hide it.

    "It's-It's nothing," She murmured. "I-um-I fell down the-stairs."

    As Cassie flinched and retracted her arm, all Chris could do was stare - stare at her arm and the spot that was obviously bruised as well as other parts of her figure. The young woman was lying to him, that much was certain. Her body language told the whole story. And he found it funny that he no longer cared about his original question, but was instead, way more concerned with her safety.

    "Cassie," he started slowly, his voice a low rumble. "If someone's hurting you..." He trailed off.

    Was it wrong for him to come to his own conclusions?


    And yet Cassie was holding it back. All of it. As she tried to hide her arm, bruises on her neck and legs were obvious.

    "I just. . .fell." Cassie swiped her face to send away the tears. "Please, Mr. Nichols, if you?re going to send me to the Dean, please do."

    The girl was breaking down before his eyes, tears now beginning to streak her face. He had obviously dug up too much concerning her activities outside of campus. Abuse was not something to just brush aside and Chris had a big choice to make. He could either continue to pry and try to uncover what was really happening to Cassie or just let it go and allow the young woman to continue to be hurt...both physically and emotionally.

    He opened his mouth to speak before he had a chance to thoroughly think it through. "I'm not going to make a big deal out of it," he said, trying to offer some comfort. "I just want to let you know that I'm here if you need to talk. You're not keeping a very good secret..." He gestured with his right hand to Cassie's arm. "I know."

    Of course, he didn't know the details...he was hoping Cassie would spill that to him herself.

    "I-I need to leave. I?m really tired." She rubbed her eyes. The outgoing girl had changed so much in only seconds. She turned to leave, but then glanced back at him. She seemed like she wished to say something. Scream something. But then, in the end, she just thanked him and left.

    Chris let her go in silence, hands planted firmly on his hips. It was plain she needed help and he could only
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    OOC: Part 2 of ???

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Natasha Casper?s House

    Robert drove as fast he was allowed to. He pulled into Natasha?s driveway. Her magnificent two story home had been funded by her father?s money. It had beautiful shrubbery outside, and looked like a dream home.

    Once the two of them knocked on the door, Natasha answered.

    ?Natasha Casper, we need you to answer a few questions.?

    ?Yes, yes. Come in.? Natasha led them to her couch. The inside of her home was even more modern and elegant than the outside.

    ?I leave the questioning to you, Kareen.? Robert grinned at her as he sat down on the couch and watched with some amusement. The tension in the air was obvious.

    Kareen sat so she was facing Natasha, making a point to keep eye contact with the woman at all times. "Natasha, I know you weren't being completely honest with me yesterday when I asked you if you knew where Natalie went after lunch. We still need to know the answer to that question.? They still had no idea what had actually led Natalie to be in the park that evening.

    "We also know that after your mother gave the money to Natalie, Natalie gave it to your father's accountant, Carlos. We believe that he was supposed to deliver it to someone for her. Do you know who that might have been?" For the moment, she elected not to tell Natasha that Carlos was dead.

    ?I-I don?t know exactly where to begin.? Natasha looked down at her shaky hands. ?Natalie was a good girl. All of the things that happened to her were. . .by chance. Things wanted to tempt her, to take her off the right path.?

    ?First things first. Officer Gillis,? Natasha stared back at Kareen, ?I apologize for being so rude. I just. . .it hurts. I don?t want to say anything that might make my family look bad. And I was so shaken. . .and. . .? She wiped her eyes.

    ?The money. This whole thing has to do with the money. The whole drama yesterday. I don?t think it had anything to do with Natalie?s murder. But. . .I didn?t know everything about it. All I know is that Natalie slept around a couple of times with the WRONG kind of guy.?

    ?She is a GOOD girl. A GREAT girl! Her and Xander were perfect. But she made a mistake. And the guy she slept around with threatened to release the information. He threatened, unless Natalie gave him some big amount of money. So I?m guessing Mom gave Natalie money to pay the man off.?

    Natasha started to cry once again.

    ?And now Mom went off to freaking Hawaii. . .?

    "Hawaii?" Kareen looked over at Robert, wondering if he was as stunned as she was. Heather Casper had run off to Hawaii the day after her granddaughter's murder?

    Something fishy going on here...

    But Kareen put it aside for the moment. "Do you know who the guy was, or why he was threatening to go public?" She hoped it didn't show--she didn't know if Natasha knew about her and Patrick--but she could understand what Natalie might have felt at the time. How afraid she must have been.

    ?No, no, I was afraid to ask.? Natasha brushed a lock of hair from her face. ?I didn?t want to be involved. And his reason for threatening? He was money hungry. Used Natalie like a slave. If I knew who the man was, I would torture him myself. Making her a fool even in her last days.?

    Kareen nodded quietly. "All right. Now, is this what Katherine and your mother argued about after Natalie left the restaurant? Ester said they got into it over something--did you see this happen?"

    "They argued? I don't exactly remember seeing them argue about anything. But of course I went to the bathroom right before we left, so I wouldn't have seen anything."

    Natasha didn't know anything about the argument. "Okay," Kareen looked over to her partner. "I think we're finished...unless you've got any questions, Robert?"

    "I think we've covered everything. Just. . ." Robert scribbled something on a notepad. "keep this handy, Mrs. Casper. You hear of anything, call me."

    "I will." Natasha accepted his card as she led them to the door. "I'm glad I could h
  14. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [i]The Nichols Household[/i]

    [b]Susanna[/b] brushed past her sister, dragging the small boy inside with her. She was rushing, and kept glancing over her shoulder.

    ?No time to talk. Dammit.? She cursed as she started searching through Naomi?s cabinets. Quickly. The little boy stared at [b]Naomi[/b] curiously. He resembled Susanna, that was obvious. He was related to her somehow. Which meant he was related to Naomi. ?Crap. Why do you not-?

    [i]KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! [/i]

    ?No!? Susanna hissed.

    ?Mrs. Nichols! Open up!? Two men in black suits stood outside. Important men, it seemed.

    ?Nay. Nay, please. They are trying to take him from me!? Susanna pointed at the boy. ?Stall them. I-I have to hide. Have to. Crap. They are [i]not[/i] taking him.?

    ?Mrs. Nichols!? The men began to knock harder. Susanna was on the verge of crying again as she pointed to the cupboard below the sink in the kitchen. Susanna squeezed the boy in as she hurried into the living and under the table.

    ?Go, Nay. Please. They can?t get him. He?s all I have left.?

    [b]TAG: Tjace[/b]


    [i]Xander?s Garage[/i]


    [b]Amy York[/b] finally guessed to look at her son?s garage. She felt a little foolish for choosing not to visit her first. This was where he liked to spend most of his time. He was a mechanic. She knocked on the door and entered slowly. He was there.

    ?Oh Xanny.? She rushed to wrap her arms around him. She breathed in and out in relief. ?I was so worried about you. I called you, but then the line disconnected. I went home and the TV and phone were crushed. I?ve been searching for you.? She kissed his head. ?With what happened yesterday, I was so scared. I can?t lose you too, Xanny.?

    Tears of relief were in her eyes.

    [b]TAG: CPL[/b]>
  15. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [i]St. Mary?s Academy[/i]

    After [b]Cassie[/b] left school, things had calmed down to a degree. Classes switched and it came close to lunch break. All of the other girls had heard about the little incident, and were eyeing [b]Christopher[/b] with some tension. The other teachers had all heard about this cruel girl pestering a man who had just lost his niece. Around 11 o?clock, [b]Sister Daphne[/b] came to get Chris.

    ?Christopher, you have a call waiting in the office.?

    Once he had finally gotten outside the room, Daphne walked in step with him.

    ?I?m sorry about your niece. If you need anything, a day off, anything, I wouldn?t care to let you.

    [b]TAG: Han[/b]


    [i]Sylvester Incorporated
    Outside Nigel Sylvester's Office[/i]

    ?I?m sorry, [b]Mr. Nelson[/b]. [b]Mr. Sylvester[/b] isn?t allowing any visitors at this time. He has important matters to attend to.?

    The perky secretary with the name tag reading: [b]Leah[/b] smiled at Gabriel. She took him by the shoulder and began to walk out of the office with him.

    ?I?ll be sure to tell him you came by. He?s very worried over the matter of Natalie Crane, I?ll just say.?

    [b]TAG: dreven[/b]>
  16. dreven_Aarkanin

    dreven_Aarkanin Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2010
    IC: Gabriel Nelson

    ?I?m sorry, Mr. Nelson. Mr. Sylvester isn?t allowing any visitors at this time. He has important matters to attend to.?

    Important matters. what a joke. Gabriel knew he was partially in shock. he felt numb all over, but now some of the numbness was disappearing, to be replaced by anger. but he wasn't angry at anyone, not really. angry at everyone and no one.

    The perky secretary with the name tag reading: Leah smiled at Gabriel. She took him by the shoulder and began to walk out of the office with him. her smile infuriated Gabe, and his vague anger became suddenly, intensely focused on her. then it dissipated, ebbing back into weak numbness.

    ?I?ll be sure to tell him you came by. He?s very worried over the matter of Natalie Crane, I?ll just say,? she said cheerily. somehow her perkiness just made him sadder. Natalie Crane was dead, and she didn't even care? he sighed, shrugging her hand off his shoulder. "make sure it goes through. I'll be at my desk."

    even though he was vaguely angry at the universe, his rational mind still told him he should keep it in check. losing his job would not be helpful to anyone.

    TAG: Spy

  17. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Christopher Nichols
    St. Mary's Academy

    Despite the relative quiet that followed Cassie's dramatic exit from his morning class, Chris was still finding it quite difficult to relax and fall into the usual routine. It was probably a combination of a lack of sleep and all the other issues working on his mind at the moment, ranging from crazed students to a death in the family. One thing was certain - this day was not moving fast enough and things were about to get even worse...

    Just before noon, his class was interrupted for the second time that day, but for a very different reason. Sister Daphne, a notable figure in the administrator's office, decided to pay a visit. Chris knew as soon as he saw her enter the classroom that something wasn't right. Either he was in trouble for something he probably didn't do or something had happened back home. After everything that had happened the night before, he wasn't sure if he could take another emotional blow. And it wasn't starting off very well...a phone call?

    Pursing his lips together, Chris was very hesitant to leave the class and follow the mistress, but in the end, he had no choice. Dipping his chin, he kept his gaze focused on the floor as he stepped out into the hall and began to walk at a casual pace, his hands thrusting deep into his pockets.

    "I?m sorry about your niece," the Sister said after a moment. Chris wasn't sure if she was genuinely sympathetic or if she was just trying to make idle conversation. "If you need anything, a day off, anything, I wouldn?t care to let you."

    Chris turned his head slightly to gaze at her out of the corner of his eye, not bothering to slow his pace. "Thanks," he muttered flatly. "But I'll be alright. It actually helps to keep my mind off things..."

    It was a nice save. Although it was true that coming to work helped relieve some of the stress in his life, he wasn't about to admit to the Sister that he needed more than that. The administrators that ran the college were supposed to be followers of God and therefore trusting, but Chris didn't see it that way. He viewed them to be just as corrupt as the next person on the street...if not moreso. He never knew how to take them and as a result, had vowed to close himself off when confronted. The less they knew about him, the better.

    "We have the Thanksgiving break coming up anyway," he continued once he reached the offices at the end of the hallway. "That should help to clear things up a bit."

    He finally forced himself to look at her fully and offered a weak smile before turning to the phone that was hanging off of the receiver. His heart was pounding rapidly in his chest as he picked up the handset and pressed it to his ear. "Hello? This is Chris..."

    TAG: spycoder
  18. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Part 3

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Outside Natasha Casper?s House

    As they walked out the door, Kareen waited until they were out of Natasha's hearing range before she made the comment, "Do you buy what she said about Heather going to Hawaii?"

    It wasn't that Kareen doubted Natasha's truthfulness; Natasha did seem to believe that her mother in fact had left town. But it was just so...convenient...suspicious, even, that Heather would head out of town less than twenty-four hours after Natalie's murder.

    "Something is weird about it." Robert stared at Natasha as she closed her door. "I have heard many people talking about how she left Mordecai last night and was seen moving her things. Well, she wasn't doing it, but one of their servants were."

    "Has anyone actually seen Heather since she left the station last night?"

    ?Well of course. . .well. . .I mean, she left with the family lawyer, who someone said dropped her off with her husband. After that. . .no one has actually seen her. But you don?t think anything happened to her do you??

    Kareen frowned. As much as she did not like Heather, she didn't wish ill on her--their case couldn't afford it. "Robert, whoever did this is taking great care to cover their tracks. Rachael figured out who it was, but they killed her before she could tell anyone. Carlos knew who that money was going to, and he was killed before we could question him. If we don't find Heather soon...if something hasn't already happened to her, I'm afraid something will."

    ?Should we call in to Chief to get the news to put up something to get Heather to contact the police station? And if she doesn't in a few hours, we go on a manhunt for her?" But just as Robert finished speaking, his thoughts turned to what had happened in the past few hours. Natalie's murder, followed by Rachael's death, and then the unexpected death of Carlos. The murderer was vicious. Scary vicious.

    Kareen considered for a few seconds before answering. "Let's call Amy, but I'd rather not get the media involved just yet. Maybe see if Amy can get a couple of other officers to look into it--see if Heather really did go to Hawaii. Check flights, hotel registrations, that kind of thing. Let's make sure she didn't leave town before we start barking up any more trees."

    ?I?ll do it.? Robert called Amy and requested they look into it. She was a little disturbed that Heather had gone to Hawaii so quickly, and told Robert she would inform Robert of any developments. She also thanked him and Kareen for looking around at the crime scene with Carlos. She mentioned a little about how the crime scene might?ve been connected with money and have nothing to do with this.

    ?So, now that all of that is done, do you want to go to see Katherine Casper? Do you think you will be able to do it??

    Kareen pursed her lips, dread flooding her once more. She actually felt a little nauseous at the thought of facing Katherine--they had never actually spoken to one another in person, just that scathing phone call all those months ago.

    But she knew she couldn't keep putting it off. She let out a shaky sigh, before nodding fiercely. "Might as well get it over with."

    To be continued?
  19. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    <. . . >


    I really should not indulge myself so.

    It makes me sound like one of those god awful villain from some 1950's hack novel. And I am most certainly not. I really have only a small role in this play. I am more of a director, watching the bit players in this interesting play. The drama was written out long ago, by others within. It is quite fun to watch.

    The backstabbing and lies fall from their mouths without much need for practice. They have had their entire lives to learn their lies well. Poor Mordicai. His neat and tidy world, is going to get dirt all over it. I only had to topple one piece, and the rest began to fall quickly. So many willing participants. But of course, they had to be willing, or else the entire elegant and oh so well built house of cards would have toppled long ago. Sometimes, I think they WANTED it all to happen. A clean flush, so to speak.

    <Oh..Shut up.>

    Still, it is rather funny.

    In their misguided attempts to locate the truth, so far, they have only ended up uncovering only more dirt. But as I have stated earlier, my role is small... minuscule. I simply bide my time and wait until I am needed to shine the light on their filth, or to clean and tidy up the loose ends that they leave unattended.

    And there are so many loose ends that have been left dangling.


    <Finished? Finally!>

    .. you are just jealous.

    <. . . >

  20. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Part 4

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Patrick and Katherine Casper?s House

    They arrived at Patrick and Katherine?s house within ten minutes. They lived in the suburbs of Riverview, along with some other big names. Robert knocked on the door, and a cartoon could be heard inside. The sound of pattering feet was followed by the door opening. A little boy with sandy blonde hair opened the door. Devon Casper, the true heir to the Casper fortune. He smiled at the two of them, and Robert glanced at Kareen.

    ?You?re better with kids than me.? He whispered with a small grin.

    Kareen managed to smile at the small boy--as bad as she had felt for Katherine when she'd learned that Patrick was married, she'd felt that much worse when she'd found out that there was a child caught up in the mess as well. Devon was too young now to understand what his father had done, but Kareen often wondered what he would think in the future when he figured it all out.

    She glanced around to see if Devon's mother was in sight--she was almost afraid to let Katherine even hear her voice--before gently asking, "Devon, is your mom around?"

    ?Mommy!? Devon shouted back into the house. Katherine peeked around the corner, a dish and washcloth in her hands.

    ?Let them in, honey!? Devon moved out of the way and allowed the two of them to enter their lavish home. It seemed the Casper wealth had stretched to all of the children. Katherine led them to their seats. She didn?t eye Kareen while she walked in. She didn?t even recognize her, for she had never had never actually seen the woman, except occasionally around town, and even then she had no idea who she actually was.

    ?Please, please, sit.? Katherine went into the kitchen, put her dish down, and offered them two glasses of sweet tea. Her specialty. After all the formalities were over, and Devon was sent to his room upstairs to watch cartoons, Katherine looked at the both of them. ?I?m guessing this has to do with Natalie?s murder again. I believe I answered as much as I could before.?

    Kareen was stunned by Katherine's total lack of a reaction to her presence in her home--did she honestly not realize who she was, or was she simply behaving this way because Robert was there?

    Either way, it didn't help Kareen's composure. But for now, she let herself focus on the case--she would rather avoid a scene in front of Robert, anyway. "Actually, we wanted to ask you about the argument you had with your mother-in-law yesterday."

    "Argument? What argument?" Katherine seemed to pause for a moment. "Have I met you from somewhere? Your voice is so familiar!"

    That Katherine denied the argument set off her mental alarms, but Kareen was side-tracked when Katherine seemed to recognize her voice. She paused for a moment, before turning to her partner. "Robert, would you step out for a minute?" Even though Robert knew about the affair, she did not want to have this conversation in front of him.

    When he was gone, Kareen turned back to Katherine, nervously running her hand through her hair. "No, we've never met in person, Mrs. Casper. But you know who I am, even if you don't recognize me." Privately, she was surprised--Heather had revealed the affair to Katherine, but apparently she'd never shown her a picture of Kareen.

    "You and I had a rather...heated conversation over the phone last year"?if you could call that a conversation. "I...I was your husband's lover."


    Katherine was serene at first. Like a beautiful cheetah chewing over the words.


    Katherine sat in silence for several seconds.

    ?I see. Well, Kareen, it?s. . .nice. . .to finally meet you in person.? Katherine looked around at her house. Suddenly, she broke down. ?I?m-I?m so sorry. For all of those things.? Tears made her beautiful brown eyes sparkle. ?Everything I said to you. I?m so sorry. It wasn?t your fault, and I realized that. But I was so mad. At myself, at Patrick. I never should?ve done that to you.?

    Katherine wiped her eyes.

    ?It was never your fault Kareen. I don?t
  21. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [i]St. Mary?s Academy[/i]

    ?Mr. Nichols-I mean, [b]Christopher[/b].? [b]Cassie?s[/b] shaky voice seemed agitated over the phone.

    ?Are. . .are you free? In thirty minutes?? She sniffled. ?I need you to meet me at Little Ester?s. I?m so scared. And lonely.? She paused for a few seconds. "It's about. . .the bruises."

    ?Please, Christopher. I need someone.?

    [b]TAG: Han[/b]


    [i]Sylvester Incorporated[/i]

    Work continued as normal. Except for the noise from the TV that hung in their department?s office. It was set on the local news, and continued to report on [b]Natalie Crane?s[/b] murder. [b]Gabriel Nelson[/b] would learn that the coroner had also died last night from an exploding computer, and the chief accountant for [b]Mordecai Casper[/b] and his driver had been forced off the road and shot in the head. It had not been a good day for Riverview. And things would continue to get worse.

    [b]Vanessa[/b] eventually went over to speak to Gabriel during their lunch break.

    ?I. . .I just can?t believe it, can you? Two beautiful women, one rich and the other smart, and a charming man, murdered in twenty-four hours.? She pulled a lock of her black hair behind her ear as she munched on a sandwich. ?It?s scary, actually. To think this could happen here. . .?

    [b]TAG: dreven[/b]>
  22. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Christopher Nichols
    St. Mary's Academy

    The voice that filtered over the speaker made him tense and he turned his back to the door, clearing his throat in an attempt to stall for time and gather his bearings. Cassie had actually carried through with his request and was now asking for his help. The problem was, he hadn't actually believed that she would do it and now found himself ill prepared to deal with the situation. He had no clue as to what he should say or where this would lead. It was dangerous ground and he had no real choice but to carry through. It was his own fault for prying into her privacy and now he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    "Uh, Chris," he mumbled into the phone. "Call me Chris." He turned about again so that he was once more facing the pane of windows that provided a view of the hallway beyond. Sister Daphne was standing out there, watching him. It was as if God himself was scrutinizing him under that if they knew what was about to happen. Chris tried to ignore the power of that gaze and plowed onward.

    "And uh..." he paused to push back the cuff of his shirt sleeve in order to glance at his watch. Eleven-thirty; they could do lunch. "Yeah, sure, that'll...that'll work. My class leaves out at eleven-fifty and I can be over there by noon. I guess...I'll see you soon."

    He hung up the phone before she could respond and ran a hand over his tired eyes, allowing himself to slump back against the counter behind him.

    What the hell was he doing?

    Something was telling him this was a mistake, but he didn't care. He just didn't care. It was like an addiction and he fell a little further every time he tried to satisfy his needs. But really, who was keeping score?

    Straightening his tie, he pushed away from the counter and stepped out of the office with an even gait as if nothing had happened. And that's when he caught sight of Daphne and quickly diverted his gaze. Had she really been staring at him with such intensity or had it only been his imagination? It was hard to tell and so, he had allowed it to pass. Besides, he had more pressing matters to attend to, starting with Cassie.

    TAG: spycoder
  23. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [i]Little Ester?s[/i]

    It was the hotspot on Monday?s. [b]Ester Franks[/b] stood at the front, greeting everyone who came in. The line moved a little slower because of it, but overall it was a pleasurable experience to most who came. Ester spent extra time hiring perfect cooks, and her rating was a 99. It wasn?t a hundred because they offered for her to have it, and Ester wouldn?t take it. She proclaimed that she didn?t want people coming for some simple little score. She wanted them coming for the atmosphere and the food. So it was a 99.

    Once [b]Christopher[/b] walked through, Ester hugged him as she did everyone else.

    ?You are little [b]Naomi?s[/b] husband, aren?t you.? She smiled at him. ?She sure did catch a good one.? Christopher saw [b]Cassie[/b] sitting there, rubbing her neck as she waited. She didn?t have any food in front of her, but she was drinking several sips from her glass. She spotted Chris from a distance and made an audible sigh of relief. Once he sat down in front of her, she made an attempt to smile.

    ?Thank you, Mr. Nichols-I mean Chris.? She rubbed a tear from her eye. ?Even after what I said to you. I?m sorry.? She looked around and caught Ester?s eye. She was peering out from behind her spectacles, almost glaring at the two of them. ?I had to tell you something, Chris. God I just have to get it out. It. . It hurts to keep it in.? She stared at him, losing composure.

    [b]TAG: Han[/b]>
  24. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Christopher Nichols
    Little Esther's

    Little Esther's was one of those small mom and pop diners that every town had. It provided local cuisine in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of familiar faces. The homestyle cooking was unlike any other and it was never a surprise to see a crowd hovering outside the door. Today was no different, even for a Monday afternoon.

    The place was owned by an elderly woman going by the same name as the diner itself. She was friendly enough and always treated the customers with respect, but she also had a bit of a reputation. Chris had heard rumors of her loose lips and her tendency to spread gossip. Many people in the town suspected that she had been the source of many past woes that had rocked their community, but no one wanted to come straight out and blame poor Esther for such problems. She always seemed so innocent and kind, much like she did today. Today she stood at the front of the store, greeting each customer as they passed through the door.

    As it became Chris' turn to exchange greetings with the owner, the older woman swept him up in a loose hug and offered him a few kind words, even taking that extra step to compliment his appearance. Chris felt his cheeks and ears grow warm as he returned the gesture with some awkwardness. It always made him cautious when Esther acted like this. Despite her showing the same affection to all the customers that passed through her door, Chris couldn't help but think that she was singling him out for a particular reason. Did she suspect something? And if so, how long before it made its rounds throughout the town?

    He would need to step lightly this afternoon; to watch his back and remain casual. Any false move would send Esther's lips flapping. That was one particular reason why he never bothered to dine at her place except with family members and close friends. But today...well, today he could make an exception.

    After passing by Esther's roadblock, Chris surveyed his surroundings until he found Cassie sitting alone in a booth adjacent to the front windows of the diner. It wasn't the most private seat in the house, but at least it made them look less conspicuous together; it was just a professor and his student sitting together, discussing business and not afraid to be seen together in the open. Perfect.

    "Hi," he managed to mutter as he slid into the seat across from her. He removed his jacket and placed it on the seat beside him and ordered a cup of coffee when the server made her rounds. All of this he achieved with his eyes straying far from Cassie's face. He still didn't build up enough confidence to confront her straight on.

    "Thank you, Mr. Nichols-I mean Chris," she replied as she rubbed a tear from her eye. "Even after what I said to you. I?m sorry."

    Chris managed a smile and placed his hands on top of the table with fingers intertwined, a nervous gesture. "No, it's alright. Don't worry about it. I've heard much worse, believe me." He could feel Esther's gaze on his back and he inhaled deeply, straightening his posture and forcing himself to finally look Cassie in the eye. He would prove that this was all an innocent meeting. He had nothing to hide.

    "I had to tell you something, Chris," she continued, her composure starting to crack. "God, I just have to get it out. It. . It hurts to keep it in."

    He regarded her for a long moment, studying the contours of her face and frowned as she started to really lose it. It pained him to see a young woman suffering like this. It also brought along with it a tinge of guilt, as if her pain had been all his fault. He had spurred the conversation, after all.

    "Look," he started carefully, keeping his gaze steady on her face. "About that...I didn't mean to pry into your business. Don't feel forced to tell me." He shrugged and curled his hand around the cup of coffee as the server set it down at their table. "I'm sorry."

    TAG: spycoder
  25. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008

    [i]Little Ester?s[/i]

    ?No, no, no. I have to get it out.?

    [b]Cassie[/b] laid her hand on [b]Chris?s[/b].

    ?I know about you and my cousin, first off. That was why I taunted you, I guess. I thought if you would date her, why wouldn?t you do a little something with me. Dammit, I?m so dumb. I know how much you love your wife. I?ve seen her before. She?s beautiful.?

    ?But, that?s not what I?m here about.?

    ?I?m here to explain these.? She showed him her bruises. ?I?m here to-?

    Out of the folds of the restaurant, an imposing man with silver hair walked up and placed a hand on Cassie?s shoulder.

    ?I recommend you leave, Mr. Nichols. Obviously, you are upsetting my daughter.? He glared at Christopher, as if he knew something.

    [b]TAG: Han[/b]>
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