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Drama Darker Tides ~ A Soap Opera

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by spycoder9, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Part 5

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Patrick and Katherine Casper?s House

    Kareen was speechless. She had not expected this. She had expected an outburst, an angry tirade not unlike the one she'd heard over the phone. Insults, name-calling, maybe even a slap or two--anything but this. She wasn't even sure if she believed what she was hearing. Was it a trap, a ruse to get her to drop her guard?

    And as much as Kareen desperately wanted Katherine's forgiveness, somehow, she only felt worse. Her vision swam with tears as she finally found her voice again. " had every right to be angry at me?I'm angry at me. I should have realized..." She quickly swiped at her eyes and continued. "I've been kicking myself for months for not realizing that Patrick was married. 'Big city' detective can't even figure out that the man she's seeing is married to someone else.

    "I'm the one who should be apologizing to you--I feel like I owe you at least that much. You were here, at home, with Devon, while Patrick was with me. I can't imagine how much it must have hurt, when you found out about us, and I am sorry."

    ?It was my fault.? Katherine met Kareen?s eyes. ?I didn?t show him enough. I didn?t tell him enough. I didn?t let him see that I loved him. I had turned into a horrible wife. A failure.? She reached across and placed her hand on Kareen?s. ?I do appreciate this. It is. . .the best thing you could do. In this situation.? She smiled at Kareen. ?That, Kareen, was the past though. The past. We are living for the now. No time for grudges. Natalie is an example of that. Accept my apology, and I accept yours.?

    Kareen managed a smile as well. "Then I will accept your apology...but I never held anything against you, so there really isn't anything to forgive."

    ?Its not as if we can be friends, but I do honor you for doing this. If I ended up working in the same town as my ex-boyfriend?s wife, and had to speak to her, I never would?ve had your courage.? Katherine leaned back in her chair. ?You?re a good woman."

    Kareen couldn't help but shrug. "I try, but I think you may have one better on me--I don't know that I would have forgiven him, if I were in your shoes. I know you just said there's no time for grudges, and normally, I'd agree with you, but's hard, when you don't understand the why of it all."

    It was a question she didn't want to hear the answer to, but at the same time, she needed to know--why Patrick had used her to cheat on his wife, why he had deceived her, why he had hidden his marriage from her. When she had called him and ended their relationship, she hadn't given him time to explain himself. At the time, she'd been in no mood for excuses. Now, she wondered if she'd ever get the chance.

    "And I think you're being too hard on yourself. He chose you, not me. I ended the affair, but he didn't beg me to reconsider; he didn't come crawling to me asking me to take him back. You must have been doing something right, because he stayed with you."

    ?It has not been easy, Kareen, I?ll just say that. Sometimes. . .? Her eyes drifted away. ?Sometimes I wish he had begged you to keep him. It would?ve made things easier. I could?ve moved on. But now I find myself living in his home. With our child. I have tried to make things work but. . .it isn?t. And I can?t leave now, because he would get everything. Or I would end up like Natalie.?

    Katherine shook her head.

    Kareen frowned in concern. "What makes you say that?"

    ?I don?t know. It?s just. . .? Katherine looked up and met Kareen?s eyes. ?I did argue with Heather yesterday. I found out Natalie had been sleeping with the wrong kind of guy. Gave a family secret away or something. I asked Heather why she would give her so much money, and she jumped on me. I told her to calm down and she just screamed at me about calming down. Goodness, it got awful. I?m ashamed of it.?

    ?But the oddness about the whole thing is the fact that Natalie gives the wad of cash to my father-in-law?s chief accoun
  2. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Christopher Nichols
    Little Esther's

    Cassie warmed up to him quick and placed her hand on top of his. He wanted to pull away and hide what was going on, but he found that he couldn't move. He was frozen in place and he simply stared as the young woman started to spill everything she knew about Chris and Cassie's cousin, Amelia. She even had the nerve to bring up his marriage and the possibility of Chris turning his back on that to have a fling with Cassie.

    That last part made him look away and lower his head so that he was gazing into his coffee. "That was before I met Nao--my wife," he explained quietly, not even bothering to deny the fact that he had been together with her cousin at one point. "Things are different now. I know people have been talking, but..."

    He trailed off, unsure if it was due to the fact that he couldn't finish that thought or if Cassie had interrupted him. In either case, it didn't matter. He didn't want to go there anyway.

    But before Cassie could reveal why she had asked him here in the first place, a strange man with silver hair approached their table and laid a large hand on the girl's shoulder in a protective gesture. Chris studied the hand for a long moment before angling his gaze up to look into his face. The expression he saw was none too happy.

    "I recommend you leave, Mr. Nichols," the man said rather sternly. "Obviously, you are upsetting my daughter."

    Daughter? Chris swallowed and diverted his eyes away, not knowing what to say to the man. It probably made him look guilty, but then he realized he had nothing to feel guilty about. It had been an innocent invitation to join her for lunch to discuss something that had been obviously hurting her. Did her father know about the bruises? Or perhaps, he was the culprit.

    "Your daughter needs help," he stated bluntly as he started to slide towards the edge of the booth. "I was only trying to offer it to her. But I'll leave you two be if that's what you want..."

    He grabbed his jacket and started to rise.

    TAG: spycoder
  3. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Little Ester's

    ?No!? Cassie leaped up from her chair. The restaurant, usually live with talk, stopped. ?No! He will not leave. I?m tired of hiding it!?

    She turned to speak to Christopher when her father caught her wrist in a death grip.

    ?How dare you disobey me, young lady. How dare you.? He hissed.

    ?Let go of me. I am twenty years old.? With her free hand she went around and slapped the old man in his face. He stumbled back a few steps, one hand on his cheek. His face remained emotionless.

    ?You will be punished for this.? His voice moved slow, and was cold. He moved a step towards Cassie, who was stepping back towards Christopher.

    TAG: Han
  4. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Chris Nichols
    Little Esther's

    So much for remaining quiet. As it turned out, it wasn't Cassie's father that exploded at his comment, but Cassie herself. The young woman had reached the end of her rope and told off her father in an impressive display that attracted the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Chris instantly sank back into his seat and tilted his head down, not even bothering to look at either Rockford or the other patrons of the restaurant. As far as he was concerned, his world was collapsing around him.

    And then it got worse.

    With the simple action of reaching out to grab her daughter, Mr. Rockford pinned himself as the abuser. Chris' demeanor changed and he started to rise from the booth for a second time, throwing a side glance over to Esther and the others who were watching; a glare that suggested that no one better come near or there will be hell to pay.

    Before he even realized what he was doing, he was moving forward, coming between Cassie and her estranged father to separate them. He glared, lifting his hand to thrust his index finger into the other man's chest. "That's enough! I think you better back off, Mr. Rockford. If you need to know why we're's because she was going to tell me about the bruises." He paused, allowing that revelation to sink in. "And I believe you know the ones I'm talking about. You did this to her, didn't you?"

    He shook his head in disgust and continued on before the older man had a chance to throw out excuses. "You better get the hell out of here before I get the cops involved. I'm sure they'll have no problems locking your sorry ass up in jail...especially after what happened with Natalie. This town has had enough crime for a while."

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  5. JediMasterAnne

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Outside Patrick and Katherine Casper?s House--Xander York and Natalie Crane's House

    The two of them walked out the door, with Katherine standing there bidding them off. She insisted Kareen take some of the tea, and poured it into a mug. Once they finally left, Katherine closed her front door.

    Robert and Kareen reached the police car and got inside.

    ?What did she say?? Eagerly, Robert stared at her.

    Kareen was silent for several seconds, still amazed at how well things had gone between her and Katherine.

    "She apologized to me. I apologized to her. The past is the past.

    "As far as information relevant to our case...she admitted to arguing with Heather yesterday--she asked Heather what the money was for and Heather pounced on her. And whoever was blackmailing Natalie had the initial 'S' in their name; Katherine saw the envelope from the card he sent to Natalie to issue his demands.

    "Did we hear back from the station about whether Heather actually went to Hawaii or not? Katherine doesn't think she did. She seemed really concerned."

    ?I?ll call her.?

    Robert dialed the station?s number.

    ?Hello? Elizabeth. Where?s the Chief? OK, thanks.? He shut the phone off and then opened it up again. ?Elizabeth said she went out for lunch. Said she looked exhausted and her son wasn?t answering the phone.? He dialed another number and sat in silence for a few seconds.

    ?Amy.? He sighed in relief. ?Yes, do you have any information on Heather?s whereabouts? Well good. Katherine said she was worried about her. And she told us that the man who was having an affair with Natalie gave her a card. And on the envelope was an ?S?. Any ideas? Well, I thought him too, but you wouldn?t think he would be foolish enough to wrap himself up in these matters. Aw, well, thanks anyway. It?ll ease our minds anyway. Bye.? Robert hung up the phone and turned to Kareen.

    ?She said Heather did catch a flight to Hawaii. She was on the flight, and was even seen from behind walking to the plane. Why she left to Hawaii, the Chief doesn?t know exactly. But she did leave.?

    Kareen frowned, then shook her head, still stunned that Heather had actually left town. "Well, like I told Katherine, it's probably safer for her if she did leave. The way people keep turning up dead...people who know things about this...

    "But she's still the only one left who knows who that money was going to. With her gone, we're at a dead end.

    "The 'S' could be anything--the Sylvesters immediately come to mind, but Katherine admitted she didn't see what the card actually said, just the envelope. It could be a last name, a first name--it may not even be a personal initial, it could be a company logo or symbol."

    Heather had picked a very inconvenient time to skip town.

    ?We have to find that envelope. Do you think Natalie could?ve went to her home? I believe she shared it with her boyfriend.?

    "It's possible, but I wonder if she would have risked leaving it somewhere Xander might find it. At any rate, we'd need his permission to search the place."

    It wasn't a prospect Kareen looked forward to. Xander had been through enough in the last couple of days, she felt as if to search his home would be an invasion of his privacy. But Robert was right. They needed to find that card.

    Robert opened his list of contacts on his phone and pulled up Xander?s. He reached him fairly easily and asked if they could enter his and Natalie?s house. He told them about the spare key, and then said good-bye.

    ?We?re in.? He grinned at Kareen as he slammed on the gas and sped towards Xander and Natalie?s home. They arrived within several minutes. It was around lunchtime, but the two of them were two intrigued by the case to stop and eat.

    From the looks of the house, it was obvious the two of them planned on settling down and starting a family. Cute, two-story, perfect for a family. Kind of sad, under the circumstances. Robert dug under the doormat and pulled out the key. He opened the door and they would begin the
  6. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Little Ester's

    Mr. Rockford was silent. His eyes shifted from his frightened daughter to the imposing Christopher to the spectators who were silently cheering Chris on. He grunted and used his shoulder to push past the two of them. Never had he been so publicly embarrassed. In his mind he swore a silent revenge. He would first off disown his daughter. That was a must. She didn't even deserve the money, anyway, so it didn't hurt him too bad.

    Ester moved away from the door as he passed by, watching in awe. If she had been less civilized, she would've licked her lips at all of the tasty drama happening right inside her restaurant.

    "Thank you." Cassie whispered to Chris as she picked up her purse and coat. The other diners watched the two of them. She hugged Chris once and then walked out the store, tears in her eyes.

    She left all of them to stare at Chris.

    TAG: Han


    OOC: Check out the Library Thread in the RPR. It isn't all the way updated, but I'll continue to work on it. Thanks to Anne who is writing up the little summaries. Congrats to everyone for making it this far. If anyone is confused as to what is going on (this is very fast paced) please PM me. I'm not afraid to fill you in. :D I hope everyone else is having a blast. And we are just at the beginning of this little mystery. Much more fun to come. :)
  7. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Chris Nichols
    Little Ester's

    Chris knew that as soon as the other man had sheepishly left the restaurant, he had made an enemy. Then again, that wasn't something new when it came to the Rockford family. Due to his actions with Cassie's cousin, Amelia, he had had a falling out with her uncle, who just so happened to be his mentor during college way back when. The man had sworn to expose him when he found out and that was probably where Cassie's father had heard the news. However, even with the threats, everything had remained simply rumors and now, it had come full circle. He had enough evidence to blackmail both of them. If either one spoke a word to anyone concerning his past with Amelia, there will be hell to pay and the secret Cassie's father had been hiding about beating his own daughter would be wide open for all of Riverview to see.

    The entirety of the restaurant was still staring in their general direction when Cassie hugged him and bid her farewells. Chris returned the gesture without hesitation and watched solemnly as she made her exit.

    He began to settle back down in the booth, ignoring the eyes that were still on him when a thought suddenly crossed his mind. With the falling out with her father, did Cassie even have a place to stay from now on? It was a crazy notion and he was fairly certain Naomi would disapprove of the idea, but he couldn't just let her be kicked to the curb, especially with winter coming. Besides that, he couldn't help but think that the outcome had been his fault. If only he had kept his mouth shut...

    Rising with determination, he pulled on his coat and dropped some cash on the table to cover the bill before sprinting for the door, pushing through nosy patrons and even Ester herself in the process.

    Staggering out onto the sidewalk, he glanced both ways before spotting Cassie's retreating back heading east away from the college campus. He sighed with relief; caught her just in time.

    "Cassie!" he called, now starting to follow along behind her at a brisk pace in order to catch up. "Cassie, wait! I know this is gonna sound crazy, but do you have somewhere to go?" He winced, the words coming out of his mouth sounding wrong even to his own ears. Still, he pushed on. "You know...a place to stay?"

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Final part of the massive combined post with the GM

    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Riverview Police Station?Chris and Naomi Nichols?s House

    Once Kareen and Robert returned to station, they went to their case room. Robert scribbled all of their latest developments onto the board, and then stepped back to observe it.

    ?So. . .Natalie had a son. When he was born, she left him with her mother, I presume? She had an affair with someone willing to kill her to get what he wants. By the way, him mentioning that he could have her killed stuck out to me. That means he has to have some cash to have her killed. Which means he also has to be intelligent.? Robert tapped his chin as he stood back at the board. ?Yesterday, we know Natalie went to a tea with Heather, Katherine, Natasha, and Devon. Her grandmother gave her a envelope of cash, which we now believe was used to pay off this mystery man.? He turned to Kareen.

    ?Natalie gave the money to Carlos Sanchez, who then proceeded to bring the money to this man. Natalie had a card from him while she was at the tea, that we know of. So that means that Natalie went back to her house. She had to be on the phone with someone. And then she ends up at the park, where she attacked, and then killed.? He nodded. ?So where do we go from here? Our main priority would be to find Natalie?s child. And to find it we need to find Susanna Crane. But Chief told me that she was flying down over night. Which would mean she was already in Riverview.? He hurried to the door as he talked. ?Which means someone is this much closer to finding the child.? He looked at Kareen as he opened the door to the room.

    ?We have to find him.?

    Kareen studied the board. This was starting to get very tangled. "Well, there are only so many places Susanna would go once she got here, I think. We know she isn't here at the station, and she didn't go to Natasha or to Patrick and Katherine, or we would have seen her. Which leaves either her father's estate, or Chris and Naomi Nichols' house."

    ?I have a feeling that she wouldn?t go to her parent?s home. Something hints that they don?t get along. Especially her father. Of course, Heather isn?t actually her mother, but still, the two of them don?t get along. So, I guess our best bet would be to check out Naomi?s house.?

    Kareen picked up the car keys. "Let's go then."

    A few minutes later?

    The driveway of the Nichols?s home had two cars in it already. One was the vehicle that Naomi drove around, but the other was a silver one. It sparkled in the sun, and looked only a few days old. Two men in business suits stood outside the door, knocking furiously. Once Robert and Kareen had stepped out of the car, the men?s voices could be heard.

    ?Open. The. Door!?

    ?Step away from the door!? Robert shouted at the men as he pulled out his gun and aimed it at them. One man turned around to Robert, and pulled out a sheet of paper.

    ?Mordecai Casper was the last caretaker of Natalie Crane. He is the temporary caretaker of the child until a permanent one is decided!? One man spoke to them as they other knocked.

    Kareen was shaking her head at the men. "That is for Social Services to decide. Natalie Crane was not a minor at the time of her son's birth, therefore the choice of a guardian for him was hers, not Mordecai Casper's."

    ?Ah,? the man pulled another sheet of paper out, ?But we can also prove how Susanna is an unfit parent for this child. Mordecai Casper is the rightful guardian of the child.?

    "Then prove it to a judge in a custody hearing." Kareen was getting frustrated. She wasn't an expert on family law, and honestly, she didn't care who was watching the child, as long as she knew he was safe. "Unless you have a signed order from a judge, you cannot legally remove that child from his current guardian."

    ?We do.? The man pulled out the order and showed it to Kareen. ?Mr. Casper wants to make sure his great grandson is in the finest of care.?

    Kareen frowned at the order, before handing it back to the man. To herself, she
  9. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander York
    Xander?s Garage[blockquote] ?Sorry mom. I just had to get out of there. Some reporter or someone like that kept calling the cabin. I was in no mood to talk and the TV was all about Natalie.? Xander went back to working on his cars until his cell phone went off, ?For the love?? he looked at the number and was tempted to throw it away, but ended up answering it, ?Xander? Hi Robert? of course you can look in our apartment? sure there?s a spare key hidden under our mailbox? Anything to help out the RPD.?

    He hung up the phone and looked over at his mom, ?Why would Robert and Karen want to search mine and Natalies apartment? Am I a suspect? What haven?t you been telling me Mom??[/blockquote]TAG: spycoder
  10. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Xander's Garage



    Amy led Xander to a bench and stared him down.

    ?Natalie had a child.?

    She let that bombshell settle before she could continue.

    ?A boy.? She nodded as she looked down at her hands. ?I don?t know. . .if he is your child. . .I?m guessing it is possible? Don?t tell me that. I don?t want to know. But last night, when you asked me . . .I couldn?t tell you then.? Amy placed her hand on her son?s back.

    ?Natalie. . .dammit. . .? Amy cursed. ?I don?t want to say this. I don?t want to be the one to do this to you.?

    She wiped a tear from her eye.

    ?She was having an affair, Xander. No strings attached, and she broke it off after the first two or three times of meeting him. But. . .but. . .we believe she was killed by the man she was with.?

    Amy couldn?t believe she was having to do this.

    ?I will try to find out who?s child this is Xander."

    She stared out the window of the place while she rubbed her head.


    "Just know this.? She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and hugged him tight. ?I love you. I will always be here. No matter what happens."



    OOC: Updates for everyone except for CPL come tomorrow. Your post is above, CPL. :D Also, I want everyone to know to check back at the library thread frequently. I have been trying to update it, though I didn't get to it tonight. A full summary of everything that has happened (thanks to Anne) is up and ready to read for anyone who feels left out. All of the characters (except for Draco, sorry about that, his is coming) are up. Family tree isn't there yet, but I'm slowly updating NPC's (which I will say are ALWAYS open for anyone to take as their character). I'm hoping Tjace and dreven will respond tomorrow. Also, Fin and Draco haven't disappeared. :p The game is so fast paced that they aren't able to keep up exactly, but we are working on it anyway. A couple of combined posts. And Fin might fade to the background in the near future, but Mordecai would always be there for him to take back up when he had more time. Like I end all of these, I just want to say I hope everyone is having fun with this little murder mystery. [face_skull] Let the games continue.
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    Aug 19, 2007
    Rufus Jameson & Mordecai Casper

    The modern, sophisticated office surprised Rufus a bit. He had expected something more southern, something more . . . aged. But Mordecai Casper was probably a man full of surprises, was he? That was probably the reason for his success. Rufus himself was as predictable as Irish catholic ex-cops got. Yet, people like Casper seemed to consider him an enigma. Which was probably, because he applied morale standards to things. Moral standards was something Casper certainly considered foolish or dishonest. Rufus only had to look at the pictures on the walls or his history with the man to know, Mordecai was a social darwinist.
    A deep breath of his cigarette and his eyes returned to the man.

    Mordecai Casper gave him a smile and took a breath of his own cigar.

    ?Sure you don´t wanna Whisky, Jameson? I remember last time you found it quite tasty.? Mordecai behaved as if he was on Holiday and not in the midst of a murder investigation.

    ?Sir, buy me a bottle when I crack this case, yes?? He leaned back. ?So, the cops are on it, I shall dig myself. No matter what you pay, you are aware police is often better prepared for solving murder than private parties, are you?? Rufus killed off his cig and looked up. ?I can try my best, but I got a reason why I do not get paid depending on success. I also advise we cooperate with the cops. I might dig up leads, but they got the means to analyze them. If you prefer me to do it my own, or if there is a reason why you think I alone might be a better fit for the job . . . this would be the time to tell me.?

    Mordecai nodded. ?I don´t trust our police. After all someone killed the coroner amidst the other cops. But you will do this as you see fit. Just keep my name clear and make sure I get this bastard.? Mordecai looked at Ruf. Here they were. Sooner or later they had to come to this point.

    Rufus leaned forward once more. ?Sir, I will do my best to find your suspected murderer. But I won´t be part of lynch-justice. Give him to the cops. I understand your anger, but everybody will know it was you. It will damage you. It always finds a way to do so.? Rufus sighed. ?If that guy doesn´t surrender once found though, be assured I don´t risk my life and I don´t do warning shots. That said, what have you got for me??

    ?My wife, before she left for Hawaii, revealed she indeed paid money to my grand-daughter. It seems to be not involved with the child my grand-daughter had given birth to in secrecy. So I can only assume it was about business or someone blackmailed her.? Mordecai leaned back. ?I will know soon.?
    Rufus nodded again. ?Well, the Coroner seems to be the key here. Why did he have to die? That is the question? Drugs in her blood? Marks on her body? Hell, it enough money involved I think we cannot even be sure it´s her until we got genetic proof. The coroner though seems to be the opening. He wasn´t planned. He was improvised. Quite skillful, but nevertheless . . . you don´t murder someone if you do not have to. You let them vanish, let them have an accident. If you murder him in plain sight, you have to. Psychologically or factual obligations make you kill him. Which means we´re playing on time here.?
    Mordecai raised his brow. ?Yes? I thought most murders were solved within the first day??

    Rufus looked up. ?Yes, but this one will murder again. The more murders the more evidence. He isn´t done. We will see more of him. Your accountant also died I heard? He was the one transporting money for Natalie? You see the pattern?? Rufus smiled.

    Mordecai nodded. Only a nod which left no room for any insight or interpretation.

    ?That last murder is the second key. On the streets. With a million dollars meant for me.?

    Mordecai looked up, he hadn´t seen it like this.

    ?Sir, where would you have assassinated me, if you had to? Think about it?? Rufus leaned back. ?Office? Motel? But the street? How do you know someone is there? And how do you know I have the money on me if I am Carlos? How do you know such things??
  12. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander York
    Xander?s Garage[blockquote] ?Xander.?

    She was being serious. The only time she used his proper name was when she had something serious she wanted to talk about.

    ?Natalie had a child.?

    He didn?t know if he was up for this type of news right now.

    ?A boy. I don?t know. . .if he is your child. . .I?m guessing it is possible? Don?t tell me that. I don?t want to know.?

    ?Mom,? he interrupted her, ?seriously, like I would even discuss that with you right now.?

    ?But last night, when you asked me . . . I couldn?t tell you then.?

    ?Why couldn?t you tell me last night? There is something more going on here isn?t there??

    ?Natalie. . .dammit. . . I don?t want to say this. I don?t want to be the one to do this to you.?

    She was crying which meant this was the true issue, not the fact that Natalie was pregnant but what was going to come out of her mouth next.

    ?She was having an affair, Xander.?

    ?No! No way! That can?t be true!? He tried to stop her from continuing on, but she wasn?t listening.

    ?. . . No strings attached, and she broke it off after the first two or three times of meeting him. But. . .but. . .we believe she was killed by the man she was with.?

    Xander could not wrap his head around everything that was happening. He was supposed to be getting engaged, not finding out that his future fiancé was cheating on him and had an illegitimate child.

    ?I will try to find out whose child this is Xander."

    He had to leave. He had to get out of there. Even here, which was supposed to be his escape, he could not get away from all the madness.

    "Just know this.? She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and hugged him tight. ?I love you. I will always be here. No matter what happens."

    ?I love you, too, Mom.? He got up and walked over to his track racer and started closing it up. ?Listen mom I got a lot of work to do here. So I?ll see you at dinner?? He strolled over to her and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. ?Oh and don?t worry about the TV and phone. I?ll take care of it.?[/blockquote]TAG: spycoder
  13. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    [link=]EPISODE SIX - WHO?S THE DADDY?[/link]



    An abandoned child caught in a custody battle.

    A dead woman unable to speak.

    An exhausted boyfriend lost in his memories.

    A grieving family caught up in their lies.

    A detective who finds himself thrown into a mystery.

    A young cop who is shoved into the thick of things.

    And then, of course, we have a murderer.

    Is the murderer one of these people?

    Possibly. Possibly not.

    That?s for me to know and you to find out.
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    Jul 23, 2008
    Outside Little Ester's

    At the sound of his voice Cassie turned around. Others of the sidewalk only half noticed the conversation, and pushed past her as she walked back to him. Something looked different about her. Good different. She looked like that caged bird that had just been set free. A light smile touched her lips as she stopped in front of him.

    ?Really? You would really do that for me?? She hugged him around his neck and squeezed. Then she blushed and leaned back.

    ?But, I mean, after what I said about your wife. And me suddenly staying with you.? She glanced over her shoulder. A creepy feeling of being watched crept down her arms and her legs. ?Listen to me! I just got thrown out of my house, and now someone offers to take me in and I want to try to talk them out of it. Silly me!?

    Cassie?s smile faded for a second as she looked around before focusing on Chris again.

    ?Funny, isn?t. How so much can change in one day?" The vacant look in her eyes suddenly filled up again. "With Natalie, I mean. It must be hard on your wife."

    TAG: Han


    The Nichols Household

    No reply came.

    Robert waved the stronger of the two men to him and together they bashed the front door. Robert would pay himself to fix that door, as long as he could see that child. It sort of intrigued him, this whole case. The revelation that Natalie had a child. And that the child had turned up in this town.

    ?No! No, please!? Susanna screamed in the living room. All four of them entered the living room where Susanna was crawling out from under the table. Naomi stood off to the side, watching in shock. Susanna had her hands in the air, but Robert took her hands and shoved her off to the side.

    ?Where is the kid?? Robert asked.

    ?I-I-? She was sobbing.

    ?Where. Is. The. Kid??


    ?We will arrest you, Susanna.? She continued to cry as she stared into Robert?s eyes. He leaned in and whispered. ?Give him up. You know your father.? He glanced at the two men. ?You can fight this. You can get the child.? He leaned back.

    ?He?s-he?s-? She pointed under the sink with tears trailing down her cheeks. Robert rushed towards the sink and opened the doors. A cute little boy in jeans and a plaid shirt looked up at Robert with big blue eyes. Even through all of this sadness, Robert sighed in relief. At least there was one victory, whether it was small or not. They actually had the kid.

    This is Natalie?s child.

    ?Kareen, come here. He?d probably come to you over big old ugly me!? He smiled at the little boy. He cocked his head at Robert before turning his attention to the pretty red haired woman.

    TAG: Anne, Tjace
  15. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Xander?s Garage

    Amy stared at her son for several seconds.


    She had seen many like this in her history of informing grieving family members. Those who refused to show their emotions from the beginning usually blew up at the end.

    She walked to the doorway and opened it. She turned, seemingly wishing she could say something. She just sighed and left.

    Leaving Xander to his thoughts.

    And his car.

    TAG: CPL


    OOC: Updates here. When dreven responds, he will get an update. Also, Draco, I PMed you with an idea. So, with that we are off. The day will end with this episode. Trying not to drag things out, if you notice. :p Also, Ktala has a post coming. I would post it, but I think they have more a creepy element when she posts them. :D
  16. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Chris and Naomi Nichols?s House

    Kareen stood back as the scene unfolded, feeling very sorry for Susanna. When she finally admitted where the child was, Kareen followed Robert to the sink where the child was hiding. Robert opened the doors, revealing a cute little boy hidden inside. He looked confused, scared, his eyes wide as he looked at Robert.

    Natalie?s son.

    ?Kareen, come here. He?d probably come to you over big old ugly me!? Robert half-joked, trying to break the tension.

    One of the few odd parts of her job that Kareen truly enjoyed was occasionally getting to deal with children?though these interactions usually resulted from less-than-enjoyable circumstances, like this one, she liked to think that she could make an impression on children, teach them that police officers were there to help, not to make matters worse. Just now, she had a bad feeling that this boy might not exactly think that, once he realized that he couldn?t stay with his grandmother, but it wasn?t something Kareen had any real control over. The most she could do was to try to make it a little easier?something that she was beginning to think that the two other men would not have done.

    Kareen carefully got on her knees in front of the boy. His eyes shifted from Robert to her, and she cautiously held out her hand to the child.

    ?Hey, there. You wanna come out from under there?? she asked gently.

    TAG: spycoder, (tjace)
  17. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Chris Nichols
    Outside Little Ester's

    Chris began to regret his decision as soon as he saw Cassie's demeanor change and her eyes light up with gratitude and excitement. This had been a big mistake. Once again, he had simply acted out without thinking and now he there were consequences to contend with. What was he going to tell Naomi?

    "Uh, well I--" he was stuttering over his words, sounding like a complete jackass when Cassie thrust her arms around him and pulled him down into a tight hug. This time, he didn't bother to return the gesture. He just simply stood there, his muscles feeling like jelly as he glanced beyond Cassie to the passerby on the street. To his mind's eye, every person that passed was holding them under a fine-toothed comb, silently judging them for their actions and no doubt condemning them to whatever hell that existed. Chris closed his eyes tight to try and shut out those images from his mind and was thankfully rewarded when Cassie broke off her hug and released him.

    Staggering back, Chris stared at her as he nonchalantly brushed at his coat, wiping away the invisible specks of dirt as he tried to remain calm. He didn't like the feeling of being vulnerable. Perhaps that was the difference between being in the safety of your own home compared to being out on the street where everyone could gawk.

    "But, I mean, after what I said about your wife. And me suddenly staying with you..." She trailed off, glancing over her shoulder. Was that a hint of caution and nervousness he detected? Good, then she was feeling the same way...

    "Listen to me! I just got thrown out of my house, and now someone offers to take me in and I want to try to talk them out of it. Silly me!"

    Yup, she was definitely unsure of the whole situation. Why else would she be getting all defensive? She was trying to justify it in her own mind. For some reason, Chris got a rise out of that and smiled, a combination of nervous tension and genuine humor. He was slowly beginning to regain his confidence and fall back into old ways. If all of this worked out, it might actually be fun.

    "Don't worry," he replied in a low baritone, trying to ease her mind. "It'll be won't be intruding. I'll just talk to Naomi--I'm sure she'll be fine with it, especially after what happened."

    "Funny, isn?t it. How so much can change in one day?" Cassie continued after a moment, the vacant look in her eyes filling up again at the mention of his wife. "With Natalie, I mean. It must be hard on your wife."

    The smile melted from Chris' face as he turned and began to walk. He gestured behind for Cassie to follow. That wasn't exactly the turn he had expected the conversation to take. Not Natalie...

    "It was a real shock," he muttered in a rather flat tone, trying to choose his words carefully. "You never expect something to happen to someone that young. Real shame. We'll get through it, though. She's holding up okay." He turned to look at her, a slight twinkle evident in his eye. "In fact, bringing you back to the house may go a long way to cheer her up. She could go for some company every once and a while. You know, help her get her mind off things."

    TAG: spycoder
  18. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    What? No snide comments? No Pithy sayings?


    Fine then! You did miss a grand show. It was classic. Clue the eerie haunting music. A lone car slowly winds down a road. Pause, as the car pulls over and stops. The camera angle hangs low, as a lone occupant steps out of the car. You can only see the bottom of a long coat, and some boots moving through the woods, the leaves crunching softly with each step. The music slowly builds.

    Gotta love the classics!

    Now it gets good. In the distance, you can hear music. Faint at first,
    but growing steady with each step. You know the type, the loud
    thumping mess that so many people connect with motorcycle riders or
    rave conventions. The pulse of the music almost makes your ears ache,
    but it is good. The fools playing the music can not hear your approach.

    They are busy anyway. They are enjoying themselves. You can smell the
    heavy odor of marijuana in the air. A bottle of whiskey is being
    passed between the pair, as they are busy arguing.

    "YOU AGREED!! 50/50 Split!..."

    "... Yeah..that was before you punked out, and I ended up doing all

    the work!!..."


    ...."Yeah, well who ended up shooting the guy?!?!!"

    .. <sputtering>

    Yep, they can not hear a thing. And they are wasted. I must be living
    right. Oh I tell you, It was classic. They did not even hear me
    approaching. Sometimes, simple is best. Most tend to over think things.

    But the old adage really works best. I mean, really....


    Oh funny. Now you have me rambling. I always said that I would not fall into that old schtick. And here you have me over-explaining things. So I wont bore you with the boring details.


    Yeah, I know. Lets just say, that at the end of things, you have two dead idiots, with a million dollars in cash strewn about the crime scene. Both of them shot. The bullets would match each others gun. So tempting to take a few, you know, for security reasons. But I know who's filth it belongs too. Yeah. No mystery here. We know what happened.

    Did I have to do anything?



    Why should I ruin the fun for everyone?

  19. tjace

    tjace Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2008
    IC: Naomi Nichols
    Chris and Naomi Nichols?s House

    Things were beginning to accelerate beyond Naomi?s ability to respond. Here was her estranged half-sister Susanna at her door, seeking refuge for herself and a mysterious boy, one who seemed to mean a lot to her. Naomi hadn?t seen her as protective of someone since Natalie was small.

    Before they had even settled in, there came another knock at her door. A heavy knock, followed by loud, deep voices. Susanna?s nervousness became a full-fledged panic, as she urged Naomi to do something while attempting to find an impromptu hiding place for the boy. Naomi?s heart raced, but her mind seemed to be made of molasses. She wouldn?t be much good against thugs like these. She snatched the house phone off of its stand, ready to call the police. Only the police were already here.

    Kareen Gillis? muffled voice came through the door. "Ms. Crane? This is Detective Kareen Gillis with Riverview Police Department. These gentlemen have a court order to take your grandson into your father's custody.

    "I know you just lost your daughter, and I understand that you do not wish to lose your grandson as well, and you can fight this. But this is not the way to do it. You will have the option to contest this in front of a judge at another time. Right now, we need you to cooperate with us. If you do not comply with this court order, we will have to arrest you."


    Grandson? Then that means?
    Naomi glanced at the little boy. Natalie?s?

    She was still trying to process this crazy series of events when from the front door camp a thump, then a crack as Officer Long and one of her father?s henchmen busted down her front door. Susanna was screaming her head off next to her. Great. Chris will be just thrilled to see that, was the best that Naomi?s mind, now nearing hysterics itself, could manage at this invasion.

    Officer Gillis went over to? her grandson. While Officer Long tried to calm her sister. Naomi went over to the latter pair first, in time to hear him encouraging Susanna to fight for the boy. All of a sudden, Naomi wasn?t so sure that the Sylvesters had been behind the murders. If he would stoop to kidnapping and home invasion, and let?s face it, that?s what this is, who knew how far he?d go? There was one thing she knew, however. As difficult as it was to say. ?I?m here for you, Sue. We?ll fight this. I?m not going to let Father take Natalie?s son.?

    Well, that die is cast. As if my relationship with Father wasn?t complicated enough.

    Now feeling more confident and assertive, she walked over to Officer Gillis. ?You take care of him. Make sure that he gets to my Father?s safely, I don?t care what it takes; whoever murdered Natalie is sure to be after him too.?

    TAG: spycoder, Anne
  20. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Xander York
    Riverview Raceway[blockquote] There were some basic rules when it came to using the track at the Riverview Raceway. Never drive alone, never drive angry, and never drive at night. Xander knew these rules and he was also breaking every single one of them. Of course he had slipped the security guards some extra cash so that they would allow him on to the track. But their job was to watch the outside of the track and not what was happening on the track.

    The first couple of laps that he did were normal and under control but as he kept circling the track his mind started to wander.

    Natalie was dead. Natalie had a son. Was he the father? Natalie was sleeping around. Was that scumbag the father? Was someone else the father? What would he do if he was the father? Was her lover her killer?

    He was mad at her, not for sleeping with someone else. But that she had done it while they were together. At least when he had finally hooked up with Amelia Rockford that drunken night towards the end of his sophomore year he had been single.

    The more and more he dwelled on Natalie, the faster and faster he drove, and the harder he cried. With tears streaming down his face and filling his eyes, he did not realize how close he actually was to the outside wall of the track. When he did finally come to his senses, it startled him and he reflexively jerked the car away from the impeding hazard.

    The erratic move caused the racecar to go into a spin. He tried to evenly apply the brakes to get the vehicle under control when suddenly the pedal went straight to the floor. His brakes were gone and his car pitched sideways. He braced himself for the inevitable impact. Both the tires on left side lifted off the ground allowing enough air under the car to send it into a violent roll down the back straight away of the track and didn?t come to rest until it slammed into the wall on the otherside.

    Xander wasn?t moving. [/blockquote]TAG: spycoder
  21. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Chris and Naomi Nichols?s House

    As she waited for the little boy to come out of his hiding place, Kareen heard a voice behind her. ?You take care of him. Make sure that he gets to my Father?s safely, I don?t care what it takes; whoever murdered Natalie is sure to be after him too.?

    Naomi Nichols was just behind her. Kareen briefly turned away from the child, locking eyes with Naomi. ?We know that, and I promise, we will make sure he is protected, and that he is well-looked-after.?

    Kareen turned back to the boy, her smile returning. ?Are you gonna come out of there??

    TAG: spycoder, tjace
  22. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    The Nichols Household

    He took her outstretched hand and crawled out from under the cabinet. Susanna sat in a chair, shaking with her sobs. She had everything under control. Natalie had left him with her. Not her bastard father. They couldn?t do this. She had raised him. Susanna leaped up.

    ?You can?t take him!? She was screaming as one of the men took the little boy?s hands. ?You can?t!? Clawing air she screeched as Robert held her back. ?No! No! Please!? The child noticed his grandmother and rushed towards her. His hands were almost at her when the man reached him and held him back.

    ?Grammie! Grammie!? His little voice pierced the soul of everyone in the room. Even the two men found it hard to take this little boy away. Susanna was literally a mess. ?Alex! Please, Alex, please, you can?t take him away!? Alex, kicking and screaming, was led from the room.

    The men walked out the hole where the door had rested.

    Robert gently let Susanna fall to her knees as she stared at Kareen. It was obvious he didn?t approve of any of this.

    TAG: Anne, tjace


    Others coming.
  23. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Riverview Raceway

    Randy McCarver checked his watch.

    ?He?s been in there a long time.? He glanced at his fellow security guard. A strong black man who looked as if he wished to be anywhere else but here.

    ?He?s a racer. Give him some time. He was the girl that died?s boyfriend, right??

    ?Yeah.? Randy checked back over his shoulder. He listened for a moment. ?It?s really quiet in there.?

    ?He?s probably just getting ready to leave.? The black man was getting irritated at Randy.

    ?Maybe I should check on him.?

    ?Randy, am I right?? He nodded. ?Calm down. Nothing happens at this raceway. Especially with one person on the track. He looked like a stable kid. He can handle himself.?

    Randy nodded and quieted down. Five minutes passed by. Ten minutes. Fifteen. Twenty. Randy tapped his foot and checked his watch.

    ?Go check.? The man growled at Randy as he rubbed his bald head and read over the newspaper. Front Headlines: ?Hometown Beauty Murdered in Park.?

    As Randy got closer, he could hear something. Crackling, was it? Yes, a crackling noise. Randy came out to the arena. Fire illuminated the dark night. It was only five thirty, but already pitch black. And in the darkness was a fire blazing on the pieces of a crushed racecar, which lay upside down. And in the driver?s seat, hanging upside down, was a dark figure.

    ?No! No, no, no!? Randy rushed over to the car, screaming the word as he did. He knew exactly who this boy was now. He looked almost exactly like his mother. He came to a stop at the shattered window. The smell of burning gasoline filled his nose. Randy dropped onto his knees. Jagged glass skewered his knees. ?Come on, kid. Come on.?

    ?Randy?? The black security guard came out and saw it. He rubbed his bald head in awe. He ripped his walkie talkie off his belt and put it up to his lips.

    ?We?ve got a wrecked racecar. One person, a man, inside. The car is on fire and I can smell gasoline. We need an ambulance quick. It?s Amy York?s son. Does that make a difference?? The black man shouted into it.

    Randy managed to get Xander?s seatbelt undone and pull his bloody body from the car. He kept telling him it would be alright, but for some reason Randy felt like it wouldn?t He had been the one to let him race so late. And he had known who he was, what emotional state he was in.

    Randy dragged Xander?s body as far as he could away from the car and laid him down. His eyes were closed. Blood trailed down his face. Randy felt for a pulse and found one. A very, very weak one.

    Randy saw something glinting beside the car and stood. He told the black man to make sure he kept a consistent pulse, whether it was weak or not. Randy ran over and reached down to pick up the phone. As he raised up, he saw a text message. From Mom.

    Srry, if I hurt u. I love u sweetie. Come home.

    Randy heard something. A spark. What could that be-

  24. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Riverview Raceway

    The explosion hurtled pieces of shrapnel in all directions. Caught in a blazing inferno, Randy was tossed threw the air. He landed onto the ground with a crash. His shoulder snapped like a twig as he rolled for several seconds. Fire licked the sidewalk and crept up towards Randy. The black security guard stomped on the last of the flames. Two men with a stretcher and emergency medical bag had already approached Xander. Debating whether to split up or continue to both put their efforts to save one man, the black man turned Randy over. Randy?s body was dark red, almost purple. His eyes were swollen shut. His left arm was cocked out at an odd angle.

    ?It?ll be okay Randy. You and the kid are going to turn out fine.? He moved away as one of the paramedics came to Randy and examined him. The second pair of ambulance drivers arrived, along with four or five police officers. Firefighters came in dragging massive hoses as they sprayed down the burning husk.

    And then one more person came walking into the raceway. Her brown hair fell over her shoulders perfectly, and her eyes were desperate to find her son.

    Amy York walked slowly, almost unbelieving, into the arena.


    Her voice was little more than a whisper. She stepped forward a couple of steps before she collapsed onto her knees. Another officer helped her up, and then persuaded her to head on to the hospital. It would be best for her.

    Xander was loaded onto an ambulance. He had yet to open his eyes, and an oxygen mask was on his mouth. Only seconds later Randy boarded the other ambulance. The other security guard stared in awe at what had happened. Several officers questioned him, but all he could say was that Xander York had wanted to ride, and they had let him.

    Now he was on the verge of death.

    TAG: None (CPL)
  25. JediMasterAnne

    JediMasterAnne Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Kareen Gillis
    Chris and Naomi Nichols?s House

    That was not how it should have gone. Kareen was torn between anger at the two men for their cold methods and a deep sympathy for Susanna and the little boy?Alex, Susanna called him. Worse still, she felt like the men had used her to get the boy?Robert had suggested she try to lure him out, but if this was how the men were going to go about the separation, they might as well have just dragged Alex out themselves.

    Kareen swiped at her eyes before briefly meeting Robert?s, giving him a clear sometimes I hate this job look. She felt terrible. She got to her feet and moved to where Susanna had collapsed, kneeling down beside her, tentatively placing a hand on her shoulder.

    ?Susanna, I?m so sorry,? she began. ?I didn?t intend for it to go that way.?

    TAG: spycoder, tjace
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