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    Italics denotes mind speech or thought.

    Time period: JA book 1

    Qui-Gon Jinn doesn?t take Obi-Wan as his apprentice, but the force wants him too so *it* forms a tentative bond between them. Jinn refuses that bond.

    I wrote this a long time ago and just knocked the dust off it!!!


    Master Jinn broke into a smile as soon as he stepped into the transport that was to carry him to his next mission. There in front of him was his dearest friend, Master Mace Windu. It had been since the last Padawan Choosing, a month ago since the two spoke.

    ?Mace, I am delighted to finally be on a mission with you. I heard that after I left Coruscant, having decided not to take a padawan, you did the unbelievable and took one yourself. I assume I will get to meet him. Back to field missions again!!!?

    ?Yes of course. AHH.. here he is now.?

    Out of the back stepped the all-to-familiar face of the boy Master Jinn turned down as his padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. His deep sea-colored eyes had haunted the master many nights since turning him down as his apprentice.

    The smile he had for his old friend did not extend to his padawan. A frown burrowed deeply into the master?s brow. Mace knew Jinn was not happy at his choice of apprentices? and was probably less happy to find out he had been thrown into a mission with him.

    Mace had only taken the child as an apprentice as a favor to Yoda. Yoda assured him it would be temporary and now Mace knew why. Either Jinn would end up taking him or the child would be sent to the Argricorps.

    Mace was all too aware that as of yet he and Obi-Wan had not formed a training bond. They couldn?t, Obi-Wan could never form a bond with any master until the fledgling bond he carried within him was broken. He shared a bond with Qui-Gon Jinn. They both knew it, felt it through the force, but Master Jinn had taken it upon himself to stop the bond. He did not want a padawan and certainly not this one.

    Jinn solemnly nodded salutations to Kenobi and turned his attentions back to Mace much too abruptly. It was a direct dismissal of the boy and left no room for questioning its motive. He wanted nothing, absolutely nothing to do with this *one*.

    ?May I speak with you in private Master Windu??

    All so serious and proper he is. I suppose the bantha poo doo is going to hit the fan, now. Can I help it if Master Yoda is working overtime to get my stubborn friend from being so willy-nilly and accept what was meant to be his; this padawan to train for Jedi knighthood.

    ?I suppose I have my former master, Yoda to thank for this? Am I right??

    ?You know I wouldn?t have had the nerve to spring this on you my old friend, without that little green codger behind it all..?

    ?Well it is not going to work. Padawan Kenobi seems to compliment you well Mace. You keep him.?

    ?I am afraid that after this mission, I will have to insist the council send Obi to Bandomeer unless something between us miraculously happens. You see, we can not form a bond as long as one already exists. You know as well as I do that the force its self has chosen this boy for you and I don?t think it is going to let you forget it.?

    ?No, it will be the child you will not be able to forget, because the council will be forced to send him to Bandomeer. Under no condition do I want this one as my apprentice. I saw how he battled the Chun boy. I witnessed his all-out attack on Bruck Chun fueled by his immense anger and not as one of defense.?

    ?Funny how two of us ,so much alike, saw things differently that day. I saw a boy fighting for a place as an apprentice. I saw a determined child who wanted to defeat his opponent to prove himself worthy of apprenticeship. You, you saw what you wanted to see, what you have looked for ever since Xanatos turned, *anger*. He is not Xanatos, of that I am sure.?

    ?As sure as I was about Xanatos, Mace? Maybe he has the capabilities that Xani possessed to hide his true nature. I managed to see a glint of it in the way he fought. You and Master Yoda are still blind to
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    Xani, you cunning little... erm, you get the idea. Nice beginning, ewen. I [face_love] all your stories! Great job, but... poor Obi! :_|
  3. Arwen-Jade_Kenobi Jedi Knight

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    Great job!!!

    I think I missed this one, so It's great to see this one!!'

  4. KrystalBlaze Jedi Master

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    Good job there, ewen, I like how original it is. Hope we get a new post soon. The plot is evovling at a good pace, and everything you say about Xanatos is true. Good work! :D
  5. ewen Jedi Padawan

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    The three Jedi waited in the large common room for Xanatos and his father to appear. They accepted a last-meal invitation to the Crion home in hopes of getting them to see things their way when it came to negotiating the trade agreement which would start tomorrow. Mace was a lot more optimistic than Qui-Gon. He said they needed to at least try to make the Crions, especially Xani see what it would mean for Telos. Inter- trade between planets was the only way to survive and more importantly the people on Telos to thrive financially. The Crions were only worried about one families? financial gain, their own. They had no wish to expand imports only to increase the exports. They wanted the people totally dependant on their wealth and prosperity.

    ?Mace you know as well as I do this will not work. Xanatos just as much as said so the day he met with us.?

    ?We have to try Qui-Gon. Even you know that as a diplomat we have to try everything.. I think seeing Xani has clouded your decision-making processes.?

    ?Are you saying I am not capable of handling this mission??

    ?No, I am saying you are starting to let Xani get to you and you might not be willing to act in you official diplomatic capacity if that happens. Chill out old man. We can get through this.?

    ?Yes well another thing, you letting the child run all over the city is not wise.?

    ?He is not a child, he is my apprentice and I will do with him as I choose. There is nothing in the city that can hurt him.?

    "So sure are you Mace? He shares no link with you. He couldn?t contact you if he did get into trouble. Besides I wouldn?t trust the length Xanatos would be willing to go to see things went his way during these negotiations. He could use Obi-Wan as a pawn in his plan, if he wants to be his most devious.?

    ?Now Qui-Gon I know you are angry over Xani leaving the Jedi and what you perceive as turning his back on you, but I have not known him of wantonly hurting anyone especially a young person. He seemed to genuinely like Obi-Wan when they met. Maybe you are just afraid he might tell some embarrassing moments in your life.?

    Mace always tried to keep Jinn in a good mood. He took things in a better perspective when it came to living life. He truly believed that the only thing Xani really did was to choose not to be a Jedi; something Jinn could never forgive him for. No one had yet to see the treacherous side of Xanatos Crion although Jinn more than anyone else was beginning to suspect an evil side he had.

    Obi-Wan sat and said nothing. Which had become his common practice when being around Master Jinn. Mace noticed it but didn?t think he should say anything. He was afraid Qui-Gon might get onto the child and he would have to correct his old friend. Although it would not be for long, Obi-Wan was his apprentice and he would do with him as he thought was right.

    I know he belongs with Qui-Gon, but if he won?t take him then Obi-Wan apprenticeship will be short lived; only until this mission then to Bandomeer.

    ?I am just saying you should keep a closer on the child, that is all.?

    ?Excuse me Master Jinn but as my master has already stated I am not a child, I am a Jedi apprentice. You did not choose me to be your padawan and I certainly don?t plan to listen to anything you tell me.?

    It was totally out of character, since Mace took the boy as his apprentice to hear any words of disprespect come from him. Mace was more than taken aback by Obi?s remarks.

    ?Padawan that?s enough. We will discuss your behavior once we have returned to our dwelling. Until then I don?t think we need you to interrupt our conversation. Is that understood??

    Obi-Wan obediently bowed to his master, stuck his hands in his Jedi robe sleeves, and began his apologies.

    ?I beg your forgiveness Master and willingly accept any punishment you deem appropriate. I will remain silent the rest of the evening.?

    ?Come off it padawan. Your master didn?t tell you, you were vowed to silence. He said to stay out of our conversation and I do think he is
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    Now I know why there was no post this morning on the old thread.
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    *Gasp* How dare you, Qui-Gon Jinn! Leave Kenobi alone!!! :mad:
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