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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GenOochy, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    The Uprising Returns..

    -Set 40 years after the Battle of Yavin-

    [blockquote]Within 8 years of Emperor Dark Lord Vassago's disappearance, the domination of the Sith Order lessened, and soon in fighting had reduced it to separate factions each struggling for survival. Heated battles became more and more frequent, and full-fledged war once again spread across the galaxy like wild fire. Not only were the Sith factions fighting, but the remnants of the New Republic and Galactic Defender Jedi Order was taking an active role in the galaxies survival, even if it was a reduced one due to recent set backs. Battles raged on, until the Jedi took back the galaxy and the Sith once again faded into the background. Though much damage has been inflicted upon the galaxy, the Jedi have aided in the rebuilding of the worlds. No longer does a galaxy spanning empire exist, instead in its place is hundreds of thousands of worlds forming together as sovereign states, held together through trade. The Jedi have taken a vigilante position, redressing wrongs and protecting the innocent. Yet, in the shadows still lurk those who seek to dominate the galaxy. As the only force standing in their way, the Galactic Defenders have become the Embers of the Light...[/blockquote]


    1) All biographies must be Private Messaged to the Game Masters before posting. The Game masters may request edits on different areas if they feel like a certain attribute or piece of equipment is out of line. The Game Master is GenOochy for now.

    2) Absolutely no extra fleets, armies, capital ships, etc. You have your ship(s) based off the 150 points and the template, that is all that is allowed, no exceptions! You may be given upgrades over time, but no one will have minions or armies other than other players.

    3) Game Master calls are final, unless you PM a valid reason for a difference to the GM. Posting an objective, especially one out of anger lessens your chance to have that call changed. Your character may die or be hurt in the RPG, it?s part of the game.

    4) You may have one other character that is not Force sensitive(unless the GM has given you permission: E.g. You are a returning character). This secondary character is to aid to your plot lines and expand your actions and abilities. Use the same template as for your main character, however your secondary character does not have his/her own ship unless you build two out of the first set of 150 points.

    5) Concerning Force Levels, all players start at level one with ten points unless otherwise stated via PM by the Game Master. Several returning characters and high ranking Sith/Jedi players maybe given advanced levels to keep the story moving from the last one.

    6) Levels up in skills, Force powers and ship components will be based off of: A) Players Role playing abilities and aid to the story line; B) Character position and statue.

    7) Death may be called on a character in some cases such as being blown into space, taking a lightsabre stab to the head, etc. The character is then gone from the RPG. No clones, nothing except a Force Ghost, if that aids to the development of the RPG.

    8) When in combat, the Game Masters will be making calls on different shots and damage taken. Combat is DANGERIOUS (no kidding, right?)! Don?t take it lightly!

    9) Though this is a Jedi/Sith dominated game, we welcome players to choose any faction of role they desire. The Game Masters will start you off in differant situations when we begin in about a week.

    10) The ship designing may seem daunting. If you so desire, please PM myself and I will build one for you, plus write a short biographical discription of your vessels history.

    11)HAVE FUN!

    Alias: (If applicable)
    Rank Within the Order: (Masters/Warrior/Initiates/etc) (If applicable)
    Home world:
    Force Sensitive:


    DREAMSTAR Jedi Knight star 1

    Apr 11, 2006

    Name: Garth Ohmsford
    Alias: Cogline
    Order/Affiliation: Talon Karrde smuggler?s alliance
    Rank Within the Order: smuggler?s bodyguard
    Age: 28
    Species: Mandaloreon
    Gender: male
    Home world: Myrkr
    Force Sensitive: no

    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: 70 kg
    Build: muscular
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: reddish brown
    Skin: white
    Markings: none

    Clothing: dark robe and pants mandaloreon helmet and armor Z-6 jet pack power generator pack

    Weapon(s): T-21 repeater blaster, paralyze dart shooter ,MM9 wrist rockets flamer, K26 and 12B rockets, risk cable

    Skill Points:

    ---Blaster 15
    ---Dodging 15
    ---Heavy Weapons 5
    ---Melee 2

    ---Bargian 4
    ---Command 7
    ---Hide/Sneak 4
    ---Search 2

    ---Planetary Systems 1
    ---Streetwise 3
    ---Survival 7
    ---Technology 2

    ---Stamina 7

    ---Droid Programming/Repair 14

    ---Starship Gunnery 4
    ---Starship Piloting 5

    Personal Ship
    Action VI Trasport, The Gorleach
    Armor: Class x 6 =30 points
    Shields: Class x 1=15 points
    Beam Weapon One Class 3 = 12 points]
    Other Weapons Missiles: Class x 1=6 points
    Other Weapons Missiles: Class x 1=6 points
    Scanner: Class x 5 = 25 points
    Engine Rating: 5,000 kph = 5 points
    Manuvering: Class .0001 (1 point)
    Cargo Hold: 300 Cubic Meters = 30 points
    Passengers: Person x 7 = 7 points
    Hyper-drive: Class x 1 = 10 points

    Comming Soon...
  3. Master_Ponta

    Master_Ponta Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2003

    Character One:

    Name: Ingrid Kjord
    Alias: Ponta
    Order/Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank Within the Order: Knight/Healer
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Home world: Ossus (Adega)
    Force Sensitive: Medium

    Height: 5?10?
    Weight: 130
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Sandy blonde, extremely long. She wears it either as one long braid or up in a bun. Her hair is straight.
    Eyes: blue
    Skin: white
    Markings: I don?t have any markings? THANK you very much!!

    Black pants and black short sleeved shirt, fitted, and dark brown boots. Wears a gold rose barrette.

    Weapon(s): A blaster to defend herself, and two lightsabers.

    Skill Points:
    ---Blaster 4
    ---Dodging 4
    ---Melee Parry 6
    ---Melee 6

    ---Bargain 1
    ---Command 8
    ---Hide/Sneak 5
    ---Search 2

    ---Alien Races 4
    ---Bureaucracy 5
    ---Cultures 8
    ---Languages 6
    ---Planetary Systems 3
    ---Streetwise 1
    ---Survival 5
    ---Technology 2

    ---Jumping/Climbing 2
    ---Lifting 3
    ---Stamina 3
    ---Swimming 4

    ---Medicine 10

    ---Beast Riding 3
    ---Repulsorlift Operation 3
    ---Starship Piloting 4

    Force Level:
    Sense Force 3
    Accelerated Healing 4
    Control Disease 5
    Force of Will 3

    Personal Ship:
    Antar Shipyards Antlia-Class Combat Destroyer: The Bewunderung
    Armor: Class 6 (30 points)
    Shields: Class 1 (15 points)
    Beam Weapon: Three Class Five Neodymium-Glass Laser Cannons (Two turret mounted, range 78km) (60 points)
    Countermeasure (2 points)
    Scanner: Class 1 (5 points)
    Engine Rating: 1,000 kph (1 points)
    Cargo Hold: 30m³ (3 points)
    8 Passengers (8 points)
    Maneuvering: Class .1 (6 points)
    Hyper-drive: Class 2 (20 points)
    The Antlia-Class Combat Destroyer was a Antar Shipyards built Sector Defense and Patrol Operations Vessel (SDPOV) for the Wolatarian Navy. Over a hundred were ordered, but after a week of operation with four of the vessels, the Navy declared the vessel unfit for their purposes and canceled the order. With nearly forty vessels all but finished in their construction process, Antar Shipyards placed them on the open market. The Bewunderung and seventeen others were bought by Ossus for defense, with the others going to large shipping corporations as escorts. During the Imperial Attack on Ossus, all the vessels, save the Bewunderung were destroyed. The vessel is well armored, yet sluggish in it motion. Its top speed is extremely slow, but the engine has a run time of forty-five hours continuous thrust. Because of system computer control, the vessel could, in theory be run by less than three people, though for maximum efficiency the vessels standard crew is seven, less the captain. The three Neodymium-Glass lasers can produce a beam of energy with an effective rage of seventy-three kilometers and an output of eight hundred terawatts of energy and hold the beam for eight standard seconds or a one second pulse at 1.05 petawatts output.

    Lightsaber Description:
    Hilts: Both Straight, long strands of turquoise running through one of the hilts.
    Blade Colors: purple and blue
    Lightsaber Fighting Form: 5

    Her father and mother?s names are Uilleam and Naava (Caolan) Kjord. Her family was always very supportive and encouraging to young Ingrid, and she grew up with a love for knowledge of all sorts. She has studied extensively on the history of her homeworld, and the Jedi, and is not afraid to talk about the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the Old Republic, and the Jedi Masters of old. At age 16, while training to be a Jedi under the skillful leadership of her father, she took over as the historian at the Jedi Academy in Ossus. She loves history, and has often spent hours at a time, gleaning all the information she can from books. She is most often seen with her hair braided and kept together with a single gold rose barrette that belonged to her mother.
    From the very beginning her father and mother instilled in all of their children sound morals, teaching them to be honest, hard
  4. Tommy-Barpisa

    Tommy-Barpisa Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 17, 2004
    Name: Tommy Barpisa
    Alias: The Kid, That Kid, That Darn kid
    Order/Affiliation: None
    Rank Within the Order: N/A
    Age: 14
    Species: Vurk
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Ord Mantell
    Force Sensitive: No

    Height: 1.6 meters
    Weight: 76kg
    Build: Medium
    Hair: N/A
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Skin: Grey-Green
    Markings: Scar on right arm

    Clothing: Dark grey t-shirt, torn: Baggy black pants, torn: Small back-pack

    Weapon: ACP Repeater, long jagged Dagger with red handle [face_devil]

    Skill Points:
    ---Blaster 4
    ---Dodging 8
    ---Grenade 1 [face_tired]
    ---Heavy Weapons 4
    ---Melee Parry 2
    ---Melee 2

    ---Bargain 3
    ---Con 7
    ---Hide/Sneak 7
    ---Search 2

    ---Languages 1
    ---Streetwise 18 [face_mischief]
    ---Survival 10

    ---Jumping/Climbing 7
    ---Lifting 3
    ---Stamina 8
    ---Swimming 2

    ---Beast Riding 7
    ---Repulsorlift Operation 2
    ---Starship Gunnery 2

    Name: Xannon
    Alias: N/A
    Order/Affiliation: N/A
    Rank Within the Order: N/A
    Age: 21
    Species: Trandoshan [face_talk_hand]
    Gender: Male
    Home world: N/A
    Force Sensitive: No

    Height: 1.5
    Weight: 79kg
    Build: Medium
    Hair: N/A
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Scaly Green
    Markings: None

    Clothing: Nerf-leather body armor

    Weapon(s): Two Machetes, ACP Array Gun, vibroblade in wrist.

    Skill Points:
    ---Blaster 10
    ---Dodging 6
    ---Grenade 1
    ---Heavy Weapons 3
    ---Melee Parry 5
    ---Melee 5

    ---Bargain 2
    ---Con 2
    ---Hide/Sneak 8
    ---Search 3

    ---Languages 1
    ---Streetwise 10
    ---Survival 8

    ---Jumping/Climbing 6
    ---Lifting 3
    ---Stamina 8
    ---Swimming 5

    ---Demolition 2

    ---Repulsorlift Operation 3
    ---Starship Piloting 8

    Personal Ship:
    Trandoshan Heavy Fighter, The ?Waste of Good Genes?

    Armor: Class 1 (5 points)
    Beam Weapon: 3 x Class 5 ACP Cannons; two front fire arc, one rear turret. (60 points)
    Countermeasure (2 points)
    Scanner: Class 1 (5 points)
    Engine Rating: 7,000kph (7 points)
    1 Passenger
    Maneuvering: Class 6 (60 point)
    Hyper-drive: Class 1 (10 points)

    Biography: I?m a 14 year old kid, a Vurk by species. Never knew my parents, but I do have a good life. I. I get to hang out with a bounty hunter..

    Well, not exactly a bounty hunter, more of a slaving merc. And.. I don?t hang out, I more like tag along... As in I get to play.. Helper... Yeah...

    So, one day I?m on Tatooine, our regular haunt, and I spot this rich and rather dumb looking alien. So I say,

    ?Hey man, you look like a guy that really need to have some fun.? He was large, and four armed and he bent over and looked at me. ?Now what I have here is a really fun game. Now, what I do is I put the pea under the cup, then I have two other cup and what I start doing is moving the cups around really fast and you have to kept your eye on the cup with the pea under it, while matching up these.? I tossed down about fifty credits.

    I was saying this, the alien was moving his eyes back and forth trying to keep an eye on the cup, while placing fifty credits on the table as well. I was getting faster and faster, just to make it fun when suddenly, I stopped.

    ?Okay now, tell what cup the pea is under.? The large alien stop for a second, leaning over and pointed to one of the cups. ?Oh, sorry its just not your lucky day.? I said lifting an empty cup. The alien growled at me and then picked up all the cups to find out that the pea wasn?t there anymore.

    ?Oh, would you look at that were did it go?? I felt my heart sink to my feet. ?Well I?m sorry, were closed now, so if you come back tomorrow, we might be able to help you out.? I said as I quickly pulled the credits that were bided on into my pocket. The alien punched at me and I just missed the hit with a duck as his claws went through the plast behind me. As the alien was trying to get his hand out of the wall behind me and taking a swipe at me with another, I made
  5. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    Game Master App.... Wait a second, that's me. o_O

    Main Character:

    Name: Lt. Sage Parvil
    ----Affiliation: Vindobona Planetary Militia, Wolatarian Freeworlders Alliance
    ---Age: 19
    ---Species: Wolatarian
    ---Gender: Male
    ---Home world: Or?rac
    ---Force Sensitive: Slightly
    ---Height: 1.1 meters
    ---Weight: 197kg
    ---Build: Caterpillar-like
    ---Hair: Dark Brown
    ---Eyes: Black
    -----Light Green Jump Suit: Torn and grungy from engine work.
    -----Planetary Militia Uniform: Dark Green with Silver Trim

    ---Blaster 7
    ---Dodging 2
    ---Grenade 2
    ---Heavy Weapons 5

    ---Bargian 8
    ---Command 3
    ---Search 2

    ---Alien Races 2
    ---Cultures 1
    ---Languages 1
    ---Planetary Systems 7
    ---Survival 4
    ---Technology 9

    ---Jumping/Climbing 1
    ---Lifting 4
    ---Stamina 4

    ---Computer Programming/Repair 4
    ---Demolition 2
    ---Repulsorlift Repair 6
    ---Starship Repair 8

    ---Astrogation 4
    ---Repulsorlift Operation 6
    ---Starship Gunnery 2
    ---Starship Piloting 6

    Force Levels
    ---Danger Sense 4
    ---Sense Force 4
    ---Remove Fatigue 2

    Weapons & Equipment:
    A 8.65mm Revolver with two magazines, a 8.65mm automatic rifle with four, forty round clips and two-hundred rounds of ammunition
    Medical Casepack
    Local Digital
    Tool Kit

    Personal Ships:

    The Enolá, Roland Aerospace YB-26 Wolatarian Interstellar Bomber
    Class 1 Armor (10)
    Class 1 Shields (15)
    Countermeasure (2 points)
    Class 1 Scanner (5 points)
    Engine Rating: 4300kph (4.3 points)
    Cargo Hold: 45m³ (4.5 points)
    2 Passengers
    Class .5 Maneuvering (10 points)
    Class 1 Hyperdrive (10 points)
    --- The YB-26 Wolatarian Interstellar Bomber was used during the Spika Wars almost a hundred years ago and by any standards is far outdated; The Enolá was restored by General Parvil as a personal transport. The original configuration used four scram jet/nuclear engines attached to four large wings. Two forward, two aft: Four laser turrets and a payload of 5,443kgs. Sage has refitted the engines with more efficient versions and removed the defunct laser turrets and expanded the bomb bay into a cargo hold for salvaged materiel.
    (Total points: 62.8)

    Roland Aerospace Re-157j AIF (Aerospace Interception Fighter)
    Armor: Class .5 (2.5 points)
    Shields: Class 1 (15 points)
    Weapons: Rx-17 Hypersonic Interception Missiles Class 5, Internal Salvo of 6 (30 points)
    Countermeasure (2 points)
    Scanner: Class 1 (5 points)
    Engine Rating: 7,500kph (7.5 points)
    Maneuvering: Class 5 (25 points)
    ----The Roland Aerospace Re-157j AIF was the successor to the Re-156 and Rb-220 fighters which served in the Wolatarian Air Force for 28 years. The fighter was designed as a highly effective inter and extra atmospheric missile platform for the interception of incoming space craft, and had great success against slower vessels such as the Icom X-Wing and Y-Wing. It was latter phased out, however, in favor of the Re-190s. A total of 1,400 craft were built during the production time.
    (Total Points: 87)

    Back Story:

    1569hrs, 04.22.1506Iy
    Planet Vindobona, Vindo System

    ?Ath'tor Tower, Civilian Heavy Zeta-One-One, on final.? The voice crackled over the radio at the ?tower? as it was. The control center for Ath?tor Spaceport was a quickly set-up grass-block building with an array of antennas emerging from the top.

    ?Roger, Civilian Heavy Zeta-One-One set down, runway four right, Ath?tor Tower. Welcome back, Sage. Got anything fun aboard?? Said the tower control.

    ?Understood. And, yes, I do. Tell Walpole I have three operating comm-sats from the Antar Nebula. They should help him get the network up and running within the week.? Said the pilot, Sage Parvil, as he lowered the flaps and air spoilers on the ancient YB-26 bomber. The four large wings cast a shadow over the trees and fields before th
  6. KraytDragon90

    KraytDragon90 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Naloth Halcyon
    Alias: FireBug
    Order/Affiliation: N/A
    Rank Within the Order: N/A
    Age: 25
    Species: Falleen
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Corellia
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Height: 1.85 Meters
    Weight: 90.72 kg
    Build: Lean and smaller then average
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Skin: Green Scales
    Markings: N/A

    Clothing: Worn Black Combat Uniform, Emblem on Left Sleeve (

    BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol-Range 30-120m
    Two Rodian Repulsor Throwing Razors
    A280 Sniper Rifle-Range 300-600m

    Naloth Halcyon was the son of the mercenaries Darem and Kaiya Halcyon. He was raised on Corellia and was left with friends whenever his parents got a job. One time they didn?t come back. Their employer, Mawal, had betrayed them. After Naloth found out how they died he ran away, left his old life behind and stole a ship to head off to Nar Shadda to get a job, equipment, and revenge.

    Personal Ship:
    Phoenix -Class Gunboat, Fierce Dragon

    Armor: Class 2 (10)
    Shields: Class 1 (15)
    Beam Weapon: 4 Class 2 Lasers (32)
    Other Weapons: Space Mines Class 3 (12)
    Scanner: Class 1 (5)
    Engine Rating: 40,000 kph (40)
    Cargo Hold: 20m^3 (2)
    Passengers: 4
    Maneuvering: Class 1 (20)
    Hyper-drive: Class 1 (10)

    (Total: 150 points)

    The Phoenix Class gunboat the Fierce Dragon was originally a small freighter used for shipping cargo. After Naloth acquired one he set to work on revamping it for a support craft. Speedy and heavily armed the Fierce Dragon was more than a match for random Imperial or New Republic patrols.

    The optimum crew is three: one pilot, one gunner, and one navigator. Though the Dragon can fly into battle and hold it?s own with only one crewmember alive. Though not very maneuverable or armored its speed makes up for that. It has room for five people and twenty cubic meters of cargo.

    Skill Points:

    ---Blaster: 8
    ---Brawling Party
    ---Dodging: 7
    ---Heavy Weapons
    ---Melee Parry: 3
    ---Melee: 7
    ----Sub Total: 25

    ---Hide/Sneak: 6
    ----Sub Total: 6

    ---Alien Races
    ---Languages: 3
    ---Planetary Systems
    ---Survival: 5
    ---Technology: 3
    ----Sub Total: 11

    ---Jumping/Climbing: 3
    ---Lifting: 4
    ---Stamina: 5
    ---Swimming: 10
    ----Sub Total: 22

    ---Computer Programming/Repair
    ---Droid Programming/Repair
    ---Medicine: 2
    ---Repulsorlift Repair
    ---Security: 4
    ---Starship Repair: 6
    ----Sub Total: 12

    ---Astrogation: 3
    ---Beast Riding
    ---Repulsorlift Operation: 6
    ---Starship Gunnery: 7
    ---Starship Piloting: 8
    ----Sub Total: 24
    ------Total: 100

    Force Levels:

    Elemental Control-(B) 2; Fire

    Combat Sense-(B) 3

    Life Bond-(B) 2

    Pryokinesis-(S) 3


    Explosions rained down around Naloth and his squad as they jumped from the gunboat. They didn?t flinch, they didn?t grimace, they had a job to do and that was all that mattered.

    Their mission was simple, get into the base and retrieve the information from the central computer and blow the base to the ground, and kill anything that gets in their way.

    The base was located on a small, remote island in the middle of the world?s largest ocean. As far as bases go it was small and had moderate defenses. It had four walls and towers along those walls and a gate on the northern wall. It was unremarkable and not very fascinating, except for one thing, inside of those walls were ten SD-10 battle droids.

    As he hit the ground Naloth ran up the small knoll and set up his sniper rifle. He lined up the sentry in his sights and he slowly squeezed the trigger. The blaster bolt, almost invisible and almost completely silent speeded to its target and struck him down. ?FireBug to Command, sentry is down, over? Command replied moments later, ?Copy FireBug, proceed to target and take i
  7. Eleventh_Guard

    Eleventh_Guard Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 17, 2005

    Edited to add metric units.

    Name: Desa Baclaw
    Alias: Not applicable (not given an inducted name yet)
    Order/Affiliation: Sith
    Rank Within the Order: (Masters/Warrior/Initiates/etc) Initiate
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Home world: Not applicable - born on Iridonia, but moved around. A lot.
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Height: 5'8" (1.73m)
    Weight: 143 lb (65kg)
    Build: Medium
    Hair: Brandy brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Light tan
    Markings: N/A - normal light scratch-scarring, but nothing remarkable
    Clothing: Black leggings, black tunic

    Weapon & Equipment:

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: Matte black tube that reflects very little light except for the silvery bottom, which looks something like a metal gear-shaped cap with a raised center, attached to the bottom of the hilt and convex.
    Blade Color: Amber, made from one red crystal and one green crystal
    Lightsabre Fighting Form: IV. Shows a natural ability towards Form II but lacks the extended experience to pull it off reliably.

    Skill Points:
    ---Blaster - 1
    ---Brawling Party - 3
    ---Dodging - 4
    ---Grenade - 1
    ---Heavy Weapons - 1
    ---Melee Parry - 7
    ---Melee - 10

    ---Bargain - 0
    ---Command - 2
    ---Con - 1
    ---Gambling - 0
    ---Hide/Sneak - 5
    ---Search - 2

    ---Alien Races - 1
    ---Bureaucracy - 0
    ---Cultures - 1
    ---Languages - 0
    ---Planetary Systems - 1
    ---Streetwise - 6
    ---Survival - 8
    ---Technology - 2

    ---Brawling - 6
    ---Jumping/Climbing - 5
    ---Lifting - 4
    ---Stamina - 6
    ---Swimming - 3

    ---Computer Programming/Repair - 0
    ---Demolition - 3
    ---Droid Programming/Repair - 0
    ---Medicine - 0
    ---Repulsorlift Repair - 0
    ---Security - 4
    ---Starship Repair - 1

    ---Astrogation - 2
    ---Beast Riding - 3
    ---Repulsorlift Operation - 0
    ---Starship Gunnery - 3
    ---Starship Piloting - 4

    The Force
    Receptive Telepathy - 1
    Telekinesis - 1
    Lightsaber Combat - 3
    Affect Mind - 2
    Translation - 1
    Pyrokinesis - 2

    Personal Ship: Dark Star (Design, and info created by GenOochy and used with permission.)
    Centar Enterprise, AV-4 ?Black Eagle? Attack Vessel
    Armor: Class .5 (2.5 pts)
    Shields: Class 3 (45 pts)
    Beam Weapon: Four Heavy Laser Cannons Class 3 (36 pts)
    Countermeasure (2 pts)
    Scanner: Class 1 (5 pts)
    Cargo Hold: 45m³ (4.5 pts)
    Engine Rating: 5,000kph (5 pts)
    Passengers x 5 (5 points)
    Maneuvering: Class 7 (35 pts)
    Hyper-drive: Class 1 (10 pts)

    ---Centar Enterprise, a short-lived engineering company, was founded and run on the planet of Vandar for about nine years. It developed a line of unsuccessful ships designed for cargo and sector protection. The only vessel built in significant numbers was the AV-4 Black Eagle that met the market with minor success. The vessel was developed for the protection of cargo vessels as they moved away from their port of call to a jump point. Thought lightly armored, it is extremely maneuverable and the four frontal laser cannons can pack a solid punch. 356 of the vessels were created and most have made their way to freelance pilots and small companies. Centar Enterprise went bankrupt five years ago.
    ---(Added by Eleventh Guard) The Dark Star was a backup vessel owned by Darth Inferna but rarely used. Desa learned how to fly it and occasionally flew it for short solo missions. One year ago, she took ownership of the vessel.

    Biography: Desa is the daughter of the late Darth Inferna and "Clone Five," the clone of a Force-sensitive male whose identity remains unknown. Her father was to be trained in the ways of the Sith, but after madness began to set in, Inferna instead used him to conceive a Force-sensitive child. When Desa was an infant, Inferna killed Clone Five and began raising the baby to be her Apprentice. At 12, Desa began her training in earnest, but only two years later, her mother was killed by a Jedi (she was not able to discover which one). Desa escaped and wants revenge on the Jedi and to keep growing in power.
  8. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    Thank you too all who have sent in sheets. We will be collecting them for a week or so before we begin, but even after that feel free to submit characters we all ways welcome new players. As well, continue to send sheets to myself, however Darth_Vassago and LadyAngelic will be story Game Masters and will do the open post for Sith and Jedi respectivly, my opening post will direct each of the non-Sith and Jedi character towards thier story arc.

    Welcome and let's have fun!

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    OOC: I don't have enough time to fill one out right now, but I'll send in a C-S by tonight.
  10. me_luky

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    Feb 23, 2003
    GM Approved

    Name: (Meelo) Lukiahas
    Alias: Xi-5
    Order/Affiliation: The Royal Guard of the Skadi Imperium
    Rank Within the Order: Captain
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Home world: Jabiim
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Height: 1.93 Meters
    Weight: 84 kg
    Build: Thin, but strong
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin: Lightly Tan
    Markings: diagonal scar at the end of left eye brow
    Clothing: Royal Guard Uniform- Deep Red Coat with brass buttons and a White Sash across the chest.

    Weapon & Equipment:
    A99 aquata breather
    Z-6 rotary blaster
    Kamino Saberdarts
    HH-15 projectile launcher

    Skill Points:

    ---Dodging 5
    ---Heavy Weapons 20

    ---Hide/Sneak 5

    ---Alien Races 1
    ---Bureaucracy 1
    ---Cultures 1
    ---Languages 1
    ---Planetary Systems 1
    ---Streetwise 1
    ---Survival 1
    ---Technology 1

    ---Brawling 5
    ---Jumping/Climbing 1
    ---Lifting 1
    ---Stamina 5
    ---Swimming 5

    ---Computer Programming/Repair 5
    ---Droid Programming/Repair 5
    ---Medicine 15
    ---Repulsorlift Repair
    ---Starship Repair 5

    ---Beast Riding 5
    ---Repulsorlift Operation
    ---Starship Gunnery 5
    ---Starship Piloting 10

    Force Powers
    Accelerate Healing-(J) 2
    Enhance Attributes-(B) 1
    Danger Sense-(B) 2
    Lightsaber Combat-(B) 2
    Control Breathing-(B) 2
    Translation-(B) 1

    Skadi Engineering CET-3000 ?Ice Demon? Heavy Fighter
    Armor: Class .5 (2.5 pts)
    Shields: Class 3 (45 pts)
    Beam Weapon: Three Photon Cannons Class 3 (27 pts)
    Other Weapons: Catapult Missile Launcher Class 3 (18pts)
    Countermeasure (2 points)
    Scanner: Class 1 (5 pts)
    Engine Rating: 5,500kph (5.5 pts)
    Maneuvering: Class 7 (35 points)
    Hyper-drive: Class 1 (10 points)
    ---The Skadi Engineering CET-3000 is the latest in the lone gas mining Queendom?s arsenal. With quick turning, excellent acceleration and three devastating photon cannons, the Ice Demon is a force to be reckoned with.

    Comming soon

    OOC: I'm kinda new to TRPG so don't get mad at me if I mess up [face_worried]

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    Keep coming guys! Let's have a lot of people. :)
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