Lit Darth Maul's real name

Discussion in 'Literature' started by darklordoftech, Oct 4, 2012.

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    So did Supershadow.:p
    ((and IIRC, he got it from some foreign Wiki))
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    This is something I was trying to address in my previous post. Sometimes a novel and its translation(s) are released worldwide at the same time – which means that the translators of that novel may be translating from a rough script. As such, the script can include elements that will be dropped from the finished product.

    This could be why the name "Khameir Sarin" is allegedly found in some of the foreign translations of the The Phantom Menace (though I'd still like to know which ones). It may have been present in Terry Brooks's rough script of the novel as Maul's real name, but got nixed in the final version. The translators however not having the final script to work on (and presumably not enough time to compare their translation with the finished novel before the translation was published), the name stayed in the novel's translation.

    In this case "Khameir Sarin" wouldn't be a translation of "Darth Maul," but a unique name that the translations kept while it was dropped from the final version of the original novel. It's unlikely, but it could happen.

    I hope I was able to ease your confusion a bit, Zorrixor. :)
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    Those things are known to happen, after all. For example, the databank in the French version of the video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds contains exclusive information about the Gungan culture. It mentions gods who appear nowhere in the English text.